Reliable and fast analysis of fatty alcohols

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					     Applications                                        Reliable and fast analysis
                                                         of fatty alcohols
                                                         Sartorius laboratory balances in a robot system

                                                         Highly pure alumina (argillaceous earth) and       An XYZ portal robot takes care of sample
                                                         fatty alcohols are produced in Sasol Germany       processing, analysis, and disposal of the
                                                         GmbH’s Brunsbüttel factory. Fatty alcohols         processed samples. Samples are weighed in
                                                         are used in a number of technical applications     the factory laboratory on the ME614S that
                                                         and as raw material for skin care products,        covers the range from 0.1 mg to 610 g. This
                                                         for example. The products are sold all over the    balance was chosen in particular for its excel-
                                                         world from Brunsbüttel.                            lent readability and the fact that the draft
                                                                                                            shield can be opened automatically at the
                                                         Modern production techniques are employed          press of a button. Both these product features
                                                         to be able to ensure the consistently high         enable fast, simple and convenient weighing
                                                         quality of the fatty acids produced. Nonethe-      of the samples.
                                                         less, intensive analytical control is necessary.
                                                         Sasol Germany GmbH uses Sartorius balances         Jörg Hauf, chemical laboratory assistant at
                                                         from the LA and ME series integrated into a        the Brunsbüttel factory, has long been con-
                                                         robot system for this purpose. These not only      vinced of the excellent performance provided
                                                         provide employees with reliable and fast           by Sartorius laboratory balances: “In 1993,
                                                         weighing results; they also make it possible to    we put our old robot system, equipped with
                                                         run a high number of analyses per day.             the LC820 from Sartorius, into operation.

                                                         To meet constantly increasing demands, the         It is still functioning today, which is why it
                                                         employees in Brunsbüttel were faced with           was partiuclary important for us to integrate
                                                         the task of replacing the 12-year-old robot        Sartorius know-how into the new laboratory
                                                         system and integrating a new one into the          robot. Reliable and fast weighing results are
                                                         production process. Up to this time, a maxi-       exactly the elements that are of the utmost
                                                         mum of only 160 analyses could be carried          importance to us.”
                                                         out per day. Sasol decided in favor of pur-
                                                         chasing a new robot system since a consider-       Reader Service Code: 272
                                                         able increase in sample throughput was

                                                         Various analytical balances from Sartorius
                                                         were integrated here: three LA2200S and one
                                                         ME614S. The robot system itself is now
One of the Sartorius analytical balances with which      responsible for the completely automatic
the samples are weighed, among other things.             processing of eight wet chemical analyses of
                                                         the alcohols (acid, saponification, iodine,
                                                         peroxide, carbonyl and hydroxyl numbers).
                                                         Planning, complete construction and pro-
                                                         gramming of the facility were undertaken by
                                                         the specialized Dutch firm, Automated Lab
                                                         Systems. The redesigned concept along with
                                                         new developments also make it possible to
                                                         eliminate errors that occurred in the old
                                                         system, enabling samples to be processed
                                                         both faster and more reliably. The grabber
                                                         for the sample bottles was also redesigned
                                                         to this end.

                                                         With the integration of the new laboratory
Section of the robot system: this is where the samples   robot into full-shift operation, employees
are heated.                                              were able to increase the number of analyses
                                                         to 400 while enjoying greater reliability. This
                                                         has considerably facilitated their work.

                                                                                                            The three LA balances integrated into the laboratory robot
                                                                                                            at Sasol.
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