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                New Zealand Hypnotherapy Federation
                                  6 - 7th October 2007
    SATURDAY 6th October
    From 8.30am        Registration
    9.00 - 9.30 am     Welcome / Hypnotherapy Profession Update – NZHF President
    9.30 – 10.30 am    Pre-Birth Influences – John Collins (New Zealand)
                       John will discuss the possibility and theory behind the prebirth experience.
                       Dianetics and Voices from the Womb – two different approaches. What are word
                       locks / engrams? Emotional / Physical pain. How to run the process. Bringing about
                       change. Resolution – making peace. Suggested reading: Dianetics, author L. Ron
                       Hubbard, Voices from the womb, author Dr Michael Gabrielle.
    10.30 – 11.00 am   Morning Tea
    11.00 – 12.15 pm   Hypnotherapy for Irritable Bowel Syndrome – Bruni Brewin (Australia)
                       A UK study of 250 people suffering from acute IBS showed that hypnotherapy
                       significantly reduced their symptoms and improved their quality of life. Bruni has
                       been involved in presenting workshops that are based on the research and
                       treatment undertaken. You will learn about the study, its methods, etc. as well as
                       working in group‟s to formulate hypnotic language that you might use in therapy.
    12.15 – 1.15 pm    Lunch (included)
    1.15 – 2.15 pm     Web Based Marketing for Hypnotherapists – Grant Boddington (NZ)
                       Grant will sharing some of his secrets, and will cover such important items as
                       domain name; cheap website hosting; The "King" and "Queen" rules of website
                       design; the dos and don't of web design and marketing; how to target different pages
                       to different visitors; analysing website statistics - and MOST importantly: How to get
                       found! We will be live on-line, as Grant shares some of his secrets.
    2.15 – 3.15 pm     Sexual Deviancy - Julie Lorenz (Australia)
                       In this presentation Julie will cover sexual addiction and the increasing role it plays
                       in our society. As children are exposed to sexual material on TV, etc. sibling incest is
                       one of the fastest growing family abuses. Also addiction to porn on net, lap dancing
                       and sadomasochistic practises to manage the overall underlying problem of anxiety.
                       The importance of seeking the original sensitising event etc.
    3.15 – 3.45 pm     Afternoon Tea
    3.45 – 5.00 pm     Is Hypnotherapy Safe for the Hypnotherapists? – Leon Cowan (Aust.)
                       We all know hypnosis is safe for our clients. The question is how safe are we? What
                       „risky‟ practices do we unknowingly employ that could cause us a problem. Leon
                       explores competency and ethical issues. If you would rather remain in ignorant bliss,
                       don‟t come to this presentation. No sharp objects are allowed within 3 meters of the
                       presenter! Hang onto your hats - it‟s an interesting ride!

    5.00 – 6.15 pm     Socialising – Enjoy time catching up and chatting with your colleagues and
                       friends, both new and „old‟, before going on to enjoy the….

    6.30 pm onwards    Hypnotherapy Award Dinner – This event is the highlight of the hypnotherapy
                       calendar. We honour and celebrate those who receive awards from the member
                       organisations, and/or who have made a significant contribution within our
                       profession. Followed by entertainment.

              ◊◊ On-Going Training Workshops ◊◊
                                     Sunday 7th October
9.00 am       Hypnosis for the Treatment of Trauma – Bruni Brewin. Clin Hyp. Dip
–12.30        Counselling. AHA, ACHE, ACEP-
              Bruni is President of the Australian Hypnotherapists' Association. She has been in clinical
              practice for 16 years. Bruni has worked in a private workers compensation rehabilitation
              centre as a trauma and pain management therapist, also as a child sexual assault counsellor,
              a position funded by the Community Services Grants Program.
              She is involved in presenting the UK proven methods in Irritable Bowel Syndrome to clinical
              hypnotherapists as well as having presented to gastroenterologists at GESA
              (Gastroenterology Society of Australia) as well as at the 'Challenges in Gastroenterology'
              symposium for clinicians sponsored by AstraZeneca. Bruni is also involved with depression
              and is on the HPAT Committee with depresioNet an online website that supports people with
              depression. She has a busy private practice in South West Sydney, Australia.
              This treatment is based on the use of the Energy Psychologies, EMDR (Eye Movement
              Desensitisation and Reprocessing) and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), as well as the
              Metapsychology process of TIR (Traumatic Incident Reduction). All are used in hypnosis.
              You will go through an overview of the types of trauma there are and the physiological effects
              of such trauma. Each of the treatment processes will be explained to you, and a
              demonstration of each treatment method will be shown using workshop participant volunteers.
              During the workshop you will go through a group work. Then split into twos to practice each of
              the treatment methods. There will be discussion time and hand-outs will be provided.
12.30 -1.30   Lunch ( included)

1.30 pm       Client Centred Hypnotherapy? – Leon Cowan DCH, Dip Hyp Mast (USA)
–5.00 pm      Grad Dip App Hyp, Mast CH, H FAHA, MATMS. AHA, ATMS, PACFA.

