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Installing Microsoft Windows Vista by bxk16778


									                                OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY

             Installing Microsoft
               Windows Vista
                        Clean Install Instructions
                                 Information Technology Support

Step by step instructions and screen images for setting up Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic, Home
              Premium, Business, Enterprise, or Ultimate edition on a personal computer.
                                                                   Installing Microsoft Windows Vista
                                                                              Clean Install Instructions

What You Will Need To Get Started
    1. A personal desktop or laptop computer (Apple computers are not applicable for these
    2. A legal copy of Microsoft Windows Vista on CDs or DVD.
    3. A licensed 25 character product key (normally attached to the outside of the computer or
       CD/DVD sleeve).
    4. A CD and/or DVD drive (depending on which media you have).
    5. A hard drive with at least 40 gigabytes (GB) of storage space or more.
    6. 512 megabytes (MB) (1024 MB recommended) of random access memory (RAM) or more.
    7. A processor speed of 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster.

Step By Step Instructions
Before you begin, ensure that all of your data that you wish to save (pictures, music, documents, etc.) is
backed up to external media before you continue. These directions will format your hard drive which
will erase all data. OSU/IT is not responsible for lost data.
     1. Power on or restart the computer.
     2. During the BIOS screen, press the appropriate key to select which device to boot from.
              a. NOTE: The key to press can vary and depends on the manufacturer (sometimes model)
                  of your computer. This key is normally listed on the BIOS startup screen. Also note this
                  key will not take you into the BIOS setup but should be a list of drives only.
              b. NOTE: If you do get to the BIOS setup, find the boot order menu and move the CD/DVD
                  drive to boot first. Then, save changes and exit the BIOS. Continue on from step 5 of this
     3. Insert the Windows Vista CD/DVD in the CD/DVD drive.
     4. Select to boot from your CD and/or DVD drive and press Enter.
     5. The disk should spin up. If your old operating system loads, restart the computer and go back to
         Step 2 of this section.

    Phase One of Setup

    6. The installer will begin loading files during phase one of setup, wait for this step to complete.
    7. After the files are loaded, you will be prompted with a Windows Vista language selection screen
        (Figure 1). Once you have selected the appropriate settings from the drop down boxes, click the
        Next button to continue.
    8. Select the Install now button to begin the installation (Figure 2). You may be prompted to wait a
        few minutes.
    9. When the license agreement window is displayed (Figure 3), you will need to agree to the terms
        by checking the box next to I accept the license terms and clicking the Next button.
    10. The next window prompts as to which type of installation to install. Select the Custom
        (advanced) option to continue.

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                                                               Installing Microsoft Windows Vista
                                                                          Clean Install Instructions

11. Select a partition on the hard drive to install Windows to (Figure 4). There are several options
    depending on your configuration. See below to determine which direction to take. Please note,
    if you continue past this step all of the data on your hard drive (or partition, depending on which
    option you choose) will be completely erased. If you have files that you want to save on the hard
    drive or partition, DO NOT CONTINUE. You will need to back up the information to external
    media (such as CD, DVD, USB drive, etc.) before proceeding.
         a. Unallocated Space (Inclusive) - If the only option that is available is Unallocated Space
              and you want one drive to show up in Windows after it is installed, click the Next button
              to continue.
         b. Unallocated Space (Divided) - If the only option that is available is Unallocated Space
              and you want to divide the drive into two or more partitions (so that multiple drives will
              show up after Windows is installed), click the Drive options (advanced) link. New options
              should become available (Figure 5). Select New, specify the size of the primary drive in
              Megabytes (MB), and click Apply. There should now be two drives, select the first
              partition and then click Next to continue.
         c. Partitioned Space – If there are partitions already defined, select the one you wish to
              install Windows Vista to and press Enter.
12. The partition will be formatted, and the first step of copying files to the hard drive will progress
    (Figure 6). It may take a few minutes for the files to be copied. Once the first phase of copying
    files is complete you will be prompted to restart your computer. Press Enter or wait for the
    computer to be restarted. This ends phase one of the setup process.

Phase Two of Setup

13. After the computer has been restarted, you will be returned to a similar screen that was
    displayed in the previous step (Figure 7). Allow the files to be copied and the computer to
    restart again.
14. A progress bar screen will re-appear, allow the screen to complete before continuing.
15. The next screen should prompt you to enter a username, password, and password hint (Figure
    8). You can enter all three or just the username. After doing so, click Next.
16. Enter a name for your computer (select a background image if you wish) and click Next (Figure
17. On the window titled Help protect Windows automatically; click the Use recommended settings
18. Set the time zone, date and time, then click next.
19. The next screen will ask where the computer is located if you are connected to a network, click
    the Home option.
20. A Thank You window will appear (Figure 10), click the Start button. More files and settings will
    be copied after pressing the Start button, wait until the process completes before continuing.
    Once completed, you should either be taken to a login prompt or to the desktop.
21. You can now remove the Windows Vista Installation CD/DVD.

