Shadow Of The Bat

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Screenplay By Michael Snyder Based on Characters Created By Bob Kane

SECOND DRAFT June 22, 2005

INT.AN APARTMENT WINDOW-NIGHT Two people, one man and one woman are watching a THREE STOOGES RE-RUN. Woman (Laughs) Man They don’t make comedy like they used to…!

The door-bell goes off and the man rises form his seat.

Man I’ll get it honey! The man opens the door and a shadowy thin figure stands in his doorway. Man Sorry guys (Laughs), how can I help you? A knife is stabbed straight into his face! The woman looks over her shoulder. Woman Hurry up STAN! You’re missing a classic! She gets up from her seat, and starts towards the door. Woman Who is it anyway? As she nears the door she sees his body missing and a JOKER card nailed to the door. Woman

STAN!?! She turns back around and calls nine-one-one.

Woman Hello! Yes my husband seems to be missing, no…there’s this JOKER card nailed to the door…thank you. She starts crying hysterically. Voice It’s quite funny how one can go from laughter to tears. (laughs) The woman turns around and shock fills her face! She screams in terror! THE JOKERS’ laugh is heard.

EXT. OPENING CREDITS-BLACK SCREEN I’d PERSONALLY prefer if the music from the original Batman movie was played here, as I feel that that score is almost perfectly made for The Dark Knight. The Danny Elfman score. FADE IN FROM CREDITS

EXT. SKYLINE-NIGHT Gotham City. The skyline view of this city makes it seems innocent. The moon is bright and a familiar figure is seen walking on a rooftop, it’s BATMAN! He stands on top of the roof, like a true savior. The moon is suddenly filled with the insignia of THE BAT! Batman turns and walks away.

EXT. OUTSIDE OF BULDING-NIGHT Police cars are surrounding a building, looks like an apartment. A police man gives his team the signal to move in and others follow. INT.INSIDE APRATMENT BUILDING - NIGHT A white police man and black police man are crowding an apartment door, one on both sides. SWAT team members are waiting down the hall, shotguns ready. Lt.Gordon is also in view. The black cop gives the white cop a head nod, and they busts through the door. The police officers enter the room, and find a dead body, female, lying on the living room floor, smiling. The SWAT team members go into the other rooms in the building, searching for anything else. Gordon enters, and kneels down by the body. Zero in one her hand; she has a Joker card and a note. Gordon has a surprised look on his face; he carefully takes both items, and walks over to Police chief Loeb. Jim Gordon Look at THIS Chief Loeb WHAT!?!? This Joker freak has left cards with the last SIX VICTIMS! Jim Gordon No, not the card…THE NOTE

ZERO-IN on note, it has “BUBBLE LETTER” drawings of DEATH on the side of it. It states: Victim number seven, I believe. Looks like I’m really on a roll!! Maybe good ole Bat-Boy will stop me… Since the “OH SO GREAT GOTHAM POLICE FORCE” can’t With Love, THE JOKER P.S: Tell Batsy I said hi Jim Gordon looks at the chief with grief in his eyes. Chief Loeb Ok, use the Bat-Signal… (Sigh) Gordon I already did, before we came… Chief Loeb WHAT? I told you that without my recognition that...FREAK should never be called upon to do OUR work! Voice I prefer NOT to be called a freak! The two police officers turn around and to their surprise batman is standing right behind them Jim Gordon BATMAN! Glad you could make it! Batman Thank-You Mr. Gordon, and chief, it’s always a pleasure! Jim Gordon (Chuckles) You remember that guy I told you about, that left the Joker Cards? Batman Yes… Jim Gordon Well… Chief Loeb (Interrupting) Well that FREAK... (Pauses, looks at Batman)Has killed seven innocent people…we would like you to…

Jim Gordon (Interrupting) We need you, to look into it, OH and he left this note… Gordon hands the note to Batman, Batman briefly looks it over then throws it across the room. Chief Loeb HEY! That’s evidence! The chief walks across the room and Gordon watches him. Chief Loeb (While walking across the room to get note) Listen up Bat-FREAK…this is my city a-n… As the chief looks back towards Gordon, Batman is gone! Chief Loeb Where did he go? Jim Gordon To do OUR work... (Smiles) A loud roar is heard, THE BATMOBILE, Gordon’s face lights up and he smiles. EXT.WAYNE MANOR-NIGHT Bruce Wayne is having a BIG party, with classical music playing and a large amount of fancy dressed people. Bruce is talking with a tall black man. A man dressed in a grey suit walks over to Bruce. Man Mr. Wayne…Mr. Wayne Bruce Wayne (To black man) Hold on one second Charlie…yes, what is it? Man (Extends Hand) Robert Kane, of “The Gotham News”, I was just wandering what you think about this BAT-MAN?

Bruce(Shakes Hand) Oh…Kane, I like your work, well personally I believe that the guy has mental problems, but I could be wrong. Robert Yeah, I guess anyone who dresses up like a bat, MUST be Looney! Bruce On the other hand, he does do great work; I mean he is cleaning up the streets of Gotham! Robert Right, Right… Bruce Now if you’ll excuse me, I must get going…got to mingle… (Smiles) (Robert Kane, the character, is a tribute to BOB KANE the creator of BATMAN) Bruce Wayne goes over and talks to other people, Kane walks over to Alfred and asks for some champagne.

INT.THE JOKERS HIDEOUT-NIGHT The room is large and has a stage at the far side of it, chairs and Benches face the stage, and the curtain is down. Behind the curtain, THE JOKER is sitting at a large wooden table with paper all over it, he picks up a newspaper article which states: BATMAN: FRIEND OR FOE. The Joker THE BATMAN, eh? (Laughs)What kind of FREAK runs around dressed like a BAT? (Laughs)ROGER!! Come here… A tall fat man dressed in all green enters the room. Roger Yes, sir? The Joker Get me my Batman file… Roger Right away, sir…

The fat man stumbles out of the room awkwardly and then returns with a yellow binder. The Joker opens it and places the newspaper clipping into it.

The Joker (Makes a stupid noise) Batsy, Batsy…who are you? (Laughs)


A purple and green van is outside of a house, and two men get out of the car wearing purple clown shoes and clothes with green faces. They go to the mans door and ring the doorbell…a friendly man answers the door. Man How can I help you? One of the two men stab the man in the heart, then the other nails a joker card to his head. A security guard is watching this he radios in to his base. Security Guard This is Scott, Professor Wiley was just stabbed in the heart by two men, and they’re now fleeing the seen, in a green van! Send back up NOW! The two men flee the seen, speeding away in their van, and as they drive away the BAT-SIGNAL is seen in the sky. The security guard walks over to the body and sees the JOKER card nailed to Mr.Wileys head. Voice The Joker…

The security guard turns around and sees Batman standing right there with him. Scott Oh Batman…I’m glad to see you here… Batman What’s this mans name? Scott Professor Jake Wiley…he teaches at the Gotham University. (Looks down at the body) Yeah he was a really nice guy… Scott looks back at Batman and Batman is gone.

INT. WAYNE MANOR-DAY The MANOR is rebuilt, as Bruce had said, brick for brick. From the outside it is as beautiful and large as it was before it got destroyed.

INT.WAYNE MANOR (INSIDE)-DAY Alfred is walking towards Bruce’s bedroom, he stops and checks his watch… he sighs and rolls his eyes. Alfred 3:00 in the afternoon and still sleeping He knocks on the door. Alfred Master Bruce… He knocks again. Alfred Master Bruce…are you okay?

He opens the door, and enters the room franticly, as he enters the room he notices that the bed is made and Bruce is no-where to be found. Alfred gets a confused look on his face and then a hand grabs him by the face and pulls him backwards. As Alfred elbows and squirms he is let go of, and he notices that it was Bruce Wayne the whole time!

Alfred Master Bruce, you had me scared to death! Bruce (Smiles) Good, but what would you have done if it hadn’t been me? Alfred Well then I would’ve used this… He pulls a small revolver out of his pocket. Bruce ALFRED!?!? Alfred raises it towards Bruce’s head and pulls the trigger a small flag which states BANG! On it fly’s out of the barrel. Bruce jumps back. Alfred (Laughs) Well, well, well master Bruce looks like your ninja skills have failed you again (laughs) Bruce That wasn’t funny Alfred… (Laughs) Bruce puts his arm around Alfred’s shoulder and they walk down the long hallway.

