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					              Winter 2003 at KI8I’s QTH

               Amateur Radio Newsletter

   Butler County VHF Association
           Hamilton, Ohio

           February 2010
Visit our website at:

               Rosalee              KB8JJN         1/18
               Larry G.             KC8WRN         1/21
               Donald               KG8BB          1/21
               Sandi                AB8LA          1/29
               Tim                  KD8JYH          2/1
               Donald               N8KYX           2/2
               Donna                KB8GLS          2/2
               Edward L.            WD8MQJ         2/15
               Jane                 N8JFU          2/15
               Wanda                W8WLM          2/20
               Loretta              W8LKU          2/22

* If I have missed anyone, my apologies in advance, and let me know who I missed.

   In this Issue of the LogSheet:

          Page 02………………………… Jan and Feb Birthdays
          Page 03 thru 5…………….…….Local News, SK’s, & ARRL News
          Page 05 and 6 ………………… Misc and ‘Coming up’
          Page 07………………………….For Sale, VE Exams & Classes
          Page 08..………..……………….Contests
          Page 08 thru 10…….….....……..Monthly Meeting minutes

                     Silent Keys: Robert Jasbring, K8CXY
                                  Gus Mate, N8KHF

Sign up for the BCVHFA QRZ Reflector: The BCVHFA reflector is a mailing list
intended exclusively for use by BCVHFA members. For questions, the List Administrator
is K1DRW. Subscribe at:
       Usage: To post a message to all the list members, send email to

More Cosponsors for HR 2160 (Feb 11, 2010) -- Earlier this week, another Congressional Representative -- Jo
Bonner (R-AL-1) -- pledged his support for HR 2160, The Amateur Radio Emergency Communications
Enhancement Act of 2009, bringing the total number of cosponsors to 34

ARRL Technical Information Pages:

                                 FEMA is excited to announce the next webinar in the
   Community Preparedness Webinar Series. This webinar series provides up-to-date
   information on community preparedness topics and resources available to citizens, community
   organizations, and Citizen Corps Councils. This LIVE webinar is scheduled for Thursday,

   February 18th at 2:00-3:00pm EST and will provide information on Earthquake
   Preparedness: Lessons Learned from Haiti and California hosted by FEMA. It will feature a
   presentation followed by a question and answer period.

LIVE Webinar: Earthquake Preparedness – Lessons Learned from Haiti and California - Feb 18 @ 2pm ET

Registration is not required to attend. Each webinar will accommodate the first 500 visitors
that enter the website at the time of the webinar. In addition to airing live, the webinar will be
recorded and viewable after it completes at your convenience. More details on this webinar and
upcoming webinars in the Community Preparedness Webinar Series are available at:

Great Lakes Division
                                    Weaver’s Words:
New MOU with Red Cross Approved

The ARRL Board of Directors has approved a new Memorandum of Understanding between the
American Red Cross and ARRL. Being discussed was a Red Cross requirement that Amateur
Radio operators who wished to serve as volunteer communicators agree to have an extensive
background check performed. We on the ARRL Board did not believe it was appropriate to
accept a new MOU that included such an overly-comprehensive background check agreement.
Our goal was to make it possible for individual amateurs to have three options available.
These options were to agree to multiple background checks and to agree only to a criminal
background check. The third option, of course, is to choose not to have a background check run
and not to be a volunteer.
Conclusions: To volunteer to provide support to RC as a radio amateur, the amateur will need to
undergo a background check. The background check may be done through the RC at no charge
to the volunteer; however, following this process the volunteer will agree to being subjected to
a variety of background checks. Instead of having background checking done through the RC,
Amateur Radio volunteers my have the checking done by a State or local police agency.
Following this process, the volunteer will be required to pay for having the checking performed
provided the fee is not already covered by EMA or some other agency.

ARRL Receiving Applications for EPR Manager
The ARRL continues to solicit applications for the open position of Emergency Preparedness and
Response (EPR) Manager. Several applications have already been received. The job is based at
ARRL HQ in Newington, CT.

Assistant to EPR Manager Authorized
Not content with obtaining a new Emergency Preparedness and Response EPR) Manager, the
ARRL Board authorized a new position to support the manager. The new position will be filled
after the new EPR Manager has been able to determine the form of support needed.

