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					THE FLASH "Speed, it seems to me, provides the one genuinely modern pleasure." Aldous Huxley "Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!" - Lewis Carroll

OPEN ON: Darkness. In the distance, we see a tiny SPECK of red and yellow. We slowly zoom in on it... or is it coming towards us? WALLY: (V.O.) My name is... well, that's not important right now. This isn't just about me, after all. We see what it is. A COMIC BOOK. No, not a graphic novel, a good ol' four-color comic book. The Flash 123, "Flash of Two Worlds", showing two Flashes racing each other, to be exact. WALLY: (V.O.) It's about about a streak of lightning that sparked a legacy... a lineage of heroes with one name. As if by magic, the comic opens in front of us, revealing the interior to be the VIBRANT FLASH SYMBOL, a yellow LIGHTNING BOLT on a white circle. We continue zooming in on it until the logo FILLS THE SCREEN. WALLY: (V.O.) They called themselves... THE FLASH! Suddenly the logo is ripped through by a REAL bolt of lightning, transporting us into... A thunderstorm... at several thousand feet off the ground! Dwarfed by the massive storm is a small, single-seat PLANE. A jet-powered prototype, to be exact, right out of a Flash Gordon comic. We see LIGHTNING booming deep within the epic clouds that surround the plane. We continue our zoom in on the tiny, battered plane, noting TANKS OF MULTI-COLORED CHEMICALS strapped to the undercarriage, like bombs. INT. PLANE – DAY Inside, BARRY ALLEN, clean cut, rugged good looks, square-jawed, all young Kirk Douglas from his blonde crewcut to his spit-shined shoes, eases in the controls. He's your model aviator; goggles, scarf, leather jacket and all. We see, tucked amongst the gauges and dials of the cockpit, a small photo of Barry's girl, IRIS. FLIGHT CONTROL: (filtered) Ground 1 to Flyboy, Ground 1 to Flyboy, do you copy, over? BARRY: I copy. This thunderstorm is wrecking havoc with my equipment.

FLIGHT CONTROL: (filtered) We wouldn't have had to put up with it if you weren't always LATE. Barry winces. BARRY: Late? I thought I was early... FLIGHT CONTROL: (filtered) And your mom wears army boots... BARRY: Yeah, she thinks they're comfortable. FLIGHT CONTROL: (filtered) Do you wish to abort the test? BARRY: Where's the fun in that? All chemicals secured... FLIGHT CONTROL: (filtered) How does it feel sitting on a couple hundred pounds of experimental rocket fuel? BARRY: No different than usual. Ask your boot-wearing mom. FLIGHT CONTROL: (filtered) And the horse you rode in on, Barry. BARRY: Ready to test rockets... wait a minute. He sees BALL LIGHTNING surrounding his plane. Hovering in the air, all shapes, spherical, ovoid, teardrop, or rod-like. All red or yellow... BARRY: Foo fighters! ST. ELMO'S FIRE breaks out all over the ship. Bright bluish white glows jetting off and between the sharp points of the plane, sometimes in double or triple jets. Barry isn't freaking... in fact, he's curious. BARRY: Some kind of atmospheric disturbance... surrounding the ship... On the ship. That's odd... lightning certainly is unpredict... EXT. STORM – DAY From high in the heavens, a massive LIGHTING BOLT shoots downwards. We track with it at supersonic speed as it flies just to the left of the cockpit, HITTING the chemicals dead center. They EXPLODE. INT. PLANE – DAY The canopy is blasted right off, glass fragments CUTTING into Barry like throwing stars! Barry is slammed with BOILING CHEMICALS, melting through his clothing. He SCREAMS as they touch his skin, not hurting him... but something weird going on. The St. Elmo's Fire appears to be spreading over him... He pulls down his goggles to shield his eyes from the rain and struggles with the stick. FLIGHT CONTROL: (filtered) Barry! Barry! Come in! Is something wrong?

BARRY: (gritted teeth) You could say that... His craft flies through a cloud... emerges from the other end... ahead of him, we see a small airfield, packed with fire engines and ambulances... being rushed into action. He overshoots it... his ship has caught fire, the chemicals emitting strange clouds of smoke in his wake... Barry is rapidly losing altitude... the rain turning everything into a half-image... his eyes glance at the photo of Iris, the ink running from the rain, turning it into an abstract painting... and below, the ground rushing up to meet him... Barry makes one last-ditch effort to keep the plane level... BARRY: You must be kidding. CRASH! The jolt alone is enough to break your neck. The plane skids through the slick mud, the propellor slapping up mudpies. Specks of dirt kicked up by the plane land on Barry. The wings snap like toothpicks and the fireball the airplane has become finally stops. And slowly, Barry steps out of the cockpit. He's different, to say the least. His clothes hang off him in tatters. He begins stripping off his headgear, aviator cap, goggles, and scarf. Screaming? We see the chemicals streaked over his face like warpaint, slowly flaking off in the rain. His hair stands on end. A glow comes from within his body, like he's a jack o'lantern. He jumps down from the cockpit as the emergency workers approaching, bearing first aid equipment and a stretcher. They're ready for any injury... except this. We realize Barry isn't screaming, he's LAUGHING. Uproariously. He holds up his hands. St. Elmo's Fire dances between his fingers. The emergency team exchanges glances as Barry walks towards them, the rain washing him clean of blood and mud. Behind him, the plane burns like a funeral pyre, burning away the old Barry Allen... Camera glides up smoothly, following the trail of black smoke belching forth from the burning crash site to an odd trick of the eye lingering as a result of the chemical explosion. Every time lightning stabs downwards, it leaves a strange afterimage superimposed in the clouds. The growing number of lightning afterimages resemble nothing so much as the branches of a tree, growing and growing. We spin around, tracking, following... until the afterimages become a discernable shape. We MATCH CUT to title screen, the afterimages becoming the thick, heroic font that spells out... THE FLASH INT. LABORATORY – DAY SUPER: Fifteen years later... On a SIGNET RING. On it is the FLASH SYMBOL. We pull out to reveal the hand it's attached to, signing BARRY ALLEN with a flourish. Pull out further to reveal the paper is on a clipboard. BARRY, ten years older,

twenty years wiser, hands the clipboard to an ASSISTANT. BARRY: Get that to the Chief right away. It should blow the Lampert case wide open. ASSISTANT: Thanks, Mr. Allen. Barry turns around, goes back to monitoring a CHEMICAL FLASK on a BUNSEN BURNER. Camera pans around to reveal a KID watching him. A few moments pass. Bary turns around, impatient. BARRY: What? KID: You know, they say a watched pot never boils. Behind Barry, the flask begins spewing thick black smoke. BARRY: Well, this isn't a pot, it's very sensitive experiment, I need to record the exact time it shows a change in... He smells the smoke. Turns around. Doing a slow burn, he turns off the bunsen burner. BARRY: Thirty hours of work, down the drain... KID: Sorry, Mr. Allen. BARRY: What's your name, son? KID: Freddie. Freddie Chyre. BARRY: Well, Freddie Chyre, what do you want now that you have my UNDIVIDED ATTENTION? KID: My dad says you help the cops out with experiments. BARRY: Yes. KID: To catch the bad guys? BARRY: Sometimes. Usually to prove they're guilty. KID: How? BARRY: With fingerprints. Gunpowder. Things like that. KID: Do you cut up bodies? BARRY: No. KID: My dad says when you die, they cut your body up to find out what killed you. BARRY: Sometimes. It's called an autopsy.

KID: I'm going to be a cop when I grow up. BARRY: That's nice. KID: You wanna listen to the radio? He bounds off to the radio. Barry is exasperated. BARRY: Listen, Freddie, I have a lot of work to do... The Kid finds and turns on the radio. Playing is a NEWS REPORT. NEWSCASTER: Comrade Boomerang, that infamous Soviet menance, is up to his old tricks again. He's holding a young lady hostage on the roof of the Morrison Building... BARRY: Kid, mind the store a minute... He dashes out the backdoor. EXT. STREET – DAY Keystone City. A very Norman Rockwell kinda smalltown. Bustling with activity. TRACK with a freckle-faced TEENAGER in a porkpie hat. A red and blue BLUR whooshes by him, the wake pulling his hat off. The Teenager's hand shoots out, an automatic reflex, to CATCH his hat. He's unsure what happened for a moment, then... TEENAGER: GO GET 'EM, FLASH! EXT. ROOFTOP – DAY IRIS, effortlessly beautiful, is tied up in classic Betty Page fashion to a GIANT BOOMERANG. She SCREAMS bloody murder. A man in an outrageous costume steps in front of her. COMRADE BOOMERANG. COMRADE BOOMERANG: Scream all you like. No one's coming to... With a WHOOSH of air, THE FLASH appears. He wears blue street pants, a red T-shirt bisected by a lightning bolt, and a Mercury-like helmet. FLASH: Is there a problem here? Comrage Boomerang CURSES in Russian. COMRAGE BOOMERANG: Comrade Flash! We meet again! For the last time, I'm afraid! FLASH: Can it, buttinsky! You dirty commies will never triumph over the American spirit! COMRADE BOOMERANG: That's what you think! As soon as I pull this lever, this lovely creature will be launched into perpetual orbit around the

moon! He reaches for the lever. Suddenly ROCKS BACK. FLASH: I just hit you one hundred times in the blink of an eye. Fall down. Comrade Boomerang does. Flash rushes to untie Iris. FLASH: You alright? IRIS: I'm fine. He finishes untying her, helps her down. Their gaze lingers on each other. IRIS: Why, Mr. Flash... I don't know if my husband would appreciate you looking at me like that. FLASH: Why don't we ask him? IRIS: He'll be at the ball tonight... if you'd like to talk to him. FLASH: Sorry. Can't make it. IRIS: That's a shame. She gives him a quick peck on the cheek. IRIS: See you around, Flash. INT. PARTY – EVENING Two champaign glasses CHINK together. Pull out to reveal an elaborate ballroom dance. Barry is talking with a trio of dimwitted waitors, WINKY, BLINKY, and NODDY. BARRY: Now remember, bring out the steak after the cocktails. Got that? WINKY: Got it! BLINKY: We won't let ya down, g'vernor. NODDY: Not in tha slightest! They salute, accidentally slapping each other, and go on their way. Barry is tapped on the shoulder by IRIS, in a va-va-va-voom dress. IRIS: Barry, how nice of you to make it. BARRY: You know I wouldn't miss this for the world.

IRIS: Care for a dance? BARRY: I've been told I'm a bit of a leadfoot. IRIS: I'll help you get the lead out. She drags him onto the dance floor.They begin dancing. To see them together is to know how King Arthur and Lady Guineverie held court in Camelot. BARRY: Happy anniversary, darling. IRIS: Happy anniversary. INT. HIDEOUT – EVENING SHADOWY HANDS manipulate a strange radio console. Twisting dials, sorting through frequencies. Finally, a pair of thin, sneering lips approach an old-time microphone. INT. PARTY – EVENING Barry is listening to a TV PRODUCER drone on. TV PRODUCER: It's a variety show. People come on the soundstage, do a bit, the audience loves it. And we tape it and send it out over the airwaves... it's really most impressive. Perhaps you should do one of your experients on my program, Barry. BARRY: I'm sorry, Bill, but I don't think anyone would be interested in watching police scientists on TV. TV PRODUCER: Perhaps you're right. BARRY: Besides, I prefer the real world. At least that's in color... He notices that he's talking to a MANNEQUIN. Or the functional equivalent at least. In fact, EVERYTHING has frozen mid-stride. Punch is frozen inbetween cup and serving spoon. A cork caps an explosion of champaign, hanging like a cloud in mid-air. We hear a STRANGELY-ACCENTED VOICE, quite distinctive. The voice of CAIN. CAIN: (V.O.) Can you hear me, Flash? You're the only one who can. This transmission is being played out so fast that only your ears can hear it. I hope you're listening, Flash. Because I'm going to tell you about a bomb that's going to go off in one minute. EXT. TRAIN STATION – MORNING SUPER: Present Day WALLY WEST, early-twenties, hipster, slacker type. Kind of guy who

coasts through life on his considerable charm. Bit of a hothead. Scraggly beard. He's currently hanging out the window of his TRAIN. He sees a YOUNG BOY on the platform. WALLY: Pardon me, boy, is this the Pennsylvania station? BOY: Yeah, yeah, track twenty-nine. Would you like a shoe shine? Wally shakes his head, a bit confused. WALLY: No thank you. INT. TRAIN – MORNING Wally sits back down as the train gets under way. Pulls headphones on. David Bowie's "Major Tom" plays as Wally rests his head against the window. The train gets underway. Outside, the scenery rushes by... EXT. DESERT – DAY Somewhere in America's heartland. Orange rock and brown sand for as far as the eye can see. ROLL CREDITS as we zoom through a series of NATURAL ROCK FORMATIONS, each more majestic than the last. And as we do this, the rousing FLASH THEME starts. Something epic like the Indiana Jones or Superman theme, letting us know that for the next two hours, we're going on one hell of an adventure! We continue cruising. Over fields of corn. Grassland. Highway, power lines. We come across the mighty GARDNER RIVER. Take a leisurely turn to follow it. We breeze along its ebbs and flows until we reach... THE TWIN CITIES. Separated by aforementioned river, KEYSTONE CITY and CENTRAL CITY. Keystone City is very industrial. Think Detroit City on acid. Brick and mortar. Blue-collar capital of the work. The people are strong Midwestern stock. On the other side of the river (connected by the VAN BUREN BRIDGE. Thirty lanes. Makes the Golden Gate Bridge look like something built with Legos.) is Central City. More flashy. More slick. Chrome and glass, skyscrapers. An LA/NY wannabe metropolis. We reach the other side of the cities and see WALLY'S TRAIN. INT. TRAIN – DAY Wally sees a BILLBOARD on the city limits, KEYSTONE CITY – HOME OF THE FLASH. He sighs and rolls his eyes. EXT. KEYSTONE CITY TRAIN STATION – DAY Wally gets off the train, holding his suitcases. Waiting for him is HARTLEY PIPER RATHAWAY, son of the third largest publisher in America. Wiseass, quirky good looks. Upon seeing Wally's beard, he selfconsciously rubs his own clean-shaven chin.

