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					                                 NHS FORTH VALLEY


                        HEALTH CARE SUPPORT WORKER

                     Part-time 21 hours per fortnight, Permanent
                Salary: Band 3, £15,190 - £18,157 per annum, pro rata

                                       Ref: 1109583

We require a highly motivated Health Care Support Worker to join the progressive
District Nursing Team within the West Stirlingshire locality.

It is essential the post holder possess good verbal and written communication skills and
has an ability to work flexibly without supervision.

A commitment to undertake appropriate training in accordance with the Job Description
is also essential.

Computing skills and knowledge and experience of Microsoft Office packages is
desirable. Community/Primary Care experience such as direct patient care is essential.

"Ability and willingness to travel throughout the area of service delivery is essential for
this post."

Informal enquiries: -                 Kate Alcock
                                      District Nurse, tel: 01877 382236

                                      Julie Whitcombe
                                      Team Leader, tel: 01360 850646

Application forms and job descriptions (quoting relevant post title and reference
number) are available by e-mailing or by
telephoning the recruitment answerline on 01786 447488.

Closing Date: 15th January 2010 at 12 Noon

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                                  NHS FORTH VALLEY

                                   JOB DESCRIPTION


Job Title:                    Health Care Support Worker

Responsible to:               Complex Care Team Adult Services/
                              Complex Care Team Paediatric Services

Department(s):                Complex Care


The post holder will be the HCSW working unsupervised within the package of care
providing direct nursing care adopting a holistic approach for a client/child with complex
To assist and support family members and other health care professionals to facilitate that
care in the clients home taking into account the following:

 To ensure the delivery of high quality, client centred focused services within the
  client/child’s home and in collaboration with the multi-disciplinary team and
  overseen by the Complex Care team.

 To deliver the client care and implement within clients home after assessment of
  specialised client care needs by complex care team.

 To minimise risk and maintain Health & Safety of the client, colleagues and work

 Assist new members of the team to shadow and learn individual client/child care
  needs in conjunction with the Complex Care team to maintain a safe, sustainable,
  effective, secure package of care.



The post is based within a complex care client/child’s home providing all direct care.

    The client group varies in gender and age.
    The jobholder may work on a 2:1, staff: client/child ratio or a 1:1 staff: client/child
     ratio depending on care needs.
    Care provided is nursing, personal and social. A high level of specialised nursing care
     is required.
    The jobholder works within division guidelines and is led by the Complex Care Team
     to provide care, which is evidence-based practice.
    The jobholder reports to Complex Care Team on a daily basis.
    The jobholder is responsible for all ordering and monitoring of stock.
     The jobholder informs Complex Care in relation to equipment to ensure that
     specialised equipment is resourced, maintained and managed equitably.


 Undertakes a client-centred approach to the client/child’s care following an
  individualised assessment of specialised care needs by the Complex Care Team. This
  takes into consideration lifestyle, environment, gender and culture.
 Ongoing observation of the client/child and reporting to the Complex Care Team and/or
  District Nurse any small changes in medical condition.
 Aware of the varying factors that can impact on physical, mental and emotional
 Work without the direct physical presence and supervision of a Registered nurse.
 The delivery of direct specialist nursing care dependant on the client/child’s condition
  which may include:
       Tracheostomy care including changing and suctioning as required.
       Hyperinflation
       Change of the ventilator circuit on a weekly basis and responding to alarms
       Administration of oxygen therapy and monitoring of saturation levels
       Regular nasal and oropharyngeal suction to maintain airway
       PEG care
       Administration of routine medication
       React to emergency situation, i.e. tracheostomy blocked, retention of secretions
 Have to be competent in the above skills to deliver care to complex care client/child
 Ensures that high standards of cleanliness are maintained and policies for the control of
  infection implemented.
 To maintain efficient stock levels of surgical stores and order when required
 The delivery of all social care aspects involving personal care and household duties.

