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					                                                                                               Jeffrey M


   Fourteen years experience with information technology working as business analyst, technical writer,
    software trainer, and desktop support in equities trading brokerage, commercial banking, insurance,
    electronic communication network/trading engine and website/web portal environments.
   Nine years experience documenting full software development lifecycle, system administrative
    procedures, network infrastructure, database modeling, database administration and web services in mixed
    UNIX/Windows environments in equities trading brokerage, commercial banking, insurance, electronic
    communication net work/trading engine and website/web portal environments.
   Six years experience, interviewing users, business process owners, project managers, developers, system
    and database administrators, system architects and compliance organizations. Analysis and translation of
    business requirements into functional specifications and UML models in equities trading brokerage,
    commercial banking, insurance, electronic communication network/trading engine and website/web portal
   Six years experience as a quality assurance engineer in the manufacture of electronic, electro-
    mechanical/optical, and hydraulic components and systems for communications, navigation, radar and
    electronic warfare for United States military aircraft and nuclear submarines.
   Fine balance of technical and interpersonal skills facilitates clear, two way communications with users,
    business process owners, project managers, developers, system and database administrators, system
    architects, compliance organizations and management.
   A gift for really listening to stakeholders in a way that invites them to share about what they do, how they
    do it and with whom augments the dissemination of information and maximizes participation which results
    in better designs, more accurate documentation and higher user satisfaction at lower cost.
   Comfortable addressing groups; able to lead short, productive meetings and make clear presentations to all
    levels of stakeholders.


O/S Environments: UNIX Solaris , Windows 9.X, NT4, NT5, XP, Tandem

Development Environments: Java, C++, full SDLC, Service Oriented Architecture, ESB

Documentation: Microsoft Office 2003: Word, Visio, Excel, PowerPoint, FrontPage, Publisher

AdobeCS2: Photoshop, Acrobat, Illustrator, In Design, Bridge,

Macromedia: Dreamweaver8; SnagIt v.4, 6, 8 PaintShopPro 4, 7

Project Management: MS Project

Software Models: Rational Rose, MS Visio

Database Models: ERwin, Toad

Application Server Environments: BEA Web Logic, ATG Dynamo, Citrix

Web Technologies: HTML, JHTML, XML, Interwoven Teamsite, Netegrity Site minder

Database Environments: Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, MS Access, and LDAP

    Configuration Management: Clear Case, PVCS

    Web Authoring/Configuration: Dreamweaver, MS Front Page

    Etcetera: SharePoint, Mercury Quality Center, Lotus Notes, AutoCAD

9/07-12/07 Thomson Financial - Technical Writer
Create UML documentation for "Thomson One" application architecture served up via XML by Citrix servers to
Citrix (thin) client. Interview system architects and administrators for overview and details of documents. Logical
and physical documents include glossaries, monitoring/manageability descriptions, component diagrams,
deployment diagrams, device diagrams, logical component diagrams and sequence diagrams. Although stakeholders
desire additional diagrams and elucidation, expectations are managed and the original project scope is completed on
time/on budget to the satisfaction of the stakeholders.

8/06-8/07 Standard and Poor's - Technical Writer
Document multisite disaster recovery procedures for S&P Smartwork suite of web based financial analysis, analysis
document repository and database access tools. Meet with development and administrative teams, managers and project
managers to gather information for documentation for. DR plans. Teams' DR plans are sketchy at best and non-existent
at worst. I support teams in creating the DR plans or fleshing out the details to comply with S&P requirements which
include step-by-step procedures for manual failover and falling back to production including triggers, roles, downtime
and user experience for each step of each scenario. Also Visio diagrams depicting overall system and partial/complete
failover scenarios, dollar cost estimates and test plans for recovery servers and to retest restored production servers.
System uses BEA WebLogic, Business Objects, Documentum Oracle DB; TIBCO and Soap Station on SOA
Enterprise Service Bus with UNIX and Windows servers.
Rewrite user guide to include several major upgrades of Credit Risk Evaluator, a tool used by analysts at S&P and
S&P's clients to determine the probability of default for a company and assign a rating to that company's debt or a
portfolio of debt issues. Replace screenshots of updated screens; add new screenshots and substantially increase to step
by step instructional granularity in order to clarify the ratings processes to the user. Use MS Office, Word, Excel,
PowerPoint, Outlook, SharePoint, Visio, Project, Adobe Acrobat, Photoshop, and Mercury Quality Center.

