FAMILY SECRET by xug21136



    Written and Directed
by Octavio Warnock-Graham
In 1971 my middle class, Middle American white mother returned to her
Midwestern community, unmarried and with a newborn baby. The circumstances
of my birth were kept secret. No one knows the truth, not even me. Silences is a
personal journey into a bi-racial son’s relationship with his white mother. It
explores the decisions that parent’s make, for better or for worse, in an attempt to
protect their children from an unknown world.

Globally, the social themes of Silences touch at the heart of America’s cultural
and racial psyche. On the one hand, it exposes subconscious values, as a
community that thinks of it’s self as racially tolerant reacts when a white woman
crosses the color line. On the other hand, we have an intimate portrait of a
unique family relationship that resonates on a broad scale. For every child that
screams, “Why did you do this to me?” there is a parent that says, “I would do it
all over again.” At both the broad and intimate levels, this film reveals the push
and pull of American cultural and family life.

Director’s Statement
Not too long ago I saw a picture of my biological father, a man I had never met
and whom I knew almost nothing about. His picture confirmed a suspicion that I
suspicion that has shadowed me my whole life. As a child growing up in the
Midwest, I had been raised to believe that I was white. My mother is white, my
family is white, and the kids at school were white. Sitting at my computer, looking
at my biological father’s picture, a strange epiphany occurred. Although I was
only just becoming aware of the truth, my closest family and friends must have
known all along. I am not white. I am not black, I am other.

This realization started a series of events that ultimately has lead me to return to
my roots, back to my hometown of Maumee, to investigate how and why my
family and primarily my mother felt it necessary to make my race the family

Ultimately, this story ends with my mother and I. One can imagine a bi-racial
child growing up in a predominantly white community then add the confusion of
the child believing himself to be white. These are the ingredients of a huge
identity crisis. This story starts with my mother and ends with my mother as I
finally confront her need to conceal the fact that I am bi-racial.
                  THE FILMMAKERS
Octavio Warnock-Graham
Director, Writer, Producer
Octavio is a native Ohioan but has lived in New York City for over 10 years. After
graduating from SUNY Purchase in 1993, he spent the next 10 years working as
a lighting technician/gaffer in theater and television. Most recently he has worked
on The Howard Stern Show, The Apprentice: Seasons I, II, and III and the 2004
Olympics in Athens. In the spring of 2004, he decided to return to school to
pursue a degree in Documentary Directing. Upon graduation, he plans to start a
documentary-centric production company in New York City.

Carmen Vidal
Carmen Vidal was born in Spain 24 years ago. She studied Audiovisual
Communication in Barcelona and Film Studies in Prague. She has worked in
feature films, television, music videos, commercials, and dozens of short films.
She has directed short films that have been exhibited in international film
festivals. She is currently focusing on becoming a director of photography and
has shot many projects, both digital and on film.

Michelle Yuan
Though her previous directorial work has screened at film festivals and garnered
awards, nowadays Michelle Yuan is focusing on film and video editing. Michelle
attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she studied English and
Communication Arts. Along with her editorial duties, Michelle is also currently
working on various writing projects. Her recent side pursuits include
photoblogging, learning French, and running in place. Through May, she can be
found nestled in the stale confines of her editing suite, muttering keyboard
shortcuts to herself in broken French. Every few minutes, she taps the space bar
and sighs a little…

Chris Child
Christopher Child grew up in Japan, Chile, and South Korea. His formal musical
training began at the age of 5, taking piano lessons in Tokyo studying the Suzuki
method. He came to Boston to study music composition and sound engineering
at Berklee College of Music, and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Music
Synthesis and Classical Composition.

He is currently living in New York City and is the audio director at Nudgie LLC He
is a producer and artist on 5Points Records and has worked on several remixes
for electronic bands including Freezepop

Chris is also a composer and sound designer for popular video games and has
released original music in Amplitude, Frequency, and Playhouse Disney online.
He has created custom sound banks for Palm and other mobile devices.

When not spaced out in front of his Macintosh and tweaking his synthesizers, he
enjoys eating out, cooking, attempting yoga, traveling, and competitively playing

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