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The Spinal Injuries of a Herniated Disc or a Bulging Disc Can be Life Changing
by Michael Ehline

It is often very hard for another individual to be able to understand what all a person could be
going through who is suffering from pain and other symptoms due to certain spinal injuries.
Many injuries to the spinal area are not injuries that can actually be seen by other individuals,
such as how a broken arm, or loss of a limb can be seen and more easily understood.

We all hope to never be in the need for the services of a professional attorney who specializes
in spine and spinal cord injuries, but when you find yourself or a close family member who is in
need of the expertise of a spinal cord injury attorney in the Orange county area, you want to be
sure that you are receiving only the most professional and compassionate services that can be

A spinal cord and spine injury attorney who specializes in these types of personal injuries will
review and study your case with aggression, ensuring that you will receive the highest amount
that is possible by law for your injury claim.

There are many different types of accidents which can result in you, a friend, or a family
member suffering from various spine or spinal cord injuries. Some of the various types of
accidents that can cause these types of injuries would include automobile accidents,
motorcycle accidents, recreational vehicle accidents, vehicle rollover accidents, amusement
park accidents, falls that can be caused from wet or icy pavement, bicycle accidents,
rollerblade accidents, boating accidents, and many others.

If you have been involved in any type of accident and there is the possibility that you could be
suffering from some type of spine injury or spinal cord injury, it is very important to be seen by
professional physicians so that they can determine your specific injuries and the treatment that
is needed. Prolonging this can cause further damage to your spine and spinal cord.

Some of the symptoms associated with having an injury to your spine or to your spinal cord
could be numbness in either your arms or your legs, tingling sensations in the legs, arms or
fingertips, sharp or stabbing pains in the lower back - or lumbar region of the spine, weakness
in the arms which could indicate problems in your neck - or cervical region of your spine.

When this happens, besides a good doctor, you need to consult a Los Angeles spinal cord
injury lawyer if you were harmed in LA. If your back was hurt in Orange County, you should
probably speak to a injury lawyers in Orange County cities like Huntington Beach. No matter
what your injury, catastrophic injury lawyers in California are usually indispensable to an injury
case. In many cases, the spinal injuries of a herniated disc or a bulging disc can be life

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