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									                              I-CASS – Door Access System

             Table Of Content

1.   Introduction to I-CASS.
2.   Comparison with K-series.
3.   System Component.
4.   System configuration.
5.   System Technology.
6.   I-Cass Features.
7.   Technical Specification.
8.   Precaution & Maintenance.
System Introduction(1)

• Max.32 doors access control system.
• Categorized into 2/4/8/12/16/24/32 doors version.
• Combination of existing door access system, time attendance
  system, and alarm monitoring system.

      T-series      : Multi-door interlocking features
      K-series      : Auxiliary Output relay based on defined
      FEP           : Supervised alarm input points.
 System Introduction(2)

 Integrated with S-series, K-series, T-series, Commando,
  Centurion and FEP alarm monitoring system design concept.

   Bring in wireless messaging technology.
   Short message service among very doors.
   Huge user and transaction storage capacity.
   High speed processing and respond time.
   Interactive blue light graphic LCD display
   Emergency over ride key( Electronic Key).
   Long reading range for proximity technology.
   Ready for mifare and wiegand 26/32bits.
System Introduction(3)

1. People choose I-CASS for its flexibility usage in security
   access control and other relevant application such as:

   1. Multi-door anti-pass back that handling max.32 doors
   2. Multi-door interlocking features that only allow one door to
      grant access at a time.
   3. Guard Tour application that enabling patrol guard perform
      checking duty.
   4. Ethernet and GSM ready for internal and external
   5. Alarm break in protection.
   6. Fire alarm emergency exist.
System Introduction(4)

• Dual card entry mode and access counter mode for restricted
  access area.
• CCTV and building automation integration.
• 125Khz and 13.56MHz proximity technology interfacing.
• I-CASS is designed to meet customer application including
   – Door access control
   – Guard tour patrol
   – Time Attendance
   – Alarm monitoring
   – Car Parking control
   – Building automation
   – Fire alarm panel integration
   – CCTV integration
   – SmartCard based solution
    How security handled in I-CASS?

•   System wiring design
•   Electronic key design
•   Communication data protection
•   Emergency event or alert
•   Low power and main fail power detection
•   Communication break down protection
•   Watch dog for safe guard
          Benefit of using I-CASS

• To have more card user capacity in the system.
• To have a high speed and fast processing time for every
• To have a large door capacity controlled under one
• To have a alarm monitoring features at every door.
• To have a guard tour features at every door.
• To have SMS messaging service among door reader.
• To have variety choice of operation mode at every door.
• To have interactive graphic display on every door reader.
• To have emergency over ride system
• To have Ethernet ready capability
Comparison with existing controller(1)

 Feature/Spec.      K-series               I-CASS
 Interlocking       No                     5 door per group
                                           (100 group)
 Anti-pass back     Available among max. 8 Available among
                    doors                  Max.32 doors
 Dual card access   No                     Available
                                           (100 match code)
 Access Counter     No                     Available on every
                                           door setting
 Emergency Key      Tabular key lock       Electronic key with 4
 override                                  digits password.

 Display unit       Normal dot matrix      Graphic LCD with
                    LCD                    blue backlit
Comparison with existing controller(2)

 Features/Spec.     K-series                I-CASS
 Ethernet           No                      On board Ready

 GSM SMS            No                      Ready

 Alarm monitoring   Based on TTL input on   2 supervised sensor
                    every controller only   points on every door
 Fire alarm         No                      Fire alarm for
                                            emergency door
 Guard Tour         No                      Available on every
                                            door ready as
                                            checking terminal.
 Auxiliary Output   Available               Available
Comparison with existing controller(3)

 Feature/Spec.         K-series       I-CASS
 Speed                 8Hz            24MHz

 User storage          5,000 users    20,000 users

 Transaction storage   2,500          50,000 users

 Door connection       Max. 8 doors   Max. 32 doors

 Processor             8 bits MCU     16 bits MCU

 RAM                   128K Byte      2M byte
Comparison with existing controller(4)

 Feature/Spec.            K-series            I-CASS
 Short Messaging          No                  Available among door
 Service                                      readers
 Door release time zone   No                  Available on every
                                              door setting
 Lock out mode            No                  Available on every
                                              door setting
 Emergency duress         Available           Available
 General purpose relay    No                  Available on controller
 Software                 32bits SmartGuard   32bits SmartGuard I-
                          series software     CASS software
                 Level of Changes
                                                   Existing System
          1024KB                                   I-CASS System