WALLY: Piper! My brother from another mother! PIPER: Hey Wally. How was Blue Valley? WALLY: Well, now there's a teenager girl and some big robot thing defending the place. (shrugs) You know how it is. PIPER: Linda's here too... The look in Wally's eyes leaves no doubt how he feels about her. PIPER: Dude, why don't you just tell her how you feel about her? WALLY: Remember the last time that happened? The lies, the tears, the recriminations... then I turned off Melrose Place and asked her out and she shot me down and it SUCKED ASS. PIPER: That was then. This is now. C'mon, everyone can tell you two are crazy about each other. WALLY: Crazy's the word alright. She's... Linda! As far as she's concerned, I'm a sexless shoulder to cry on. I have nothing below the waist that interests her. Besides, there're plenty of other girls in line ahead of her. PIPER: Please. If there's anything I know, it's when someone's in the closet. WALLY: What? I told you, I'm not... PIPER: Not like that, idiot. You think I can't tell how it's ripping your guts out? WALLY: Oh, c'mon. Since when do I get choked up over a dame? PIPER: Sure. Sure. I understand... when you get married, are you planning on keeping your maiden name? WALLY: Goddamn it, Pipe! (beat) I'm... I'm not ready to be rejected again, Piper. PIPER: Ever considered that maybe she's ready for you? WALLY: Why? Besides, me and Frances are great to... His phone rings. He picks it up. WALLY: Hello? Oh, hey Frances. What? You're breaking up with me over the phone? Why? IMMATURE!? I am not immature! He holds the phone out to Piper. WALLY: Piper, tell her I'm not immature!

PIPER: Hello? Yes, I know. Yeah, he does that here too. I know. No, he doesn't do the dishes here, either. Yes. Yes. Well, I'm flattered ma'am, but you're not my type. No. No. Listen, it doesn't matter what your mother thinks of you, all that matters is what you think of you. Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Okay. Nice talking to you too. Bye. WALLY: How long ago did she hang up? PIPER: 'Bout a minute. WALLY: Ah, who cares about Frances? Besides, she had one of those nipple rings... PIPER: What, a nipple ring is a deal-breaker? WALLY: No, but it's irritating, y'know? I just have this thing about piercings. I'll never understand why people feel compelled to stake hunks of shiny metal through their... HI LINDA, NICE EARRINGS! LINDA PARK, definitely not your typical big-breasted love interest. In fact, she might be referred to colloquially as a "brainy chick." Glasses, very grounded, with a streak of vague self-awareness that makes her instantly endearing. She's a good five years or so older than the boys. LINDA: Wally! You're back! WALLY: We're not friends anymore. Remember? You signed me up for Womyn's Studies over the summer? Now I know what heterosexism is and I will never be able to get it out of my mind. PIPER: Heterosexism? But that's the best kind! WALLY: See? He's gay and even he doesn't know what it means. PIPER: Yeah, well I'm not a very good stereotype. I don't know any showtunes and David Beckham does nothing for me. WALLY: So, how was your summer? LINDA: Great. I got my internship at Waynetech. I tell you, things are weird in Gotham... but I'll tell you about it later. You remember to do Old Man Allen's paper? WALLY: Linda, honestly, who assigns homework over the summer? Seriously. LINDA: Wally, you'll never learn. WALLY: Look, I'm going to check on it right now. Catch ya later. EXT. ROOFTOP – DAY On top of a DORM, Wally walks past some clotheslines and satellite

dishes to see his set-up, a small CHEMISTRY LAB on an isolated portion of the rooftop. A plastic tarp lies nearby. Wally checks the chemicals. Writes down a few observations. Checks the sun's position. Takes a Polaroid of each chemical and writes down the date on them. WALLY: You're gonna get me my doctorate, bitches. INT. DORM ROOM – DAY Typical bachelor pad. Wally sits in a beanbag, the phone ringing in his hands. Someone answers. WALLY: Linda, hi. LINDA: (filtered) Wally, how's it going? WALLY: Great. Checked on my project, everything seems good. Yeah, I just was wondering if you might wanna get a bite to eat later on... LINDA: (filtered) Sure, I'd love to. Wally's face lights up. LINDA: (filtered) I'll call Piper. The face? Falls. LIDNA: (filtered) I know the perfect place... INT. FLASH MUSEUM – DAY CLOSE on Wally's face. WALLY: What a character Flash was... battling crime and injustice everywhere. And what a unique weapon he had against the arsenal of crime. Speed. Supersonic speed! Undreamt-of speed! (beat) It's too bad he was a hoax. PULL OUT to reveal he, Piper, and Linda are sitting in the dining area of the FLASH MUSEUM, a smorgasboard of all things Flash. Piper is toying with a GORILLA GRODD STUFFED ANIMAL. In the background is a GIFT SHOP. Framed in the window of it are cardboard cutouts of the MIRROR MASTER holding his pistol, lined up in classic "No use, Flash--you'll never... find... the real me... in time...!" fashion. Nearby, impersonators of MIRROR MASTER, HEAT WAVE, COMRADE BOOMERANG, and WEATHER WIZARD conduct "experiments" on refracting light, fire safety, aerodynamics, and meterology (respectively) for a gaggle of children. Elsewhere, an animatronic Flash metes out justice to some zoot-suited nogoodniks.

LINDA: Jesus, Wally, what is with this pet theory of yours? It's just... ridiculous. WALLY: C'mon. A super speedster? Daring battles against supervillains? GORILLA GRODD? C'mon. It was just a hoax to drum up tourism, like the Loch Ness Monster or Bigfoot. PIPER: Hey, man, don't knock Gorilla Grodd. Piper squeezes the stuffed animal. PREPROGRAMMED VOICE: "Gorilla City will fall before my super-science! LINDA: Ooh, let me try! She squeezes it. PREPROGRAMMED VOICE: "Bah! Let's see how the Flash likes being devolted into primordial soup!" WALLY: We're getting off topic. Look at that. The Cosmic Treadmill. A so-called TIME MACHINE and yet the government isn't trying to reverseengineer it at Area 51 or whatever? LINDA: Only the Flash could use it. Wally gestures at a replica ROBOT with horns, a pitchfork, and a forked tail. WALLY: And what's with El Diablo Robotico? PIPER: The Devil built a robot. WALLY: Can anyone else not see how utterly ridiculous this all is? LINDA: Sometimes life's ridiculous. Like your beard. WALLY: Hey, this is a very masculine beard. PIPER: Wally, seriously now, it gives me heartburn just looking at it. LINDA: You let me shave that thing off, I will have your babies. WALLY: Alright, but I want virile male heirs. Virile, you hear me! The WAITRESS, dressed in a sexy low-cut-top-and-skirt version of the Flash's outfit, arrives with their check. WAITRESS: Here's your check. They pay for their meals. LINDA: Which one of you did I split my Captain Cold Coleslaw with

again? PIPER: That'd be me. WALLY: You know why they stopped selling Comrade Boomerang-themed meals? LINDA: Don't encourage him. PIPER: (ignoring her) Why? WALLY: Kept coming back. PIPER: Ugh... LINDA: Lame, West. Really lame. WALLY: Then why are you smiling? They get up to leave, walking out of the Museum. As they do, they pass a small STAND, almost like a Lovematic Machine. Piper presses a button on it and a small notecard comes out, ala Trivial Pursuit. They each collect their cards, like fortune cookies. PIPER: (reading his card) Hey, did you know "The human nervous system carries messages from one part of the bost to another at speeds up to 265 miles per hour"? WALLY: That's nothing. "Flash Fact. Just as a properly-hurled pebble can skim over the surface of the lake, the Flash, when super-speeding, could run over water so fast that his feet never even began to sink." Wow. That should really come in handy. LINDA: Mine just says "3X2(9YZ)4A." EXT. STREET – DAY Wally, Linda, and Piper step out of the Flash Musem. The entrance is grand, made of GLASS, at the top of a long flight of stone steps like a courthouse. The friends descent to the sidewalk. PIPER: Taxi! Taxi! WALLY: You've got a problem with hoofing it? PIPER: I'm in a bit of a hurry. WALLY: Pipe, you gotta learn to slow down, smell the... A PURSE SNATCHER runs by them, grabs Linda's purse. Instantly, Wally runs after him, not thinking about it for an instant. LINDA: Wally, wait! It's not worth it!

Wally isn't listening. The snatcher looks back. Is quite surprised to see someone actually keeping up with him. He PUSHES a bystander down. Wally HURDLES the downed civilian, stays on the snatcher's tail. Actually catches up with him, grabs him by the shoulder. The snatcher rockets an elbow back into Wally's nose, spurting out blood. Wally steps back, dazed. The snatcher procedes to beat the shit out of him, leaving him lying bloody and half-conscious on the ground. The snatcher, pissed, pulls a KNIFE. SNATCHER: This may not have been the biggest mistake of your life but it certainly is the last. Suddenly a FOOT comes across his jaw, knocking him into a wall. Literally out of nowhere. The man, wrapped in a trenchcoat, polishes the punk off with a sock to the nose. Wally makes a "Where the hell did he come from?" face as OLD MAN ALLEN helps him up. BARRY: That was brave. Stupid, but brave. Yes, that's Barry alright. A good forty years older, or thereabouts. It's hard to tell. The years haven't weathered him, his life has. He seems like a definite hardass. WALLY: Professor Allen... BARRY: Please. We're not in class. You can call me... Mr. Allen. How's your project coming, Mr. West? WALLY: Great, great... BARRY: Researching the effects of sunlight on Mercurous Chloride. Fascinating subject, Mr. West. Just make sure it lives up to expectations. He walks off. BARRY: And you might want to check in on it. I hear there's a storm coming. WALLY: Yeah, whatever... BARRY: (pissed) Lazy, fat, and stupid is no way to go through life, son. WALLY: Who you calling fat? Linda and Piper catch up to Wally. Wally hands Linda her purse. LINDA: Wally, are you okay? WALLY: (surly) Just leave me alone... He stalks off.

PIPER: What was that all about? INT. DORM ROOM – EVENING Wally drags an ICE COOLER into the room. Inside are several bags of ice. Wally makes an icepack, holds it to his face. His roommate, TRENT, rolls a joint while sipping a Coke. Trent is your average stoner, complete with white-boy dreadlocks. TRENT: Dude, why do you think they call it Coke Classic? I mean, yeah, it’s definitely classic, but why does it say that on the can? Do you think it has something to do with those guys we were talking about in Hum 110, those Greeks? Or Romans, whatever - those guys? WALLY: It’s because there’s another Coke. TRENT: Dubya-Dubya, did you like, get in a fight or something? WALLY: No, Trent... I fell down. TRENT: Dude, that's bogus. Wally sits down in front of the tube, winces in pain. He turns on the TV. Three Stooges is on. WALLY: Finally, I catch a lucky... There's a knock at the door. Exasperated, Wally mutes the TV and gets up. Trent stuffs his joint in his pocket and opens the window. TRENT: Dubya-Dubya, you expecting someone? That’s not the secret knock! It’s probably the campus goons, come to take me away! Wally has already opened the door. Linda comes in, holding a pizza pie. WALLY: Hey, Linda, you made it. TRENT: Babe, is that pizza in the box or are you just happy to see me? Linda tries to figure that out, gives it up, then sets the pizza down. LINDA: A sort of consolation prize, I'm borrowing your roommate. Scram. TRENT: Coolio. (whispering to Wally) Remember to double-bag, she looks kinda skanky. He slips out before Wally has a chance to respond. Wally slams the door and turns around to see Linda holding two cans of shaving cream and a shaving kit. WALLY: You probably get this a lot, but what's with the shaving stuff? Because, really, that's the kind of thing you should do in the privacy of your own home, although I am glad that...

LINDA: Wally. WALLY: Yeah? LINDA: Shut it. You're getting shaved before anybody realizes I know you. Wally sits down in front of her. WALLY: Fine. You win. The beard will die. LINDA: You can do it yourself if you like. WALLY: Nah, I don't have the discipline. Linda walks behind him. LINDA: Try not to move... WALLY: Please tell me you've practiced on your cat or something... She begins trimming his beard. WALLY: I feel like Clint Eastwood in High Plains Drifter... you ever see that movie? LINDA: I don't like Westerns. WALLY: You're missing out. Maybe I'll get you The Searchers or something for your birthday. LINDA: Actually, I'm expecting a pearl necklace! Wally adopts a wondering expression, then shakes his head quietly. LINDA: What kind of shaving cream, regular of menthol? WALLY: Are we smoking or shaving? LINDA: Sensitive skin it is... She begins lathering him up. WALLY: I'm not sensitive. In fact, I'm quite insensitive. Have you gained weight? LINDA: Not a good thing to say to a lady with a razor. Now stop jabbering before I get some in your mouth. She finishes up, wipes her hands on his shirt... WALLY: Hey! And pulls out a RAZOR. She begins shaving him.

WALLY: You know, I heard the funniest thing from Piper... LINDA: Really? Funny-haha or funny-strange? WALLY: Well, he thought you and I were... y'know. LINDA: Ha! You and me? C'mon. Linda Park and the man who invented the D-cup rule? WALLY: I was a kid back then. LINDA: And you're so much more mature now... She accidentally nicks him. WALLY: Oww! LINDA: Sorry! Wally holds a finger to the wound, comes away and looks at the smallish amount of blood. WALLY: S'alright. LINDA: You wanna finish it? WALLY: Follow-through, Miss Park. She continues. LINDA: So, what was the deal with the brush-off earlier? WALLY: Guess I was just embarrassed at getting beat up in front of my... friends. LINDA: You deserved it. Who did you think you were, Dirty Harry? WALLY: I was going for more of a John McClane vibe, actually. LINDA: You could've been killed. WALLY: I didn't know you cared... LINDA: Of course I care. I'm your friend. Wally wants to pursue that line of thought, but Linda finishes. She wipes Wally's now clean-shaven chin off with a towel. LINDA: And the chin makes its triumphant comeback. WALLY: It was never really gone. Linda wipes some of the blood from the nick off his face.

