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									Order Account Name
97th Air Mobility Wing
Adacel Systems, Inc.
Air Force ISR Agency
Alamo Chapter AFA
Alenia North America
Ashford University
Camber Corporation
Carley Corporation
Caspian Learning
EF Johnson Technologies
Emotional Intelligence Learning Systems, Inc.
Grand Canyon University
Harris Corporation
ICF International
JHT, Inc.
Jones Knowledge Group
Kaplan University
KEL-LAC Uniforms, Inc.
L-3 Communications
Lockheed Martin
Military Training Technology
Million Air
Northrop Grumman Corporation
Phoenix TS
Pratt & Whitney
Reserved Officers Association
SNAP, Inc.
Southwest Research Institute
The Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce
Trofholz Technologies, Inc
USAA Foundation
Western Governors University
WolfVision, Inc

12 MSG/TF - Trainer Development
17 TRW
341st Training Squadron - Military Working Dogs
342 TRS BC3/CAST - Training Courses
343 Training Squadron
344 Training Squadron
345th Training Squadron
381st Training Group
563 Flying Training Squadron
58th Special Operations Wing
59th Medical Wing
782 TRG/365 TRS Avionics Training
782 TRG/366 TRS EOD
782 TRG/367 TRSS
81 MDG Keesler Simulation Lab
82 TRG Aircraft Maintenance University - Enlisted
82 TRG Aircraft Maintenance University - Officer
82 TRW Learning and Development Center
82 TRW Technology Center of Excellence
82d Medical Group
882 TRG Instructional Technology Unit
982 MXS Instructional Technology Unit
982 MXS Trainer Development
AETC Occupational Analysis Division" (AETC/OA).
AETC Safety
AETC Studies and Analysis Squadron
AF Fellows
AF Knowledge Now
AFRL - 711th Human Performance Wing
Air Command and Staff College
Air Force Basic Military Training
Air Force Culture and Language Center (AFCLC) & Spaatz Academic Centers
Air Force Enlisted Heritage Research Institute
Air Force Institute of Technology
Air Force Recruiting Service
Air Force Research Institute (AFRI)
Air Force Security Assistance and Training (AFSAT)
Air Force Security Forces-Training & Non-Lethal Weapons
Air War College
Airman & Family Readiness
Airman Advancement Division
Community College of the Air Force
Defense Language Institute English Language Center (DLIELC)
Enlisted Heritage Hall
EPME Academic Affairs (Formerly EPC)
Expeditionairy Center
Headquarters Second Air Force
HQ AETC/A5T Technical Training Requirements Division
Inspire Tour '09
International Officer School (IOS)
Jeanne M. Holm Center
Keesler Training Technology
Lackland Blood Donor Center
LeMay Center/Wargaming Ops
Medical Education & Training Campus (METC)
Monster Trucks
Muir S. Fairchild Research Information Center
NASCAR - Air Force
National Security Space Institute
NCO Academy
OCC (Orange County Choppers)
Pediatric Humanitarian Deployments
School of Advanced Air and Space Studies
Simulation Mannequins
Squadron Officer College
Stealth Tour
Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape
The I.G. Brown Air National Guard Training and Education Center
The Lackland Gateway Heritage Foundation
U.S. Air Force ROTC
USAF First Sergeant's Academy
USAF Senior NCO Academy
Warrior Rehab
WHMC - 3D Medical Modeling
Assignment   Status           Order Contact First Name
1112         AFA      10x10   Raymond
924          AFA      10x10   Raymond
1327         AFA      20x10   Julie
350          AFA      10x10   Gail
1227         AFA      20x10   Celine
426          AFA      10x10   Wayne
1416         AFA      20x20
1223         AFA      10x10   Craig
450          AFA      30x20   Giorgio
329          AFA      10x10   Tammy
1121         AFA      10x20   Daniel
418          AFA      10x10   William
1017         AFA      10x10   Vanessa
1024         AFA      10x10   Dabney
827          AFA      10x10   Andrea
712          AFA      10x10   Richard
434          AFA      30x10   Randall
1322         AFA      10x10   Becky
926          AFA      10x10   Dorothy
1407         AFA      20x20
1323         AFA      20x10   Alan
424          AFA      10x10   Angelique
920          AFA      10x10   Tiffany
925          AFA      10x10   Maria
1308         AFA      10x10   Ryan
1026         AFA      10x10   Chris
440          AFA      30x30   Joe
458          AFA      40x40   John
1020         AFA      10x10   Holly
826          AFA      10x10   Walt
1302         AFA      10x10   Allison
1023         AFA      30x30   Tom
719          AFA      10x10   Firoozeh
1127         AFA      20x10   Nick
1222         AFA      10x10   Clare
907          AFA      10x10
927          AFA      10x10   Navneet
354          AFA      10x10   Barbara
727          AFA      10x10   Darlene
420          AFA      10x10   Rick
923          AFA      10x10   Will
1118         AFA      10x10   Alison
1303         AFA      30x60   Barbara
1411         AFA      10x20
422          AFA      10x10
721          AFA      10x10
725     AFA    10x10   BILL
818     AFA    10x10   Jenny
428     AFA    10x10   Elaine

