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					                          GEOINT Fusion Grand Challenge
                          - Call for Papers, Call for Discussion Topics -

                                   ASPRS Classified Session
            2010 American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS)
                     Spring Meeting, San Diego, California, April 27, 2010
The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) will be hosting an all-day classified session in
conjunction with the 2010 ASPRS Annual Conference. The purpose of the classified session is to
engage the attendees in exploring views, ideas, approaches, and solutions for resolving the GEOINT
Fusion Grand Challenge.
Fusion is defined as the act or process of combining two or more pieces of data or information
regarding one or more entities in order to improve one’s capability or provide a new capability for
detection, identification, or characterization of that entity.
Morning Session: Research presentations addressing cutting edge research on GEOINT fusion.
Afternoon Session: In-depth round table discussions on GEOINT and multi-INT fusion.
Classification Level: This session will be held at the SECRET//NOFORN level.
Location: San Diego, CA. area, details will be provided at a later date.

                                             - Call for Papers -

NGA is soliciting research papers and presentations of twenty to thirty minutes. Papers should address
the complexity of the problem and the need to integrate multidisciplinary approaches, multi-data and
sensors, and multi-INT to improve our Nation’s ability to detect, locate, characterize, and track
different entities. ** Please do not submit papers that focus on proprietary company or commercial
products or services or use the presentations to promote or advertise a product, service, or company.
Research topics may include, but are not limited to, issues and challenges associated with:
   •    Integrating video, infrared, laser, radar, and spectral sources to meet intelligence/operational challenges.
   •    Integrating human terrain and activity-based geospatial intelligence and observations to determine and
        anticipate activities and intent.
    •   Reviewing innovative photogrammetric registration methods and algorithms for fusing multiple and
        disparate data/sensors.
    •   Integrating multiple sensors to collect bathymetric data, measure river hydraulics and tidal phases, and
        characterize the littoral and riverine environments.
    •   Integrating multiple sensors over different terrain/domain areas to characterize coastal features or to
        track objects in riverine and open oceans.

Submission requirements:
Abstracts for papers must be received by March 12, 2010. Abstracts may be classified but must have
an unclassified title and include the classification level, author(s)/presenter(s) with affiliations(s), and a
description not to exceed 500 words. Abstracts will be evaluated on their descriptions and
implications, relevance to session and community, and overall technical quality. Paper selection
                                                                                                        PA Case 10-098
notifications will be made by March 22, 2010. If selected full presentation or paper will be due to
NGA on or before April 9, 2010.

Submit classified abstracts via ICEmail to:
Submit classified abstracts via Defense Courier Service addressed to: Outer Envelope: SSO NGA
Reston, ATTN: Reston 3, Mail Stop P-126. Inner Envelope: NGA Reston, Phil Hwang, Mail Stop P-
126, IB, E530.

                           - Call for Deep-Dive Discussion Topics -

NGA is soliciting topics for in-depth round table research discussions in the afternoon sessions that
address key challenges and potential solutions on important GEOINT fusion problems. Selection of
topics will be based on importance of the problem being addressed, creative problem formulations,
state-of-the-art and practices elucidations, innovative ideas, ingenious approaches, and imaginative
research alternatives.

Topics should focus on problems for which fusion can make a difference; why it is important to the
intelligence and operational community; who is involved; and, the key issues involved. The goal of
the deep-dive session is to offer solutions and innovative approaches to the GEOINT Fusion Grand
Challenge that address the type of sensor or data needed to tackle the problem, objectives and their
associated approaches that need to be identified and validated, and areas where GEOINT fusion
problems are not being met.

We welcome your suggestions on new problem-focused or research-focused topics and/or your interest
and willingness to lead or support the following suggested topics (see attached form):

Tracking Ground-Based Vehicles                            Riverine and Littoral Investigations
Characterizing Facilities (Underground or Surface)        Full Motion Video
Maritime/Ship Tracking including Submerged Vehicles       The Future of Photogrammetry
Activity-based GEOINT to include Human Terrain

Please submit the attached form by March 12, 2010.

Points of Contact:      Phil Hwang, Open phone: 703-735-2639, Secure phone: 576-3617
                        Nancy Groves, Open phone: 703-735-2653, Secure phone: 576-3573
                        Debra Flowers, Open phone: 703-735-2583, Secure phone: 576-3605

Important Notes
   • All attendees and speakers for the classified session must be pre-registered with ASPRS by
      March 26, 2010. ( Acceptance of paper or topic
      does not register you.
   • Attendees and speakers must have their security office submit clearance certification by April
      16, 2010. Attendees must possess a minimum Secret clearance to attend. Detailed submission
      requirements will be provided.

                                                                                                 PA Case 10-098
- Call for Deep-Dive Discussion Topics -
The GEOINT Fusion Grand Challenge
Deadline for Submission – March 12, 2010
                                 ASPRS Classified Session
               2010 ASPRS Spring Meeting, San Diego, California, April 27, 2010

     Tracking Ground-Based Vehicles
          Moderator/Facilitator     Rapporteur/Note taker
     Characterizing Facilities (Underground or Surface)
         Moderator/Facilitator        Rapporteur/Note taker
     Maritime/Ship Tracking including Submerged Vehicles
          Moderator/Facilitator     Rapporteur/Note taker
     Activity-based GEOINT to include Human Terrain
          Moderator/Facilitator     Rapporteur/Note taker
     Riverine and Littoral Investigations
          Moderator/Facilitator        Rapporteur/Note taker
     Full Motion Video
          Moderator/Facilitator          Rapporteur/Note taker
     Future of Photogrammetry
          Moderator/Facilitator          Rapporteur/Note taker
     New topic suggestion: _______________________________________________
          Moderator/Facilitator     Rapporteur/Note taker
     Description: (attach additional sheets as needed)

     Goal: _____________________________________________________________

     Intended Audience: __________________________________________________

     Expected Results: ____________________________________________________


Please include your contact information and preferred way of reaching you:
     Name _____________________________________________________________
     Affiliation _________________________________________________________
     Email (Unclassified)____________________(Classified)___________________
     Phone (Admin)_______________________(Secured)______________________

Submit this form to: Unclassified Submission:
                     Classified Submission:

                                                                                  PA Case 10-098