LINDA: You might wanna get a band-aid on that... WALLY: Yeah... And now he's totally, hopelessly in love with her. WALLY: Linda, you ever think about... Suddenly LIGHTNING CRACKS and RAIN begins pelting the windows. Wally bolts out of his seat. WALLY: Oh shit, my project! He grabs a raincoat, runs out the door. Linda watches him go. LINDA: I'll just see myself out... EXT. ROOFTOP – EVENING LIGHTNING arcs across the sky with a TERRIFIC BOOM, a WHIRLPOOL OF CLOUDS above. Wally rushes to secure the chemicals, throwing a tarp over it. The pouring rain chills him to the bone. WALLY: How could this get any worse!? A massive ENERGY BOLT, almost more PLASMA than electricity, STABS down into the chemicals. PULSING and THROBBING... almost ALIVE... Wally is spellbound. He doesn't notice until it's too late that the chemicals are BUBBLING... becoming SUPER-CHARGED. WALLY: Oh sh... BOOOOM! Wally is thrown backwards... off the building. He lands in a tree, the branches breaking his long fall into several short, painful ones. Finally, he lands on the ground. He looks dead. His entire body seems to pulse with an inner light... just as Barry's did. We zoom in on his eye... REM doesn't even begin to cover it. His eyes POP OPEN! And we see LIGHTNING dancing about the irises... Wally sits up. WALLY: (out of it) Sister Elizabeth said this would happen if I didn't shape up. Looks at his watch. It's travelling SUPER-FAST. That can't be right... he taps it, once. It STOPS instantly. He gets to his feet. His movements are jerky, imprecise. A POV shot reveals that his vision is blurry. Sounds are slow, ponderous... as if he were drugged. He walks. Oww! Leg cramp! In fact, every move he makes causes a cramp! His body, working kinks out...

As he begins walking towards the dorm, we notice that THE RAIN is turning to steam as soon as it hits his skin. INT. DORM ROOM – EVENING Wally enters, sweating feverishly. Smoke peeling off him like dry ice. He takes two bags of ice from the ice chest, goes to the bathroom. Empties them into the tub. Clothes still on, he slips into the bathrub. Among the ice, he tries to wipe away his sweat... he's burning up... INT. DORM ROOM – THE NEXT MORNING Wally gets up! The ice has long since melted... or maybe he just fell asleep in the tub? WALLY: Must've fallen asleep. He gets up... the fact that his clothes are still on (and soaking wet) quickly dispels that idea. He steps out of the tub, almost slipping on the tile floor. Outside, Trent is eating some Captain Crunch while Piper checks out the newspaper. PIPER: Hey Wally. Needed to borrow some of your DVDs. You want the comics? Wally just groans and holds his head. PIPER: You know what I want to know? How can a man who only reads the funny pages even HAVE a political opinion? WALLY: Hey, I don't criticize your lifestyle. PIPER: Being gay's not the same as being a Republican. WALLY: And we have an early candidate for understatement of the millenium. TRENT: Dude, what's the deal with the ice and the bathtub and stuff...? WALLY: ...It was for a term paper. TRENT: Oh. Alright. WALLY: (to Piper) Did I do anything last night I should know about? Anything important? PIPER: No. But if your ass hurts, it wasn't me. WALLY: Funny. Seriously now. PIPER: Think you had sex with a girl. She came around this morning.

Said the test results were back and she needed to talk with you. WALLY: You're an asshole. PIPER: I've been called worse. WALLY: And it's all true. He takes a sip of coffee. WALLY: This coffee tastes like I've already pissed it out. Well, I'd better get to work. I have a report due on Tuesday... He takes another sip... PIPER: It IS Tuesday... Spits it right out. Runs to the computer. Looks up at a clock. WALLY: Damn! Class is in one hour! TRENT: And I thought I got high... Wally hurriedly opens the file and types. To US, he's moving at normal speed. Then we pan over to Piper... who's moving in SLOW-MOTION. Wally finishes, hits print. The printer seems to be jammed, Wally SLAPS it a few times. Each time he touches it, the printer immediately rattles off a piece of paper. Wally doesn't notice, he's so intent on the ticking clock. Finally, he grabs up the printed papers and rushes out the door... As soon as he's left the room, Piper goes into normal motion. PIPER: Oh, that clock's about an hour fast. TRENT: I've been meaning to fix it... EXT. DORM – MORNING Wally runs out of the dorm, carrying his paper, nearly dry. He sees a TAXI passing by. WALLY: Taxi! TAXI! It passes right by him. He runs to catch up with it. Unexpectedly ACCELERATES. Runs RIGHT PAST IT! He TRIPS on a curb. Lands in grass. Picks himself up, spitting out grass, to see the campus right in front of him! INT. CLASSROOM – MORNING Wally rushes in. Barry is waiting for him. BARRY: Mr. West, you're late.

WALLY: I overslept... BARRY: Why are you dripping wet? WALLY: Waterbed broke. BARRY: We have a pop quiz in progress. Take your seat and get to work. Wally puts his paper down on Barry's desk, grabs a pencil and scantron, and moves offscreen. We stay with Barry as he checks his watch. BARRY: Five... four... three... two... pencils down, everyone. A general chorus of disapproval. Barry narrows his eyes at Wally. BARRY: Pencil... down, Mr. West. WALLY: Right, sorry. He sets his pencil down. BARRY: Class dismissed. The students leave. Barry picks up Wally's scantron. BARRY: Let's see how far you... He sees that ALL THE ANSWERS are bubbled in. BARRY: Impossible... INT. RESTAURANT – MORNING Wally sits down at a booth. WALLY: Waiter! Coffee! (to himself) It's just your imagination. Nothing's wrong... A WAITRESS carrying a tray of food TRIPS, spilling the food all over him. Or not, because it FREEZES in mid-air like a constellation of stars. Wally is shocked. As if in a dream, he collects the food, sets it down on the tray, and puts it back in the Waitress' arms. Time SPEEDS BACK UP and the Waitress recovers. WAITRESS: What... I could've swore I... She moves on. Wally runs his hands through his hair. WALLY: There's got to be a rational explanation... there's got to be... Suddenly, his hand starts VIBRATING. Uncontrollably. He tries to brace it against the table... and it RIPS right through it like a jackhammer. The amputated portion falls off. All eyes turn to Wally.

WALLY: Uhhh... termites? EXT. RESTAURANT – MORNING Wally walks out of the restaurant. WALLY: Jesus, I couldn't wait to have a nervous breakdown until after finals? Barry SUPER-SPEEDS IN behind him. BARRY: Mr. West. WALLY: Jesus! (turning around) Don't sneak up on me like that! BARRY: I might have a job for you. WALLY: A job? What kind of pay are we talking about? BARRY: Oh, the rewards would be great, I assure you. WALLY: Would I have to travel a lot? BARRY: You could say that. WALLY: Alright, I'll think about it. BARRY: My card. He holds it out. Wally takes it. WALLY: Thanks. BARRY: Stop by sometime. They part ways. Barry TAKES OFF. Wally turns around. WALLY: Does two work for... weird. Wally continues walking. A CAR drives through a puddle. The splash is coming right at Wally... he holds up his hands to shield himself... and the water STOPS. In fact, EVERYTHING stops. Just like in the restaurant. WALLY: Hang on... EXT. SPEED READER – DAY Wally looks up at a SPEED READER, a radar gun attached to a display board and a speed limit sign. The display board shows the speed of the passing car. Wally looks around. No other cars on the horizon. He does some stretches, breathes deeply.

WALLY: Okay... strong focus on what I want... He runs by it. Forty miles per hour. Wow. Wally hops from foot to foot, on fire, feeling it. He runs around the speed reader in circles. The display board climbs higher and higher, like an old-fashioned gas pump. Finally, Wally stops. Not even winded. The display board reads 499. WALLY: Hey now... The board flickers. The top of the 4 fills in, becoming a 9. WALLY: That's more like it. Then he smells SMOKE. WALLY: What the... He looks down. His SHOES are on fire! WALLY: Ah! Hotfoot! Hotfoot! He kicks at them, trying to put them out, then RUNS into a POND. Two ATTRACTIVE WOMEN ride by on bicycles. They laugh at him. Wally spits out a stream of pond water. WALLY: I bet this never happens to Hawkman. EXT. POND – LATER Wally wraps DUCT TAPE around his feet. WALLY: Heh. I rule. He STARTS RUNNING. But his speed doesn't kick in. He's just a regular guy, jogging at regular speed. WALLY: C'mon, what's this? Is my secret vulnerability duct tape or something? The ATTRACTIVE WOMEN ride by him again. WOMAN 1: Nice shoes! WALLY: It's for a term paper! EXT. DORM – DAY Wally, still wearing the duct tape, spots Piper. WALLY: Pipe! I need to talk to you! PIPER: Wally, this really isn't the... WALLY: It's important!

INT. DORM ROOM – DAY Wally checks that the door is closed. PIPER: Alright, Wally, what is it? WALLY: Listen, Piper, last night it happened. The chemicals I was working with, they got struck by lightning and splattered all over me. And now I have this power, I can move at super-speed! PIPER: Alright, I get it, the Flash is a crock, you don't have to go through this role-playing charade to... WALLY: No, you don't get it! Look at this, watch this! He begins vibrating his hand. Piper jerks back. PIPER: The hell!? WALLY: Exactly! PIPER: Wally, this is... wow... WALLY: This does not leave the room, got it? You've got to swear to God to tell no one, no family, no friends, no one. PIPER: Alright. Trent walks by in his underwear and bathrobe, scratching himself. TRENT: Your secret's safe with me... PIPER: Wait a minute, who's... WALLY: Don't worry, he's cool. Watch this. Piper, everything I say is a lie. "I am lying." PIPER: But that's like... whoa... dude! INT. BARRY'S OFFICE – DAY Wally enters. The place is small, cozy. A few mementos from Barry's test pilot days... a Ferris Aircraft Company toy plane... WALLY: Hello? I'm here about the job... Barry steps through the door behind Wally. BARRY: Ah, good. You made it. WALLY: But wha... where'd you come from? BARRY: Oh, here and there. Best not to think about such things. We'd

better get started. He shuffles a bunch of flash cards (sic) extremely fast in front of Wally. WALLY: Ummm... what's the point of... BARRY: What was the third one in the series? WALLY: A bear. BARRY: And the seventh? WALLY: A table. BARRY: Quick eye. That's good. WALLY: How many of these little tests am I going to have to do? BARRY: Just one more... He throws a KNIFE at Wally! Wally CATCHES it! WALLY: Whoa! BARRY: You're in. WALLY: In? You just threw a knife at me! BARRY: And you caught it. WALLY: And you threw a knife at me! BARRY: And you caught it. WALLY: Screw this, I'm out of here... He walks to the right, TRACK WITH HIM, leaving Barry offscreen... Wally stops in front of BARRY, who's managed to move in front of him all in this single shot. WALLY: How did you...? BARRY: Throughout history, lightning, for all its destructive power, has always been attributed to the forces of good. The Greeks believed lightning was the weapon of Zeus, king of the Gods. Norse mythology said Thor, foe of all demons, tossed lightning bolts at his enemies. In India, lightning is the flashing of the third eye of Shiva... the light of truth. WALLY: That's all very illuminating, but what does it have to do with me?

BARRY: My young friend, you are living proof that lightning can strike the same place twice. WALLY: Who are you? BARRY: It's the hat, right? Nobody recognizes me without the hat... EXT. PARK – DAY Wally and Barry sit on a park bench in front of a STONE STATUE of THE FLASH. Arms at his waist, heroically posed. WALLY: You gotta be kidding me. BARRY: It's true. WALLY: You've got to understand, this is a lot to absorb. The Flash is real... and he's my college physics professor? BARRY: Your high school physics professor is The Atom. WALLY: That's not funny. BARRY: Mr. West, I believe there is a... force. Something greater than you or me. It chose me to be the Flash, just as it chose my predecessor and his predecessor. And now it's chosen you to fulfill a higher calling. Mr. West... Wally... it's been too long since the Flash ran these streets. I look at the city, my city, and I see smut-peddlers and criminals running things. The people don't believe in heroes anymore. Well, I say nuts to that! We're gonna give 'em back their heroes! WALLY: ...hell. What else am I going to do, stay here and learn? For the first time in the movie, Barry smiles. BARRY: Let's get to work. MUSIC CRESCENDOS! But the scene doesn't end. Instead, Wally says... WALLY: Although you do need to work on your pitch. "We're gonna give 'em back their heroes"? Anything'd be better than that. You'd be better off saying "Be the Flash, bitch." INT. NEWS STUDIO – DAY An ANCHORMAN faces the camera. ANCHORMAN: For KRGR TV, I'm Joe Klein. Good night. PRODUCER: (O.S.) And we're clear. ANCHORMAN: Thank God, I've got to drop a bomb like nobody's business. Nearby, the PRODUCER is signing off on documents while Linda harries

him. The Producer is the spitting image of the TV Producer seen in the opening, only with a moustache. LINDA: You haven't given me a story since my expose on that dognapping ring. PRODUCER: That's not true! Just last week I gave you that story on the homeless shelter... LINDA: You preempted my story for a report on Spring Break. PRODUCER: So? LINDA: So it was eighty percent girls in bikinis. PRODUCER: So? LINDA: With the other ten percent being men in speedos. PRODUCER: Maybe you haven't heard Linda, but sex sells. Listen, I know you want to do hard-hitting social activism crap, but nobody cares. The public wants spectacle, they want sensation... LINDA: They want the truth. PRODUCER: Well, there's the truth and then there's the Truth. Listen, you wanna get into this business, bring me a story I can do something with. Something big. LINDA: Lloyd, this is Keystone City. Nothing ever happens here. EXT. IRON HEIGHTS PENITENTIARY – DAY A vast, functional fortress of a prison. "Rehabilitation" is not in this place's vocabulary. INT. IRON HEIGHS PENITENTIARY – MENTAL HEALTH WING – DAY GREGORY WOLFE, the powerfully-built administrator of this hellhole, walks alongside JEAN LORING, attorney. LORING: This situation is intolerable, Mr. Wolfe! My client should be in a proper health care facility... WOLFE: Your "client" cut the tongues out of eleven women to "stop the voices." If it were up to me, he'd rot in here. LORING: Fortunately, it's not up to you. Let me do my job. They stop at a door. LORING: Mr. Wolfe? Wolfe grudingly presses his palm to a scanner on the side of the door.