474     AETC   20x20
313     AETC   20x20
901     AETC   20x20
400     AETC   20x20
408     AETC   10x10
406     AETC   10x10
404     AETC   10x10
305     AETC   20x10
471     AETC   10x20
501     AETC   70x40
614     AETC   10x20
218-F   AETC   10x10
318-B   AETC   10x10
318-A   AETC   10x10
215     AETC   10x20
218-D   AETC   10x10
218-C   AETC   10x10
218-B   AETC   10x10
218-A   AETC   10x10
218-E   AETC   10x10
318-C   AETC   10x10
318-D   AETC   10x10
318-E   AETC   10x10
318-F   AETC   10x10
1009    AETC   10x10
921     AETC   10x10
368     AETC   10x10
825     AETC   10x10
1205    AETC   10x10
922     AETC   10x10
1006    AETC   10x10
511     AETC   10x40
1102    AETC   10x30
319     AETC   30x10
820     AETC   10x20
716     AETC   10x10
1211    AETC   20x20
523     AETC   50x30
1107    AETC   10x20
1316    AETC   10x10
1003    AETC   10x20
1108    AETC   10x20
718                      AETC   10x10
714                      AETC   10x10
1207                     AETC   10x20
1318                     AETC   10x10
710                      AETC   10x10
1011                     AETC   10x20
327                      AETC   10x10
213                      AETC   10x20
900                      AETC   30x20
1111                     AETC   20x20
1419                     AETC   70x50
821                      AETC   10x20
1119                     AETC   10x10
334                      AETC   20x10
618                      AETC   10x10
1117                     AETC   10x10
309                      AETC   10x10
906                      AETC   25x15
1007                     AETC   10x10
1507                     AETC   20x40
468                      AETC   10x10
1208                     AETC   10x10
909                      AETC   10x10
612                      AETC   10x10
1105                     AETC   10x10
610                      AETC   10x10
1216,1217A,1217B,1217C   AETC   10x30
813                      AETC   50x30
325                      AETC   10x10
711                      AETC   20x20
308                      AETC   20x10
1008                     AETC   10x10
1204                     AETC   10x10
1206                     AETC   10x10
611                      AETC   10x20
615                      AETC   10x20
Order Contact Last Name   Order Contact Address Line 1    Order Contact Address Line 2   Order Contact State Abbreviation
Brzozowski                212 South 7th Street, Suite 1                                  OK
Lamy                      3911 S. Walton Walker Blvd                                     TX
Swartz                    161 N. Clark                                                   IL
Hanline                   5945 Hazeltine National Drive                                  FL
Baudinetto                7389 Lee Highway                Suite 301                      VA
Amann                     102 Hall Blvd Suite 272                                        TX

Stephens                  875 East Ashby Place 1203                                      TX
van der Leest             13500 Evening Creek Dr N                                       CA
Martineau                 8585 Cote de Liesse
Veitch                    4885 Alpha Road                 Suite 110                      TX
Mack                      12600 Challenger Parkway        Suite 100                      FL
Standley                  5215 N. O'Connor Blvd                                          TX
Hickman                   1440 Corporate Drive                                           TX
Hammett                   PO Box 271877                                                  TX
Crow                      3300 W Camelback Road                                          AZ
Auter                     1025 West NASA Boulevard                                       FL

