7 Secrets Of Aion You MUST Know

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					               7 Secrets Of Aion

              You MUST Know

                      Table Of Contents

Introduction                              Page 3
Secret 1 – About The Game Itself          Page 4
Secret 2 – Characterization               Page 6
Secret 3 – The PvPvE System               Page 7
Secret 4 – Classes, Grouping and Stuff    Page 8
Secret 5 – Music                          Page 11
Secret 6 – Little Known Release Notes     Page 12
Secret 7 – How To Beat Aion               Page 14
References                                Page 16

In this report, you’re going to find some secrets of Aion that
you probably don’t know. This is one of the newest and
hottest MMORPG games out there and it is catching on like

I’m going to be sharing some little known facts about the
game itself and some tips for playing. I have no doubt that
you will find these most fascinating…especially if you’re an
avid gamer.

At the end of this report, I’m going to share a great resource
for getting some incredible tips for conquering this beast. If
you think you can’t get to level 50 quickly, you’re in for a
real treat.

Anyway, sit back and relax because I’m going to take you on
a magical tour through the secrets of Aion.

     Secret 1 – About The Game Itself

There are a lot of things about the game itself that many
people are not aware of unless they are total gamer freaks.

For starters, this game, while released in November of 2008,
didn’t make it online until June of the following year. There
are many myths and rumors about the delay time, but
nothing that has been confirmed. My guess is, there were
bugs that still had to be worked out for the online version.

But nobody is talking.

However, Aion was worth waiting for as it won:

Best MMORPG, 2009 RPGLand.com RPGs of the Year 2009
Best New Game, 2009 MMORPG.com 2009 Awards

Not too shabby, in case you didn’t know.

The game combines PvP (Player versus Player) and PvE
(Player versus Environment) in a truly exciting atmosphere.

You can see some great screen shots here:




As you can see…just stunning.

What you also may not know, if you live in the US, is that
the game was originally released under the title “Aion: The
Tower Of Eternity.” However, when it was released in the
United States in May of 2009, it was known simply as Aion.

Personally, I liked the old name better. I thought it gave the
game more class. But that’s just me.

Another thing you may not be familiar with, if you just
jumped into playing the game, is the back story, or history.
It’s rather involved, but here is the Reader’s Digest version
in a nutshell.

In the beginning, Aion (supposedly some kind of god)
watched over his world Atreia with a rather kind hand. He
created all the humans and the Balaur to watch over them.
Guess he couldn’t be bothered.

Well, as was to be expected, the Balaur became obsessed
with the power they had and essentially started to destroy
everything in their path…including the poor humans. These
Balaur were bad dudes.

Well, 5 of the Balaur rose above the rest and became known
as the Dragon Lords. When Aion refused to give these guys
the power they requested, they ended up declaring war on
Aion himself. That’s gratitude for ya.

Well, that forced Aion to create twelve Empyrean Lords to
protect the Tower of Eternity, which was the center of the
world and the force of Aion’s power. These Lords made a
barrier around the area so that the people could recreate
their civilization.

That’s the back story in a nutshell.

It’s a little more involved but this should be more than
enough to fill you in on the basic premise.
            Secret 2 – Characterization
Generating characters in this game is REALLY cool. You
know, back in the old days (if you can remember that far
back) there really wasn’t that much that you could do with
characterization. But today…it’s almost limitless what can be

Unlike the old days, now, you can actually customize your
characters down to the body parts. You can adjust the
height, weight and scale of each body part. You can choose
different hair and skin colors. You can choose eye shape and
color. You can even choose ear shape and size. In addition
to that, you can also pick tattoos for your character.

Now, there are some limitations that you need to be aware
of. With weapons, you can change the color and appearance
of a weapon, but you can’t change the actual damage that
the weapon itself can do. In other words, any weapon
changes are strictly visual and not for battle enhancement.
You can change the graphics of a weapon to another weapon
of the same type only.

All in all, the customization feature of this game is very
powerful; however, it doesn’t go as far as to allow the game
to become unbalanced. That’s something that the designers
took great care with and it shows.

         Secret 3 – The PvPvE System

This is the heart and soul of this game, and quite honestly, it
is nothing short of brilliant. A complete explanation of it
would require a book the size of Texas, so I’m going to
make this short and sweet. I think it will be enough so that
you get the gist of it.