WOLFE: Wolfe, Gregory. The door, having identified him, opens. Inside the padded cell is a single figure, bound in leg irons and straitjacket, facing the wall. WOLFE: You want someone to supervise? LORING: We need total privacy. WOLFE: Your funeral... Loring steps inside. The door closes behind her with resounding finality, causing her to jump a bit. LORING: Dr. Amar? She walks towards the figure. LORING: I'm your lawyer. I'm here to help you. The figure moans softly. Loring walks around him. GASPS. The figure is an ORDERLY, his tongue cut out. Written in blood on his chest is "The Master Is Returning." THE PRISONER HAS ESCAPED. EXT. TRAINYARD – DAY The trainyard is massive, empty. Wally walks along, the gravel crunching under his shoes. WALLY: Oh, I bet you take all the guys here. BARRY: I've got a lot of work to do... WALLY: So, what do we do first? BARRY: Do a lap. WALLY: That's it? BARRY: I want to see how fast you can go. WALLY: And the whole "catching on fire" thing, that's just a bonus? BARRY: Your protective aura will cut down on friction. WALLY: Katra's got my back. Sure.

BARRY: Your costume should do the rest. WALLY: Right, why don't we skip the "me bursting into flames" phase and give me a costume now? BARRY: Because you haven't earned it. WALLY: I think not spontaneously combusting is a Constitutional right. BARRY: The aura protects you from friction. The costume protects everything else from it. Without it, you'd superheat everything you run on. Now get going. WALLY: Fine. Try to keep up, old man. Wally begins running. After a moment of incredulous disbelief, Barry pursues, easily keeping pace. BARRY: That's the fastest you can go? WALLY: Hey, it's your... higher calling thingey. BARRY: I think you've given me a big insight into the nature of the Speed Force. WALLY: Speed Force? That's what you call it? BARRY: What's wrong with that? WALLY: Nothing... BARRY: Because I was expecting that you would make some sort of irreverent remark. WALLY: Who, me? Never. BARRY: Good. Long beat. WALLY: May the Speed Force be with you. BARRY: That all? WALLY: No. BARRY: Get it out of your system. WALLY: Help me, Obi-Wan Allen, you're my only hope. The Speed Force? I've got a bad feeling about this. Lock S-foils in attack positions! BARRY: Do you want to hear the insight or not?

WALLY: Please, insight away. BARRY: You see, I'd always assumed that I'd gotten my powers instantly. The moment lightning struck. Looking back though, I realize I was like you. Not only wasn't I hurt, but I felt perfectly normal... until I started running... really moving! WALLY: What, you saying I'm not going fast enough? BARRY: I'm saying maybe, maybe, this power isn't something that sneaks up on you. Maybe it's something you have to reach out and grab. AND you're not going fast enough. WALLY: I'm open to suggestions. Barry hangs back a bit. BARRY: Don't worry. He pulls out a PISTOL. BARRY: Motivation's on the way. He begins FIRING at Wally's feet. Gravel is kicked up right on his heels. Wally starts REALLY BOOKING IT... away from Barry. BARRY: Just so you know... the next one's aimed at your head. He FIRES. Wally looks back... and goes into FLASH-TIME. The world seems to be standing still, the bullet a lazy butterfly. He easily sidesteps it. The bullet SPEEDS UP as Wally SLOWS DOWN, shifting back into realtime. WALLY: Okay, I'm impressed. Barry walks up next to him, reloading his gun. WALLY: You SHOT at me! Jesus, have you never heard of firearm safety? BARRY: It worked, didn't it? Now we just have to practice how to accelerate without causing a sonic boom... WALLY: Right, right, later. But first, where's the bathroom? Barry points. BARRY: That way, inside the gray building, second door on your right. WALLY: Thanks. Be right back. Wally walks offscreen. We suddenly hear a SONIC BOOM. BARRY: Ah, nerts.

EXT. FARM – DAY A FARMBOY holds a basket, walking out the screen door of his house. FATHER: (O.S.) You can go on that date once you've picked all dem tomatoes! Suddenly a BLUR whooshes through the stalks. In a split-second, the Farmboy's basket is filled with tomatoes! EXT. FIRING RANGE – DAY Wally zooms through an OUTDOOR FIRING RANGE. Zig-zagging through a hail of slow-motion bullets. EXT. SPEEDTRAP – DAY A COP CAR sits behind some bushes. Inside, a COP sips his coffee. Something speeds by. The Cop looks at his radar gun. Three hundred miles per hour! He does a spit-take. EXT. HOUSEHOLD – DAY Wally rockets by a woman HANGING CLOTHES on a clothesline. All her meticulously-hung clothes blow off. WOMAN: God... Wally BLURS BACK, rehanging them, then continuing on his way... all at super-speed. WOMAN: Damn... INT. TRAIN – DAY A TRAIN, steaming away from Keystone City. Suddenly, there's a commotion. Everyone starts crowding to one side of the car... TRACKING SHOT over their shoulders as we see Wally out the window, outstriping the trian. He waves jauntily at them. REVERSE ANGLE. A bit in shock, they WAVE BACK. Wally TAKES OFF, swings around the train, and heads back towards Keystone. EXT. STOPLIGHT – DAY A RICH DICK in a Porsche waits at the stoplight. WALLY: (O.S.) Wanna race? The Rich Dick looks out his window. Wally is standing next to him...

RICH DICK: You must be out of your mind. WALLY: Try me. Rich Dick revs the engine. Wally adopts a racer's stance, touching his toes. The light changes... WALLY ZOOMS OFF, leaving Rich Dick in the dust. RICH DICK: That ain't right... EXT. GARDNER BRIDGE – DAY Wally RUNS UP the upsweep cables of the suspension bridge, laughing it up. INT. DORM ROOM – DAY Wally zooms in, still laughing. In love with life. TRENT reacts. TRENT: Dude, you came in here at, like, warp seven! WALLY: No, I didn't. TRENT: Yes you did! WALLY: Trent... am I traveling at warp now? TRENT: Nooo... sorry, man, must be the 'shrooms. Trent turns his back. Wally RUNS UP a wall, doing a somersault to land on his feet. WALLY: Hehehe... TRENT: So, who was the babe with the pizza? Your sister? WALLY: No, that was Linda Park. She's a friend. TRENT: A “friend.” Dude! Awesome! Totally awesome! WALLY: No, I'm not going out with her! TRENT: Oh, I get it... use 'em and lose 'em, right? WALLY: She's just a friend, Trent. TRENT: Right, just like Piper... WALLY: What's that supposed to mean? TRENT: Dude, it's okay. I hear, like, everyone is a bisexual or something like that, it's like a scale or something...

WALLY: For the last time, Trent, I'm not gay! TRENT: Dude, you gotta stop lying to yourself. You gotta have the pride! The gay pride! There's a knock at the door. Wally opens it. Barry is there. BARRY: Thought you'd come back here. WALLY: Having trouble keeping up. BARRY: Come with me. INT. DORM – DAY Wally and Barry walk through the dorm, stepping through the usual shenanigans. BARRY: That was completely irresponsible. You must've compromised your secret identity half a dozen times... WALLY: Secret identity? What, you expect me to just keep this bottled up? BARRY: I'm not asking you to hide your powers, but I am asking you to earn them. Murmur's escaped. You might be called into action sooner then I thought. WALLY: Murmur. He one of your (air quotes) "Rogues"? BARRY: What's that supposed to mean? WALLY: Look, I'm not hating, but if you've got a bunch of people who's day isn't complete unless they kill you, maybe you're doing something wrong. Increase the peace, y'know? I don't know, maybe send them some chocolate when they go to jail? "Sorry about foiling your evil plot. Hope we can still be friends." Yes? No? BARRY: Wally, let me make this perfectly clear. Disobey my orders again and I'll throw you out a window. WALLY: Ooooh, I'm so scared. EXT. CAMPUS – DAY Wally crashes through a window and onto the yard. Barry exits the dorm the traditional way and walks up next to him. BARRY: Now, show respect or I'll throw you out a higher window. Get it? WALLY: Got it. BARRY: Good.

He walks off. Wally gets up, dusting himself off. Notices people staring. WALLY: It's for a term paper. EXT. LINDA'S HOUSE – EVENING Wally rushes up to the door. Is about to knock when the door opens. LESLIE, Linda's sister, stands in the doorway. She holds her infant son, JOSH. LESLIE: Hi Wally. WALLY: Leslie. Always a pleasure. How's the rugrat? LESLIE: Just like his father. C'mon in. INT. LINDA'S HOUSE A big Colonial place. Wally steps inside. Emits a low whistle. LESLIE: Like the house? WALLY: I think we could find Jimmy Hoffa if we checked in all the closets. A large GOLDEN RETRIEVER, Chunks, barks at Wally. Wally surrenpidiously slips a doggy treat out of his pocket and tosses it to the dog. Chunks scarfs it down before it can touch the floor. Wally makes a "You da dog" gesture. A time-honored ritual. LESLIE: Sometimes I think you're the only man that dog likes. WALLY: Well, everyone else is a bit of a poo-poo head. Where's Linda? LINDA: (O.S.) Up here. Wally looks up. At the head of a flight of stairs is Linda, dressed in a blue cocktail dress. LINDA: Thanks for coming, Wally. I need your help and I'm really short on time! WALLY: Anything. LINDA: Well, I've got a big date tonight and I really want it to go well. I just went shopping and I need your opinion on what I should wear. WALLY: That looks good. LINDA: Wait until you see the alternative. She walks back into her dressing room. Wally sighs.

LESLIE: You know, you really should stop torturing myself. WALLY: What? LESLIE: Oh, please. You think I don't know how much it hurts when she cires on your shoulder every time one of those jagoffs dumps her? My sister is a very smart woman, but her taste in men? Atrocious. WALLY: Speaking of which, how's Roger? LESLIE: Away on business. Have a seat WALLY: Thank you. He sits down. Leslie goes into the kitchen. LESLIE: Can I get you something to drink? WALLY: No, I'm... Linda walks down the stairs in a short dress that bares a lot of cleavage. Wally crosses his legs. WALLY: Fine... LINDA: That's what I'm going for. Hey, what's wrong? WALLY: Have you ever had one of those days where you're just so sure you've got it all figured out, that there's an explanation for everything... then you find out that you know NOTHING, the rug's just pulled out from under you? And suddenly the world's a mystery again... LINDA: Oh, Wally... you were adopted? WALLY: What, no! LINDA: You're a bastard? WALLY: What!? LINDA: You know, your mother cheated on your father and you... WALLY: Alright, stop guessing. LINDA: Stop me if I'm getting close. Have you converted to Buddhism? WALLY: I'm not having this conversation. LINDA: C'mon, at least give me a hint... WALLY: Maybe later. LINDA: Well, thanks for your help. I knew I could count on you.

She gives him a peck on the cheek and rushes out the door. Leslie walks back to the awe-struck Wally. WALLY: Boobs. LESLIE: I know. WALLY: Boooooobs. LESLIE: Quite. INT. DORM ROOM – DAY Wally is playing ping-pong... against himself! Barry VIBRATES THROUGH THE WALL! BARRY: If you're done playing with yourself, we have work to do. WALLY: How'd you do that!? BARRY: Let me show you. EXT. CAMPUS – DAY Barry and Wally are gathered in a deserted part of the campus, near a BRICK WALL. BARRY: Alright, you ready? WALLY: And willing. BARRY: Then let's get down to it. You seem to have the speed down pretty well, now you need to develop your phasing ability. WALLY: Phasing? BARRY: Yes, you see, every object is made up of molecules... WALLY: Yes, I did graduate high school physics... BARRY: By concentrating, you and I can vibrate our molecules out of phase with solid matter and slip right through it. WALLY: Righteous. BARRY: Watch carefully. He begins VIBRATING and runs through the wall. BARRY: (O.S.) Now you try. WALLY: Alright... I can do this...

He runs at the wall full-tilt... bounces off of it like a pinball. WALLY: Oww! Barry phases back through the wall. BARRY: You alright? WALLY: Of course I'm not alright, I just ran into a wall! BARRY: Try it again. This time, make sure you're vibrating. WALLY: I must be some kind of idiot... He begins vibrating and runs through the wall. WALLY: (O.S.) Hey! Hey! I did it! I... The wall EXPLODES, the hole a perfect outline of Wally. Barry looks through it to see Wally, covered in dust from the explosion. BARRY: Hmm. It would seem your vibrations spread to the molecules in the wall, causing a destabliziation at a molecular level. We'll have to work on that. WALLY: Ya don't say... just as well, that takes a lot out of me. I can feel my stomach growling.Let's go get something to eat. INT. BAR & GRILL – DAY A WAITER sets down four plates stuffed full of hamburgers and French fries in front of Wally and Barry. WALLY: You want anything? BARRY: No... I had a big breakfast. Wally starts digging in. BARRY: So, who is she? WALLY: She? BARRY: The girl you're going to impress with this. First thing I did when I got my powers. WALLY: There's no one. Barry snorts derisively. WALLY: Well, okay... there's this one girl. I kinda have a thing for her.

BARRY: That's putting it mildly. The real story's written all over your face. WALLY: Yeah, well she must be the only one who can't read it. BARRY: My advice? Tell her how you feel. It's what I did. WALLY: Yeah, and how'd that work out for you? Barry holds up his hand. A golden wedding band is on his finger. WALLY: Ouch. Hey, what happened to her, anyway? BARRY: She died. A long time ago. WALLY: Oh. I'm sorry. BARRY: Yeah, who isn't? So, tell me about yourself. Why'd you leave home, come all the way out here to the vast plains of Keystone? WALLY: I didn't have a home. I had a... place where I grew up. BARRY: Unhappy childhood? WALLY: Why should I be any different? BARRY: Wanna talk about it? WALLY: Long, boring story. Sure you've heard it before. Overbearing parents, rebellious teenager. Now they're just voices over a phoneline. Honest to God, I prefer it that way. BARRY: (beat) You're a better man than you give yourself credit for. WALLY: You don't know me, Mr. Allen. Don't try. BARRY: Call me Barry. WALLY: Well, Barry, I have a father. I don't need another one, so stop trying. That hurt Barry a little more than Wally intended. BARRY: I didn't mean to... sorry. WALLY: S'alright. (beat) So, why'd you quit? BARRY: Don't ask me that. As long as you live, don't ever ask me that. WALLY: Okay, okay. Sheesh, don't blow a gasket. BARRY: C'mon. We've got a lot of work to do.

