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									    Mentalizing and Psychological                                                             Centre for Treatment
“How to Think about the Unthinkable”          The Centre for Treatment of Sexual Abuse        of Sexual Abuse and
                                              and Childhood Trauma (CTSACT) was
                                              established in 1991 as a registered, not-for-
                                                                                               Childhood Trauma
   Registration Fees:
                                              profit, charitable organization. The Centre
   Early Registration: before Sept 5th
                                              provides psychotherapy and counselling
   Standard: $150 Student: $95                services for individuals who have
   Late Registration: after Sept 5th          experienced sexual abuse or other forms of
                                              trauma and neglect. Therapists at the Centre
   Standard: $175 Student: $120               have expertise in providing trauma-focused
                                              therapy to children, adolescents and adults,
                                              as well as to couples and families. Another
                                              mandate of the Centre is to provide
   Name                                       professional and public educational
   City        Province       Postal Code
                                                                                               Clare Pain, MD, FRCPC
                                                                                                  Mentalizing and
                                                                                               Psychological Trauma:
   Email Address                                 Centre for Treatment of Sexual
                                                 Abuse and Childhood Trauma                   “How to Think about the
   Professional Affiliation                      203 MacLaren Street
                                                 Ottawa, Ontario
                                                 K2P 0L4
   Please detach registration form and mail                                                      Friday, September 19, 2008
   with cheque or money order to:                Phone: 613-233-4929
                                                 Fax: 613-233-4947                                      9am – 5pm
   Centre for Treatment SACT                     E-mail: centrefortreatment@yahoo.com
                                                 Web: www.centrefortreatment.com                  RA Centre, Canada Room
   203 MacLaren Street
   Ottawa, ON K2P 0L4
                                                                                               2451 Riverside Dr., Ottawa, ON
            Mentalizing and Psychological Trauma: “How to Think about the Unthinkable”

About Dr. Clare Pain                      Conference Outline                                                  Mentalizing refers to the accurate
                                          8:30-9:00      Registration and coffee                              perception and interpretation of the
Dr. Clare Pain is an Assistant                                                                                needs, feelings, wishes and beliefs of
                                          9:00-9:10       Welcome and introductions                           ourselves and others. One’s ability to
Professor of Psychiatry at the
University of Toronto, Department of      9:10-10:30     Psychological Trauma – why is it                     mentalize is based very closely on our
Psychiatry, Director of the                              unthinkable?                                         attachment history. Individuals with
Psychological Trauma Program at           10:30-10:50 Coffee/Tea                                              insecure and disorganized attachments
Mount Sinai Hospital, Co-project                                                                              (e.g. due to sexual, physical, and
                                          10:50-12:15 Mentalizing 101: the potent non-                        psychological abuse or neglect) often
director of the Toronto Addis Ababa
                                                      specific factor of therapy
Psychiatry Project (TAAPP)                                                                                    have greater difficulties in developing
(www.utoronto.ca/ethiopia), and           12:15-1:45      Lunch on your own                                   the capacity to mentalize and therefore
Coordinator of the University of          1:45-3:00      Dissociation, emotional regulation                   often "misinterpret" their inner
Toronto-Addis Ababa Collaboration                        and sensorimotor techniques, and                     experience as well as the mental states
Program. She is the recipient of the                     adaptations for vulnerable populations               of others.
President’s Award at the International    3:00-3:20      Coffee/Tea                                           The successful treatment of trauma is
Society for the Study of Dissociation                                                                         not to "get rid of” the trauma but,
and is the 2003 "Top Rated Resident       3:20-5:00      Clinical vignettes and applications
                                                                                                              paradoxically, to think and talk through
Module Lecturer" in the Psychiatry                                                                            it safely and calmly. Treatment is
Residency Program at the University of    “It is with great delight that the Centre welcomes Dr. Clare Pain   challenging due to affective
Western Ontario. She has also won the     back to Ottawa. Her presentations are educated, engaging, well      dysregulation, dissociation, avoidance,
University of Toronto Supervisor's        organized and full of intelligence and compassion.”                 substance abuse, a chaotic lifestyle and
award.                                                                             Susan Oke, CTSACT          fear and mistrust of people, including
Dr. Pain’s focus is on the assessment                                                                         the therapist. Fostering the capacity to
and treatment of patients with                                                                                mentalize can lead to both self-
psychological trauma and trans-cultural                                                                       awareness and self-regulation in our
aspects of psychological trauma. She                                                                          clients.
co-authored "Trauma and the Body: a
Sensorimotor Approach to Psychotherapy"                                                                       This conference will be useful for all
with Pat Ogden and Kekuni Minton                                                                              mental health professionals who work
(Norton, 2006).                                                                                                with trauma issues in their practice.

                                                         Clare Pain, MD, FRCPC

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