Ultimately, the end game of Aion involves battling within the
Abyss. This is the PvP zone. Inside the Abyss itself are
fortresses which can be controlled by individual legions. This
is the Aion equivalent of a Guild. To get control of these
castles, you have to battle against opposing factions and
NPCs. NPCs, for those who don’t know, are Non Player
Characters. These are enemies that the game engine throws
at you to make things even tougher…like they’re not tough

The game essentially gives points for battles won in PvP in
the Abyss. When you reach the higher ranks, your wings will
change in correspondence to these higher ranks. Also,
certain items can be purchased at these higher ranks that
couldn’t be purchased at the lower ones. That’s why you will
notice that some things are not available to you when you’re
first starting out.

If you kill somebody in combat, you gain points. If you’re
killed in combat, you lose points. So it’s important that, at
least at the beginning, you pick on people your own size, or
you’re going to be dog meat.

Fortunately, the game is very well balanced as there can
only be so many high ranked players per server.

Lucky for you.

Secret 4 – Classes, Grouping and Stuff
This is where a lot of people just get plain confused because
this is where the game itself gets a little involved…to say the

Okay, I’m going to try to make this as simple as I can. Wish
me luck LOL.

There are 4 primary classes and 8 specialized classes in the

The 4 primary classes are:


Now, after achieving level 9 (and not before) the player has
to choose from two specialized classes within their primary
class. There are two specialized classed in each primary
class, or 8 total.

For Warrior:

Templar or Gladiator

For Mage:

Sorcerer or Spirit Master

For Scout:

Assassin or Ranger

For Priest

Cleric or a Chanter

I have underlined the ones that I personally would choose.
Feel free to pick your own.

One thing…level 9 is not a piece of cake to reach unless you
know some tricks. I’ll get to those later.

Okay, let’s get to grouping.

Up to 6 players can form a group. These players assist each
other in battle and share the benefits of victory. There are
certain areas of the game that are specifically designed for
group play and in order to enter those areas you MUST be
part of a group. In other words, individual players cannot go
to these places.

Now, up to 4 groups (24 players) can form an alliance.
These are situations in the game that require a greater
number of players in order to succeed in battle. If you are
part of an alliance, this restricts the rewards you can get
when completing a task for a group. Yeah, it gets a little
complex with alliances.

Next, we get into professions.

There are 6 crafting professions.


There are also two extracting           professions.   Players
automatically learn these.

You can learn all the crafting professions if you want, but
you can only master two. I recommend the last two if you
want to survive.

You do get a statistical boost for mastering a profession so it
is important that you do this as soon as possible.

Okay, let’s move on to quests.

There are essentially three types of quests in Aion.

Ordinary quests
Campaign quests
Work Orders

Ordinary quests require a player to complete one specific
task to receive an award.

Campaign quests are story driven and require multiple tasks
to be completed to receive a reward.

Work orders, or what I call training, are used to increase
skill in a certain profession.

Some quests, like work orders, can be repeated over and
over. Other quests, like campaigns, cannot.

The above is pretty much the nuts and bolts of game play. It
gets a little more complex but this should give you a good

Now, here’s a tip. Do as many Work Orders as you can. This
will safely increase your levels, though it is a slower route.

                       Secret 5 – Music
Yeah, I know…this probably isn’t something that you even
think about when you play a MMORPG, but music is a BIG
part of the effect…believe it or not.

Well, did you know (I bet you didn’t) that the official "Aion:
The Tower of Eternity" Original Soundtrack was released as
a single CD featuring 22 tracks written by composer Yang
Bang-Ean (Also known as Ryo Kunihiko in Japan).

The soundtrack was released in Japan and Korea on October
21, 2008, and in North America and Europe as part of the
Collector's Edition. The soundtrack was also released on
iTunes on October 20, 2009

Here is the current info on the CD from Amazon

#   Number of Discs: 1
#   Format: Import, Soundtrack
#   Label: Ponycanyon
#   ASIN: B001J0F1R2
#   In-Print Editions: MP3 Download

As you can see, right now, unless you buy it from a private
source, you can only get this as an MP3 download online.

This soundtrack has indeed become very rare and a
collector’s item.

When you hear it…you’ll know why.