And as the training montage kicks into full-gear, we hear LL Cool J's "Mama Said Knock You Out" (with the immortal lyrics, "don't call it a comeback.") EXT. PARK – DAY Barry and Wally are in fighting stances. BARRY: Show me your fist. Wally does. BARRY: No, too loose. You're break your hand. WALLY: Never failed me before. BARRY: Have many fights you been in? WALLY: Counting this one? Two. BARRY: Take your best shot. Wally throws a punch. It bounces right off Barry's face. Wally holds his hand in pain. WALLY: Son of a bitch! INT. MEAT LOCKER – DAY Barry is holding a rack of meat, which Wally is punching. WALLY: You know, I have a membership at the gym... BARRY: Hush. WALLY: Look, we can go over there and use real training equipment or we can stay here and beat your meat. EXT. PARK – DAY Wally jogs after Barry, who rides a bike. BARRY: C'mon, keep up, keep up. No using your powers. Just twenty more miles to go. Wally stops, exhausted. Gasping for air, he points at Barry and... WALLY: Help! He stole my bike! A LARGE MAN tackles Barry. Wally winces. INT. GYM – DAY Wally works on a speedbag. Going faster and faster until he lets it go.

It swings for a moment... then bursts into flame! Wally looks around, then slyly grabs a fire extinguisher and puts it out. INT. KITCHEN – MORNING Wally steps into the kitchen. WALLY: What's for breakfast? Barry breaks five eggs and drops them raw into a glass, then hands them to Wally. Wally looks at it for a minute, then dumps it out onto a skillet. The eggs sizzle alongside some bacon. INT. GYM – DAY Wally is doing pull-ups. BARRY: What, you thought you could just grow a six-pack overnight? He punches Wally in the stomach. BARRY: Faster! EXT. PARK – DAY Wally and Barry are sparring. BARRY: One, two, three... On the three count, he slaps Wally. BARRY: Again. They clash. BARRY: One, two, three... He slaps Wally again. WALLY: Will you quit that! BARRY: You're right, it's not doing any good. They fight. BARRY: One, two, three... He tries to kick Wally in the balls. Wally dodges. BARRY: Much better. INT. DANCE STUDIO – DAY Hard as it is to believe, Wally is taking TAP DANCE lessons.

WALLY: And how is this supposed to help me? BARRY: Loosens the legs. WALLY: (under his breath) I'll loosen your legs, you overbearing... BARRY: What was that? INT. BARRY'S OFFICE – DAY Barry is opening up jigsaw puzzles and throwing them at Wally, who catches the pieces and assembles them on a table at super-speed. WALLY: Tell me something... what is this Speed Force thing anyway? BARRY: It's... hard to explain. Imagine a dimension of velocity, like our three planes of movement or the fourth dimension of time. With complete control over the Speed Force, a man could be unstoppable. WALLY: For example? Barry picks up a small barbell. Throws it up into the air. Then points at it. It SLOWS DOWN as it falls. BARRY: I can subtract velocity from any object in kinetic motion. WALLY: Could you add it? BARRY: I suppose... More than fifty years of learning and I haven't begun to master the damn thing. INT. FLASH MUSEUM – NIGHT Wally and Barry are walking through the Rogue's Gallery, Barry spinning the master key around on his finger. WALLY: Look, why do I even need all this jogging and boxing and... and... and DANCE LESSONS? I've got the speed to put the chill on Mike Tyson. BARRY: You won't always be going up against the “Mike Tysons” of the world. Look at this. The “Rogue's Gallery.” He points to a small display case, inside which is a HIGH-TECH PISTOL. BARRY: Heatwave's gun. This can flash-fry you like a microwave. Take your insides from raw to charbroiled in three seconds. How do you handle that? WALLY: I'll dodge. BARRY: You'll dodge.

Barry unlocks a case, takes out another weird-looking gun. BARRY: Captain Cold! His absolute-zero gun can suck the motion out of an area, slowing even you down. He hands it to Wally, who examines it. WALLY: Cool. Pardon the pun. He accidentally fires it. Freezes a statue of the Flash. WALLY: Ummm... that'll melt. BARRY: Must as I'm already regretting this, here. This isn't a gift. You've earned it. He tosses Wally a FLASH RING. Identical to the one seen in the opening. BARRY: Be the Flash, bitch. WALLY: Does this mean we're going steady? BARRY: Clam up. Twist the embelm. Wally does so. The costume springs out, expanding to full-size! WALLY: How the hell did it fit in there! BARRY: It's made of a super-durable, elastic fabric of my own design. Normally, it's tiny... but when it's exposed to the nitrogen in the air, it expands. WALLY: Those molecules must be very unstable... So, no more training? BARRY: No more training. WALLY: Whew! I'm glad that's over with. BARRY: You can say that again. WALLY: Yeah. BARRY: You're just supposed to repeat what you said. WALLY: Why? BARRY: What's the point of my setup? It's not funny unless you repeat exactly what you said. WALLY: I'm not trying to be funny. BARRY: Repeat it anyway, it's a wonderful cue. WALLY: ...I'm glad that's...

BARRY: No, no! That whole thing! WALLY: Whew! I'm glad that's over with. He holds up the costume. WALLY: Hey, no offense, but we need to get some new threads. INT. TAILOR SHOP – DAY PAUL GAMBI, an aged tailor, takes Wally's measurements. WALLY: Are you sure we can trust this guy? BARRY: Of course. This is the guy who did Superman's look. WALLY: I don't know. I thought the S should have been bigger. Maybe a brighter shade of red for the cape... GAMBI: I'm finished. Allow me a minute to let the art flow through me. WALLY: Sure thing, Edna Mode. Gambi walks into the backroom. WALLY: So, do we Flashes have a cool motto or something? BARRY: Cool motto? WALLY: Yeah. Green Lanterns have a motto. BARRY: We're not Green Lanterns. WALLY: So, the space is open, basically. BARRY: Yes, though I can't imagine... WALLY: The Flashes. We rock out with our cocks out. BARRY: That's not our motto. WALLY: It is now. BARRY: I'd rather die. WALLY: C'mon, roll it around with your tongue a bit. Get a feel for it. BARRY: No. WALLY: Okay, how 'bout... we kick ass so you don't have to. BARRY: You know, you're not like any other Flash I've ever met.

WALLY: Really? BARRY: No. You're more like a game show host. INT. DORM ROOM – EVENING Wally is in the bathroom, looking at himself in the mirror. WALLY: (falsetto voices) "Flash, can I have your autograph?" "You're my hero, Flash." "Flash, I... I think I'm in love with you. And so is my twin sister." The phone rings. WALLY: I'll get it. He walks past Trent, who is, as usual, stoned on the couch. TRENT: You ever wonder... WALLY: Hold on a sec. He picks up the phone. WALLY: Yello? PIPER: (filtered) Hey, Wally... WALLY: Let me guess. Linda. PIPER: (filtered) Date didn't go so well. We're all going to go and get shitfaced. You in? WALLY: Like a key to a lock. The Showcase? PIPER: (filtered) Yep. WALLY: Bitchin'. Be there in five. He hangs up. WALLY: (to Trent) Go ahead. TRENT: You ever wonder if we could, like, solve the world's problems by like having the world leaders have a boxing match instead of wars? WALLY: Dude. TRENT: Exactly! EXT. SHOWCASE – EVENING Your average trendy nightspot.

INT. SHOWCASE – EVENING Wally, Piper, and Linda are at the bar. WALLY: He asked for a handjob on the first date? You're kidding me. LINDA: No. WALLY: That's just crude. PIPER: Practically unconstitutional. LINDA: Thank God I have friends like you guys. Like remember that time we all stayed home from the prom and played videogames? WALLY: Yeah... Piper, remember that time I got you tickets to the first showing of Star Wars Episode 1? PIPER: And this is a happy memory why? Hey, remember the time I got you that hooker for your birthday? WALLY: Oh yeah... LINDA: Oh my god! You didn't... WALLY: Of course not. It would have been wrong. He makes a "not one word" face at Piper A very butch woman, KATE, approaches Linda. KATE: Hey, wanna dance? LINDA: Ummm, no thanks. KATE: S'cool. She moves off. LINDA: Man, there are a lot of lesbians here. That must've been the sixth... is this a gay bar? WALLY: Yeah. Don't worry, they let lesbians in too. Not that you're a lesbian, but people will just assume you are. LINDA: If this is a gay bar, why do you come here? WALLY: They make a great fruit cocktail. He sips his. WALLY: Magnifico. PIPER: Don't worry, I make sure he's on his best behavior. He hasn't

tried to convert any of the ladies yet. WALLY: Of course not. They'd probably kick my ass. LINDA: And... why do they let you in here? WALLY: They owe me. I probably drove at least half the ladies here to lesbianism. Kate pours a drink on Wally's head. WALLY: Geez, it was a joke! (to Kate) I'd have sex with you, but I'm a little scared your dick would turn out to be bigger than mine. (to Linda) No sense of humor 'round here, I tell ya... He spots a jukebox. WALLY: 'Scuse me a moment. He leaves. PIPER: Can I ask you a question? LINDA: Sure. PIPER: Are you happy? LINDA: Me? PIPER: Yeah. And not superficial, "we all have our health" happy. Linda thinks about it for a moment. LINDA: Yeah. I've got good friends, a nice career... I used to think not knowing the future was a bad thing, but now that I've got so much to look forward to, it's kinda like a blessing. And even if something terrible's going to happen tomorrow, not knowing about it is probably the good part. PIPER: That seems oddly fatalistic for you. LINDA: I think it's more gung-ho, personally. She sips her drink. LINDA: They do make a good fruit cocktail. PIPER: Well, I'm almost the exact opposite. The more time goes by, the more I reevaluate the things that are important to me. People go from acquaintance to friend, habit becomes ritual. Hell, this place, I bet Wally he couldn't spend five minute in a gay bar. Just between you and me, I think het-boy's a little scared of the gayer side of Sears. But look, now this is our regular weekday haunt. You ever do that?

LINDA: Go to gay bars? PIPER: No. Look at someone close to you and think about what they mean to be. If they could be something more than a friend. LINDA: Are you coming on to me? PIPER: No, no, never mind. Jesus. (into his drink) This is why I'm glad to be gay. Wally is at the jukebox, picking out a song. WALLY: So, anyway, you have Dick Benedict, just the coolest cat around. Well, anywhere else he'd be. But here, he not only has to compete with George Peppard's Hannibal, who's passion for plans coming together is well-documented, but with the man, the legend, Mr. T. And all while that crazy foo' Murdock's providing the comic relief. If Jesus were a TV show, he'd be the A-Team. Best TV show ever. VOICE: (O.S.) What about Golden Girls? WALLY: What? Dude! That's pretty gay, even for a gay bar. Ahh, here we go. He puts in a quarter. After a moment, Queen's "Flash Gordon" plays. Wally returns to the bar, triumphant. WALLY: Flash! Aaah-aaah! PIPER: Always liked that song. Who sang it? WALLY: Queen. The BARTENDER punches him. Wally falls over. PIPER: Gets 'im every time. EXT. SHOWCASE – EVENING Wally, Linda, and Piper walk out into the parking lot. WALLY: Say, Linda, you ever think, about, ya know, maybe... never mind. Piper rolls his eyes and "trips," pushing Linda onto Wally. PIPER: Butterfingers. For a moment, Wally and Linda lie on top of each other, breathing hard. Then they get up awkwardly, embarrassed by their touching, (and by their slight arousal). PIPER: So, anyway, I've got homework, see you cats later.

He ambles off. WALLY: (distracted) Yeah. See ya. LINDA: So... WALLY: So. A moment. Then they both laugh. LINDA: We'd better get home. WALLY: Yeah. Care for a big, strong man to make sure nobody hassles you? LINDA: Why, you know any? WALLY: Yeah, your mother. They start walking. LINDA: So, what's new with you? WALLY: Nothing much. Got a new job. I'm Old Man Allen's go-fer now. LINDA: Really? I thought you hated him. WALLY: Nah, he's alright. Needs to loosen up, but basically okay. How about you, how's the news station? LINDA: Great. I'm sure any minute now I'm gonna be the new Connie Chung. WALLY: New like "A New Hope" or new like "New Coke"? LINDA: New like "New Jack City." WALLY: ...okay, that's too obscure even for me. LINDA: So, see you around? WALLY: Yeah. See ya. INT. TAILOR SHOP – EVENING Barry and Wally are waiting. WALLY: So, any minute now? BARRY: Any minute now? Barry is like a father waiting for his son to go on the first day of school.

BARRY: This isn't the forties. hit them in the face. You have hit them with a trash can, you you hit them with a broom, you feet."

You can't just walk up to some guy and to say something cool first. Like if you say "Time to take out the trash." Or if say "Looks like I swept you off your

WALLY: That's your idea of a quip? BARRY: What would you say, smart guy? WALLY: I don't know. "Screw you, asshole"? BARRY: That's it? WALLY: Oh, we were coming up with quips? I was just thinking out loud. BARRY: Now you're getting the hang of it. GAMBI: (O.S.) Mr. West... please enter. BARRY: Go get 'em, chief. WALLY: You're not going to hug me now, are ya? He walks deeper into the store. Past Gambi to see the costume. We don't get a good look at it, even when he picks it up. WALLY: This one of those "a hero will rise" situations? Because yeah, I'm feeling it. And goddamn if the FLASH THEME doesn't start up... EXT. BANK – EVENING A group of BANK ROBBERS come out to find their GETAWAY CAR has been carefully disassembled... the wheelman still sits in the front seat, holding the disembodied steering wheel. Yowza. EXT. WRONG SIDE OF THE TRACKS – EVENING A graffiti-covered wall is suddenly CLEANED. EXT. SKYSCRAPER – EVENING Two WINDOW WASHERS are on a RIG. Suddenly, their frayed support lines SNAP. They plummet to the ground... but a RED BLUR runs in a circle below them, creating a whirlwind-like updraft which sets them down gently. The red blur continues on... EXT. WRONG SIDE OF THE TRACKS – EVENING A gang member tries to spray paint the clean wall. Suddenly, the can is PLUCKED from his hand. The next second, he's covered in spray paint!