  6Mhz                                    32       60% more

                   3                 16
2Mhz                       9600bps

Bus       Onboard UART      Comm.    Door       Over all
Frequency RAM     Size      Speed    Connection Features

Comparison with Castle-S/K/T&Commando System
                System Component(1)

•   I-CASS controller
•   SmartBox (Door Interface Unit)
•   Door Reader
•   Electronic Key
•   Power Supply
•   PC interface (PCI)
•   SmartGuard I-CASS v5.6
•   Used as real time processing unit for all door event and alarm.
•   As card user databases storage.
•   As log transactions storage.
•   Used for all the user setting.
•   Responsible for all the communication bus polling.
              System Component(2)

SmartBox-Door Interface Unit
• Used to control the electronic door lock device, door contact
  and lock release button.
• Used as reader interface communication gateway to
• Perform basic door controlling function during system
  controller breakdown.
              System Component(3)

I-CASS Reader Interface
• Act as reader interface for proximity reader.
• Mifare® serial number interfacing.
• Wiegand 26bits interfacing.
• Keypad and LCD interfacing.
• Perform card number conversion.
• Display informative message.
• PIN generator
• Alarm arming and disarming interface panel
             System Component(4)

Electronic Key
• Connected to reader interface board
• Used during emergency breakdown to over-ride the door
• Security key is stored with a standard encryption technique.
• 10 digits key with suitable password to release door lock.
             System Component(5)

PC Interface Unit (PCI)
• Used as a gateway for controller uplink and PC
  communication port.
• Used as a signal converter for RS232 to RS485
• Act as a software security key for software version
             System Component(6)

SmartGuard –ICASS v5.6
• 32bits PC software.
• Act as a interface software for data or user setting
  downloading machine.
• Act as log transaction uploading software for data reporting
• Time attendance report generation.
              System Configuration(1)


                    I-CASS        RS 485                   RS 232
                   Controller                  PC I
BUS 2                                       PC Interface

                                                                       I-Cass Software

               2 Wires                           Maximum 8 doors (expandable)

    Door         Door
                                  Door                  Door           Door
  Interface    Interface
                                Interface             Interface      Interface
     (1)          (2)
                                   (3)                   (4)            (5)

                                                   Push Button

              In Reader

E-Key                                         Lock System                                RS 485

                                                                                         RS 232

                 Out                             Sensor
                    I-Cass Features

                  Proximity Technology
ABS Casing                                   LCD Screen

Press Alarm

                                             Guard Tour

Alarm Systems
                                          Time Attendance

  Polycarbonate Keypad                   E - Key
          Features Highlighted (1)

• Enable Short Message Service (SMS)
     • Inbound System

  Preset greetings or                     Employees
    short messages
     • Outbound System
  Doors forced open                         Owner
     or burglary
          Storage Capacity:
                  100 users with 50 characters each user.
                   Features Highlighted (2)

• Guard Tour Feature
1. Configuration

 Door 1      Time set : 10 mins        Door 2       Time set : 20 mins     Door 3

  Main                                  Back                                 Off

2. He/She did not proceed to Door 2

                                        Door                               Door 3
 Door 1       Time set : 10 mins         2        Time set : 20 mins
  Main                                       Back                            Off
3. He/She did not proceed to Door 3

Door 1                                Door 2                                 Door
             Time set : 10 mins                    Time set : 20 mins
 Main                                  Back                              Off“Beep
          Features Highlighted (3)

• Controller storage capacity :
      • Standard 20,000 users.
      • Expandable to 100,000 users
• Event Transaction Storage Capacity:
      • Maximum 30,000 events
• Multi door Anti-pass back.
• Multi door Interlocking
• On board alarm input and output point.
• Dual Card Mode.
            Features Highlighted (4)

• Access Counter.
• Time Zone Control Door Release Button
• 2 Holiday Groups @ 50 settings per group.
• Software Configurable to general purpose relay output.
• Enable to Interface with CIA88 additional alarm input or output
• Maximum 32 doors linkage per controller.
•   Keypad arming on every door.
•   Controller backup.
•   Electronic Key (E-Key) for emergency door release.
•   Support K series feature.
•   On board Ethernet.
•   Graphic LCD.
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