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Welcome to Summer 2010 Day Camp at Hidden Valley 4-H Camp! It is
important that ALL campers and parents read and are familiar with the
information in this handbook.

                          Cornell Cooperative Extension of Schuyler County provides equal
                        program and employment opportunities. Accommodations for persons
                        with disabilities may be requested by calling CCE of Schuyler County
                         at 607-535-7161 no later than one week before the beginning of any
                        event to make arrangements. Requests received after this date will be
                                                  met when possible.
                        Letter From the Director
Dear Campers and Parents:
    Welcome to Hidden Valley 4-H Camp’s 65th summer! Hidden Valley 4-H Camp is a
50-acre residential camp located in majestic Watkins Glen State Park. Our camp is
accredited by the American Camping Association and has developed programs based
on youth development research by Cornell University.
    My name is Reuben Siskin, and I am the Camp Manager/Director. It is our goal to
help campers gain independence, learn new skills, and create lasting friendships.
Hidden Valley 4-H Camp strives to provide a caring, inclusive, positive environment in a “family” atmosphere.
Our outdoor surroundings provide an ideal place for these goals to be accomplished.
    This manual was designed to help you and your child prepare for camp. Included you will find
important documents that must be filled out and returned to the camp office no later than July
1. I hope that you will read this manual carefully with your child and keep it for future reference, as it
provides important information about the Hidden Valley 4-H Camp program.
    If you have any questions while reading through this material, please feel free to call me at the camp
office at (607) 535-7161 or you can contact me at rds234@cornell.edu

Reuben Siskin
Camp Manager/Director

                                       Table of Contents
 Going to Camp Checklist .................... 3        Camp Policies ................................... 6
                                                        Cell Phones
 Getting Ready: Health and                              CD/MP3 Players
  Medical Information ........................ 4        Fighting
 Information, Please ........................... 5      Search and Seizure
  How to Get to Camp                                    Vandalism
  What to Bring                                         Refunds
  What Not to Bring
  Camp Store/Money at Camp                             A Day Camper’s Day ......................... 7
  Thursday Night Stayover
                                                       After Camp/Going Home ................... 7

                                              CONTACT US:
For information about registration, payment, paperwork, etc, contact Cate Sirek, Camp Registrar, 607-535-
7161, email ces38@cornell.edu.
For all other questions, contact Reuben Siskin, Camp Manager/Director, 607-535-7161, email
To call the camp directly while camp is in session: 607-535-5048 or 607-535-5047

Hidden Valley 4-H Day Camp Handbook 2010                                                Page 2
                         Going to Camp Check List

       Before your first day of day camp, please make sure that you have
       completed and submitted ALL of the following forms. These forms must
       be submitted no later than July 1.

              A signed Code of Conduct form

              A signed Acknowledgement of Risk form

              A complete, signed Camper Health History Form must be signed
              by parent/guardian

              A completed Camp Options 2010 form

                                           Cell phone policy
       Hidden Valley 4-H Camp has a NO CELL PHONE policy. I know in this
       age of technology it is difficult for youth to not be in contact via cell
       phone. Camp is a unique environment. We are trying to help youth
                       develop life skills at camp including independence and self-
                       reliance. Often homesickness, which is a normal part of a
                       week at camp, can be worsened by talking to mom and
                       dad. We respect and appreciate the wonderful relationship
                       youth and families have, but if our campers are to enjoy
                       camp fully they must to able to develop this independence.
       If there is an emergency or we are concerned about the youth’s well-
       being, we will contact you. If a camper is found with a cell phone, the
       phone and charger will be kept in the office safe until the camper’s last
       day of camp.

Hidden Valley 4-H Day Camp Handbook 2010                                Page 3
 Getting Ready — Health and Medical Information
Camper Health Examination Form—Based on                   Medical Treatment
New York State and ACA Regulations                        Our Health Director is always in residence when
The health examination form that is included in this      camp is in session. The infirmary is fully equipped
packet must be completed and returned no later            with overnight facilities, should the need arise. In
than July 1.                                              addition, a physician is always on call throughout
                                                          the summer. Schuyler Hospital, dental, and optical
Medical Insurance                                         facilities are nearby if special medical attention is
The parent’s personal medical insurance is the            necessary. Parents are required to assume all costs
camper’s primary coverage. All campers must have          for all out-of-camp medical treatment. This includes
medical insurance or coverage to attend camp. All         all physician, hospital, laboratory and medication
registered campers are covered by excess coverage         costs which are incurred. You will be billed directly
accident insurance while at camp.                         for medical care as it is ordered, which may or may
                                                          not be covered by your insurance carrier.
Medical Screening
On the first day of camp the Health Director, as
required by the NYS Department of Health,
examines all campers. If a child comes to camp with
a pre-existing illness, injury, or lice, he or she may
be sent home.

