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					Affordable Web Hosting - Ins And Outs Cheap Web Hosting - Ups and Downs Affordable Website Hosting - Ups and
The first thing you should understand about affordable web hosting is the way it works. Many people believe that they have to get the most expensive
type of hosting available and purchase all the extras needed to make a spectacular site. However, what these sites won't tell you is that most of the
features you get, you won't use in the beginning anyways. The only time this applies is when people are uploading sites through FTP clients.
Otherwise, all you need is affordable web hosting to get you started.

Then again, affordable web hosting has just about everything you need. You probably aren't going to be enjoying tens of thousands of visitors
everyday yet, so the space, bandwidth, uptime, tech support, email, and cPanel should be enough. Granted you want a stylish site, but most of the
affordable web hosting sites you come across will offer Site Builders.

Good affordable web hosting packages are backed up with a packed with powerful and intuitive control panels that help manage your site easily and
domains as well if purchased. The customization options are just enough for ordinary webmasters to assume control of most of their site. The FTP
access gives more flexibility in updating their site and adding new content as well.

Another thing you'll want to look for is speed and security. Most affordable web hosting has uptime at 99% and speeds that reflect high speed Internet
use. Even if your site is full of traffic, their servers will do the job. Just keep in mind that the more multimedia items you have on your website, the
performance starts to go down some. However, just compare these to a free web hosting site and you'll notice the difference.

Unfortunately, some website owners don't understand the issues that come about with too much multimedia stuff on their site. If you mix this in with a
good amount of traffic you will see a steep decline in the site's performance. When you reach this pinnacle we recommend switching over to a
dedicated server. If you don't, you're sharing servers with several other websites and the experience could get worse over time.

Sites hosted in affordable web hosting servers may be affected if another site hosted in the same server suffers from an attack. This is a major security
issue even if your web applications are fully patched up and secure. Therefore backing up or switching to a dedicated server is a must for avoiding

Privacy may also be an issue as well since most affordable web hosting companies do not allow custom nameservers to be made. The least that you
can do is pay extra for domain WHOIS privacy. Still dedicated servers offer better privacy protection and some enhanced security options as well.

So as you can see there are a few minor drawbacks to using affordable web hosting. However, they are all in the later stages of your website's
success. It's important to understand when you're starting any business, you should only spend what you need to in the beginning. Once you are able
to accumulate the traffic and conversion rates that will bring you a return on your investment, then it will be time to take a look at dedicated servers.
For now though, stick with affordable web hosting and keep the costs down. It will truly help you out in the end.

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