EXT. PIER – EVENING Some ROBBERS are making a getaway in a SPEEDBOAT. One unmoors the ship and they cast off. Unnoticed, a BLUR passes by and the ship is tied to the dock again! They speed off... but their jubilation is short-lived, as the rope attached to the dock goes taut and the ship is CAPSIZED! INT. QUIK-E-MART – EVENING A MAN holds a woman hostage, one arm wrapped around her throat, the other aiming a gun at the gathered police. Suddenly his GUN disappears. Then the HOSTAGE is carried to safety. Then he's KNOCKED ON HIS ASS. INT. POLICE STATION – EVENING Detective FRED CHYRE, old, gruff, is sorting papers when Detective JARED MORILLO, young, black, bit of a preppie, wanders in. MORILLO: Detective Chyre? CHYRE: What? What do you want? Oh, it's you. That new transfer from L.A. MORILLO: Yeah, right now, we've got reports coming out the yin-yang of some guy all in red, travelling like a bullet. CHYRE: Morillo, don't start. I don't know what it is, mass hysteria, a hoax, some new reality show... but there's no way, just no way that... The Flash WHOOSHES IN and deposits a criminal, all trussed up. Then another one. And another one. In a matter of seconds, the room is filled with captured crooks. MORILLO: You were saying? EXT. BURNING BUILDING – EVENING FIREFIGHTERS are trying to put out a SEVEN-STORY BUILDING. The blaze is enormous. FIRE CHIEF: It's no good! We'd need a miracle to put this fire out! The red blur zooms by them. INT. BURNING BUILDING - EVENING The red blur whooshes through the building, up up up, catching the flames in its wake. Finally, it reaches the roof. EXT. BURNING BUILDING – EVENING The flames geyser out of the access door behind THE FLASH, seen for the first time in all his majesty. Flash wears a costume seemingly welded to the human body, slick as mercury, entirely red save for the small

white-and-yellow chest emblem, lighting-bolt "belt," yellow boots, and yellow winged earpieces. FLASH: Whew. Shouldn't have had those burritos for lunch... Suddenly, a RADIO in his earpiece clicks on. BARRY: (filtered) Wally, are you receiving me? FLASH: Barry? What, you can turn invisible? BARRY: (filtered) Yes, but that's not important right now. I've have a radio headset installed in your suit, along with a mini-microphone on your neck. Only you can hear me. FLASH: Cool. BARRY: (filtered) Anyway, we've got news of a planned assassination at the re-election campaign from Cassandra. FLASH: Who? BARRY: (filtered) All in good time. Metlife Building at 35 and Palmer. FLASH: Already there. He RUNS, reaches the roof's edge, and JUMPS... his momentum carrying him to the next rooftop without even breaking stride. EXT. CAMPAIGN RALLY – EVENING As the MAYOR gives a speech, a SNIPER takes aim on him from a nearby rooftop. Suddenly, Flash LANDS on him feet first. He's knocked unconscious, but the gun goes off. Flash LEAPS after it... his outstretched fingers JUST miss it... he falls at super-speed, bounces off an awning, and runs through the crowd. FLASH: 'Scuse me, pardon me, comin' through! Finally, he reaches the podium. Dives and TACKLES the Mayor out of the way. The bullet hits the wall just above the Mayor's head. MAYOR: You... you saved me! WALLY: Don't thank me yet. I'm voting for the other guy. Wally gets up as bodyguards rush to check on the Mayor. He approaches the microphone. Coughs once. WALLY: "I'm sorry but I don't want to be an emperor. That's not my

business. I don't want to rule or conquer anyone. I should like to help everyone if possible; Jew, Gentile, black men, white. We all want to help one another. Human beings are like that. We want to live by each others' happiness, not by each other's misery." I'm just messin' with ya. Although points to whoever gets the reference. As long as I'm here, can we please get the real Star Wars trilogy on DVD? None of this "Greedo shoots first" crap. Well, that's about it. Peace. Flash out. He runs off. In the crowd, LINDA watches alongside a KRGR CAMERAMAN. KRGR CAMERAMAN: Who was that!? LINDA: That's my story. EXT. STREET – EVENING A group of GANGBANGERS drive a Suburban through a busy intersection. One hangs out the window with an UZI, fires at the crowded sidewalk... but nothing happens! He looks at his gun in disbelief... Then looks up to see THE FLASH running alongside the car, carrying the bullets in his cupped hands. FLASH: Lose something? He throws them into the car! The Gangbangers scream and bat at the piping-hot bullets! Flash runs to the driver's side of the car. FLASH: Going my way? He punches through the window, knocking the driver out. The Suburban CRASHES into a fire hydrant. Flash takes their guns. FLASH: Mind if I borrow these? Please and thank you. EXT. GUNS FOR TOYS PROGRAM – EVENING Another boring day volunteering. Then the Flash shows up and deposits about a hundred guns in front of you. FLASH: Hey, I haven't got all day here. INT. ORPHANAGE – EVENING SISTER JANE is standing in front of all the children. NUN: I'm sorry, children, but we didn't get enough donations to buy presents. It looks like we're not having Christmas this year. ORPHAN: Does this mean God doesn't love us? There's a knock at the door. When the nun opens it, there's a HUGE pile of toys outside.

INT. DORM ROOM – EVENING Wally, still dressed in his Flash costume but with the cowl off, drops a leftover STRETCH ARMSTRONG toy on the dresser. WALLY: I can't believe they recalled these... He takes off his glove, revealing the FLASH RING. Twists the embelm and presses it against the glove. The glove is SUCKED INTO IT. WALLY: Most triumphant. He presses it against his chest and the top half of his costume is sucked in, revealing small cuts and bruises from the night's work. Trent comes out of the bathroom, looks at him. TRENT: Dude, what's with you? WALLY: I've been... jogging. TRENT: Oh. Cool. He wanders off. INT. CRYPT – NIGHT A SECURITY GUARD walks through the dark, dreary crypt. His flashlight cutting through the dusty air like a sword. Suddenly, a COFFIN opens. The Security Guard whirls about. CAIN rises from the coffin like Dracula ready to hunt. His skin is pale, his clothes black, of no specific era. The MARK OF CAIN is over his left eye, eight lines jutting out like compass points from the milky-white orb. Not one to be trifled with. He looks at the Guard. Nods to the left. The Guard mimics the action. Cain motions again, more emphatically this time. The Guard mimics him again. Finally, Cain gets out of the coffin, walks up to the guard... and past him, to a MINI-FRIDGE on the guard's left. He pulls out a water bottle, opens it, guzzles down the entire thing. Then KILLS THE GUARD with three slices of a LIGHTNING BOLT-SHAPED DAGGER. CAIN: (cruel British accent) What do I pay you people for? EXT. MOUNTAIN VILLA – DAY We're looking at the back of a highback leather chair. The Giuseppe Verdi's "Dies Irae" plays through the chamber. In background, a spectacular view of the Swiss Alps. A ROTARY rings. A finely-manicured hand reaches out from the chair, sound of the DIAL phone picks it up.

CAIN: (filtered) Thawne... I have need of you. INT. BARRY'S OFFICE – MORNING Barry is sitting cross-legged, meditating. His eyes glow yellow with lightning. BARRY: No, Jay, I think the boy will do fine. You give him too little credit. Give him a chance to prove his... Wally enters. WALLY: Barry? You called? Barry is motionless. WALLY: Barry? Yoohoo? He waves his hand in front of Barry's face. BARRY: Felt good, didn't it? Wally nearly jumps out of his skin. WALLY: Geez! Don't do that! Whatever that is... BARRY: I was communing with the Speed Force. WALLY: Is that what the kids are calling it these days? So, what'd you think? Barry bounces a baseball off the wall as Wally paces. BARRY: Not bad... for a first-timer. WALLY: Oh, stop, you flatterer, I'm blushing. BARRY: It's going to get worse before it gets better. Evil is an organism like any other. You've just awakened its immune system. Be ready to reap the whirlwind. WALLY: Uh-huh. I'll make a note of that. So, now what? BARRY: Now? Now you meet the rest of the family. Wally is suddenly SPOTLIGHTED in a strange beam of light. As is Barry. WALLY: Ummm... Barry? BARRY: Don't worry, it's just the teleportation system. WALLY: Teleport... wait a minute! BARRY: You haven't eaten anything in the last hour, have you?

WALLY: Just breakfast. BARRY: Oh well... Wally screams as their molecules are PULLED UPWARDS! EXT. OUTER SPACE – TIMELESS Wally's screams continue as we see the beams of light originate from a massive SPACE STATION, the WATCHTOWER. EXT. TELEPORTATION PAD – DAY Wally and Barry finish their teleportation. Barry nonchalantly catches the bouncing-back baseball, caught in the teleportation stream. Wally looks like he might be sick. He points a finger at Barry. WALLY: Not! Cool! BARRY: Oh, lighten up. C'mon, we're gonna be late. WALLY: Late for what? INT. MEETING ROOM – DAY The JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA are lined up in front of Barry and Wally. They look about as you'd expect... intimidating. BARRY: Anyway, just through you guys should meet. Long moment of silence. WALLY: Howdy. BLACK VULCAN extends his hand. VULCAN: Hey, I'm Black Vulcan. WALLY: I guess that makes me White Flash. Vulcan turns to leave... WALLY: Live long and prosper, okay? INT. WATCHTOWER – DAY Wally and Barry are walking down a corridor. WALLY: Well, that was a waste of time... BARRY: Don't be sour. Hey, Green Arrow! Why don't you give Wally here the grand tour?

GREEN ARROW, a Robin Hood-like hero with a pretty ridiculous goatee, steps forward. GREEN ARROW: Sure thing. BARRY: You go ahead, kid, I'll catch up. Oh, and if you see anything red and yellow, don't sit on it. Trust me on this. Barry walks off. Green Arrow and Wally walk through a door, which closes behind them. GREEN ARROW: (V.O.) So, you heard what that Hitler-wannabe Bush did today? EXT. OBSERVATION ROOM – DAY Barry and HAL JORDAN stare out at the endless starfield through a vast window. HAL: So, why are you really here? BARRY: Times are tough. I might need some back-up. HAL: Can't offer you any. We have to deal with Terminex. You really picked a bad time to find a new Flash. BARRY: I didn't find him. He found me. HAL: You think he's coming back? BARRY: Knowing him... he can't resist. HAL: We're getting too old for this shit. BARRY: That we are. You're a good man, Hal, and a good pilot. I wish we'd had men like you during the War... especially on missions like the one over Macho Grande. HAL: Over Macho Grande? BARRY: No, I don't think I'll ever be over it. INT. HALL OF JUSTICE – DAY Wally is looking at portraits of JLA members past and present as Barry enters. BARRY: Pack up, we're leaving. WALLY: Yeah, sure... where do you know these guys from anyway? BARRY: Came out of retirement a few times... we've had a few team-ups. WALLY: "Team-ups"?

BARRY: What would you call them? WALLY: Anything but team-ups. Say, what's the deal with Apache Chief, Samurai, and El Dorado? BARRY: Affirmative action laws hit them pretty hard back in the seventies. WALLY: And what's your excuse for Aquaman? Barry turns and begins walking away. Wally joins him. BARRY: I heard you and Green Arrow didn't get along... WALLY: The man's power is shooting arrows with boxing gloves on them! I mean, c'mon! EXT. TELEVISION STUDIO – DAY Establishing shot. PRODUCER: (V.O.) ABSOLUTELY NOT! INT. TELEVISION STUDIO – DAY Linda chases the Producer through the studio as it's set up... grips and electricians setting up lighting rigs, aides writing out cue cards, etc. LINDA: I can do this, Morgan! PRODUCER: You're not ready. Let one of the more experienced... LINDA: They won't be able to get this story! You know why? Because they're not hungry! They haven't got the eye of the tiger! PRODUCER: And they can all take care of themselves. LINDA: So this is because I'm a woman? C'mon! Those guys' idea of advocacy journalism is penning a movie review. PRODUCER: There's no story there! You'll never be able to get close enough to dig up dirt. LINDA: Reporters make their careers everyday with superheroes. Lois Lane, Vicki Vale, Iris Allen... PRODUCER: But this is television! How would you even set up an interview? Shine a Flash-signal? An INTERN brings him a cell phone. INTERN: Call for you.

PRODUCER: Later. INTERN: I think you'll want to take this one. The Producer takes it. PRODUCER: Yeah? Uh-huh? Uh-huh. Uh-huh! Give me a moment. He presses the phone against his shoulder and looks at Linda. PRODUCER: It's the Flash. He wants to give an interview. LINDA: Let me have it and I promise you, I'll... PRODUCER: He says he'll only do it if you're the interviewer. LINDA: That's not... wait, what? PRODUCER: Alright, you're in. But if you don't get me this story, you're finished, understand me? LINDA: Crystal clear. INT. INTERVIEW ROOM – EVENING Your standard 20/20 type place. Two chairs and so forth. Linda sits in front of the TV camera, checking her watch. LINDA: Seven oh five. He's not coming. A whoosh of air and Flash is sitting across from her. FLASH: Your watch is fast. LINDA: Oh... hi! I'm Linda... FLASH: I know who you are. He smiles. Linda is off-put. Wouldn't you be? LINDA: Well, I guess the first question would be... who are you? FLASH: I'm the Flash. LINDA: Of course but... who are you? FLASH: Well, my turn-ons are women with a sense of humor and a willingness to experiment; my turn-offs are Michael Bolton music, bad cooking, and pink clothing. I like long walks on the beach... LINDA: You're not going to give me a straight answer, are you? Flash points at her in a "Got it" gesture.

LINDA: Okay... why do you do what you do? FLASH: I don't know... why do any of us do what we do? I think I flipped a coin trying to decide whether to be a supervillain or a superhero... it came up tails. In all seriousness, I'm just here to help. LINDA: But don't you think you're a bit redundant? In the time since... the other... Flash... the city has spent hundreds of millions of dollars on police and emergency services. So the question is... Do we really need a Flash? FLASH: Why don't you ask the mayor? LINDA: I'm not saying you don't have benefits, but do they outweight the cons of having you... FLASH: (indignant) What cons? LINDA: The cons that like to dress up in funny costume and cause lots of collateral damage before they're apprehended. We haven't had any since your... predecessor's absense. FLASH: Let me tell you something, anyone tries to start trouble in this city, they'll answer to me. LINDA: That's what we're worried about... to say nothing of the social detriments of your presense... FLASH: Say wha? LINDA: It's been theorized that society is becoming stagnant because we expect god-like "superheroes" to solve our problems for us. FLASH: That's anti-hero propoganda. LINDA: You've been accused of using unnecessary force... FLASH: These are hardened criminals we're talking about. What am I supposed to do, throw Hostess fruit cakes at them? LINDA: And the fact that often so-called superheroes like yourself can't be prosecuted for civil rights violations? FLASH: Who's civil rights have I violated? LINDA: I'm speaking hypothetically. FLASH: Well, can we have a few softball questions for a change? LINDA: Sure. Do you drink? FLASH: Occasionally.