EXT. WAYNE MANOR (DINING ROOM)-DAY Bruce Wayne is sipping a coffee and reading a news-paper while Alfred brings him a bowl of soup.

Alfred Have a good night, Master Bruce? Bruce Well, I got some good leads that will hopefully point me in the direction of The Joker. Alfred How is the paper, any publicity shots…? (Smiles) Bruce No just a story on me … on Batman (starts reading): It seems that our “Caped Crusader” is the polices’ Last choice to find the elusive Joker. “We’ve decided to let that BatFREAK…Assist us on our quest to find this Joker Lunatic”, says Police Chief Loeb. (Stops reading)What a prick. (Continues): Well it seems that this “Creature of The Night” is Gorham’s Savior; he’s known as Batman…The Dark Knight. Alfred The Dark Knight, sir? Bruce The Dark Knight…hmmmm it’s interesting Alfred (Chuckles) Yes I guess it does have a certain ring to it, sir. INT.A FINE DINING RESTURANT-NIGHT Bruce Wayne and Rachel are sitting in a very nice restaurant eating desert. Bruce is wearing a blue suit with a white tie, and Rachel is wearing a black dress. Bruce You look beautiful tonight… Rachel Thank you and I think you look much better in this suit then you do your other… (smiles) Bruce (laughs) You always could make me laugh, Rachel! Rachel takes a bite of her ice cream. Bruce How’s your ice cream?

Rachel Oh it’s very good, thank you

Rachel You remember that time when we were kids, and we were running around your house…playing hide and go seek…and you hid in the garden behind the tallest plant, and it took me four hours to find you? (Smiling) Bruce Yes… Rachel Well, when I couldn’t find you, I was really scared…I thought maybe you had hurt yourself…I (pauses) I never want to feel that again. Bruce Rachel… Rachel (interrupting) I know that you feel that what you do is right and that you MUST do it…but… Bruce Rachel…don’t worry about me Rachel But I DO worry about you Bruce…

Bruce gets up and walks outside…leaving money on the table, Rachel follows him out…and sees him standing by the street, she puts her arm around his shoulder. His watch beeps… Bruce Oh…I have to go Rachel DAMN IT BRUCE, WAKE UP… Bruce What are you talking about Rachel? Rachel YOU can’t save this city…

Bruce Then I’ll die trying Bruce gives Rachel the key’s to his car. Bruce Here, you can take my car… Bruce runs over to the street and takes a taxi. EXT.GOTHAM PARK-NIGHT

Batman is sitting in a tree watching a young boy, too young to be out this late wander around Gotham Park. The boy looks frightened, as he looks for someone to help him. A man dressed in dirty clothes, homeless, grabs the young boy, and Batman immediately jumps out of the tree, wings expanded, and addresses the criminal. Batman Leave the boy alone Boy HELP! Man HOLY SHIT!!!THE-BAT! Don’t hurt me, man! The man drops the kid, and takes off running in the other direction. The boy stands in front of Batman. Batman What’s your name? Boy Dick Grayson…hey… your Batman… Batman Yes, Dick, your right…what are you doing out here by yourself? Dick Well, my family and I just moved here, and I snuck out to come to the park.

Batman Why do you like the park? Dick I read that Robins were all over this park…their my favorite bird… Batman Well…you best be getting home, come here and hold on tight. Dick Grayson (FUTURE ROBIN) walks up to Batman and holds on to him tightly, Batman uses his Bat-Grapple to fly to the nearest roof top. Batman Where do you live? Dick Over there…

Dick points to a window across the street, Batman flies over to that window and drops Dick off… Dick Thanks Batman! Batman Just stay indoors at night…I wont always be there to help you… Dick nods and batman flies away…disappears into the darkness, not knowing that little Dick Grayson will someday become his partner Robin, and then later on, Nightwing.

EXT.THE BATCAVE-NIGHT Bruce Wayne sits at his NEW “SUPERCOMPUTER” (a large screen, keyboard, mouse, disk drive, cd-rom, and two TVs on top).He looks at the screen while he types away.

The screen has the words: Professor Jake Wiley on it. Alfred How is the new computer working, Master Bruce? Bruce Fine Alfred, it seems that the last three victims are all connected… Alfred How? Bruce Well Professor Wiley and the couple that was found dead in their home, were all part of a Comedy Club at The University of Gotham… Alfred Maybe The Joker is trying to prove that he is THE KING OF COMEDY? Batman That’s my other problem; I can’t find this Joker guy, anywhere… Alfred Perhaps you’re looking in the wrong places, Master Bruce…

EXT.BATCAVE-NIGHT Batman is getting ready, he is prepping his weapons, his suit is seen with a new yellow emblem on it, the same as the one in BATMAN BEGINS, only the bat is yellow. Show him pulling his mask over his head, and readying his batgrapple, etc… He walks into the room where Alfred is prepping the BATMOBILE He looks towards Batman, and a look of shock comes over his face. Batman What’s wrong? You look surprised… Alfred I’m sorry, Master Bruce, it’s just you strike fear in even me…be careful, Sir, I have a bad feeling about tonight. Batman

Don’t worry Alfred… As Bruce turns to enter the BATMOBILE...he turns to Alfred… Batman Even thought I am always at risk when I don this mask…a DARKER justice MUST be served, and when I’m out there protecting the people of GOTHAM…it’s as if I’m immortal, protected by an even…HIGHER justice. Alfred God, Master Bruce? Batman In a way… He enters the BATMOBILE and speeds toward what seems to be a dead-end wall, show the inside of the car, and him flipping a switch. The wall opens and he speeds out of THE BATCAVE.

EXT. A GOTHAM ALLEY-WAY-NIGHT A black male wearing a purple beanie, green jacket, and black shirt, also wearing an earring on his left ear, is exiting a bar with two men dressed in all red. Voice Nuggets…I have a question for you… The black male look up and has a shocked look upon his face… Nuggets Yeah well I only got one thing to say to you, Bat-FREAK...GUN EM BOYS!

As the two red dressed men fire away with 9mm pistols, they soon realize that they aren’t hitting anything but air! Thug 1 Where’d he go? Thug 2 Where the hell is he? Nuggets Shut up… He’s here… Nuggets gives his men a signal to split up, he stands back and watches as his men start walking down the alleyway. As the men walk down the alley Batman is seen flying past them, as if he’s light, they fire at nothing. Thug 2 Come on Bat, don’t be scared… As they start to slowly walk, Batman is seen coming up behind them, out of the shadows, as if he is part of the darkness. Batman I’m never scared He grabs the two thugs and cracks both their heads together, which knocks both of them out, he then tosses their guns aside. Nuggets sees this happening and he pulls out a gun of his own, he fires four shots at Batman, Batman hits the ground, and Nuggets laughs and runs over to his body. Nuggets Nobody, screws with Nuggets, No-one, and No FREAK neither…

As Nuggets turns around Batman is seen rising from the ground over his shoulder. Nuggets turns around and is too scared to fire. Batman What’s wrong Nuggets, scared? Nuggets HOLY SHIT…YOU’RE REAL!!!What do you want? Batman Who is The Joker? Nuggets I don’t know man, as far as I’m concerned he aint nuttin but a freak… Batman (More intensely) WHERE CAN I FIND THE JOKER? Nuggets I don’t know man… Batman DON’T LIE TO ME, OR I’LL TAKE YOU TO HELL AND BRING YOU BACK TO LIVE THE NIGHTMARES!?! Nuggets Look, Bat, alls I know is that he chills over at the old Gotham Warehouse… Batman Who can tell me more…? Nuggets I-I d-d-don’t know… Batman WHO!!! Nuggets OK!!! This cat named…Jericho, he owns the Mango Club over on Third Leaf…if anyone knows anything about t-t-this JOKER dude, it’s him… Batman IF YOU’RE LYING…I’LL FIND YOU…AND I SWEAR I’LL MAKE YOU WISH I’D KILL YOU! He grabs nuggets by his neck and lifts him into the air, he then takes his other arm and pulls out some rope he

ties Nuggets up and drops him in the alleyway. Batman takes out his phone and calls 911. Batman Yes, tell the police to come to the corner of 5th Street and Faringway…this is Batman. He puts his phone away and starts to exit… he stops and turns to Nuggets. Batman Nuggets, you tell all your criminal friends…that The Dark Knight is merciless, and that the streets of Gotham will be ridden of scum like yourself, you tell them that there is only Darkness and in Darkness is the Knight. Batman then pulls his cape in front of his face and flies up onto the rooftops.