10/05-7/06 City of New York - Technical Writer/Business Analyst
Interview and gather information from managers, developers, support administrators, and compliance: analyze
existing documentation; perform gap analysis to ensure completeness of documentation set.
Project upgrades web services for NYPD and other agencies to enhance thin (browser) client access to live databases
for multiple agency access. Project included functionality for, input from, and availability to prosecutors, courts,
police and corrections officials to facilitate handling of warrants, evidence and court orders in order to streamline
processing and avoid erroneous release of prisoners, failure to execute warrants and upgraded anti-terrorism
interoperability. ATG Dynamo application server, custom middleware, and SQL server back end. Java development
occurs in a UNIX environment.
Document business requirements, workflow, software and database models. Create detailed run books, which included log
files, properties files scripts, and details of production database schema. Use MS Office, Acrobat, Toad, ERwin, and Visio.

5/05-9/05 AXA Financial - Technical Writer /Business Analyst
Analyze and document existing and planned business processes and workflows to create, functional, specifications for
development, of major upgrade to existing web site platform in Java on a BEA WebLogic platform.
New web site coalesces subsidiaries' clients into one system by redirecting and prompting clients to register at new
AXA online site "www.axaonline.com." New site incorporates security enhancements, some required by Sarbanes
Oxley, to protect online users from fraud/identity theft. Write functional specifications using Visio, MS Word, MS
Excel, Dreamweaver, and Acrobat.
Interview and gather information from management, developers, support administrators, and compliance: analyze
and incorporate existing documentation. Lead meetings with developers, business analysts, and web designers to
assure design, development, and documentation are on the same page and in accordance with project plan.
Collaborate with Lotus Notes.
Create run books including details of jar and zip files, log files, properties files, scripts, production database schema,
release process and application support administration procedures using Word, Excel, Visio, ERwin

5/03-4/05 Phoenix Technologies - Technical Writer/Business Analyst
Gather information from users, management, developers, administrators, communications, and accounting in
interviews and meetings: analyze and incorporate existing documentation. Define and document current and future
business process. Manage projects, SOW, deliverables; reporting and presentations to management, IT and user
communities; build consensus and organize ad hoc teams in order to solve ad hoc problems.
Design configuration and specifications for development C++, J2EE, UNIX/Windows environments, full
software development life cycle, business requirements, workflow, software and database models.
Manage hardware/software configuration: network infrastructure, servers, apps, op systems, disaster
recovery, administration, and documentation. Manage change, configuration, version, documentation
control, quality assurance and user acceptance testing; revise/rewrite user manuals and train users.

4/01-4/03 Merrill Lynch - Technical Writer
Interview and gather information from users, management, developers, administrators, compliance, and
communications: review and incorporate existing documentation. Maintain relationships with the user community,
including expectation setting and expectation management. Build consensus and organize ad hoc teams in order to
solve ad hoc problems.
System supports traders with NASDAQ Level II workstations, web services for broker dealers without NASDAQ
Level II workstations on UNIX and Windows platforms. System communicates with NASDAQ and E.C.N.'s with
UNIX and Tandem servers and employs an Oracle database.
Maintain hardware/software configuration, network infrastructure (servers, bridges, routers, apps, op systems),
disaster recovery and administration documentation. Document gaps in old system as well as new development.

9/00- 3/01 HSBC Bank - Technical Writer
Manage content, models, configuration, and documents and perform gap analysis for CRM website: www.hsbc.com.
Use Rational Rose to reverse engineer existing and current development: document classes, use cases, states. Create
business process specifications, network hardware and software infrastructure workflow models. Produce
application runtime and use case models; manage quality assurance testing.
Environment includes ATG Dynamo and BEA Web Logic application servers, Netegrity Site minder security,
Interwoven Teamsite content management, and custom middleware. Development in java and C++ in a mixed
NT/UNIX environment, Oracle back end servers and LDAP directory access.
Create and edit "Java Tool Development Guide" for internal and outsourced developers. Collaborate with
contributors to guide.