Health and Safety
Hidden Valley 4-H Camp meets or exceeds all health
and safety standards for children’s camps. We also
comply with all state and county codes of health
regulations governing children’s camps. Fire exiting
safety plans and all other emergency procedures are
practiced regularly, and fire safety rules are strictly

If it is necessary for your child to receive any medication while at camp, please adhere to the following
· ALL prescription medications, including inhalers, must be packed separately and given immediately to
     the Health Director upon arrival.
· Medications can be dispensed only by the Health Director.
· All medications must be in containers with the original labels. Prescription medications must include
     clear dispensing instructions on the original pharmacy label.
· The family physician must provide clear instructions about the use of prescription medications on the
     Health Examination Form.
· The family physician must give permission to the Health Director to administer medications by signing
     the appropriate section of the Health Examination Form.
· All children taking prescription medications will be instructed on the first day of camp about the
     schedule for dispensing medications. Emphasize the importance of and encourage your child to take
     responsibility for complying with this schedule.
· No camper is permitted to have medications, including vitamins, ointments, or lotions of any kind, on
     his/her person at Camp without the express permission of the Health Director.

Hidden Valley 4-H Day Camp Handbook 2010                                                    Page 4
                               Information, Please!
      How to Get to Camp:                               What Not To Bring:
      From Downtown Watkins Glen — Take Route           • Clothing that has advertisements for
      329 (across the street from Mr. Chicken, and        alcohol, tobacco, any illegal substances or
      just slightly south of the main entrance to         any type of obscene language on it!
      Watkins Glen State Park) and follow it            • Money (unless needed for weekend
      approximately 2.7 miles up the hill. On your        stayover)
      right, you will see signs for Watkins Glen        • Cigarettes, cigars, tobacco products,
      State Park/Hidden Valley Group Camp; take a         matches, lighters
      right and follow Whites Hollow Road down the      • Any and all items considered to be
      hill, veering to your left at the bottom of the     controlled substances
      hill into camp.                                   • Candles or lanterns (battery operated ok)
                                                        • Food, snacks, gum, etc. (food is not
      Arrival and Departure Times/Procedures              allowed in cabins)
      Day campers are brought to camp at 8:30           • Potentially dangerous weapons including
      each morning and picked up at 5:15 p.m.,            pocket knives, folding knives, sheath
      Monday through Friday.                              knives, hatchets
                                                        • Hand-held video games
      What To bring                                     • Personal stereos (CD players, MP3
      Day Campers have relatively little to bring to      players, iPods, etc.)
      camp each day:                                    • Cell phones including camera phones
         • Swimsuit                                     • Pagers/Beepers
         • Towel                                        • Expensive cameras/jewelry
         • Flip-flops (for the pool, only!)
                                                        The Camp Director reserves the right to
         • Water Bottle
                                                        remove inappropriate items from a camper’s
         • Sunscreen
                                                        possession and return them to the parents on
         • Any other items based on assigned
         • Bedding (for Thursday stayover, or           Camp Store/ Money at Camp
            every day for rest hour)                    The Camp Store is open daily during free
                                                        swim, during registration on Sunday, and
                                                        during Friday pickup for campers (and others)
                                                        who want souvenirs from Hidden Valley 4-H
           Hidden Valley 4-H Camp is not                Camp.
        responsible for damage to or loss of
              any personal property.

                               Thursday Night Stayover
        Day Campers at Hidden Valley 4-H Camp are invited to stay overnight on
       Thursday night of their camp week in order to participate in one of Hidden
     Valley’s most enduring rituals, the Closing Campfire. Day Campers will need to
      bring a sleeping bag/bedding and a pillow, pajamas, toothbrush, etc. for the
        overnight stay, and can be picked up at regular time on Friday afternoon.