EXT. MANGO NIGHT CLUB-NIGHT A skinny white male with long black hair, and a black goatee, is sitting on a throne with two young girls on each side of him. On the table in front of him, there is a pile of cocaine. The floor is glass, where you can see the dance floor below. Jericho (WHITE MALE) You see girls…I’m the KING of this city; no-one can stop my EMPIRE…

EXT.ROOFTOP OF MANGO CLUB-NIGHT Batman is looking down through a glass ceiling at Jericho sitting with the two girls. EXT.INSIDE MANGO CLUB-NIGHT

Jericho is now sniffing some of the cocaine. Girl on Right hand side What about THE BATMAN? Jericho I think you been sniffing a little too much of my cocaine, baby, THE BATMAN aint real! At that exact moment, Batman jumps down through the glass causing the two girls too scream and run out of the upper room, and Jericho too stair in awe. Jericho Or maybe he is real… Jericho goes for his pistol, but Batman throws a BATARANG at the gun which causes it to fly out of Jericho’s hand. Jericho starts crawling towards the door, but BATMAN picks him up by the neck. Batman What can you tell me about THE JOKER??? Jericho I ain’t saying SHIT man! Batman Oh really…!?!? Batman throws a BATARANG (with his free hand) at the glass below which causes some of it to crack. Batman Now…if you don’t talk, you’re going to fall from this upper-room to the dance floor below…a far drop… Jericho I still aint talking BAT-BITCH! Batman Suit your-self! Batman starts to drop Jericho but catches him right before he hits the glass. Jericho screams. Batman READY TO TALK…SCUM!!?!?!?

Jericho LOOK…all I can tell you is that he calls himself THE JOKER because of a strange disfigurement which caused his face too look like a clown… Batman ANYTHING ELSE??? Jericho OH MY GOD!!! HE’LL KILL ME!! Batman I’m here and he’s not…and trust me my punishment is MUCH worst! Jericho OKAY…DAMN!!! He’s hiding out at the old GOTHAM Warehouse…I SWEAR! Batman For some reason I believe you… Jericho Oh…thank GOD!! You had me scarred SHITLESS! Batman Don’t worry, you wont die from the fall… Jericho FALL??? Batman drops him which causes the glass to break and for Jericho to drop to the dance floor below, the crowd screams and the music stops, Jericho’s security rushes to his side, as Batman floats down from the upper-room. The security guards are muscular and very mean looking, so batman uses a four smoke bombs which clouds the whole dance floor, the crowd creates a circle around the Batman and the security guards. One crowd member goes over to where Jericho’s table fell and starts to snort some cocaine. When the smoke clears, the crowd stairs, all three of the guars are knock out and Batman’s no-where in sight. Black Crowd Member Damn…sum-bitch can fight!


Batman’s silhouette is seen on top of the warehouse building he walks over to a hole in the roof, where he infiltrates the building onto an upper ledge. He looks around for any traces of enemies they’re none, he drops down onto the main level and sneaks to a large crate which says: M34ROCKETGUN. Batman Rocket gun? A figure is seen behind Batman, and a large club hits him in the head. BLACK-OUT FADE IN FROM BLACK EXT.GOTHAM WEARHOUSE-NIGHT Batman’s point of view. Batman’s eyes are still readjusting and he is still very very dizzy. It all comes into focus. Batman looks down and notices he is tied down to a chair. A thin man is standing in front of him (surrounded by muscular men wearing white hockey masks and black shirts) wearing a purple coat, with his head down, showing

only his green hair, he has a cane in his hand, which he is leaning on, and he has purple pants and green boots on. Under his purple coat he has a green shirt. He raises his head to expose a pale white face, green eyes, red lips, and a smile that goes from ear to ear. The Joker (Laughs The Joker Laugh)Batsy, I’ve been waiting… Batman Let me guess…The Joker? The Joker Bingo Batsy (laughs); you’ve just won the grand prize (laughs) The Joker throws his cane away and pulls out a pistol he shoots one shot into Batman’s upper arm. Batman screams in pain. The Joker Oh did that hurt Bat-boy, I’m so so sorry (laughs) Batman Stop that stupid laughing! The Joker What you don’t like me? Oh I’m heartbroken…really I am… (Laughs) The Joker Sorry Batman, but I’m going to have to get going, you see all those crates are full of bombs (laughs) you actually think Id keep my REAL weapons in this old NASTY warehouse(laughs) oh don’t be silly. Batman (Moans) The Joker Ta-Ta Batsy, I really do hope we meet again, of course when this baby blows they’ll be pieces of you all over Gotham (laughs) Bye Bye now (laughs) As Batman watches the worlds most dangerous villain walk

out of the room, The Joker still laughing. Batman thinks to himself, and he has flashbacks of Alfred saying that he hasn’t given up on him yet, and Rachel’s loving image. Batman realizes that he must find a way out; he notices that His legs are free of rope; he strains to get up, screaming. He is now afoot, slouched over, and His arm bleeding badly. He takes baby steps out of the building and just as he exits the building explodes knocking Batman foreword and freeing him of his ropes, he stumbles to his feet, bleeding endlessly and he finds enough strength to walk behind a giant crate to where the BATMOBILE is, he stumbles in and uses the computer system to co-pilot his trip back to the BATCAVE.


Batman falls out of THE BATMOBILE and lies on the ground, his eyes slowly fade away, into sleep. Alfred walks into where he is and runs to his side. Alfred OH MY GOD! Master Bruce, what in the world happened to you? Batman (Moans and Groans)Jo-o-ker… Alfred

Great Heavens Master Bruce…maybe this job is too hard for you… Batman’s eyes fly open and his face is angered… Batman No… He slowly stands up and stands tall and proud…Alfred’s face’s turned from sad to scared and shocked. Alfred Sir…you are in no condition tBatman (Interrupting)Criminals won’t kill me…

Batman starts walking out of sight, until he reaches off the screen and he turns around, to Alfred. Alfred With all do respect, Sir, everyman can be killed, what makes you think that these criminals won’t kill YOU? What the hell do you think you are? Batman …Batman… Batman continues to walk away and Alfred’s face brightens up, as if he had just seen a ghost…fear surrounds him.


Luscious and Bruce are looking on Luscious’ computer. Bruce Sorry for calling you in so late, Luscious… Luscious Oh it’s fine… Bruce And I know this is no longer your MAIN office...

Luscious No-one knows this floor better than me… Luscious types something into his computer. Luscious So, Bruce, how did your armor get punctured again? Bruce I was rock-climbing and I took a great fall. (Smiles) Luscious (Smiles)Oh I understand, so let’s see if we can find you something a bitstronger. Bruce Thanks… Luscious (Looking on the screen) aha-I’ve found some, follow me please. As Luscious and Bruce walk through the hall-ways, Bruce notices a figure lurking in the shadows. He pays no mind to it, and continues to follow Luscious until they arrive to a small crate with the words M123EXS. Luscious Here it is the M123EXS(he pulls it out of the crate)Its black color is quite different from your original armor, and it also bears an extra 2 layers of Kevlar padding, ain’t no rock gunna tear through this suit…(laughs) Bruce Thanks Luscious… (He grabs the suit) Voice (Gun cocking) Don’t move Mister Bruce Wayne… Bruce stands perfectly still as Luscious stands up the robber points the gun at him. Luscious puts his hands up also. Criminal

Don’t you move neither, BLACKIE, I was thinking bout shooting you first anyways… Bruce Now, there’s no need for racial remarks… Criminal What you don’t like that SUPERSTAR, you should know as well as I do that this Black-Boy and all his “BROTEHRS” deserve to be locked up in GORILLA cages at a friggin zoo. Bruce immediately grabs the crooks arm, bearing the gun, twist it around which makes the gun fall, a cracking noise is heard he has broken the crooks wrist. Bruce then chops him in the back of the head, and the criminal falls to the ground.

