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The Government of Alberta is making changes to Alberta’s provincially funded research
and innovation system to better align resources, have the system be more responsive to
the needs of the business and research community, and more competitive in the global

Alberta Innovates – Technology Futures (“AITF”) is a new provincial corporation which
will support research and innovation activities aligned to Government of Alberta
priorities, including activities directed at: the growth and development of technology
based sectors; the commercialization of technology; and the application of knowledge.

The key functions of the Alberta Research Council, the Alberta Heritage Foundation for
Science and Engineering Research (operating as Alberta Ingenuity) and iCORE are being
combined to form this new organization. Merging technology commercialization,
program support and product development organizations into a single organization will
create value in the following ways:

        Increased effectiveness and integration of planning, funding and service delivery
        Alignment of programs and investments toward priority areas and outcomes
        Improved coordination between business, technical and networking services
        Increased program and investment focus on commercialization and product
        Improved facilitation of knowledge, intellectual property (IP) and skill transfer
        within the system, and between academia, industry and government
        Improved accountability and outcomes through integrated performance
        monitoring and continuous improvement processes

AITF will oversee research and development assistance programs, the development of
technology commercialization tools and other resources, the provision of business and
technical services and the initiatives to stimulate and encourage a strong science,
technology and entrepreneurial culture in Alberta. The expected key outcomes are:

        Grow firms and industry sectors in the knowledge-based industries to sustain and
        diversify Alberta’s economy through technology commercialization tools and
        Pursue the strategic priorities of government to build sectors that demonstrate
        jurisdictional advantage and diversify the economy in a sustainable way. This
        work will be driven by the sector strategy frameworks.

Suite 1600, 250 – 6th Avenue SW, Calgary AB T2P 3H7 Canada
Telephone 403.410.6700 Fax 403.410.7523
Email: Website:

                                               Alberta Innovates – Technology Futures
                                     Organization Overview and Board Member Profile

       Provide leadership, management and accountability for provincially funded
       technology commercialization for the Province of Alberta.
       Establish Alberta-wide innovation networks (e.g. lead “unified collaboration”).

The AITF Board will be a competency based board and will comprise of up to 12
individuals drawn from both the private and public sectors. The board competency
matrix is as follows:

       Core Qualities / Personal Traits (applies to all Board Members)

      Integrity and accountability                  Broad perspective – “big picture
      Adaptability                                   strategic thinker”
      Sound judgment                                Commitment (including ability to
      Strong interpersonal skills (team              apply necessary time and effort)
       player, collegial, collaborative)             Independence / impartiality
      Effective communicator                        Experience synthesizing complex
      Courage of convictions                         data and ideas into clearly
      Impact and influence                           articulated      frameworks      and
      Creativity     and      passion   for          strategies

       Business / Technical Expertise (aggregate for the Board as a whole)

    Development                       and           Served on other public / private
     commercialization of technology                  sector boards
     (e.g.       ICT,      biotechnology,            Executive business or senior
     nanotechnology)                                  management roles
    Utilization of technology and ICT               Understanding     of    relationship
     applications in resource based                   between base research and industry
     industries                                      Financial literacy – financial
    Research and development activities              statements; accounting and audit;
     in knowledge based industries                    and risk management.
    Venture capital experience (multi-              Financing      and       investment
     industry / technology specialization)            management
    Global developments in knowledge                Functional skills -         strategic
     based industries                                 planning;      human        resource
    Comprehensive understanding of                   management;        communications;
     the research and innovation                      marketing; and          information
     landscape      (regional,   national,            technology
     international)                                  Understanding of good corporate
    Competency in establishing a new                 governance
     business or industry in Alberta (new
     venture establishment)

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                                             Alberta Innovates – Technology Futures
                                   Organization Overview and Board Member Profile

       Other (aggregate for the Board as a whole)

    Consensus building / conflict                   Significant academic credentials
     resolution skills                               Extra-provincial experience      or
    Knowledge of relevant legislation                networks
     and regulatory requirements                     Understanding of research and
    Evaluation       and   performance               innovation for rural and aboriginal
     assessment expertise                             communities
    Public policy experience (and how
     government works)

Transitional priorities for the Board and Management include:

       Chief Executive Officer recruitment
       Preparation of a business plan
       Governance and operational policies
       Staffing (position descriptions, recruitment, pensions and benefits)
       Operational infrastructure and budget planning


Alberta Advanced Education and Technology:


This is an exciting opportunity to contribute on a board of directors at the highest
strategic level and help diversify Alberta’s economy through the commercialization of

The Government of Alberta is seeking applications and nominations for this
Inaugural Board of Directors. Please apply in confidence to Hamilton Hall
Soles/Ray & Berndtson Inc at or email

Kevin N. Hall

Hamilton Hall Soles/Ray & Berndtson Inc

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