5/00-8/00 Optimark - Technical Writer

In NT/UNIX/Tandem/Cisco, LDAP environment, analysis of installation and configuration of American and
Japanese versions of Optimark's proprietary order management system, thought to be identical, reveals disparities.
Gap analysis generates requirement for divergent installation, configuration, and quality assurance testing
procedures and revision and rewrite of user manuals.
Optimark ECN middleware servers build gap analysis reveals errors, which cause servers to crash on initial build.
Require developers to modify build in C++/Java development environment as not to crash servers.
Expertise in NT server administration accelerates late manuals for NT middleware servers by skipping observation
of routine procedures.
Clear, unambiguous installation manuals accelerate backlog reduction, in part, by reducing System Integration's
"thirst" for resource consuming "screen shots." Documentation versioned in Clear Case.

5/99-5/00 Merrill Lynch - Technical Writer
Coalesce network and software analyses, results of interviews with developers administrators, users and,
management, existing "notes," and white papers into cohesive standardized procedures for custom C++, Java,
Veritas order management system with Oracle back end database.
Document infrastructure, development, and workflows. Test administrative procedures on live system, when
possible, before publication.
Design, build and administer two Intranet web sites for NASDAQ market maker in NT/Unix/Solaris/Cisco environment.
New and existing documentation for developers, administrators, network support staff and AS-400 developer and
operators including: network schematic diagrams, physical layout, hardware and software infrastructure,
administrative, development, workflow installation and build procedures, configuration management and
troubleshooting tips. Latest information and updates for traders.
Document failover system, development, and hardware for disaster recovery satellite trading floor in alternate location.
Document Y2K test procedures for proprietary trading apps. After test, certify apps to be Y2K compliant. Organize
certifications and test procedures of proprietary apps, and certifications of "shrink-wrap" apps, firmware, and
hardware in Y2K section of my web site with links to certifications on vendors' web sites.
Create online forms for developers and administrators to log system problems, resolutions and software/firmware
installations, and recompiles. Via link from the web site, developers and administrators can use the form to append
the logs from any browser on any workstation in lieu of manually editing the logs. Via link from the web site
developers, administrators and users can view the logs in HTML format with any browser and from any workstation.

4/98-4/99 Merrill Lynch - Technical Writer
Document Database administration, development, disaster recovery and modeling for Oracle, Sybase, DB2, and MS
SQL server in a Windows/UNIX client/server/middleware environment including a data warehouse.
Document Oracle installation procedures, Oracle fail over servers, Oracle name servers, guidelines for new database
development, and disaster recovery. Standby database creation, setup, automation, testing primary and standby sites
disaster recovery, Oracle Application security - users, roles, objects, owners, administrators, schema Oracle
Enterprise Backup Utility Disaster recovery, Oracle (client) Transparent Gateway for MS SQL Server on NT.
Create database to organize servers, applications, installations and documentation detailing the people who own and
administer servers, op systems and software with hyperlinks to the documents and people that sup port each one.

1993-4/98 Silicon Technologies - Technical Writer/Trainer
Manage client information systems to closely parallel business workflows and fully support the productivity and
work style of users and workgroups.
Document clients' training and operating procedures with manuals and syllabi; Train clients.
Document clients' technical procedures and policies in various areas including: Windows client/server installations
and standalone workstations.

1987-1993 Precision Quality Assurance Consultants - Quality Assurance Engineer
Author instructions for quality assurance of automated body fluid testing equipment-pharmaceutical manufacturer.
Benchmark performance of hardware and software. Full compliance with FDA and federal specifications.
Document specific technical instructions for quality assurance of satellites, space vehicles, military radar,
communications, electronic warfare, submarine hydraulics, and high performance military aircraft. Bring one client
into full compliance with U.S. Department of Defense specifications. As a result, Department of Defense does not
halt shipment of product.
Establish procedures for real-time statistical process control for zero defects program. Set nominal deviation
benchmarks for dimensional attributes to reduce machine adjustment frequency to a minimum while maintaining
product dimensional attributes within specified tolerance.
Establish and document quality assurance benchmarks for system performance, reliability verification testing,
federal source acceptance testing, infant mortality rates, and mean time between failures in the field. Benchmark and
grade vendor performance, manufacturing performance and quality performance.
Create, organize, and manage projects to meet existing and future needs. Build consensus and organize ad hoc teams
in order to solve ad hoc problems. Train individuals and groups to use quality assurance and production tracking and
documentation systems, tools and equipment.


  2007 Project Management Certification course-Pace University, New York, NY.

  1997 Microsoft Certification course in WinNT 4.0 Server/Networking-Baruch College, New York, NY.

  1988 Stocks, Bonds, Futures, and Options-Shearson Lehman, New York, NY.

  1987 Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering-State University of New York at Stony Brook.


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