Warranty card by bxk16778


									4. Returns
Products returned to REEVU must be pre authorised by REEVU or one
of its agents authorised for this purpose. The original purchaser must send
with the product proof of purchase. The product shall be sent prepaid
insured and packaged for safe shipment by the original purchaser all
costs for this are to be born by the original purchaser.
                                                                              Warranty card
5. Accepting this warranty
This document accompanies a warranty registration document which
gives the original purchaser the details for registration by fax, email,
post or on the REEVU web site at HYPERLINK "http://www.reevu.com".
Register this warranty at www.reevu.com by clicking x on the online
registration screen in the box marked acceptance of warranty. The original
purchaser accepts and agrees that the original purchaser shall have
accepted this warranty.

6. Checking for your hologram
Always check to see that your REEVU helmet has on it, the REEVU
authentic holographic sticker and if not contact REEVU so that we
can check the authenticity of the helmet.

Please return to:
Reevu Parsons house Parson Road Washington Tyne and Wear NE37 1EZ England
T: +44 (0)191 418 7755 F: +44 (0)191 418 7799 www.reevu.com info@reevu.com
                                                                         This products life time warranty is not transferable nor is it valid unless the
                                                                         original purchaser sends to REEVU the fully filled in warranty card within
                                                                         one month of purchase.
                                                                         This document comprises a warranty offered only to the original
                                                                         purchasers and is not transferable to any third party whatsoever.

                                                                         1. Warranty
For a valid warranty please complete all boxes market with an asterix*
                                                                         Subject to the schedule set out below and acceptance of this warranty
 Name*                                                                   by the original purchaser of the product. REEVU products carry a warranty
                                                                         that is to the original purchaser of each new product that the product will
 Address*                                                                be free from defective materials and workmanship for its lifetime as
                                                                         described below.

                                                                         2. Life time
                                                                         The life time is the life of the product, this is defined within the safety
 Postcode*                                                               manual should the product within its life time prove not to be repairable
                                                                         Reevu reserves the right to replace the product with a similar substitute.
                                                                         3. Exclusions
 Telephone                                                               This warranty does not extend to, and will be void in respect of any
                                                                         products which have been subjected to misuse, neglect, fire, improper
                                                                         modification, use in violation of the instructions furnished by us repaired
 Email                                                                   by an unauthorized third party.
                                                                         The original purchasers rights under this warranty are expressly provided
 Where purchased*
                                                                         above. REEVU shall not be liable for any costs, expenses, or damages
                                                                         whatsoever other than the repair or replacement of the product as
 Does your helmet have a REEVU
 holographic sticker                                                     provided above including any loss of profits or other damages resulting
 Signature*                                                              directly or indirectly from failure or defect of the product, save for any
                                                                         liabilities which cannot be disclaimed or limited by law.

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