Webinar: Club Legal Considerations
Good friend and colleague Director Bill Edgar, N3LLR once again has invited members of the
Great Lakes Division to participate in a webinar. This webinar will be of particular interest to
leaders in local clubs. This presentation will touch on legal issues for amateur radio clubs or
organizations. The panel will cover club incorporation, liability issues, and legal issues for clubs.
"We will have a question and answer period after the presentation. "To register for this
webinar on Wednesday, March 6th from 9pm to 10:30pm, please use the following URL:

             Jim Weaver, K8JE Director, Great Lakes Division ARRL

Ohio Section News:  

Section Manager Notes: Frank J. Piper, KI8GW

Just a quick note on the efforts to get Ohio PRB-1 on its way in the Ohio Statehouse. As you
may recall a short time back I informed you of the second reading and proponent testimonies
for House Bill 212. Just this morning (Feb 2, 2010), Senate Bill 218, which is the sister Bill for
HB 212 has it's first reading and Sponsor Testimony by the bill originators Sen. Tim Shaffer
(R- Ohio District 31), and Sen. Tom Sawyer (D - Ohio District 28). I was present in the hearing
room this morning when both Gentlemen spoke highly of the valuable resource of Amateur
Radio. We look for a second reading (with proponent testimony) in the next several weeks.

                        73, Frank ARRL – Ohio SM

CQ ET DE EARTH - a history of messages intentionally beamed into space is recounted in this
item on the New Scientist Web site. You might be, um, surprised at the nature of some of the
messages, but given the human preoccupation with bodily functions, perhaps not so surprised.
The first known such message was a 1679-bit burst blurted out by the Arecibo facility in 1974
towards the galaxy known as Messier Object M13 and it will arrive in the year 26,974. We'll
leave the lights on.

The Butler Regional Interoperable Communications System (BRICS) uses a digital 800MHz
Motorola Astro 25 system to provide voice communication for every public safety agency in our
county. It is operated by the Butler County Sheriff.

This website will allow you to learn more about the system. Public announcements about the
progress of our system implementation will be posted on this page. Public safety and
governmental users of our radio system can access training materials, procedures and more.


Next BCVHFA Meeting
The next meeting of the Butler County VHF Association will be March 3rd, 2010 at 7:30 P.M.
in Room 127 at Butler Tech Career and Development Center.

Weekly BCVHFA Information Net
The Butler County VHF Association operates a weekly net each Thursday at 7:00 P.M. on the
146.970(-) repeater with a PL of 118.8. The purpose of the net is to provide information on
meetings, test sessions, and other items of interest to members or others that check in. You do
not have to be a member to check into the net and may do so using either radio or Echo Link.

BCARES Amateur Radio Emergency Service Net
The ARES net is held on each Tuesday night at 7:30 P.M. local time on the 147.330 (+)
repeater with a PL of 118.8. You do not have to be a member of ARES to check into the net.

Next BCARES Meeting
The next meeting of the Butler County Amateur Radio Emergency Service team will be March
10th, 2010 at 7:00 P.M. in Room 127 at the Butler Tech Career Development Center.

Garmin eTrex Vista C, color handheld GPS, 24meg memory with USA street mapping -
Excellent condition, $99 - contact K1DRW

FT-202R 2m FM HT 1 watt, 3 channels, works fine, $20 – contact K1DRW

Cushcraft ARX-450B 440 mhz 7dBd Gain vertical antenna - $34 - contact K1DRW


Butler County VHF Association Exam dates:       March 13th, 2010

DIAL Radio Club of Middletown Exam dates: April 21st, 2010

DIAL Amateur Radio Class:

Beginning early March, the DIAL RADIO CLUB will offer a six-week class to prepare a
candidate for examination in Technician Class Amateur Radio operator license. Meeting in
Verity Lodge, on the Middletown Campus of Miami University, this class will meet Wednesday
evenings, 6-9 pm. Technician theory instruction will begin March 10 and conclude April 14. An
ARRL/VEC examination session will be held at the conclusion of the class on the evening of April
21. (Please note, Morse code proficiency is no longer a requirement for any amateur radio
operator's license). Although there is no charge for the instructional portion of this class,
students should be prepared to purchase a license training manual and supplies (approximately
$20-25) for use in class. Class enrollment will be limited to twenty students. For registration
and/or additional information, please call Carl Morgan [513-727-3456] or Beverley Taylor [513-
423-3165] or e-mail [].


Contests this month
STATE QSO Parties:
    Mississippi QSO Party             1500Z, Feb 27 to 0300Z, Feb 28
    North Carolina QSO Party          1700Z, Feb 28 to 0300Z, Mar

RSGB 80m Club Championship, CW        2000Z-2130Z,    Feb 18
ARRL Inter. DX Contest, CW            0000Z, Feb 20   to 2400Z,   Feb 21
Run for the Bacon QRP Contest         0200Z-0400Z,    Feb 22
CQ 160-Meter Contest, SSB             2200Z, Feb 26   to 2159Z,   Feb   28
REF Contest, SSB                      0600Z, Feb 27   to 1800Z,   Feb   28
EPC WW DX Contest                     1200Z, Feb 27   to 1200Z,   Feb   28
UBA DX Contest, CW                    1300Z, Feb 27   to 1300Z,   Feb   28


Monthly Meeting Minutes: Feb 03, 2010
K8FL, and N8TVU. (21)

The regular meeting of February 3, 2010, was called to order by President Don Jeffries,
N8KYX, at 7:30 PM. Following a rap of the gavel, each in attendance introduced themselves by
name and call.