Bruce I said no racial remarks… Luscious Thank You, Bruce…of course you’ve had a lot of practice jumping around on rooftops and all… Bruce starts to walk away, suit in hand, and as he does he is stopped by a shocking sentence. Bruce turns around and looks Luscious straight in the eyes. Luscious I knew from the moment you bought your first set of body armor, that you weren’t just an ordinary extreme-sports freak. Besides Alfred told me when your body was infected with that Dr.Crane’s poison. Bruce turns back around and walks away. EXT.THE FOX RESIDENCE-NIGHT

Luscious Fox, his wife, and young son are all sitting at a dinner table eating chicken, in a fairly nice home.

Son Dad, mom, may I be excused… Luscious Yes, son. His son exits the room and Luscious turns to his wife… Luscious So…how was your day at the Beauty Salon? Wife It was ok, how was your day at BIG OLD WAYNE ENTERPRISES (smiles) Luscious It was… (pauses)…interesting, I heard that Gotham may just be a little safer now-a-days. Wife What is there another COP on the street? Luscious Oh no! This is much better…

Wife Well I don’t care who it is, it could be that Freak Bat-man, no LAW enforcer or “DARK KNIGHT” will ever clean up these streets… Luscious Oh, I think that this new friend may be around for quite some time… A scream is heard, its Luscious’ son screaming from his room…then two gun-shots sound off…Luscious runs too the boys room finding him dead, with a smile on his face and a Joker card resting on his chest. Luscious falls to his dead son’s side, and begins to cry… The Jokers laughter is heard in the distance. Luscious’ wife runs up behind him and falls to her knees in tears.


A car arrives at the front of Wayne Manor and Luscious Fox exits the car…he runs up the long flights of stairs and rings the door bell. Alfred answers the door. Alfred Hello Luscious, how may I help you? Luscious I need to speak with Bruce…it’s an emergency. Alfred Master Bruce! Mr. Fox is here to speak with you. Voice from distance I’ll be right there, Alfred. Alfred Do come in, Luscious. Luscious Thank You, Alfred

Luscious enters the Wayne Residence, and makes his way towards the stairs leading to the upper rooms, as Bruce is seen coming down them. Bruce Hello, Luscious, what do you need? Luscious My son was murdered last night, Bruce, and… (sighs) I found this lying on his chest… He hands Bruce the Joker Card…as he does this Alfred looks very sternly at Bruce. Bruce looks at the card and then raises his head with a very, very, mad look on his face… Bruce Send your wife my regards… Luscious shakes Bruce’s hand and then smiles towards

Alfred, and exits the large home…

EXT.THE JOKER’S HIDEOUT-NIGHT This scene is designed to show how insane THE JOKER really is. THE JOKER is standing on the stage in his hide-out, ROGER is holding a boom box. THE JOKER turns the boom box on and, TINY TIM’S “Tip-toe through The Tulips with Me” starts playing. THE JOKER starts to tip-toe around and dance and tries to sing like TINY TIM. THE JOKER (Still Dancing) You know, ROGER, I’m really begging to LOVE Gotham City…(Laughs) The Joker keeps on dancing, and a mime wearing black & white walks onto the stage from behind THE JOKER. The Joker What’s up…? Mime It seems that, Rachel Dawes, would be an excellent target… The Joker Dawes…Dawes…oh, yes, the DA…why would she be a good hole in the head? (Laughs) Mime Because…if you really want your chance at Bruce Wayne…she’s his girlfriend…

EXT.THE BATCAVE-NIGHT Bruce is looking at his new body-armor; he places a yellow BAT on the center of it, and adds an extra layer of black. Alfred enters the room from behind him. Alfred New armor, Master Bruce? Alfred Will you be going out to avenge Luscious’ sons’ death, Master Bruce? Bruce This isn’t about revenge, Alfred, this is about Justice, and NO I’m going out to see Rachel. Alfred Oh, okay, I’ll go get your clothes ready… Bruce No, I’m going as Batman… Alfred May I ask why? Bruce Because, I’m also going to visit Jim Gordon, I hear he might be our new commissioner. Alfred Very well, sir, but do be careful.

EXT.ROOFTOP WHERE BAT-SIGNAL IS-NIGHT Batman and Jim Gordon are having a conversation on top on a rooftop. Batman I hear you may be Gothams new commissioner… Jim Gordon That’s right…and I promise that YOU will always be welcome to protect this city! Batman

I need a favor Jim Gordon Sure… Batman I need for you to re-open Arkham Asylum… Jim Gordon But only the commissioner is able to do that!!! Batman Exactly… Jim Gordon Ok, if I get elected…I’ll open the Asylum Jim Gordon Speaking of the Asylum…Dr.Crane was seen leaving Gotham yesterday… Batman The Police arrested him… Jim Gordon No…we figured if he’s leaving we should just let him go… Batman He’ll return…

Gordon walks over towards the bat-signal, not facing Batman… Jim Gordon You know this thing was an excellent idea… He turns around to see, that Batman is gone! Jim Gordon (Smiles) How does he do that? EXT.GOTHAM PARKING GARAGE-NIGHT

Rachel is entering her car, as a loud noise is heard behind her, quickly she turns to see who/what it may be,

she finds nothing but as she turns back towards her car, she finds Batman sitting on it.

Rachel Oh BRUCE, you scared me… Batman Shhhh, around here I’m Batman… Rachel Oh ok, well BATMAN (smiles) you scared me. She leans closer to him, and they kiss, change views to a Binocular watching them, green tint, and zoomed in on their faces. The Joker is watching them from a building over, he places the binoculars down and faces a bunch of his Hench men all wearing white hockey masks. The Joker It seems our friend BATMAN has somehow survived the explosion… Hench Man Ummm boss, isn’t dat impossibible… The Joker It’s impossible, you dimwitted slime ball… Joker pulls out a shotgun and shoots the Hench man in the head. The Joker (Laughs)What fun, what fun...anyone else like to show their true intelligence? No hands are raised. The Joker Good, now as I was saying (he starts to prance about the room) Batsy seems to be in love, so in order to get the FISH we must first get the BAIT… Hench Man

(Interrupting) FISH? I thought he was The Bat-Man, boss? The Joker (Sighs) He shoots that Hench man in the head. The Joker (Laughs)(INTENSLY SAYS) JUST GET THAT GIRL!! Back to Batman and Rachel talking in the parking lot he is now standing in front of her car. Batman Well, I must get going now… Rachel Oh…I almost forgot I got something for you… She searches in her purse for something…but when she pulls out a present she notices that Batman is gone…

EXT.WAYNE MANOR-DAY Bruce Wayne is working out in a NEW home gym, he is lifting weights, he then does sit-ups and push-ups, and his body is much more muscular than it was in BATMAN BEGINS. Alfred enters the room with a bouquet of flowers. Alfred Master Bruce, while I was out in the garden I picked some flowers for you to give to Rachel… Bruce (Smiles)Still haven’t given up on me… Alfred No I just want this side of you to be as happy and sane as it can… (Laughs) Bruce Alfred, can you please get my nicest clothes ready, I’m going to go to Rachel’s right after I shower.

Alfred Right Away, Sir.

EXT.INSIDE APRTMENT BUILDING-DAY Bruce is knocking on Rachel’s door.

Bruce Rachel He knocks 4 more times. Bruce Rachel you here? He tries the door-knob; the door is open so he enters. Bruce Rachel? He finds a card sitting on the floor with a note under it, he flips the card over it’s a JOKER card! His face gets intense, as he opens the note: Batsy,Batsy,Batsy, you really shouldn’t meet Your dates in the middle of a PARKING GARAGE! And how did you escape that explosion? I guess we’ll have time to talk, since I have your girl!! 1:00 AM GOTHAM DOCKS Be there or Be Square! With Love, The Joker Bruce stuffs the note and the card into his pocket, and stomps out the door.