 In conjunction with Complex Care Team acts as a source of support to the client/child,
  relatives and parents also promoting participation in the delivery of care plan to ensure
  family centred care.
 Work in collaboration with client/child, relatives and parents to empower them to make
  decisions regarding their care needs and to achieve optimum health and independence.
 Maintain good relationships and communicates effectively with client/child, relatives,
  parents and members of the multidisciplinary and management team
 Ensures accurate record keeping and maintenance of client confidentiality.
 Minimises potential for conflict with parents/relatives resolving disputes locally
  wherever possible and making an appropriate referral to the Complex Care Team as
 Demonstrate the ability to function competently as a member of the multi-disciplinary
  team and understand and acknowledge the role and function of other members of the
 Maintain excellent team building skills by attending regular staff meetings and
  communicating also by telephone, fax and written correspondence.
 Refer and apply the action pathway for use by Complex Care Staff to allow a defined
  process to be followed in maintaining adequate skill mix and staff numbers in Complex
  Care Packages i.e. if trained HCSW not available then registered nurse with appropriate
  skills will be required.
 Be aware of NHS Forth Valley Policies, Guidelines and Procedures including Equal
 Assess risk responsibly, ensuring the safety of the work environment for colleagues/
  family and report to Complex Care Team as appropriate.
 Maintain documentation and adhere to protocols and procedures specific to the
  client/child to ensure best practice
 Attend all mandatory training undertaken annually or as appropriate.
 Discuss professional development in order to enhance knowledge, skills and values
  needed for safe and effective practice, in discussion with and with the agreement of
  the Complex Care Team/Lead Nurse
 Maintain client/child confidentiality at all times.
 Welcome new staff into the team and provide encouragement
 By personal example, ensure that the highest standard of professional conduct is
 Have a flexible working approach to meet the needs of the service.


Dependant on the client/child condition and what equipment is required the post holder will
be trained in and responsible for maintaining the following equipment:

Blood pressure monitoring
Respiratory equipment –
   Ventilators – Volume Controlled, CPAP, BiPaP
   Humidifiers
   Oxygen - concentrators, cylinders
   Suction machines

    Pulse oximetry
    Nebulisers
Resuscitation equipment
Enteral feeding pumps
Tracking /manual hoists
Wheelchair including electric
Non clinical equipment including, PC, assist in reading books, magazines, sensory and
stimulation activities including paints, music.

 Maintain competence to use all highly specialised equipment required for client/child
 Ensure that all highly specialised equipment is checked on each shift i.e. functioning
  appropriately, alarms, charged.
 Refer to action pathway to perform function tests prior to using highly specialist
  equipment i.e. ventilator, pulse oximeter
 Refer to action pathway to identify faults, provides mechanism to trouble shoot common
  faults and advises on further action to be taken if required i.e. contact Complex Care
  Team to arrange referral to medical physics for routine servicing and in emergency
 Familiar with the storage, cleaning and maintenance of all highly specialised equipment
 Be aware of systems for risk identification, dealing with complaints and report to
  Complex Care Team if appropriate.
 Mobile telephone use.
 Fax use.


 Objectives will be set through annual appraisal and formation of personal development
  plans in conjunction with the Complex Care Team
 The Healthcare support worker will be responsible to the Complex Care Team for
  clinical guidance, professional management by Lead Nurse, work review and formal
  appraisal of performance.
 Workload will be generated via the client/child and their families.
 The postholder will be expected to work unsupervised and exercise initiative when
  providing complex care needs, however the Complex Care Team will be available for
  advice and guidance
 Work unsupervised and have ongoing observation of the client/child and report to the
  Complex Care Team and/or District Nurse any changes in medical condition.
 Responsible for recognising limitations and identifying areas of unmet need and raising
  these through the appropriate channels, i.e. Complex Care Team, District Nurse, General


 The healthcare support worker will facilitate all communication methods, in person,
  on the telephone or in written with client/child, relatives, parents, Complex Team and
  all members of the multidisciplinary team.

 Communicate sensitive information in an understandable form to client/child,
  relatives and parents.
 Deal with barriers to effective communication, i.e. client/child with tracheostomy or
  client with no verbal communication so being in tune with facial expressions and
  noises is employed constantly,
 Promote and maintain effective communications and good working relationship with
  client/child, relatives, parents and all members of the healthcare team, and local
  authority colleagues.
 To recognise and with assistance of the Complex Care Team meet the emotional
  demands of caring for complex care client/child and their families and deal with these
 To report any complaints, incidents or risk to the Complex Care Team.
 Demonstrate understanding and empathy of the client/child’s situation in the home