Don, N8KYX, thanked those in attendance and commented on the need to encourage more to
attend. He hopes, in the coming months, to streamline the business portion of the meeting and
begin a program of guest speakers.

Don further noted the increased demands Dennis, K1DRW, is facing with his employer and
alerted the group that there may be a need to “recruit” a volunteer to take minutes at upcoming

In the absence of the Secretary and without the minutes of the January 6 meeting at hand,
approval thereof was held over to the March meeting.

Technical support committee report by Bob, N8TVU.
            145.21 - is ready to go; just need time to go to site and reassemble hardware.
            147.33      - reported as “OK”.
            146.97 - reported “noise” on receiver which appears to be weather related.
                   Other issues with 97 include a damaged hardline connector in the attic and
                   suspected leaky interconnect [coax] cables inside the repeater cabinet.
                   There is a need to replace the photocell, controlling tower lights, at the 97
                   Tree trimming will be accomplished as soon as the weather breaks.

Communication Center
  o 3" conduit installed from a hallway junction box to operating room. Feed lines will be
     rerouted and an existing conduit will be reused to route feeders from the emergency
     generator. JVS maintenance workers handled the “heavy lifting” and we are most
     appreciative of their efforts. Some fabrication work is being accomplished though the
     efforts of JVS shop instructors.
  o Refurbishment of the operating room is continuing as time permits.
  o Anticipate, by the end of February, to have the MK5 and FT-1000 back on the air. Delay
     is the result of needed remedial work on the beams and, as such, is awaiting a break in
     the weather.

Treasurer’s report was presented by Bob, N8TVU. He reviewed the income and expenditures
for the month of January and described, in detail, expenses assigned to a recent grant.

Motion made by Jim, K8FL, and seconded by Matt, N3WNX, to approve [1] reimbursement of
$28.17 to Greg Santatomita, AB8RG, upon presentation of receipts, for hardware related to
the grant-funded project and [2] an appropriation of up to $60 for miscellaneous items for the
same project. Total is $88.17. Motion approved by voice vote with no dissenting votes.

Don, N8KYX, noted that, in the future, he preferred to have anticipated expenditures
presented to, and approved by, the membership before funds were encumbered. Realizing
that occasions may arise where time is of the essence, he did not close the door on “after the
fact” approvals but does expect them to be few and far between.

Motion made by Tim, KD8JYH, and seconded by Rick, KD8LCD, to approve reimbursement of
$187.75 to Gerald Dakin, W8ULC, upon presentation of a receipt, for conduit and related
hardware required in the refurbishment of the communication center. Motion approved by
voice vote with no dissenting votes.

Ed, WD8MQJ, brought a question from Carol Moore (SK-Bill Moore, W8KVU’s widow)
regarding the utilization of equipment donated to the Club. A lively discussion ensued
regarding storage, distribution, and expected utilization of the gift. All items are accounted
for and, according to Red, W8ULC; a written record is on file in the communication center. It
further came to light that the Moore family had never received a written acknowledgment of
Bill’s bequest. Motion made by Ted, K8TCR, and seconded by Dave, N8DHW, to table discussion
until the communication center is completed and Bill’s equipment properly deployed. When
deployed, a recognition tag or plaque shall be affixed to the equipment. Motion approved by
voice vote with no dissenting votes. Don, N8KYX, will follow up with Carol and make her aware
of the plans BCVHFA has for Bill’s gift.

Ted, K8TCR, called attention to the passing of Bob Jackson, formerly K8HNM, a founding
father of the BCVHFA. Ted suggested that, owing to his involvement, and substantial
contribution in the early stages of the Club, Bob be added to the Silent Key memorial plaque. A
brief discussion followed; however, no action was taken on Ted’s suggestion.

There being no further business to come before the membership, on motion made by Carl,
K8CM, and seconded by Ted, K8TCR, to adjourn the meeting. Motion approved by voice vote
with no dissenting votes. Meeting adjourned at 8:11 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Carl Morgan, K8CM
 Acting Secretary

                                End of Monthly meeting minutes


President                             Trustees          Secretary & Newsletter editor
Don Jefferies, N8KYX            Dave Williams, N8DHW          Dennis Wells, K1DRW
                                John De La Croix, W8WCQ
                                Jim Lancaster, K8FL

Vice President                       Treasurer
Gerald Daiken, W8ULC            Robert Spratt, N8TVU

                    Repeaters 145.210(-), 146.970(-), 147.330(+) …all PL 118.8
                       Echolink repeater connection via W8CCI (146.970)

             *ARES® is a registered service mark of ARRL, used by permission.