EXT.THE BATCAVE-NIGHT Bruce is preparing for a confrontation with, The Joker,

Alfred enters. Alfred Jim Gordon has been elected Commissioner! Bruce Good… Alfred Is everything okay, Master Bruce? Bruce The Joker has Rachel… Alfred So you’re going to rescue her? Bruce Yes… Alfred You know where she is? Bruce, half dressed in Batman attire, hands Alfred the note, Alfred looks over it then back at Bruce. Alfred Master Bruce, you do know this is a trap? Bruce Yes… Alfred THIS IS SUICIDE! Bruce Yes…I know Alfred starts to leave and stops. Alfred I’m sorry for my anger, Master Bruce, but I just don’t want to burry three members of The Wayne Family… Bruce stops and looks forward, thinking, then pulls his last piece on, his glove… and he enters the Batmobile which is sitting right by a large waterfall, and he speeds away.

EXT.GOTHAM DOCKS-NIGHT Batman is walking into a large building located on the far side of the docks, where the doors are open. He finds Rachel tied up and sitting in a chair, The Joker right behind her patting her hair. The Joker She’s very pretty Batsy (Laughs) Batman LET HER GO!!! A loud noise is heard, Batman turns around the doors are closed. The Joker Bat-Man-is-Maaad-Bat-Man-is-Maaaad (he sings in a pre-school manor) (laughs) Batman Stop messing around…what do you want? The Joker I want YOU, to watch your pretty little girl die, just like you did your parents! (Laughs) Batman WHAT!!! The Joker Oh shut-up Bruce, I had some of my “mimes” go out and do some research they told me about Mrs.Dawes being your girlfriend, and then I saw you kissing her in the alley…well it all makes sense Batty…(Laughs) Two of Jokers Hench Men walk up behind Batman, but he hears them and he uses some Martial Arts skills to knock them out. The Joker Oh, so you want to do this the hard way!?!?

The Joker runs away from the scene like a girl running in a play-yard and Batman rushes to Rachel’s side. He removes a sleeve that’s covering her mouth and kisses her. Batman Are you okay? Did he hurt you? Rachel GO! RUN! Batman What? Rachel JUST GO! Batman backs away, and slowly walks away, backwards, as Rachel starts to cry. Rachel I LOVE YOU!

As batman reaches the entrance, an explosion engulfs Rachel’s body, and The Jokers Laughter is heard, the chair in which she was sitting in is now in flames and The Joker is seen entering the room behind the chair. He’s clapping. The Joker Boo-Hoo, a romantic love story put to an awful end (Laughs) Batman You piece ofThe Joker (Interrupting) Sorry Bat-Boy, but I must be going! Batman NO! STOP RUNNING! The Joker

Running, Oh no, no, no, I have a much funner way of transportation…

The ceiling caves in and a purple helicopter comes down from the roof, The Joker hops in and it starts to rise, as Batman turns to leave and get to his BATMOBILE he notices that six of The Jokers men are guarding the doors, he grabs his bat-grapple and fires towards the Helicopter, it misses! Batman I missed…

He turns and starts to fight The Jokers men, they surround him and he uses Martial Arts to defeat them. When they are all defeated he pushes open one of the very large doors, using all of his strength and enters the BATMOBILE, he drives away.


Batman is arriving back to his cave as Alfred greets him, Batman jumps out of the BATMOBILE and throws his mask to the ground. Alfred What’s wrong, Sir? Bruce It’s Rachel...s-she was killed tonight…by The Joker… Alfred

I’m terribly sorry, Sir… Bruce walks over to his mask and holds it in his hands. Bruce Now I understand…Alfred… Alfred Understand what, sir? Bruce My parent’s death…and Rachel’s death…they happened so that THIS (holds up mask) could happen… Alfred I’m sorry, sir, but I don’t understand… Bruce The hiccups in life make you who you are…the deaths I have witnessed have made me stronger…they’ve made me Batman… He places the mask back onto his head…and starts to re-enter the BATMOBILE… Alfred May I ask where you are going, Sir? Bruce To see Jim Gordon…I need to help my image with the people of Gotham City… He fully enters the BATMOBILE and speeds away, Alfred smiles. Alfred Very well, Master Bruce…very well…


Commissioner Gordon is giving a speech as Batman arrives to see many people there to support Gordon. As Batman exits the BATMOBILE a Spanish male crowds the car. A

fat,unshaven,sloppy dressed police officer sucking on and old toothpick is standing with Gordon. Their is also a white male dressed very nicely on Gordon’s other side. Spanish Male Wow, nice ride Holmes! He goes to touch it and Batman grabs his wrist. Batman DON’T TOUCH IT! Spanish Male Ok, man, what-ever you say! The crowd parts as Batman walks over to where Commissioner Gordon is standing (behind a podium). Jim Gordon What are you doing here? Batman To help my image… Jim Gordon You’re Image? Batman Yeah, the people need to know I’m on their side Gordon looks back at the crowd and talks into a microphone. Jim Gordon You see, with our newest Law Enforecer,Harvey Bullock, a new addition to Gothams Law & Order…district attorney Harvey Dent, and our newest crimefighter BATMAN…you’re FURTURE is looking clearer every-day! Crowd Applauds and cheers. Bullock walks over to Batman. Harvey Bullock Let’s get something straight here…I don’t like you…you’re a vigilante, and that’s against the LAW, I am going to bust you every chance I get… Batman

Why don’t you bust me now…? Harvey Bullock You’re a fan favorite, and if I do it in front of these people…it’ll make me look bad…


Bruce is sitting in his room looking at a photo taken of him and Rachel. He has flashbacks of Rachel and him playing in his garden and then him falling into the well and seeing all the bats. He looks out his window and notices that Alfred is cutting some roses. Bruce puts the picture in a drawer and walks out to the garden. Bruce Alfred, who are those for? Alfred Rachel’s funeral is today… Bruce and walks out of the garden. He enters what seems to be a TV room, sits down on a lounge chair and turns on the TV: Anchorman The strange JOKER seems to be on a killing spree as the remains of young Rachel Dawes were found this morning. Anchorwoman Equally as strange is THE BAT-MAN, could Gotham be under a cloud of protection...Jim Gordon, the leading candidate of the race for commissioner was seen with Batman at his side last night. The screen gets fuzzy and is filled with a close-up image of The

Jokers’ face, Bruce gets up and walks closer to the screen. The Joker Hello, Gotham City, Joker here, just wishing you a good morning and good day…I hope to see you all at Gotham Square tonight as I will be holding a little party(laughs)…well good-bye and see you at the party(laughs) Zoom-out of Jokers face and show him jumping around and dancing like an idiot. Bruce turns the TV off…and walks out of the room.

EXT.A CEMETERY-DAY Bruce is kneeling at a grave, it says WAYNE on it he places flowers at his parent’s grave and Alfred walks up behind him. Alfred Master Bruce, the services are about to start… Bruce stands up and walks away, Alfred walks up to the grave. Alfred Your boy is doing a great thing… You’d be very proud of him; of course I’m sure YOU ARE. He places his hand on the gravestone and walks away. EXT. THE SERVICE-DAY A priest is saying the finale grace and people are starting to place flowers and mementos on her grave. Priest This service couldn’t be an open casket like the family had requested because of the state of her body, I send my regards.

A car pulls up as Bruce is placing his flowers on her grave, it is a purple car, which catches Bruce’s attention, he looks towards Alfred, and Alfred rushes the priest over to a different area to talk with him, all of Rachel’s family point at the car. A mime exits the car with black tears on his face, he walks over to the grave and places a small present wrapped in green wrapping with a purple bow. He then walks back to the car and speeds away. Bruce picks up the present and opens it, a note is placed on top of a medium sized box he reads the note: Figured you’d be here Batsy! With Love, The Joker Bruce EVERYONE GET DOWN! He throws the package to the ground and falls to the ground as well as everyone else. As he covers his head he hears a laughing noise. He looks over to the package and opens the medium sized box, it’s a toy shaped like The Jokers face, and its laughing. Bruce stands up and notices the car pulling back around behind the family; the mime exits the car with a full automatic UZI and opens fire on Rachel’s family. Bruce runs over to Alfred and the Priest and knocks them both to the ground; the mime hops back into the car and speeds away from the funeral site. Bruce, the priest and Alfred all stand up. The priest starts to pray.

