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                           “Herniated Disc, Severe Neck Pain,
                              Back Pain, or Sciatica …?”
   FDA CLEARED Non-surgical spinal decompression is possibly the last back pain treatment you will
   ever need. And you can forget about popping toxic pills, injections, struggling through therapy … and
   the unnecessary risk of surgery … because with this amazing new technology ~ for most people - they
   are a thing of the past. You’re about to discover the most powerful state of the art technology available
   for: Neck or Back pain, sciatica, herniated and/or bulging discs and degenerative discs.
   Best of all ~ you can check it out yourself for FREE if you like…
   Dear friend,                                         What Are Treatments With The DRX
                                                     9000 Like?
                                                                                                           Here’s what some of my patients had
                                                                                                       to say:
      Imagine how your life would instantly             After being fitted with an automatic               “I tell all my friends about the
   change if you discovered the solution to          shoulder support system, you lie face up on       DRX 9000 and how much this office has
   your neck or back pain.                           the DRX 9000’s comfortable bed and the            helped me. I can now play golf again.” (John
      In this article you’ll discover powerful       computer does the rest. Patients describe         Medina, Miami)
   new space age technology that has the             the treatment as a gentle, painless off and
                                                     on pulling of your back. Many of my                   “Until now I was told surgery was my only
   potential to be the solution for you.                                                               option. I haven’t felt this good in years!” (Eva
                                                     patients actually fall asleep during the          Miguel, Miami)
      This incredible technology is non-             treatment.
   surgical spinal decompression. And here’s                                                                            Special Offer
   the amazing story, how it was discovered             How Long Are Treatments and How
   and why it has had an unprecedented               Many Do You Need?                                     If you would like to see if non-surgical
   success rae to solve YOUR neck and back              Patients typically undergo 15-20               spinal decompression will be the answer for
   pain …                                            treatments over a 4-6 week period which           your neck or back pain, you can - for FREE
                                                     depends on the patient’s diagnosis.               for a very limited time. Just call 305-670-
      How Space Age Technology Cures                                                                   0055 within the next 14 days and you will
   Back Pain …                                       Following each session a cold pack and an         receive:
                                                     electrical muscular stimulation are applied
      The theory behind spinal decompression         to consolidate muscles, provide pain relief         Consultation with me, Thomas
   relates to the reduction of pressure inside       and speed the healing process.                      Krahn, D.C., to discuss your
   the disc creating a healing environment.                                                              problems and answer ALL your
                                                        It is important to note that many                questions you may have about neck
      Even better and this is the key - it           patients get substantial, immediate relief
   seems as though a negative pressure is            after just a few treatments. Some after just        and back pain and the DRX 9000
   created. It is believed that this negative        one.                                                advanced technology.
   pressure actually promotes the diffusion of                                                           A written “Recommended Action
   water, oxygen and nutrients back into the                                                             Plan” giving you the results of your
   discs which allows it to heal.                                                                        exam, if you qualify for our program
      The reduction of pressure helps to draw                                                            and what your options are.
   back the damaged disc to provide relief of                                                            I could also show you the DRX 9000
   pain and symptoms associated with                                                                     and demonstrate how it works so you
   herniated,     bulging,     protruding   or                                                           could “see it for yourself.”
   degenerative discs.
                                                                                                         You can also log onto our website,
      Axiom Worldwide gathered a team of                                                                 www.advancehealthservices.com to
   leading physicians and medical engineers                                                              view the DRX 9000 in action and
   that could reproduce that environment of                                                              hear how this therapy has helped
   healing and the DRX 9000 was the answer.                                                              people around the country.
      The DRX 9000 is an FDA cleared                                                                       Here’s what to do now: Just call my
   medical device that has had an                                                                      office at 305-670-0055 and tell my special
   unprecedented success rate treating neck                                                            assistant Paula that you want your “FREE
   and back pain and symptoms associated                 “Often people with lower back pain fail
                                                     to find relief because they are not properly      back pain/DRX 9000 qualification
   with herniated, bulging, protruding and                                                             evaluation.” ($245 Value) It’s absolutely
   degenerative discs.                               diagnosed. Our goal at Advance Health
                                                     Services is to correctly identify the patient’s   free with no strings attached. There’s
      What Conditions Has the DRX 9000               problem, and then provide the most                nothing to pay for and you will not be
   Successfully Treated And Will It Help             effective, and least invasive solution to it.”    pressured to become a patient.
   You?                                                                                                    Our office is called Advance Health
                                                         The really good news is … this is not
      The main conditions the DRX 9000               something you have to continue to do for          Services and it is located at 7400 N.
   has documented success with are:                  the rest of your life, so it’s not a big          Kendall Dr. #109 in Kendall. Our phone
                                                     commitment.                                       number is 305-670-0055. Call Paula for
   ~ Neck and Back Pain                                                                                an appointment. We can help you. Thank
   ~ Sciatica                                            Since offering the DRX 9000 in my             you.
   ~ Numbness/tingling in arms & legs                office, I have seen nothing short of miracles
   ~ Herniated and/or bulging discs                  for back pain sufferers who have tried
                                                                                                       The patient and any other person responsible has the right to
                                                                                                       refuse to pay, cancel payment or be reimbursed for treatment,
   ~ Degenerative Disc Disease                       everything else … with little or no result.       which is performed, and as a result of and within 72 hours of
                                                                                                       responding to the advertisement for discounted or reduced fee
   ~ Facet Syndromes                                 Many had lost all hope.                           for service, examination or treatment.
   ~ A relapse or failure following surgery

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