 The post holder will be expected to communicate, verbally, written and also liase with
    the client/child, relatives, parents and those involved in the provision of care.
 Other relevant departments within the Division e.g. Speech and Language, Dietician,
    Podiatry, Infection Control, Human Resources, Estates and Central Stores.
 Community and practice administration staff, District Nurse, General Practitioner
 Out of Hours Service
 Nurse Bank
 Acute Operating Division

 Pharmacist
 Education
 Local Authority
 Relatives/parents and carers
 Other Nursing Agencies
 Other resources i.e. Westmark


 Frequent requirement to exert moderate physical effort when manual handling
  client/child, or assisting client/child movement with use of mechanical aids.
 Frequent exposure to body fluids.
 Frequent bending, kneeling, stooping for lengthy periods in order to carry out
  client/child care.
 Working in awkward and confined spaces on occasion.
 Regular heavy effort for several short periods.
 Frequent need to work in the community in environments, which are disorganised and/or
 Combination of sitting, standing, walking.
 Based in client/child’s home.


 Developing and maintaining level of clinical care skills and knowledge
 Concentration required when checking drugs, documents/client/child notes, whilst
  subject to interruptions from client/child and parents/relatives.
 Retention and communication of knowledge and information
 Frequent communication with distressed, anxious, concerned parents/relatives and
  client/child who can be verbally abusive
 Concentrations required when observing client/child clinical care, which can be
 Working in isolation within client/child home.
 Supporting client/child and family, during any personal difficulties.


     Ability to demonstrate own initiative
     Good communication and interpersonal skills
     Ability to work flexibly as part of a team
     Willingness to undertake continuous personal development
     Effective written and verbal communication skills
     Ability to work unsupervised and as a part of a team
     Car driver due to geographical spread of post
     Flexibility to meet the needs of the service

                                       APPENDIX 1

                            FORTH VALLEY NHS

Job Title:                      Health Care Support Worker

Responsible to:                 Complex Care Team

Department(s):                  Complex Care


The Complex Care Service aims to provide a high quality, safe and supportive care for
client/children who are cared for at home with a care package. Care is client centred,
evidence based and incorporates the multidisciplinary team and that of local authority
colleagues to provide a holistic approach to care.

Co-ordinate funding requests for contributions to support packages of care after performing
a specialist assessment to identify health care needs in relation to
 Local and community based packages that mainstream services cannot provide
 Specialist palliative care
 Out of area packages and interventions of healthcare that cannot be met by
    mainstream services


The department is based in Camelon Clinic and comprises of the Complex Care Team: –
Adult and Paediatric Complex Care Sisters, Senior Nurse and Administrator covering
Forth Valley. The Complex Care Staff consisting of registered nurses and healthcare
support workers provide care to client/child in their own home.
                                               General Manager
                                                 Falkirk CHP

                                                 Lead Nurse
                                                 Stirling CHP

                            Complex Care Sister            Complex Care Sister
                              Adult Services               Paediatric Services

             Office Administrator

                        Senior Complex Care Nurse

                                Staff Nurses

                        Healthcare Support Workers
                            Person Specification

         ATTRIBUTES                ESSENTIAL                 DESIRABLE
Skills/Abilities               Ability to work flexibly  Computing skills
                               Ability to work without

Experience                     Direct Patient Care          Primary
                                                             Venepuncture
                                                             Eye care

Inter-Personal and Social      Good verbal and
Qualities                       written communication

Education/Qualifications       Commitment to                Knowledge and
                                undertake appropriate         experience of
                                training in accordance        Microsoft Office
                                with Job Description          packages

Other                         "Ability and willingness to
                              travel throughout the area
                              of service delivery is
                              essential for this post."

                             NHS FORTH VALLEY

Terms and Conditions:   The terms and conditions of service are those laid down by
                        the Agenda for Change Handbook.

Salary Scale:           Band 3, £15,190 - £18,157 per annum, pro rata

                         Staff taking up a new appointment with NHS Forth Valley
                        will normally enter the scale at the minimum of the pay
                        band/range. Any appointments above the lowest point of
                        the pay band/range will be subject to verification of
                        previous NHS service, or experience outside the NHS,
                        which is given in recognition of relevant complete years of

Hours:                  Part-time 21 hours per fortnight

                        Employees may be required to vary the pattern of their
                        working week subject to the exigencies of the service.