Hidden Valley 4-H Day Camp Handbook 2010                                                Page 5
                                       Camp Policies
Cell Phones Cellular phones have no place at           Bullying Any camper found to be harassing,
camp. Campers are too busy with camp                   making fun of, or intimidating another camper is
programs and activities. Please do not send cell       subject to disciplinary actions and may be sent
phones to camp. If for any reason parents/             home.
guardians need to contact their camper during
the session, they are asked to call the camp           Search and Seizure A camper and/or
office, 607-535-5047 or 607-535-5048.                  camper’s belongings may be searched by camp
                                                       administration whenever there is reasonable
CD players/MP3 players/iPods Part of the               suspicion that the camper has violated or is
camp experience is meeting and socializing with        violating either the law or camp rules regarding
friends, old and new, and participating in             order or safety and that the search will produce
activities. Wearing headphones shuts campers           evidence of the violation. Any items found in
out of these experiences. We do allow personal         violation of the law or camp rules will be
music devices, but only in the cabin if the            confiscated.
counselor allows. Any audio device worn around
camp will be put in the Director’s office until        Vandalism Campers involved in vandalism or
check-out. Please remember that camp is not            malicious mischief either against camp property
responsible for loss, theft, or damage to these        or another camper or staff member will be
items.                                                 disciplined immediately. Payment to repair
                                                       damage incurred as a result of the vandalism is
Fighting Hidden Valley 4-H camp does not               the responsibility of the camper’s parent/
tolerate campers who harm other campers                guardian.
whether it is physical or verbal fighting, including
degrading, demeaning, threatening other
campers, or making fun of others. Any camper
involved in fighting is subject to discipline and
may be sent home. The parent/guardian will be
contacted by the Camp Director. It will be the
parent/guardian’s responsibility to make
immediate arrangements to pick up the camper
in the event of a fight.

    Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable (a deposit cannot be applied to the balance of
another week's camp fees, nor transferred to another camper's fee). Refunds for the balance of the
camp fee are made only for cancellations received in writing at least three weeks prior to the
opening day of the camp session. A refund will be granted in cases of serious illness or injury, and
this request must be accompanied by a physician's note. A camper who does not arrive, arrives late,
leaves early, or attends only a part of the session will not receive a refund. If a camper is
experiencing a difficult adjustment to camp or is sent home because of a behavior problem, no
refund will be granted.

Hidden Valley 4-H Day Camp Handbook 2010                                             Page 6
    A Day Camper’s                              AFTER CAMP/GOING HOME
Our day camper program at Hidden           Keeping in Touch
Valley 4-H camp is a great                 Campers make new friends at camp and often like to keep in
opportunity for local campers to           touch with them after camp has ended. Your camper will
experience camp without spending           need to get the address, phone, or email address of new
nights away from home.                     friends before leaving camp, as we will not divulge a camper’s
         Upon arrival on Monday, day       personal information. A camper may want to bring a memory
campers are placed with their cabin/       book and have other campers sign it and give contact
group in the dining hall where our         information there.
residential campers will be eating
breakfast. (If you would like, your        Fall Camp Weekend
day camper can eat breakfast with          A great way to stay in touch after summer camp is to attend
their group every morning.) After          Fall Camp Weekend, October 8-10, 2010. Campers come
breakfast, all campers head back to        together to experience Hidden Valley 4-H Camp in a whole
their cabins, where day campers are        new light among the brilliant fall colors. Watch your email
invited to keep their belongings for       and our web site for information.
the day. Campers then head to
flagpole where they split into their       Tipping
activity groups.                           Please be advised that there is NO TIPPING or giving gifts to
         Hidden Valley 4-H Camp            staff members of the Camp. Parents who wish to show their
campers participate in two activities      appreciation for their child’s counselor and/or staff are
in the morning and then return to          encouraged to make a donation to Hidden Valley 4-H Camp in
their cabin/groups for lunch. After        the staff member’s behalf. A copy of the tribute will be
lunch all campers head back to the         awarded to the staff member and filed in personnel records
cabins for rest hour. A bed is             to recognize the effort.
provided for day campers; if you
would like to send bedding with
camper on Monday, it can remain in         Online Use of Camp Name
the cabin for the week or be sent          In general, our camp views social networking sites (e.g.,
home daily. After rest hour, your day      MySpace, facebook,etc) positively and respects the right of
camper will have two more                  campers to use them as a medium of self-expression. If a
activities—one of these activities will    camper chooses to identify himself or herself as a camper at
be a free swim, so be sure to pack a       our camp on such Internet venues, some readers may view
bathing suit and towel. After the          the camper as a representative or spokesperson of the camp.
fourth activity, it is time for day        In light of this possibility, our camp requires, as a condition of
campers to grab their stuff and head       participation in the camp, that campers observe the same
over to the dining hall for pick up.       rules as set forth by our code of conduct.

                                           Lost and Found
                                           Any lost-and-found items will be collected in a box that will
                                           be available to search during pick-up on Fridays. It is your
                                           responsibility to see that all camper items, including
                                           any medications, are taken home with you when you
                                           pick up your camper. Camp staff will not locate misplaced
                                           items nor can we mail them to you after you leave camp. At
                                           the end of camp, all lost and found items will be donated to
                                           local charities.

Hidden Valley 4-H Day Camp Handbook 2010                                                 Page 7
Hidden Valley 4-H Camp
Cornell Cooperative Extension Schuyler County
323 Owego St., Unit 5
Montour Falls, NY 14865

                            Cornell Cooperative Extension offers equal program and employment opportunities.