Alfred Who in heavens was that? Bruce One of The Jokers men… EXT.GOTHAM SQUARE-NIGHT The Joker is standing at the top of the stairs with a few of his hench man dancing around, hundreds of people are there. Confetti is falling from the sky, and music is blasting. The Joker Hello people of Gotham! I hope your enjoying my little party! Crowd cheers! The Joker It seems that almost everyone is here…except Batsy! So let’s start the real celebration!!! (Laughs) Crowd laughs! A group of The Joker’s men come out of the shadows behind the crowd carrying a bunch of purple boxes. They drop the boxes on the ground and open them, a green gas emerges from the boxes and within seconds the crowd of people is scattering to get away. The Jokers’ laughter is heard through his purple gas mask. As The Joker continues to laugh the BATMOBILE pulls up to the scene and everyone who hasn’t already fled the scene runs far away. The Joker (through his gas-mask) BATASY! I’m so happy you decided to show up… (Laughs)

Batman exits the car, and makes his way towards The Joker, but The Joker and his men make their way to a get-a-way van, which has a picture of the Joker painted on its side. It’s a purple

van. Batman hops back inside of his Bat mobile and starts pursuing The Joker. His seat slides foreword and the BATMOBILE begins assault mode. As Batman fires machine gun rounds at The Jokers van, the back doors of the van swing open and THE JOKER is laughing with a RPG launcher in his hands, he fires a purple and green rocket at the BATMOBILE but Batman swerves out of its way, The Joker fires another and it hits! The lights inside the Batmobile start flashing red and a warning sound is heard. Batman goes back into drive mode and turns off the road in which The Jokers van is on; he makes his way to The BATCAVE, disappointed.

EXT.THE BATCAVE-NIGHT Batman gets out of his car and Alfred greets him noticing a hole in the front of the car. Batman DAMNIT…I HAD HIM!!! Alfred Who, Master Bruce? Batman THE JOKER, I HAD HIM THEN HE SHOT SOME STUPID MISSLE AT ME…! Alfred I’ll call Luscious and ask him to come over and repair the car, Sir… Batman Thanks…Alfred… Batman storms out of the room. EXT.BRUCES’ BEDROOM-NIGHT Bruce, half-dressed as Batman, with only his mask off, is sitting at his window praying.

Bruce Dear Lord, I know that we don’t talk often…but can you please give me the strength to stop this mad-man and bring justice back to Gotham…I ask this in Jesus’ name… Bruce makes the sign of the cross and leaves his room.


Batman is sitting at the commissioner’s desk talking with him. Batman How’s the Asylum coming? Jim Gordon It should be opened in two days… Batman TWO DAYS! RACHELS FUNERAL WAS MASSACRED AND HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE WERE KILLED AT GOTHAM SQUAE AND I CANT PUT THIS LUNATIC AWAY FOR THREE DAYS! Jim Gordon Rachel? Rachel Dawes… Batman, who are you? Batman (Sighs) If I tell you, you cannot tell anyone… Jim Gordon Okay…I swear… Batman lifts his mask. Jim Gordon Bruce Wayne…wait…I remember you…you came to the station and I put your fathers coat on you…because you’re parents had been killed…I remember…

Batman lowers his mask back down over his face. Batman I’ll have Wayne Enterprises donate as much money to the Asylum as I can… Jim Gordon

Thank you… Jim looks down into his desk…and as he looks back up Batman is gone. Jim Gordon Bruce Wayne???(Smiles)

EXT. WAYNE ENTERPRISES (LUSCIOUS’ DEPARTMENT)-DAY Bruce and Luscious are looking on his computer once again. Luscious What was the name you saw on the crate? Bruce M34ROCKETGUN Luscious types on the computer. Luscious That’s strange…this years from now, the because each Rocket an Atomic Bomb. The thing wasn’t supposed to even be made until three Government was going to cancel the production, this thing shoots has Nuclear capabilities close to only model is the prototype which WE have.

Bruce This is handheld, right? Luscious It’s similar to a Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher. Bruce What would happen if an insane mass-murderer got his hands on one of these? Luscious Remember the microwave Emitter? Bruce Yes… Luscious It would be ten-times worse, if a maniac got his hands on ONE of these! Bruce Thank You Luscious…

Luscious Anytime… Bruce leaves.


Bruce and Alfred are sitting by a fire, Bruce is reading a novel, The Time Machine by H.G. Wells, and Alfred is watching the fire burn. When suddenly, a brick flies through Bruce’s window. Laughter is heard. Bruce stands up and runs over to the brick. It has a note taped to it Bruce picks the note up. Alfred What in heavens is that? Bruce It’s a note, it says (reads): Hello Bruce Wayne or should I say BATSY! I won’t tell if you quite bothering me… But if you stop me from doing my work one more time… It will be all over the news!!! With Love, The Joker Bruce throws the note into the fire and he throws the brick back outside. Alfred What are you going to do, Master Bruce? Bruce I can’t stop being Batman…but if the WORLD knows my identity, then I’ll be killed with-in days. Alfred

(coughs) Bruce (Sighs) I’ll wait until I have a good shot at him, then I’m going to end his stupid games once and for all!

EXT.GOTHAM AIRPORT-MORNING Follow a man (from behind keeping his face classified) from his seat in the airplane into the main lobby, and outside, as he exits show his face. It’s Dr.Crane! His face is scared from when Rachel used the Taser on him…he smiles. Dr.Crane (Sniffs the air) Gotham City… (Smiles)

EXT.COMMISONERS OFFICE-DAY Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon are sitting at a desk. Bruce Jim, I need you to alert me if you find that nay unusual activity is happening in Gotham. Jim Gordon Unusual…theirs a freak running around out their dressed like a clown, killing people! Bruce I know, but in order to stop him I need to be able to hit him hard! Jim Gordon I understand…just watch the skies… Bruce stands up from his chair and exits the office.

EXT.A HOTEL ROOM-DAY Dr.Crane is sitting in a chair looking out a huge window at the city. He opens an edition of GOTHAM NEWS that was sitting on his lap. Dr.Crane (READING): Lunatic Killer Leaves Joker Cards at Crime scenes. He laughs and rises from his seat, he walks over to his bed, and opens a briefcase, which was sitting on the bed. His mask is seen, and a brown suit is folded over. Dr.Crane Time to make allies… EXT.AN OLD WAREHOUSE-NIGHT THE JOKER and THE SCARECROW are sitting in chairs by a table with a large crate sitting on it. The Joker So…what’s with the ridiculous mask (Laughs) The Scarecrow I use a Hallucinogen to make my prey think that I’m a monster…you see, without the GAS I’m nothing but a man, but when the victim breathes the gas, they see a hideous monster…what happened to YOUR face… The Joker Oh…I didn’t always look like this, when I was much younger around twentythree, my gang and I were trying to steal money from the old ACE CHEMICAL FACTORY, and the cops showed up, so I slipped into a tank of some strange chemical. When I woke up I looked like this…(Laughs)…I went far away from Gotham…until I heard about Ra’s Al Ghul’s little incident…(Laughs) that’s when I made my return… The Scarecrow I see…so what’s this? The Scarecrow points at the crate. The Joker (Opens the crate, humming the whole time)

This is how I’m going to conquer the world its called The Rocket Gun, and it has the nuclear capabilities of an Atomic Bomb (Laughs) The Scarecrow What are you going to do…? The Joker I’m going to sell it to the world’s most dangerous terrorist, and then with the money I’m charging for this one…I’m going to crate another gun, far more powerful…then I’ll threaten to destroy the world…and become the leader of all Nations… (Laughs)Now that I’ve told you all this (pulls out gun), I’m going to have to kill you (Laughs) The Scarecrow WAIT!!!Let’s be partners…I can help you in your quest for glory… The Joker How…? The Scarecrow Its Batman…you won’t be able to handle him yourself, but with the toxin that I’m working on…there’s no way he can stop YOU! The Joker (Laughs) Marvelous… (Laughs) The Scarecrow (Stands up) Now…I must get going… The Scarecrow shakes The Jokers hand, and a hand-buzzer goes off which scares the Scarecrow. Joker laughs. As The Scarecrow enters his car and starts to drive he laughs. The Scarecrow (Talking to himself) If I can get my hands on that Rocket-Gun I may be able to use it to distribute my new toxin…but only if my toxin is ready by that time… He drives away.


