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					Southwark Trailblazer – Enhanced Housing Options Extra Programme

   • Population: 120,000 households
   • 37% BME groups (census 2001)
   • Income
   • House prices £324,800 – rent £1,650 pm
   • Worklessness – 67,000 not in paid work
   • 47% social housing – 35% council

Our Service
  • Homesearch Centre – changing our approach
  • Housing Options Interviews – 500 pm
  • Advice Line – 7,000 calls per month
  • Registration on housing list
  • Lettings – Southwark Homesearch
  • Private Tenancies Team – tenancy relations
  • Housing Initiatives Team – RDS, overcrowding, under/occ, rent arrears

Homelessness Prevention
  • Finders Fee Scheme - non-priority, priority and intentionally homeless
  • Working in partnership with
  • Sustain, Seasons, Hexagon, Southwark Reach
  • Capitalise – debt advice
  • Southwark Works – employment advice

Southwark Homesearch Scheme
   • Introduced in September 2005 – 4 bands
   • Advertising all lettings in magazine/website
   • Lower priority for homeless households
   • Increased priority for overcrowded households and those with medical
   • Additional priority for those with multiple needs

Our achievements
  • In 2007/2008 over 1,000 overcrowded households were rehoused

   •   Homelessness reduced by a third

   •   Over one third of all lettings during Homesearch’s first 12 months made to
       vulnerable applicants and those with medical needs

   •   537 homeless households housed in PRS via self-help scheme

   •   150 homelessness preventions through our TRS

   •   Support private tenants in arrears – 100% referred clients retaining their
   •   Now aim to build on this success through increased interventions and
       outcomes for a range of solutions
Enhancing Housing Options
  • Increase our employment interventions in partnership with Southwark Works

   •   Our partnership is keen to engage with long-term unemployed and those at
       risk of social exclusion

   •   New adviser will ensure that effective referral arrangements are put in place to
       all agencies

   •   Linking with jobs created through regeneration of elephant and castle

Outreach Service
  • 40 outreach events each year - 200 housing options appts

   •   Evening and weekend events targeting tenants for low cost home ownership in
       partnership with Tower Homes and Homeownership Unit

   •   Community based clinics offering housing solutions and referrals for
       employment, debt/money advice, credit union, support agencies

   •   Overcrowding and under-occupation events – promoting private initiatives and
       mutual exchange service

Enhancing our Homesearch website
  • We are working with Abritas our bid partner and CBL IT provider to enhance
  • Reinforce our housing options approach
  • Publicise outreach events
  • Promote employment service
  • Debt advice and Credit Union
  • Support agencies
  • Rent arrears advice for private tenants
  • Housing Options Wizard

Mentoring role
  • Arranging regular events – visits to homesearch centre
  • Shadowing opportunities
  • Sharing good practice
  • Electronic newsletter
  • Homesearch monitoring provides indicators of success of range of solutions
  • 6 monthly evaluation reports