              Leon has been a practising Clinical Hypnotherapist for over 30 years. In 1983 he founded the
              Academy of Applied Hypnosis and is a consultant to Prof. Assocs. Govt Agencies and
              Industry Boards regarding Australian Clinical Hypnotherapists‟ professional training
              standards. He is the first Clinical Hypnotherapist to achieve membership of the PACFA
              Registry. Macquarie University acknowledged his experience by granting him entrance to
              undertake postgraduate research into developing professional competencies required for
              clinical hypnotherapy practice.
              Leon is the principal lecturer at the Academy and also lectures at the University of NSW,
              Macquarie University, University of Western Sydney, St Vincent‟s Hospital, and more. The
              first “Joint Venture” between a University and a hypnotherapy teaching institution saw the
              inclusion of an Academy teaching programme into a university degree.
              This Client Centred Hypnotherapy model is an adaptation of the Client Centred Therapy
              developed by Carl Rogers. Client Centred Hypnotherapy used many of the same concepts
              proposed by Rogers and places them within the hypnotherapy structure.
              The Client Centred Hypnotherapy model can be adapted to suit the many other hypnotherapy
              models. By using the Client Centred Hypnotherapy model there is are increased benefits by
              the therapists moulding the consultation within the clients reality?
              Leon will outline and demonstrate the basic concepts of the Client Centred Hypnotherapy
              model. You will also have the opportunity to practice during the workshop with each other.

                ◊◊ Other Important Information ◊◊
The 12th National Hypnotherapy Conference weekend has been tailored to include some of the
topics that were requested in recent conference feedback.
The Federation again offers On-going Training Workshops on the Sunday. The conference day and
the workshops are available separately so you can choose what you want attend. And we have
re-introduced the popular Conference Weekend Special to save you even more money.
We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to increase your knowledge and learning,
and give your support to your Hypnotherapy Federation.
Please remember… profit raised by this event will go towards funding a national Hypnotherapy
marketing campaign. This will assist not only your business, but also the Hypnotherapy
profession in future years.


Weekend Special only – Can be paid in two instalments. Send in half your payment with you
Registration form by 20th August, plus one post dated cheque for 15th September.

Free parking is available in the grounds of the venue on a “first come, first served” basis. Plus, there
is plenty of free parking available along Gladstone Road.

As it is not possible to have the temperature set to suit individual preferences, we suggest wearing
layered clothing, and bring a warm jacket in case the room is cooler than you prefer.

Professional recordings of all presentations will be available at a very reasonable cost to attendees.
Personal recording is prohibited.

Barrycourt Hotel and Conference Centre, 10-20 Gladstone Road, Parnell, Auckland.
Phone: 0800 504 466. Email: Be sure to mention that you are attending the
Hypnotherapy Conference. Location Map:

PLEASE NOTE: If you require accommodation at the venue and are willing to share a room or unit
with other attendees, please indicate on the Registration Form (see page 4). And as a service to
you we will then circulate your contact details to others who have indicated the same, so you can
contact one another to arrange your joint accommodation. Please register early.
As well as hotel rooms, Barrycourt has some “motel” type units available that sleep up to four
people. See attached document for details. First in first served.

If you have any questions about the conference please contact …
Susan Wood:                 (09) 837 7877
Maureen Gilligan:           (09) 482 2152

              ◊ ◊ R EG I ST R AT I O N F O RM ◊ ◊
       12th Annual NZHF Hypnotherapy Conference Weekend
                                      Saturday 6th – Sunday 7thOctober
EASY PAYMENT PLAN: Post our registration & deposit by 20 th August plus, one postdated cheque
                                           1st payment             20th August               Half of total
                                            nd                       th
                                           2 payment               15 September              Half of total

                               Fee                             Includes…                                    Early Bird                  TOTAL $
                                                                                                       Paid by 15 Sept.
AWARD DINNER                  $180                 Lunch, morning and afternoon
                                                   tea, Award Dinner, including free                            $165
Sat. 6th October                                   drink and entertainment
Dinner - Guests               $50 each             Award Dinner, free drink &                                   $50 each
ON-GOING                      $85                  Trauma Release - includes lunch                              $75
                              $85                  Client Centered Hypnotherapy
WORKSHOPS:                                                                                                      $75
                                                   - includes lunch
Sun 7 th October              $160                 Both workshops - includes lunch                              $140
                              FULL                 Includes: Conference & Sunday
CONFERENCE                    WEEKEND              Workshops, refreshments and                                $280
                                                    lunches both days, Saturday
 WEEKEND   Usually                                    evening Award dinner and
                                                                                                         And save $60
           $340                                                                                           on full fee!
  SPECIAL                                                    entertainment
                                                   Couples registering together –
                                                   Weekend Special                                   $265 pr person
                                                                                                                       Total: $

Yes! I/we will be attending the Conference weekend. Please book the following…
Name/s: ............................................................……………………………………………………………….……
Address: …………………………………………………………………………………….....................................
Phone No: .................................................. Email: ...................................................…..... .........................
Professional Association (circle one): IHPS, NZAPH, NZSCAH, PHINZ. Other: ….……………..
Special food requirements:                          ……… (tick here and list on reverse)
Share Accommodation:                          …………. (tick here) Your contacts will be circulated to others wanting to

Please Note: Registration Terms and Conditions for the NZHF Conference Weekend:
    Early Bird payment must be received in full by Saturday 15th September
    Confirmation of your registration will be sent by email, if possible. Receipts will be issued at the Conference.
    The programme may change without notice.
    Refunds are not available after Tuesday 2 nd October.
    Minimum dress code of “smart casual” is required.
 Send Form & payment to: Conference Bookings, NZHF, P O Box 91-856, Auckland Mail Centre 1142.