LINDA: Smoke? Flash makes an “ehhh” sound. LINDA: Are you on drugs? FLASH: (long beat) Not... right... now. LINDA: With all due respect, what makes you think you're in any condition to be a role model? FLASH: Look, just because someone enjoys a smoke now and then or likes to get a little hammered doesn't make them bad people. Cheating on your wife, that makes you a bad person. Robbing a liquor store, that makes you a bad person. Enjoying a donut every so often? Not that much. Like my pappy always said, everything in moderation. LINDA: Alright... about how fast can you go? FLASH: I don't know... once I did Europe in six days. LINDA: Seriously. FLASH: Serious? How about we find out together? LINDA: What, go for a jog? FLASH: Something like that. LINDA: I don't know what you've been told, but I don't make a habit of running off with strange men in spandex. FLASH: Actually, I think it's some kind of polycotton blend... whatever it is, it really breathes, ya know? BARRY: (filtered) Wally, we need to talk. Now. FLASH: Pardon me, I just remembered a pressing engagement. LINDA: Ummm... on a personal note... why'd you give this interview to me? FLASH: I liked your expose on dognapping. Ciao. EXT. SLIPSTREAM – EVENING TRACKING SHOT with Flash on the run. FLASH: What's up, chief? BARRY: (filtered) Wally... please... tell me you did not accept the awe-inspiring responsibility of the Flash legacy to GET A GIRL!

FLASH: That is entirely... mostly not true. BARRY: (filtered, warningly) Wally... FLASH: Chill, alright? I've got everything under control. Oh, and remember that mob boss who got off on a technicality? BARRY: (filtered) What about him? FLASH: Think it's time I paid a little housecall. INT. LOBBY – EVENING Your typical office building interior. Wally approaches the reception desk. FLASH: Hi, I'm here to totally wreck your shit. Which floor is Infantino on? INT. 11th FLOOR – EVENING Flash steps out of the stairwell. Four LEGBREAKERS are waiting for him. FLASH: Wait a minute, this isn't where I parked my car! They attack him and for the first time we get a FLASH FIGHT SCENE! Flash's arms and legs blur with super-speed as he seamlessly blocks and counterattacks, fighting off all four of them at once. Finally, he takes them all out at once with one massive roundhouse punch. FLASH: And that's how we get it done. He rounds a corner. A THUG with a machine gun is waiting. The thug OPENS FIRE! Wally goes into Flash-Time, alters their trajectories. Snaps back into real-time. We see that the bullet holes have formed an outline around Flash, Bugs Bunny style. FLASH: Hmmm... projectile dysfunction. He blurs forward and punches the Thug out. INT. INFANTINO'S OFFICE – EVENING Your standard evil lair. A HENCHMAN waits to the left of the door, gun ready to blast whoever comes through. Flash phases through the wall to the left of him. FLASH: Who're you waiting for? The Henchman nearly jumps out of his skin. INFANTINO, an aging crimelord, is at his desk, flanked by his two massive IDENTICAL TWIN BODYGUARDS, MESSNER and LOEBS. INFANTINO: I was expecting more of an entrance...

The wall Flash phased through EXPLODES, providing him with an aweinspiring backdrop. INFANTINO: Ah. The Henchman wheels around to aim at Wally... but the rifle is suddenly out of his hands and in the Flash's! FLASH: You know, they say a Navy SEAL can strip one of those in ten seconds flat? Flash-time. He strips it. Backs away, leaving the pieces hanging in mid-air. Resume real-time. They scatter across the floor. FLASH: Paging Guinness! INFANTINO: Very impressive. Now what the hell are you doing here? FLASH: Why don't you go accidentally vote for Bush, Infantino? INFANTINO: Are you implying I'm old? FLASH: Hey, hey, I'm not saying Infantino is old, but when he saw Gladiator, he said "That's not how it happened!" But seriously folks, Infantino is so old, when God created the universe, he asked Infantino for advice. He's so old, he's getting love letters from Anna Nicole Smith. I've got a million of 'em, folks! In a flash, he's upon Infantino, lifting him up by the lapels. FLASH: Get this straight, Ebeneezer. This is my city. If anyone tries to pull another job here, they get hurt. You and your "family" get while the gettin's good. Or I'll be back. He runs off. Returns after a split-second. FLASH: With my accordion. Now he disappears for real. INFANTINO: Messner, Loebs... His bodyguards react at the mention of their names like well-trained bloodhounds. INFANTINO: I want this building locked down. No more intruders getting... CAIN barrels through the double doors. INFANTINO: Now who the devil are... In dark contrast to Wally's affiable verbosity, Cain whips the

lightning dagger at him. It picks Infantino off his feet and slams him against the window, cracking it. He expires behind the desk. Cain walks to Infantino's chair, plops himself down in it. CAIN: Who the devil? Who, the devil... Cain looks at Messner and Loebs, then begins squaring away his desk space. Messner and Loebs give each other thumbs-up signs. INT. LINDA'S HOUSE – EVENING Wally and Linda are playing pool. In the background, Sammy John's "Chevy Van" plays. A fly buzzes around annoyingly as Wally slowly lines up his shot. Linda swats at it halfheartedly. WALLY: You're kidding me. You met the Flash? It must've been an honor... LINDA: Yeah... I hope this doesn't come across as egotistical, but I think he has a bit of a thing for me. WALLY: Can you blame him? LINDA: What'd you mean by that? WALLY: Linda, if someone said that a guy had to choose either beauty or brains... I'd show them you to let them know how wrong they are. LINDA: You're a sweetie, Wallace West. Wally screws up his shot. The fly keeps buzzing. WALLY: I hate being called that... LINDA: Why do you think I do it? But at least I'll be getting some play out of that dress. Linda sinks a shot. Sharpens her cue as she gets ready to line up her next one. WALLY: Oh? LINDA: Yeah. The mayor's bicentennial party tonight. They say he's going to talk about the Flash. Linda turns her back to line up her shot. Wally SWATS the fly with super-speed. WALLY: Quick turnover. So, what'd you think of tall, red, and handsome? Wally (unseen by Linda) reacts to her words LINDA: Reckless, heedless of any criticism, unwilling to admit he might be wrong about anything... bit of an idiot, really. Still, there's

something a bit... dashing about him. WALLY: Really? LINDA: Yeah... I wish he was more like you. Wally has crossed to across the table from Linda. WALLY: Say wha? LINDA: More levelheaded. Less brash. You know. Responsible. Nice. Linda sinks an eightball into the corner pocket... right in front of Wally's crotch. WALLY: Nice. LINDA: It's not who he is I take issue with, it's what he does. Taking the law into his own hands... there's no place for it in today's society. He should leave crimefighting to the police, like normal people. WALLY: Normal people... is that what you call people who, when they're faced with a condition or fear, do nothing about it, they just run and hide? LINDA: No, people like that I call civilized. WALLY: Maybe civilization's overrated... LINDA: What's gotten into you? WALLY: I don't know. Verbal diarrhea I guess. Pay no attention to the asshole. I've gotta go. INT. BARRY'S OFFICE – EVENING Wally is running his hands through his hair. WALLY: I cannot believe this! I'm in a love triangle with myself! BARRY: Happens to the best of us. Did I ever tell you how I met Iris? WALLY: Iris? BARRY: My girl... I suppose you'd have a more politically correct term for it nowadays. She was a news-hen. WALLY: What the hell is a news-hen? BARRY: Reporter. WALLY: A reporter? What is it with superheroes and reporters?

BARRY: Our unions are tight. Now can I finish the story? WALLY: Please. BARRY: Back then, I was just another flyboy at the airbase, more interested in studying chemistry textbooks than hitting the town. One day, the boys managed to convince me to finish the local saloon for some good times and easy compansionship. And, as fate would have it, that was the day Linda walked in. She was looking for an inside scoop on the airbase, and the best way to get that was to drink the nearest aviator under the table and hear what he babbled. For some reason, she picked me. I was on to her... I'd read a byline or two... but we kept at each other. It was something of a contest, who would crack first. They found us the next morning, passed out of the barroom floor. And after that, we were inseparable. WALLY: She sounds like a special woman. BARRY: She was... but then there was the test flight and the lightning strike and some crazy old man named Jay Garrick who insisted I use my power to help others... WALLY: What a nutjob... You don't talk about the old days much, do you? BARRY: It's best not to dwell on the past. I never spent as much time with her as I should have... hell, I could've spent a thousand lifetimes with her and it wouldn't have been enough. Barry chuckles. BARRY: You know, I have a feeling we're more alike than either of us would care to admit. WALLY: In your dreams. BARRY: By the way, I got an invite to the bicentennial tonight... it says plus one. WALLY: You sly dog... BARRY: It isn't come as you are, ya know. Wally looks at his casual clothing. WALLY: Thirty minutes to find a tux? Plenty o' time. INT. POLICE STATION – EVENING Chyre is straightening his tie. Morillo has already dressed in a nice suit. CHYRE: Morillo, do you know why we do what we do? MORILLO: The purpose of the Metahuman Hostility Unit is to investigate

all cases with possible metahuman involvement, while determining whether the perpetrators can be handled by local law enforcement agents or if reinforcement from duly-deputized special units such as the JLA or DEO are required. CHYRE: Straight from the textbook. Ya know, I knew one wrote that. He blew his own brains out playing Russian semi-automatic. I don't like vigilantes, Morillo. They all our work, making us look like idiots... this Flash no matter what they say. And we're bringing him in. MORILLO: At the bicentennial? CHYRE: Trust me, he'll show. His ego demands it. INT. BICENTENNIAL PARTY – NIGHT Here the party is in full swing. Barry blends smoothly into the crowd of foreign dignitaries, businessman and nobility. Wally sticks out like a sore thumb, meet-and-greeting his way through a confused mass of party-goers, casually snagging a glass of champagne and a canape from the passing waiters. He nods to someone as if he knows them.. BARRY: Wally, someone I'd like you to meet... Wally shakes hands with HUNTER ZOLOMAN, white bread, somewhat swarmy, one leg encased in a metal brace. HUNTER: Hunter Zoloman, profiling. WALLY: Wally West, smiling politely. BARRY: Hunter was just sharing his insights on this Murmur lunatic. HUNTER: Yes, a most curious case. He was caught because of his stutter... so he cut his own tongue out. WALLY: Charming fellow. HUNTER: Even now, he's still sensitive about it. We couldn't let anyone who stammered near him. Of course, that's sort of a moot point now that he's escaped. BARRY: Don't worry. I'm sure justice will come to him sooner or later. HUNTER: Like the Flash... I would to pick his brain. What makes a man put on tights and fight crime? I'd give my other leg to have him in front of me right now. WALLY: Personally, I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy. Hunter makes a face. of the guys who roulette with a go around, doing is a criminal,

HUNTER: I'll see you later. Try the dip, it's excellent. Meanwhile, LINDA is sipping a drink behind two men. MAN 1: The shame of it! Going around using the old hero's name, soaking up his glory... MAN 2: It couldn't be the same guy... could it? Linda spots Wally by the refreshments table. He looks remarkably mature in his black tux with the white silk cummerbund. WALLY: So, what exactly is smoked fennel? BARRY: Artichoke hearts seared in garlic oil. You should try it. WALLY: And this one? BARRY: Rumaki. Try it. WALLY: And that wet looking black lump? BARRY: That "black lump" is caviar. Just try it. WALLY: Caviar. Fish eggs? BARRY: That's like saying a Rolls Royce is just a car. WALLY: But is it just a car. BARRY: Will you just try it!? WALLY: Listen, Barry, if this food is all so great, why aren't YOU eating any of it? LINDA: Wally? Wally turns to greet Linda. WALLY: Linda. Never knew we travelled in the same circles. LINDA: We don't. What are you doing here? WALLY: Apparently, Barry is a distinguished guest. Probably has something to do with singlehandedly bringing detective science to the Twin Cities. What about you? LINDA: I'm here to get a story. Shhh, the mayor's about to speak. The Mayor takes the stage. MAYOR: Ladies and gentlemen, yesterday my life was threatened by a vile and violent act. Luckily, the Flash was there to save me. And he told me “Mayor, I'm quaking in my little yellow booties. There's only so

much one hero can do. Can the people look up to the Flash and say, 'Hey, there's a guy who can build a bridge to the 21st century'? No. That's what politicians are for! FLASH: (O.S.) I said no such thing! WHIP-PAN TO... Wally West? His jaw twitches... WHIP-PAN again to... THE FLASH!? FLASH: I'm looking for Barry Allen! (beat) C'mon, Barry, don't be shy! I'm not gonna hurt you... I'm just gonna rip a few bones out... THE MAYOR cowers behind a table. MAYOR: I'm going to be blamed for this! WALLY rolls under a table and TWISTS HIS RING... FLASH has found Barry. FLASH: Hello, Barry. You're a hard man to find... He walks towards him threateningly. Barry stands his ground. FLASH: We have unfinished business. FLASH: (O.S.) Hey, rerun... The REAL FLASH makes the scene. FLASH: Why don't you pick on someone your own size, shape, and skin tone? THE MAYOR peeks out from under the table. MAYOR: I'm going to get credit for this! REVERSE FLASH turns around. FLASH: Aww, look, we wore the same thing. Isn't that embarrassing? REVERSE FLASH: You must be the pretender. FLASH: And you must be one of those celebrity impersonators. Do you do parties? REVERSE FLASH: I'm Reverse Flash... and you're good Flash. You're a goody little two shoes...