Duration:               Permanent

Annual Leave:           27 days rising to 29 days after 5 years service and to 33
                        days after 10 years service plus 8 public holidays (pro rata).


                        202.5 hours rising to 217.5 hours after 5 years service and
                        to 247.5 hours after 10 years service plus 60 hours public
                        holiday. (pro-rata)

Superannuation:         The post is superannuable under the Scottish Public
                        Pensions Agency Scheme and your remuneration will be
                        subject to deduction unless you choose to opt out of the

Medical Examination:    No appointment can be confirmed until a satisfactory
                        medical examination has been undergone.

Criminal Convictions    The duties of this post mean that you will either have
Disclosure Check:       regular contact with a) children and young people under the
                        age of 18, b) the elderly, sick and disabled people or c) have a
                        greater degree of involvement with children or vulnerable
                        adults. Candidates who are successful at interview for this post
                        will therefore be required to declare and consent to the
                        validation of any criminal convictions by means of a
                        standard/enhanced Disclosure check carried out by Disclosure
                        Scotland under the provisions of Part V of the Police Act 1997
                          prior to any offer of appointment being made. This post is
                          covered by the provisions of the Rehabilitation of Offenders
                          Act 1974 (Exceptions) Order 1975 and you are therefore
                          required to declare information not only about “current”
                          convictions but also about previous convictions which are
                          otherwise regarded as “spent”. In the event of employment, any
                          failure to disclose such convictions could result in the
                          withdrawal of any offer, disciplinary action or dismissal by
                          NHS Forth Valley.

Confidentiality:          In the course of your duties you may have access to
                          confidential information concerning patients or staff.
                          Unauthorized disclosure or removal of information may
                          lead to consideration of disciplinary action.

Equality in Employment:   NHS Forth Valley fully supports the principle of equality in
                          employment and opposes all forms of unlawful and / or
                          unfair discrimination which cannot be shown to be justified.
                          NHS Forth Valley is committed to ensuring equality of
                          treatment for both present and potential employees.

Tobacco Policy:           It is the policy of NHS Forth Valley to discourage the habit of
                          smoking within the organization and to provide a smoke free

                          The NHS Forth Valley policy is to establish no smoking as
                          the norm and smoking is not permitted anywhere within
                          NHS Forth Valley premises including residences and

                          The Occupational Health Service will assist members of
                          staff who wish to stop smoking by providing or facilitating
                          the following services:

                                 Information on smoking and ways to stop
                                 Personal support
                                 Health Education materials and helpline numbers
                                 Nicotine replacement therapy
                                 Smoking Cessation support

                          Copies of the Tobacco Policy are available from HR Co-
                          ordinators or via the NHS Forth Valley Intranet.

Health & Safety:          All employees have a responsibility for their own health &
                          safety and the health & safety of others who may be
                          affected by what they do. Employees also have a duty to
                          co-operate with their employer by following NHS Forth
                          Valley policies and procedures and safe systems of work;

                             by using equipment safely and by bringing any
                             shortcomings in health and safety arrangements to the
                             attention of their employer. Where something is provided
                             in the interests of health & safety employees must not
                             interfere or misuse it. All employees have a legal
                             responsibility to report any shortcomings in terms of this in
                             their area. Managers and supervisors have a responsibility
                             for monitoring health & safety arrangements and ensuring
                             staff are following policies and procedures and safe systems
                             of work.

Partnership Agreement:       Contributing to the development of partnership working by:
                             supporting NHS Forth Valley in delivering its goals and
                             objectives; supporting continuous improvement in own
                             performance and the performance of the department,
                             directorate and NHS Forth Valley; attending training,
                             development and other activities aimed at improving own
                             skills and for the benefit of the organisation and patient

Nursery Facilities:          There is an independently run on-site nursery at Stirling
                             Royal Infirmary. With places open to staff and the general
                             public. For further information please contact:

                             Chapter One Childcare (SRI site): 01786 465112

Completed application forms should be returned to:

Recruitment Office
Hut 7
Falkirk & District Royal Infirmary
Major’s Loan

Closing Date: 15th January 2010 at 12 Noon

Ref No: 1109583

If you have not received a letter within 6 weeks of the above closing date you can assume
                   that you have been unsuccessful in being shortlisted.


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