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					   “The Perfect Storm” –
Learning How to Be A Quality
      Service Provider
    Dr. John S. Wasileski
        Ann F. Harbor
         Tom Crafton
    CSMS    Charleston, SC
       March 22, 2005
Our Plan for Today is to …
   Give you a sense of the kind of
    institution we are
   Provide understanding of what it
    takes to be a service provider
   Discuss the project plan &
   Have a frank discussion with you
    about what worked well and what
    did not
    University of Memphis
    Institutional Profile …
• Regional, Metropolitan, Research, Doctoral
•   Multiple campuses with ~21,000 students
•   9 Colleges & 5 Administrative Divisions
    with @2400 faculty & staff
•   Desire to be a leading metropolitan
•   FY05 Budget ~$260M
•   Member of Tennessee Board of Regents
Information Technology facts

• Shrinking resources (human & fiscal)
• Heightened campus expectations for
•   Strong and stable infrastructure
•   Little experience in hosting systems
RODP Hosting Services Bid RFP
• TBR announced that it would be asking TBR
  institutions to respond to an RFP for hosting
  services. This was due, primarily, to problems
  with their current provider.
• Services sought through RFP
  – 7x24 Helpdesk
  – 7x24 uptime during semesters

  – TBR financial savings
Memphis Management position
• President wanted to host
• ITD Executive Management wanted to
  satisfy president
• ITD operational management wanted no
  part of hosting
• Executive management ordered bid
  amount to be cut in half (first sign of
  pending storms)
Memphis’ response to RFP
What our response included
  – Robust mirrored design for platform
  – SAN storage of all course data
  – Backup strategy
  – Multiple internet paths to RODP
  – Leveraging current Help Desk and expanding to 7 X
    24 & used students
  – Reporting capabilities not available from current
  – Priced at a bit over $800,000.00
Winning the bid & Planning the
• Bid awarded in September 2003 for
  delivery of system on January 7, 2004
• Project management approach was to
  jointly create a master plan with linked
  sub plans created by individuals
Building the Plan by Visioning
By Dec. 20th we will be fully prepared to deliver RODP
   –   Hardware installed & tested
   –   Software installed & certified
   –   Back-up procedures in place
   –   ALL courses migrated
   –   Hired & trained staff for Help Desk
   –   Reporting ready for use immediately
   –   Customers will be recognized & given special handling
   –   Problems resolved within one business day
   –   Faculty will work easily with WebCT
   –   The contract will be extended

               Looking at the resulting project plan
How the Plan Worked
• Time frame was aggressive but we made it
• Implementation methodology was well-
•   Training of Help Desk was a problem
•   Data conversion was difficult
•   Platform certification was problematic for
    software vendor (2nd sign of brewing storms)
•   Go-live happened on-time with much hand
    holding and the semester finished well
The Perfect Storm

 At the beginning of the Summer semester,
 the system suffered a complete melt-down
 and here is the sequence:

• 6/6-9/04. Slow response
• 6/9/04. Node 1 unresponsive. Node 2
 started but WebCT application did not start
The Perfect Storm cont’d

• 6/16/04 – During rebuild, Node 2
 production system erased

• 6/17/04 – Rebuilding erased files begins.
 Recovery delayed due to over zealous
 client’s demanding too many meetings
How we recovered
• Immediate SWAT team formed with ITD and
    both vendors
•   Hardware vendor sent one of their best
    engineers to help on-site (important move!)
•   This engineer identified the problems and, bit-
    by-bit, helped recover course files
•   System unavailable for 11 days had hugh impact
    on students’ deadlines etc.
•   Personal contact with each customer
The Impacts

• Impacts on students
• TBR/RODP Office reactions
• Impacts on ITD staff
What We Discovered Later
• Conditions that created the storms we later discovered were:
   – Hardware vendor had created an incorrect and undetectable (by us)
   – Early signs of system behavioral trouble were ignored by ITD
       •   Difficulty with course mgmt. file structure
       •   Slow response
       •   Failure to check back-ups
       •   Etc.
   – When the system ground to a halt, all technical staff worked round-the-
     clock for at least two days. This led to a …
   – Staff mistake – the production system was accidentally erased
   – The original configuration error (drives and mirrors with identical
     names) has actually confused our backup software and we had failed to
     verify that complete data was actually being written to back up tapes
Post action review

• Parties involved
• Findings
• Management reaction
• Executive reaction
• Customer reactions
  – Client
  – Enrolled students
2nd year Contract renegotiation

• Memphis still better than former provider
• Recognition of additional resources
• Demonstrating improved customer focus
Lessons Learned

            Bid more wisely (know the water
               you’re planning to swim)

            Work with vendors more wisely (look
Lessons Learned cont’d
              Check/test back-ups (know
                how deep you’re in)

               Know what it REALLY means
               to be a service provider (be
               sure you can swim before
               getting in too deep)
Thank You!!!

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