Bruce Wayne is exiting a club through an alley, and he

sees one of Jokers mimes, slapping a woman and grabbing at her purse. At first he stops and thinks, he then realizes what he has to do and he walks up to the mime. Bruce Stop! Mime Get outta here buddy! Bruce steps towards the mime and attacks him, he takes the mimes arm and twists it until the mime flips, Bruce then snaps the mimes leg breaking it. The woman thanks Bruce by kissing him on the cheek, then she runs away and calls for a taxi. Bruce looks around, it snowed, and it snowed hard, he notices that snow is covering everything in sight.

EXT.OUTSIDE OF WAYNE MANOR-NIGHT Bruce is returning home, he goes up to the door. Bruce Forgot my key! He knocks. No answer He knocks again. No answer. Bruce Wait…there’s no footprints in the snow…but mine, so Alfred couldn’t have left the house!?! Bruce runs around to the back of the house and lifts a mat under the back door, a key, he uses it and enters through the back door. He stealthy, enters the living room where he sees Alfred tied up in a chair… as he franticly tries to untie him an ogre of a man attacks him, one of Jokers

Men! He throws Bruce threw a wall and into Bruce’s kitchen, where Bruce stabs the large man, but The man twists his arm which causes Bruce to break the knife off in his chest. The ogre smiles. Bruce quickly gets to his feet, where he exchanges punches with the man, until they reach a counter with a small TV on it, Bruce grabs it and crashes the ogres head threw it. The ogre man falls, and Bruce goes back to Alfred. He unties him, and Alfred hands Bruce a note: Batsy, if you’re reading this then My Hench Man has Failed Well anyway the lady getting robed in the alley Was a mere set-up, to see what you would do So since you cant seem to play by the rules The news will be flooded with this headline… “BRUCE WAYNE DEAD” I figured exposing you as Batman would be a dumb move The public would just love you all that more!!! LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!! With Love, The Joker Bruce Alfred, your life is in danger, The Joker could strike at any moment…and I think you shou-

Alfred points over Bruce’s shoulder out the front door window; Bruce stops talking and turns around to see The Bat-Signal in the sky. Bruce’s face gets intensely mad, and he storms out of the room. He goes over to the old piano and plays some keys, which opens a secret door and a more high-tech elevator it takes him down to the BATCAVE and he enters a closet, which is locked. He breaks it open

with his fist, and sees his suit.

EXT. CEMETERY-NIGHT (RAINING) Batman is kneeling at his parents’ grave. Batman Mom…dad…why do I have this barren on my shoulders…why must I do THIS work… Lightning strikes the grave stone and Batman stands. Batman Justice will be done…The Joker will be caught…TONIGHT! Batman looks over the grave and sees the bat-signal in the sky.


Batman and Jim Gordon are standing on the rooftop talking. Batman What is it…? Jim Gordon It seems that six men all from different countries flew in today… Batman And? Jim Gordon One of them is Dr.Crane… Batman How am I supposed to find them? Jim Gordon A police officer said he saw some strange activity over at the old Convention Center, he never reported back at his precinct… Batman Enough said…

Batman uses his Bat-grapple and flies off of the rooftop over to the next, Jim watches in astonishment. Bruce jumps off from a rooftop and onto a road where his BATMOBILE is parked, he enters it. As he begins to drive, he notices a familiar car tailing him. It’s a purple car, Mustang GTO, its tailing him and a mime dressed in black and white hangs out the window with an AR-15 Machine Gun he fires off rounds at the BATMOBILE, but Batman pushes the CAR to its speeding limits and swerves away. As Batman nears a bridge; the bridge goes up, which causes him to have to use the fire boost and jump the bridge! He then makes his way to the CONVENTION CENTER.


The Joker is standing on the stage with curtains down behind him, his audience is six men of different races all with at least five body guards.

Man in audience Hey, Joker, when do we see the merchandise? The Joker Be patient, Mr.Poopy-Pants (laughs) no-one likes a Mr. Pushy (Laughs) A mime walks out from behind the stage and whispers something into The Jokers ears. The Joker WHAT!?! The Joker takes a gun out of his coat and shoots the mime

right in the face. The audience gets silent. The Joker Now that I have your attention… The curtains go up behind him, to show a small boy tied to a chair and a ROCKT GUN slightly close to him. The Joker Now gentlemen(laughs), this is the M34ROCKETGUN, you see when my buddy BATSY visited WAYNE ENTERPRISES I snuck in two men one of which was dressed like a crook and the other was trained in the art of the ninja, the crook distracted BATSY and the ninja stole the gun! EASY CHEESY (laughs)! As The Joker steps backwards onto the stage his men surround the entire building from the inside. Man in audience What the hell is going on here?!? The Joker Just want to make sure no UNINVITED visitors appear! Man in audience Don’t Bull-Shit with me Joker!!! The Joker Oh SHUT-UP and let me finish! The joker goes over to the boy and pats his head. The Joker And here…we have little Timmy whose mommy couldn’t pay back the debt she owed me for killing off her ex-husband!(Laughs)

Audience makes an awwwww noise.

The Joker dances over to the rocket gun and picks it up, he makes sure it’s loaded and just as he’s about to fire Batman breaks through the glass on the roof throwing a batarang at Jokers hand, which sticks in his hand. He then

grabs the boy and the chair and ducks behind the curtain, he frees the boy. Batman Go!

Shots are coming at the curtains from both the Jokers men, and Batman looks toward the JOKER to see his hand is bleeding terribly, and The Joker, is franticly trying to get the metallic substance out of his hand. Batman throws a small ball at the stage and smoke emerges from it, the smoke fills the entire stage. The Scarecrow rises from the audience wearing a brown suit and his mask. He walks onto the stage and grabs the ROCKETGUN!He runs out of the CONVENTION CENTER.

A roar comes from the audience and then silence is heard, all terrorists turn around and find that the stage is empty, no BATMAN and no JOKER.


Batman is driving and THE JOKER is sitting next to him knocked out. Batman pushes a few buttons on his computer

and the car takes a right turn through traffic. The car arrives at a large gated building, the top of the gate says: Arkham. Batman parks his car in front of the building and carries THE JOKER through the front doors, where four nurses are standing in fear of all of them. Batman drops THE JOKER in front of them. Batman Have him admitted… The nurses stand in shock. Batman NOW! The nurses scatter to THE JOKER and Batman leaves the Asylum.


Jim Gordon is sitting at his desk, searching through his desk for something. Voice The Joker is in Arkham. Jim shoots up and hits his head on the corner of the desk; he says OUCH and then looks at BATMAN. Jim Gordon You Scared me! Batman I seem to be very good at that… Jim Gordon Yeah, well, that’s good…one less lunatic on the streets of Gotham! So what do you have planned next?

Batman Scarecrow… Jim Gordon Who? Batman Jonathon Crane is dead…his mind has snapped he calls himself The Scarecrow. Jim Gordon What a lunat-

Gordon is interrupted by a large explosion, Gordon faints, and the lights go out and Batman grabs the commissioner and exits his office. Employees are running around on fire! Batman finds a window and jumps out of it. He’s falling twenty stories and fast. He takes one arm off of Jim and uses it to grab his Bat-Grapple, he shoots it at a window it breaks the glass and hooks on the window seal. He pulls himself and Jim Gordon up and he heads for the stairs, Gordon wakes up and Batman places him on his feet. Batman GET OUT OF THE BUILDING… Jim nods, and they both run franticly down the stairs. They exit the building and BATMAN sees The Scarecrow, standing by the building with the ROCKETGUN.Batman runs towards him, but The Scarecrow sees him coming and takes off down an alley. Scarecrow gets to the middle of the alley and stops to catch his breath. A Shadow flashes in front of him. The Scarecrow shoots

up and starts walking around in circles, Batman jumps down in front of him. The Scarecrow sprays the gas into his face. Batman sees the Scarecrow with maggots eating his face and Bats flying out of his mouth. Batman stands up. The Scarecrow Succumb to the fear! Batman I’m not afraid of you… Scarecrow Don’t be so sure… Batman I’m positive…

Batman grabs The Scarecrow by the neck and flies him up to the nearest roof. He holds The Scarecrow over the edge. Batman It’s a long fall… The Scarecrow screams, police cars arrive on the street underneath. Batman (To Police Officers) Have him admitted at Arkham Asylum…

Batman drops The Scarecrow but he lands on a Police car underneath…The Scarecrow leans foreward, but The Police officers have guns aimed at him, so he just lies back down.

