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					 Child Sexual Abuse and its Treatment           Upon referral, the Child Sexual Abuse            Non-Offending Parent’s Group
                                                Treatment Coordinator will meet with the
Sexual abuse is defined as any contact or       non-offending parent(s) or partner(s) and        The Non-Offending Partners Group is a
action initiated by an adult towards a child,   the victim(s) to describe the services and       service designed to address the special
which is intended to stimulate the child        provide an opportunity to talk about family      needs of the parent(s) or partner(s) who
sexually, or to stimulate the offending adult   needs, experiences, and feelings.                have not abused their child(ren). This
through the use of the child. Sexual abuse                                                       program decreases the sense of isolation
may also be committed by a person under         In order to give families opportunities to       often experienced by the non-offending
the age of 18, when that person is older        heal, research and experience indicates that     partner and assists participants to;
than the victim and/or in a position of power   participation in programs such as the
or control over the child.                      “Crisis Disclosure” and the “Non-                 •   Work through their feelings and
                                                Offending Parent’s Group” enhances                    challenges in a safe, confidential and
Family Service Moncton’s Sexual Abuse           progress and speeds recovery. As a result,            supportive atmosphere;
Treatment Program is a confidential service     both groups are considered central
designed to enable families to understand       components to help the family in the healing      •   Help their child to heal by demonstra-
the complex and confusing emotions              process.                                              ting commitment and support to the
surrounding the disclosure of sexual abuse                                                            therapeutic process;
of a child and its consequences on the
family members. With the help of qualified      Crisis Disclosure Group                           •   Help caretakers work through their
therapists, families are guided through a                                                             feelings towards the perpetrator(s);
process that       will assist them in          The Crisis Disclosure Group is designed to
understanding why the abuse happened,           provide support during the immediate crisis       •   Protect their children through the
and learn ways to avoid the long term           following disclosure of abuse. It helps family        development of healthy communica-
negative effects that may occur when abuse      members deal with the trauma and                      tion styles and better understanding of
is denied or not taken seriously. More          consequences associated with sexual                   the dynamics surrounding sexual
importantly, families learn to make the         abuse and empower them to regain control              abuse.
needed changes to protect the child from        over their lives.
future abuse.                                                                                          Individual, Couple and Family
                                                While this group takes time and energy,                         Counselling
The service has been designed in                participants do gain a renewed sense of
collaboration with the New Brunswick            hope and belief in their healing. They also      Individuals, couples and families will be
Department of Family and Community              have the satisfaction of being part of the       seen by therapists for individual counselling
Services as a comprehensive and effective       child’s recovery, and learn ways to best         after having participated in group therapy
approach for the treatment of the complex       support and protect their children.              sessions. Family therapists are available to
family traumas associated with sexual           Questions regarding the legal and child          families to provide counselling sessions to
abuse.                                          protection systems are also addressed.           the victim(s), siblings, mother, father and
                                                                                                 the offender.
The goal of counselling is the positive              “I learned how to express my feelings, be
reconstruction of the family or, in cases of         more understanding to the children’s needs
intra-familial abuse, the reintegration of the       and be more at ease with myself”
family if deemed desirable. Offenders are            (NOP group)
only considered for family therapy when the
court process has been completed and they            “My turning point at one meeting has made a
are prepared to participate fully in the             world of difference in me, way beyond my
process as defined by the involved                   expectations, thank you!” (NOP group)
                                                     “We are leaving very different people from
Counselling is important for sexual abuse            who we met in the beginning and it has been
victims to avoid long-term consequences.             wonderful to watch it happen. It makes you
Denying abuse or pretending it does not              realize that you have grown too.”
matter keeps victims and caring family               (NOP group)                                   CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE
members from growing and healing, while              ____________________________________
increasing the risk of sexual abuse re-
occurring. Please act as soon as possible               For further information, or to make an
                                                                                                   TREATMENT PROGRAM
after finding out about abuse and “Give                            appointment, call
Your Family a Chance to Heal”.
                                                          Family Service Moncton Inc.
What others Have            Said    about     the    120 High Street, Moncton, NB E1C 6B5
Therapeutic Groups
                                                            Telephone: (506) 857-3258
“It has made me ralize that I’m not the only                    Fax: (506) 858-8315
person in the world that this happened to.                                                              Giving Families
I’m more open to talk about sexual abuse to              Web Site:                   A Chance To Heal
my mother and father.” (CDG)

“At first I didn’t think anything would come            You may ask to speak with the “Child
out of this group, but it happened. It helped          Sexual Abuse Treatment Coordinator “
me understand and listn more openly to my                        at extension 37.
kids, (and myself).        Today I see that
everything was helpful. Not only helping me
deal with the abuse but to be able to talk to
a group of people (express my feelings)”.                    You may also contact the              Sponsored by the New Brunswick
(NOP group)                                                NB Department of Family and                Department of Family and
                                                             Community Services at:                     Community Services
“I am grateful that there are programs such
as this to help heal the hurt inside that I felt.”                (506) 856-2400
(NOP group)