Robinson                  1944 Sky Harbor Circle                                         AZ
Agutter                   9300 Lee Highway                                               VA
Sanders                   2710 Discovery Drive            Suite 100                      FL
Collins                   6301 Kaplan University                                         FL
Hancock                   7016 Hwy 90 West                                               TX
Foster                    15800 Crabbs Branch Way         Ste 300                        MD
Frederick                 PO Box 19307                                                   KS
Barnes                    201 N Washington St                                            VA
Giattino                  7575 Colshire Dr                                               VA
Azarbaidjani Do           514 Longhorn Crescent                                          MD
Ramery                    535 Connecticut Ave             Suite 100                      CT

Gupta                     4080 Lafayette Center Drive     Suite 340                      VA
Bowen                     6220 Culebra Rd                                                TX
Hartig                    33 Allen Dyne Road
Brewer                    1860 Michael Faraday Drive      Suite 100                      VA
Garrett                   602 E. Commerce                                                TX
Smith                     2207 Plaza Drive, Suite 100                                    CA
Gentry                    9800 Fredericksburg Rd.                                        TX
Pink      4001 South 700 East, Suite 700   UT
Liner     3950 Shackleford Road            GA
Order Contact Postal Code   Order Contact E-Mail Address          User Text 01                               User Text 02
73523                       raymond.brzozowski@altus.af.mil
75236                       lamyr@aafes.com                       Promotional items, literature, no sales
60601                       julie.e.swartz@accenture.com
32822                       gail.hanline@adacel.com               ATCiB
22042                       cbaudinetto@adayana.com               training, simulation/gaming
78243                       wayne.amann@lackland.af.mil           AF ISR Agency Organization

78212                       craig.stephens@aces.biz               Tripwire, 1E, Socrata
92128                       tammy.vanderleest@ashford.edu         Pamphlets on higher education
H4T1G6                      daniel.martineau@cae.com
75048                       wveitch@camber.com                    T-1A Combst Systems Operator Upgrade
32826                       vmack@carleycorp.com                  Courseware & PC-based Simulations
75039                       dabney.standley@caspianlearning.com
75038                       ahickman@efji.com                     Land Mobile Radios and Secure Wireless
78414                       rick@eitri.org                        Emotional Intelligence Education
85017                       bcrow@gcu.edu                         Higher Education
32919                       dorothy.auter@harris.com

85202                       alan.n.robinson@honeywell.com         Aircraft Engines, Avionics and APU
22031                       aagutter@icfi.com
32826                       tsanders@jht.com                      training and tech data management
33309                       rcollins@kaplan.edu                   Education programs
78227                       cah@kellac.com                        Individual equipment, uniforms, footwear
                            john.c.jackson@lmco.com               ]
20855                       hollyf@kmimediagroup.com              Magazines
66619                       wfrederick@millionair.com
22314                       marketingexhibit@moaa.org             Magazines, Informational Pamphlets
22102                       thomas.giattino@ngc.com
20850                       firoozeh@phoenixts.com
06854                       clare@questionmark.com

20151                       ngupta@snapinc.net
78238                       barbara.bowen@swri.org
R3H 1A1                     darlene.hartig@standardaero.com       MRO/Engineering Services
20190                       rick.brewer@tandberg.com              Video Teleconferencing - VTC
78205                       wgarrett@sachamber.org
95765                       asmith@tti-tech.com                   Integration and Training Solutions
78288                       barbara.gentry@usaa.com
78757   bill_mccarty@vicav.com       Audio Visual Integration Services
84107   jpink@wgu.edu                Online university, educational materials
30096   elaine.liner@wolfvision.us   Visualizer(Document Camera) for training
User Text 03   User Text 04
Level                     Company
Title Sponsor             L-3 Communications

Gold                      Northro Grumman
Gold                      Lockheed Martin
Gold                      General Electric

Silver                    Pratt & Whitney
Silver                    USAA
Silver                    Alenia North America

Bronze                    Hawker Beechcraft
Bronze                    Accenture

Reception Sponsors        Boeing
Reception Sponsors        Lockheed Martin

Hotel Key Card Sponsors   Jones Knowledge Group

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