It’s THAT good.

Secret 6 – Little Known Release Notes

If you’re a trivia nut, like a lot of people are, you’re going to
find the release history of this game quite interesting.

See, aside from the fact that it wasn’t released to the US
right away, it also has releases in other countries at various
times in its brief history. This was the game that, quite
honestly, almost didn’t make it…which would have been a

Here is what you probably don’t know about its release

   * South Korea: Aion was released in South Korea on
November 28, 2008, making this the first country to get a
final release of the game. Given the success of NCsoft's
previous games, Lineage and Lineage II, Aion had been a
highly anticipated game in South Korea ever since its

  * China: The game was released in China on April 16,
2009 and operated by Shanda Interactive Entertainment.

   * Japan: NCSoft released the game on July 17 2009 in
Japan under NCSoft Japan. As of February 2, 2010, Pixiv
collaborated with NCsoft for a special fan art contest.

   * Australia: NCsoft is distributing Aion in Australia
through QV Software, and was released on September 22,
2009. In Australia, 3 editions were released: Collectors
Edition, Limited Edition, and the Standard Edition. The game
is also being distributed via Valve Software's digital
distribution platform, Steam, within this region.

  * Taiwan: NCsoft began an open beta of Aion in Taiwan
on June 7, 2009, and was released on July 21, 2009. v1.5
was released on October 21, 2009

   * Europe: NCsoft released the final version of Aion in
Europe on September 25, 2009. In Europe, Aion was
available in two editions: Standard Edition and Collectors
Edition. The latter includes many in-game items, figurines,
posters, and the Official Aion Soundtrack CD by composer
Yang Bang-Ean (known as Ryo Kunihiko in Japan).

   * North America: Aion was released in North America on
September 22, 2009. The release was accompanied by a
free comic book from Wildstorm, Aiva's Story by writers
David Noonan and Ricardo Sanchez, with art by Neil Googe
for those who preordered. Also for those who preordered
gained a 3 day head start before launch. Aion was in
available in two editions: Standard Edition and Collectors
Edition. The latter includes many in-game items, figurines,
posters, and the Official Aion Soundtrack CD by composer
Yang Bang-Ean (known as Ryo Kunihiko in Japan). The
Game was made available through Retailers for DVD
purchase, and Via download from NCsoft, Steam,
Gamestop's website, File Planet and Direct2Drive.

  * Russia: Aion open beta running since December 8,
2009.[16] In Russia, Aion is supposed to use a mixed
payment model with monthly subscription and additional
payments for in-game items and benefits.

As you can see…quite a history behind this game.

          Secret 7 – How To Beat Aion

I thought I would save the best for last. I mean, why not?
So here you go…some tips for beating this monster of a

Tip 1 – This may be the most important tip of all. When you
reach    level   9,   immediately…and      I     do   mean
IMMEDIATELY…do the Accention Quest. This will bring you
up to level 10 no matter how few points over level 9 you

Tip 2 - When you target an enemy look at the portrait it
gives you in the Top center of your screen. On the left side
is a red sphere with 6 dots. If 2 dots are white it’s a regular
mob. If 4 dots are white it will take 2 to 4 party members to
fight it.

Tip 3 – Do NOT buy items ahead of level. This is only going
to waste Kinah. Only buy what you need and can use at the
time. This is called budgeting and is critical if you’re going to
get through this game.

Tip 4 – Do NOT get rid of anything you find until you have
absolutely confirmed that it is of no use.

Tip 5 – Loot everything. If you find a dead mob on the
ground, take everything you can find. After a while those 2
and 3 Kinah add up…big time.

Tip 6 – Complete your work orders quickly. Also, make sure
you complete all work orders in the Artisan district in your
capital city. This will be the fastest and cheapest way to
raise your crafting skill.

Tip 7 – Be social. The early levels make it easy to do this on
your own, but once you get to the upper levels, there is no
way. You will need to learn how to become social and form
groups and alliances. Don’t be a bully. Become somebody
who is likeable.

Tip 8 – Finally, if you really want to zoom to level 50 in
record time, check out this guide by Anthony Chabot.

It is worth every single penny.

Here is the URL:


I hope you have found this report helpful. Aion is a great
game and with these tips, you should have no trouble
mastering it.

To YOUR Aion Success,


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