EXT.ARKHAM ASYLUM-DAY The Scarecrow, out of costume, is sitting in a small white room

in a white straight jacket. He closes his eyes, and when he opens them he sees THE SCARECROW standing in front of him, he’s seeing things. The Scarecrow Hello Dr.Crane… Dr.Crane Scarecrow…Scarecrow… The Scarecrow Are you ready to become more than you ever were? Dr.Crane Yes… The Scarecrow Buckle YOUR seatbelt, my friend; this is going to be a very bumpy ride (Laughs) Dr.Crane screams, and THE SCARECROW jumps into him, bonding with him, showing that Dr.Crane is no longer alive, there is only SCARECROW now. A nurse rushes into the room. Nurse What’s wrong, I heard you scream…? Dr.Crane/Scarecrow Oh my dear, nothing is wrong… Nurse Why did you scream? Crane doesn’t answer. Nurse Jonathon, answer me…? Dr.Crane/Scarecrow Oh, no, no, no, Dr.Crane is no longer here…there is only, The Scarecrow. (Laughs) Nurse What a Looney… The nurse walks out of the room, with a disgusted look on her face.

EXT.GOTHAM CITY POLICE OFFICE-NIGHT A Spanish female police officer is locking up the precinct. She turns the lights off and exits the office, a mugger walks up behind her and puts a knife to her throat. Mugger (Sniffs) Oh your pretty, Police Lady! Female Cop Get your filthy, damn hands off me! As he continues to hold her a shadow flashes before him. Mugger What was that? Batman flies into view and knocks the mugger off his feet. The female officer, stands back in awe. She walks over to the knockout mugger and kicks him in the face. Female Officer I could’a handled this shit-eater! Batman Yeah…you were doing a fine job standing there ready to die… Female Officer The names Renee Montoya, and personally I think you’re a “good-guy”. Batman Thanks… Renee So…how can I help you… Batman You want to help me? Renee Yeah…you saved my life… Batman I need you as link to The Gotham City Police Department… Renee You want me to tell ya’ when some wacko’s on the loose?

Batman Yes… Renee How can I contact you? Batman Just ask Gordon…

Batman flies away, and officer Montoya smiles and handcuffs the mugger.


Luscious is arriving home from work. Luscious notices a large package waiting for him on his front porch, he goes up to it and takes it inside his home. He places on a table and opens it, it’s the ROCKETGUN! He sees a small note lying on it, so he grabs that and reads it out-loud.

Luscious Fox (reading) Destroy this thing… -BATMANLuscious smiles and starts to laugh, he then sits in a chair and observes the weapon.

EXT.THE GOTHAM NEWS OFFICE-NIGHT Robert Kane is writing a story at his desk, the office is empty, he’s the last one there. Robert Kane (Reading as he writes) It seems, THE DARK KNIGHT has saved the day yet again. The infamous, JOKER was admitted to Arkham Asylum along with the insane SCARECROW, once again the children of Gotham can “Dance in The Streets” He sits back in his chair and smiles.

EXT.WAYNE MANOR-NIGHT Bruce Wayne and his butler Alfred are sitting by the fire once again, Alfred is sipping tea, and Bruce is reading the news paper. Alfred looks at Bruce. Alfred Master Bruce, you know that one day you’re going to grow too old to be running around in a Bat-Suit. Bruce lowers the paper. Bruce Alfred, if I wanted to acknowledge that fact I would’ve kept the ski mask and just been some vigilante. Batman is forever…when I die…some-one…somewhere…will don their own Batman uniform, and protect their city…you see Alfred…Bruce Wayne will die…but Batman is immortal… Alfred smiles and goes back to his tea.


A nurse is making her way down a hall, with a tray of pills and

a cup of water. She presses a few buttons on the wall besides a door, and a light above the door turns green; she opens a large bullet-proof door into a white room where The Joker is sitting on the floor in a straight jacket. Nurse Time for your pills, and then your appointment with Dr.Quinn. The Joker Oh…excellent (Laughs) She feeds him the pills and then pours the water down his throat. She then leaves the room and two large men with shotguns enter and each place one arm on The Joker and lift him so he can walk. They make their way down the hall and into a room, where a young, blonde psychiatrist is sitting at her desk, viewing The Joker’s file. The two men place The Joker in a chair across from the woman. Harley Quinn (Psychiatrist) Leave us… The two men leave. Harley Quinn My name is Harley Quinn, and I’m the lead criminal psychiatrist here at Arkham Asylum…I’ve been reading your records and I must tell you that I find you quite fascinating. The Joker Thank you… (Laughs) Harley Quinn I see that BATMAN had you admitted here? The Joker Yes, me and Batsy go back a long way…but the problem is I may never see him again because of the bad things I’ve done…I’ll be locked up forever… The Joker smiles at her, and then laughs.


District Attorney Harvey Dent is sitting at his desk, in a very large office, smoking a cigar. He opens a letter, and the cigar falls out of his mouth, in shock. Harvey tries to run out of his office but falls backwards onto the floor when he opens the door. Four men all dressed in white suits enter, one fatter than the others. The three skinny men all have machine guns in hand. Harvey Dent Mr. Thorne… Robert Thorne Harvey Dent (glances at desk) I see you got my letter…now I’m going to say this once, you give up on the case you got against me, and you live to see another day! Harvey Dent I’m sorry…I already handed the police proof that you killed Mr.Gagor… Robert Throne Well…I’m sorry then Harvey, but I’m going to have to kill you now! Max… Robert Throne exits the room and a skinny man, comes into the room and knocks Harvey Dent out. He then proceeds to pouring gasoline all over the room, and as he exits he lights the room on fire. EXT.OUTSIDE OF DENT’S OFFICE-NIGHT Fire blasts out of one of the windows, and Harvey Dents body flies out of the building and onto the grass below. He lifts his head to show the left side of his face burnt to a crisp. EXT.GOTHAM HOSPITAL-NIGHT Harvey Dent is lying on a table in a hospital room, the left

side of his face taped up. Two nurses enter the room. Nurse 1 Who’s this guy? Nurse 2 Harvey Dent, lost the whole left side of his face, kind of ironic… Nurse 1 How? Nurse 2 He has split personality…now he has TWO-FACES… (Laughs) Nurse 1 You got a sick sense of humor… The two nurses leave the room, and Harvey Dents hand rises and moves over to a small table next to him, he picks up a half dollar…he grasps it in his hand. Two-Face has just been born.


Batman and Jim Gordon are standing on the rooftop, talking. Jim Gordon Thanks for you’re help… Batman Anytime… Jim Gordon Well there seems to be a problem… Batman What now? Jim Gordon It seems that the lead psychiatrist over at Arkham Asylum is missing, and so are The Joker and The Scarecrow… Batman I’ll handle it…

Jim Gordon You know, what you do…is astonishing… Batman Justice must be brought back to Gotham… I will not rest until this city is purified…cleansed of the evils that run it… Jim Gordon As the new commissioner, I’ll have every cop on the streets trying to help… Batman I cover the night shift… Batman flies of the rooftop to the ground below. Jim Gordon He sure has a way with people (smiles and walks away)

EXT.GOTHAM CITY ROOFTOP-NIGHT Batman is kneeling over the top of a building, his cape blowing in the wind. The Bat-Signal in the distance…

Voice With The Joker and more dangerous now well tonight…for I Vengeance…I am the

The Scarecrow back on the loose, Gotham is perhaps then ever before. But the people of Gotham can rest am watching over their city. This is my destiny…I am Night…I…AM…BATMAN!

Danny Elfmans FINALE from BATMAN plays and then The Dark Knight walks away…


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