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                                                              Installing Microsoft Windows Vista
                                                                         Clean Install Instructions

Installing Device Driver Software
At this point, Windows Vista has been installed. However, due to the numerous amount of hardware
on the market, Windows Vista may or may not have loaded all of your devices (such as video, sound
and network cards). These devices have software (known as device drivers) that allows Windows to
communicate with the hardware inside (and outside) your computer. You can visit the
manufacturer’s Web site of the computer in order to download the software, or some computers
come with a device driver CD. The directions below will describe how to install a sound card driver
once the device driver has been obtained. These instructions can be use for all other drivers that are
not installed.
    1. From the Start menu, right click Computer and select Properties from the drop down list
         (Figure 11).
    2. From the System and Maintenance window, select Device Manager on the left side of the
         window in the task pane (Figure 12).
             a. Note: You may be prompted with a user Account Control window asking for
                  permission to continue. Click the Continue button to proceed.
    3. When Device Manager loads, devices with a yellow triangle and black exclamation mark
         and/or devices under the Other devices section, will need to have drivers loaded in order for
         Windows Vista to use them. Right click the Multimedia Audio Controller and select Update
         Driver from the drop down list (Figure 13).
    4. A window titled Update Driver Software will be displayed, select the Browse my computer
         for driver software (Figure 14).
             a. Note: you can have Windows search for other drivers on Windows Update if you
                  wish, however, in these directions, the software has already been located and
                  Windows Update may or may not have the device driver software. Selecting the
                  Search automatically for updated driver software choice should only be used as a
                  last attempt if you are unable to find device driver software for hardware in your
    5. On the next window, click the Browse button and navigate to where you saved the device
         driver software. Also, ensure that the Include Subfolders checkbox is selected then click
    6. Windows should then search for a compatible driver in the location you specified and install
         the device. If Windows was unable to install the driver, you may need to find another
         version of the device software or you can try the Note in step 4.

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                                                                  Installing Microsoft Windows Vista
                                                                             Clean Install Instructions

Good Practices
 In order to ensure your computer continues to perform well and to increase security, it is
recommended that you follow the instructions listed below.

        Install Windows Updates
        Microsoft releases security updates regularly for Windows, Office and other Microsoft products
        that should be installed to keep your computer running efficiently. You can access Windows
        Update through an application on your computer.

                1. Click on the Windows Pearl (Start button) and type Windows Update in the Start
                   Search field. Once the menu has changed, click on Windows Update from the list
                   (Figure 15).
                2. When Windows Update loads, if there is a yellow box with the phrase Get updates
                   for more products (Figure 16), click the text and continue to step 3. Otherwise skip
                   to step 5.
                3. A Web page should open with a license agreement (Figure 17). By checking the box
                   next to I accept the Terms of Use and clicking the Install button, all updates released
                   by Microsoft will then be installed on your computer.
                        a. Note: You may be prompted with a User Access Control window stating that
                            permission is required to continue. Click Continue to proceed.
                4. The phrase in the yellow box should change to For Windows and other products
                   from Microsoft. You can safely close the Web page.
                5. If your computer is not already downloading/installing updates, click the Check for
                   updates button.
                6. A progress bar titled Checking for updates… will appear (Figure 18), wait for the scan
                   to complete to see which updates need to be installed.
                7. Once the scan is complete, you will be prompted to install. Click the Install Updates
                   button to begin the download and installation process (Figure 19).
                        a. Note: You may be prompted with a User Access Control window stating that
                            permission is required to continue. Click Continue to proceed.
                        b. Note: You may be prompted to agree to License agreements depending on
                            which updates are installed. To continue, you must accept the agreement
                            and click the Finish button.
                8. When the updates are installed, you may need to restart your computer.

        By default, Windows is set to download and install updates every day at 3:00AM. However, if
        you see a yellow shield with an exclamation icon next to the clock in the Start menu bar, new
        updates are available. Click the icon and select that you want to install updates.

        Create Separate User Accounts For Other People & Purposes
        You might get infected in the future with spyware or viruses. As a suggestion, in order to add
        another layer of security, you may want to create a separate user account that you use for daily

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                                                          Installing Microsoft Windows Vista
                                                                     Clean Install Instructions

tasks (such as typing documents, playing games, browsing the Internet, etc.) and another
account at the administrator level that installs software. OSU/IT recognizes that this may be a bit
cumbersome for some users and is only offered as a suggestion.

OSU/IT however, does recommend that you create separate user accounts for each person that
that will be using the computer. For instance, if you have a roommate that browses the Internet,
his/her account can become infected but will reduce the chances of your account getting viruses
and spyware. Also, give permission levels as appropriate to the level of access you wish to give
(example: Guest access will allow them to access the Internet, but not change or install

Install Antivirus Software
OSU/IT strongly recommends that you install reputable antivirus software on your computer.
OSU provides students with a free perpetual license of McAfee Antivirus via the Software
Distribution center Web site. The Web address is Log into the site
using your Orange Key credentials and select to download the free Windows McAfee Antivirus
installer. Once the package has been downloaded, install the application on your computer.

Install Other Application Software
There are other free applications that can be installed to help with regular use of the computer.
Below is a list of Web sites to download the applications.


        1.   Adobe Reader –
        2.   Adobe Flash Player –
        3.   Java –
        4.   DivX Player –
        5.   QuickTime Player –

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                                                                 Installing Microsoft Windows Vista
                                                                            Clean Install Instructions

Screen Shots

Figure 1 – Language Options       Figure 2 – Install Now              Figure 3 – License Agreement

Figure 4 – Partition Allocation   Figure 5 – Partition Options        Figure 6 – Copying Files

Figure 7 – Finish Copying Files   Figure 8 – Username &               Figure 9 – Computer Name

Figure 10 – Thank you             Figure 11 – Computer Properties     Figure 12 – Maintenance

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                                                                Installing Microsoft Windows Vista
                                                                           Clean Install Instructions

Screen Shots, Continued

Figure 13 – Device Manager      Figure 14 – Browse For Driver        Figure 15 – Windows Update

Figure 16 – Get Other Updates   Figure 17 – Other Updates EULA       Figure 18 – Checking For Updates

Figure 19 – Install Updates

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                                                             Installing Microsoft Windows Vista
                                                                        Clean Install Instructions

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