FLASH: Reverse Flash, eh? Shouldn't you have a goatee or something? REVERSE FLASH: Anything you can do, I can do better... Suddenly he CHANGES. His costume changes into a twisted mirror image of Flash's, dark yellow with a blood red insignia that's larger than Flash's and reversed. He resembles Dark Flash from Flash v2 152-159. Even his body changes, from an exact doppelganger of Wally to someone... that's somewhat familiar... THAWNE. FLASH: Wait a minute! Something I gotta do first... He speeds off. About ten seconds pass. Thawne is growing impatient when Flash reappears, carrying MICHAEL BUFFER. He sets the man down. FLASH: If you will, Mr. Buffer? MICHAEL BUFFER: Let's get ready to RUUUUMMMBBBLLLEEE! FLASH: Michael Buffer, ladies and gentlemen! Let's give him a big hand! C'mon! THAWNE: So like the others. Showing off your speed like it's everything. But with good vibrations... you can change your appearance, walk through walls... even shift into a wave of the ultraviolet spectrum invisible to the naked eye! And amazingly, Thawne appears to FADE AWAY. FLASH: Well, that can't be good. Out of nowhere, he's rocked by a punch! FLASH: Hey! Unfair, dude! Invisible Thawne punches him over and over again, finally smearing him against the refreshment table. THAWNE: (V.O.) You're nothing special. Flash grabs a BOWL OF PUNCH. FLASH: Care for some punch? He THROWS it in a wide arc backwards. It hits Thawne... fluid splattered in mid-air on an invisible figure. FLASH: Second helping? He super-speeds over and ATTACKS Thawne, savaging him with a burst of ultra-fast punches. Slows, winds up, and KNOCKS HIM BACK with one big right hook.

Flash suddenly cozies up to Linda for a quick aside. FLASH: Lovin' the dress. LINDA: Flash, thank God you're here! (quickly) But you can't just solve problems with your fists. FLASH: Watch me. He cockily approaches Thawne, who's shaking off the punch. THAWNE: I was like you once. Naïve! Until I figured out that society was a cruel joke to keep little children... FLASH: (whining imitation) “Until I figured out that society-” Please. Yo, Michael Moore, can the social commentary and let's get back to punching each other. Sheesh, even the thrilling heroics has to have politics now... Both of them turn into rapid-fire BLURS, circling each other and clashing together with a sound like thunder cracking. The Mayor is led out by bodyguards. MAYOR: Why can't we all go home, curl up next to a fire, and talk about what a good mayor I am? Thawne shuffles a stack of plates at Flash like playing cards. Flash BREAKS THEM before they can touch him. FLASH: Wonder Woman, eat your heart out. MORILLO is ushering the civilians out. LINDA: Wally? Where's Wally!? MORILLO: I'm sure he's fine. C'mon! CHYRE has loosened his tie and pulled a GUN from his ankle holster. The COPS have arrived and are blocking off every exit. He leads them towards Flash and Thawne, who are about to go mano-e-mano for the first time... CHYRE: We've got 'em now! Freeze! Thawne backs up. THAWNE: We're settle this later, Flash. FLASH: Can't wait. Thawne phases through a wall (which does NOT explode). Flash is about to pursue when CHYRE steps in front of him. The cops have blocked every exit.

CHYRE: Thanks for making us look like idiots. Now, put your hands up! FLASH: Sorry, Chyre. But I've never been afraid of Keystone Kops. He TAKES off and runs out a WINDOW, breaking through it. The glass shards FREEZE IN PLACE as he moves past them at super speed, escaping into the night. INT. BARRY'S OFFICE – NIGHT Wally slams his fist on Barry's desk. In the background we can see the RADIO EQUIPMENT Barry uses to keep in contact with Flash. WALLY: You know something, don't you? BARRY: Calm yourself. Angry is no way to go through life. How about a nice game of Chess? WALLY: Listen, Allen... BARRY: One game. Then we'll talk all about it. WALLY: Fine. But this'd better be good. Barry sets up the board. BARRY: You know how to play? WALLY: Of course I know how to play. What do you think I am, stupid? BARRY: No comment. They start playing. WALLY: Who is this guy? BARRY: His name is Thawne. But to understand him, you have to understand his master... He's gone by many names. Nero, Genghis Khan, Vlad the Impaler, Vandal Savage, Felix Faust. He massacred the Aztecs as a conquistador and built pyramids as a pharoah. He sighs, almost wistfully. BARRY: I'd hoped we'd have more time before he discovered you. Story of my life. The Fastest Man Alive... but never enough time. There's just never enough time. WALLY: Who? Who is it? BARRY: (almost a whisper) Cain. WALLY: Cain? As in the wrestler?

BARRY: As in "my brother's keeper." You know, first murder, condemned to walk the earth for all eternity? Or at least so he claims, obviously I wasn't around back then. What matters is that he never ages, he never stops... and he can never die. Any wound he receives just heals right up. Trust me on that one. I first met him... God, how long ago was it? I guess it doesn't matter. We've had any run-ins. He was a mastermind. Being around for every scientific discovery on earth will do that for you. And since I kept foiling his plans, he developed an obsession with me. After I... retired... you have to understand, I didn't just sit quietly all these years. I... you weren't the first to try to take the place of the Flash. WALLY: There were others? BARRY: Six. WALLY: Oh, good, I'm lucky number seven. BARRY: No, that was your predecessor. He joined Cain. WALLY: Thawne. BARRY: Bingo. WALLY: And I have to stop him. BARRY: Yeah. WALLY: How? BARRY: If I knew that, I'd be with... I'd be a much happier man. WALLY: What aren't you telling me? BARRY: Nothing you're ready to know. WALLY: You can't expect me to just... Oh God, Linda! I left her at the party! He moves for the door. Stops to point at Barry. WALLY: We're not done here! BARRY: In case you were wondering, she's at the police station. Waiting for news on you. WALLY: That doesn't change anything! He zooms out. INT. POLICE STATION – NIGHT Linda has obviously been sitting in a guest chair for a long time. We notice a stained tissue clutched in her hand, the only clue to her

emotional state. WALLY: (O.S.) Linda? In a move that surprises both of them, Linda is on her feet and engulfing Wally in a tremendous hug. LINDA: Wally... WALLY: Yeah? LINDA: If you... even THINK... about wishing you had been to protect me... WALLY: Fair enough. They break. LINDA: Are you alright? WALLY: Yeah. All extremities accounted for, all sensory organs in place. LINDA: Thank God... WALLY: Walk you home? LINDA: Yes. From Wally's expression, we can tell that's a first. INT. INFANTINO'S OFFICE – NIGHT Cain is looking over the shoulder of MURMUR as the killer works on a laptop. His body is covered with black leather fetish gear, his face obscured by a FRIGHT MASK with stitches over the "mouth." THAWNE enters, still in costume. He instantly notes Murmur. CAIN: He's my new minion. Isn't he precious? THAWNE: That's a very ugly mask... CAIN: Glass houses, Thawne. He returns his attention to the monitor. It's showing a CCTV view of the BICENTENNIAL PARTY. CAIN: Pause! There! Murmur FREEZE-FRAMES on Barry and Wally entering. CAIN: There's our bird... THAWNE: Barry! Where is he!?

CAIN: Patience. All things in due time. Let's sort out this new apprentice of his... your replacement. Thawne grits his teeth in displeasure at that. Murmur ZOOMS IN on Wally until they have a pretty good "mug shot." CAIN: Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Flash... let's mess with his life. EXT. SIDEWALK – NIGHT Wally and Linda are walking along. Fireflies float and light up in the gentle breeze. LINDA: You're quiet. WALLY: Just thinking. LINDA: Not to thought-police you or anything, but... WALLY: It's just my life's been a little hectic lately. It's nice to have a little peace for a change. LINDA: Let all your problems melt away. I guess that's what friends are for. WALLY: Must've been exciting, seeing the Flash in action. LINDA: Not really... WALLY: Oh? LINDA: He's not... real, not like you and me. WALLY: And Piper. LINDA: And Piper... Wally, why didn't you ever ask me out on a date again? WALLY: I thought you didn't want me. LINDA: You never thought it might have had something to do with the fact that you were stinking drunk at the time? WALLY: I thought that heightened my sex appeal. LINDA: I thought you were sexy enough without it. Wally stops. WALLY: Whoa, whoa, you thought I was sexy? LINDA: In a Bo Duke sort of me.

WALLY: "Just a good ol' boy, never meanin' no harm..." LINDA: Yeah. WALLY: I thought you were kinda sexy too... LINDA: Wally... WALLY: Still do. Wally touches Linda's face. LINDA: What are we... He kisses her. And time... slows... down. Sounds are sharper, we hear Wally's heart beating slowly with a booming percussion... the languid wing motion of a firefly, moving as if caught in molasses... see the slow-motion chemical reaction of a firefly begin to GLOW, oxygen combining with luciferin combining with luciferase in photocytes. And then it's over and dear god, waiting for Linda's reaction is torture. After a moment, Linda stands uncertainly. LINDA: I'd... I'd better be going. WALLY: (dismayed) You don't have to... Yeah. Okay. See you tomorrow. LINDA: See ya. She walks away. Wally slaps his forehead. WALLY: Argh! Idiot! He twists the ring and zips off. Linda walks back onscreen. LINDA: Wally? INT. PIPER'S APARTMENT - NIGHT Wally knocks on the door. It swings open. He makes a "hmm" noise and enters. WALLY: Piper? Hey, Pipe. You're not going to believe this, but I actually kissed Linda and... Oh God...

He sees Piper. He's bloody and beaten, gushing out blood from several large cuts. Wally super-speeds beside him. WALLY: Piper! Piper! Who did this to you? No, where's the first-aid kit? Piper, where? Piper motions to a cabinet. Wally rumages through it. Finds the kit. Rushes to Piper and bandages his wounds at super-speed. Piper is deathly pale. Wally grabs the phone and punches in 911. WALLY: Hello? I need an ambulance at the Hartley Hotel, suite fourteen! He's bleeding, but I've treated the wounds... just get over here, now! PIPER: Wally... He points weakly at a photo on the mantel. It's a picture of Wally, Linda, and Piper together. But Linda's face has been cut out. WALLY: Linda... Piper, don't worry. Help's on the way. He drops the phone and zooms out of there. EXT. LINDA'S HOUSE – NIGHT Leslie waters the lawn with a garden hose as Linda approaches. LESLIE: Hey, kiddo, what's up? LINDA: Nothing much. LESLIE: Feel like pizza? LINDA: Sure. Across the street, Murmur watches from behind some bushes... cleaning his bloody knives. INT. SLIPSTREAM – NIGHT Wally is running at top speed. He twists his ring. The costume streams out in front of him. He grabs it... INT. LINDA'S HOUSE – NIGHT Leslie slams down a batch of dough, begins kneading it. Linda searches through a CD collection. LINDA: I am overflowing with Celine... Inside his playpen, Josh giggles and claps his hands. EXT. LINDA'S HOUSE – NIGHT Murmur crosses the street.

EXT. SIDEWALK – NIGHT The sidewalk is too crowded to get through. Flash, moving in Flashtime, runs from PARKING METER to parking meter, soaring above the heads of the crowd. INT. LINDA'S HOUSE – NIGHT Leslie spreads the dough out with a rolling pin. Linda slips a CD into the stereo. The doorbell rings. EXT. SUBURBS – NIGHT Flash has reached the suburbs. He pours on the speed, a wake of leaves and abandoned newspapers being pulled behind him... EXT. LINDA'S HOUSE – NIGHT Murmur slips the knife out... but just as the door swings open, Flash TACKLES Murmur out of Linda's view. LINDA: Hello? Hello? She shrugs and closes the door, seconds before the WAKE blows past. Meanwhile, Flash has gotten to his feet and hauled Murmur up by the collar. FLASH: To my friends? TO MY FRIENDS!? He lays into him something fierce. A HAND grabs his shoulder, whirls him around. It's THE DEAD GUARD FROM IRON HEIGHTS, dressed exactly like Murmur. FLASH: (incredulous) A tag-team!? MURMUR-GUARD: Shhhhh... Flash whips back as Murmur-Guard swings a blade at him. Kicks up a RAKE and waves it at the twin terrors. FLASH: C'mon! C'mon! INT. LINDA'S HOUSE – NIGHT Linda presses play on the stereo as Leslie starts tossing the pizza. Dean Martin's "That's Amore" begins playing. EXT. LINDA'S HOUSE – NIGHT

Wally hears the song outside the house. FLASH: You gotta be kidding me... Murmur and Murmur-Guard go on the attack, perfectly synchronized, like clockwork. Flash spins and whirls the rake, blocking them, counterattacking. A fast, vicious fight! Murmur slips behind Flash and SLASHES him across the shoulder blade. INT. LINDA'S HOUSE – NIGHT Leslie spreads tomato sauce across the pizza pie as Linda gathers the toppings. EXT. LINDA'S HOUSE – NIGHT The Murmurs have Flash boxed in! His gaze shifts between them. FLASH: Gotta tell ya, I've taken craps scarier than either of you. Murmur clicks a STUD on his knife. The blade suddenly has ELECTRICITY cackling down its length. FLASH: Oh, great. Murmur attacks, swinging his electrified blade. Flash tries to block it, but the blade cuts right through the rake, slicing it in half! Flash darts backwards to evade the swing, Murmur-Guard following through with an OVERHEAD SWING. Flash crosses the two rake halves above his head, catching the strike. Murmur moves in with a stab. But, impossibly fast, Flash KICKS OFF the ground, jumping out of the way and landing behind Murmur-Guard just in time to SHOVE him forward! The blade sinks into Murmur-Guard's belly, frying him to a crisp! INT. LINDA'S HOUSE – NIGHT Linda puts the pizza in the oven. EXT. LINDA'S HOUSE – NIGHT Murmur pulls his knife free from the dead guard, who now reverts to the clothes we saw him in at his time of death. But Flash has VANISHED. Suddenly, Flash comes from behind, breaking the rake halves over Murmur's back and head. Murmur turns around... and two other "Murmurs" leap out of him, presumably other victims. They attack, a whirlwind doubleteam of punches and kicks which forces Flash back. A particularly nasty left cross opens up a gash on Wally's cheek. Murmur shuts off the electricity and CUTS HIMSELF across the chest. Another Murmur is born. Murmur brings the knife to his skin again... Flash has been backed up against a tree. Both Murmurs swing at once. Flash ducks under the blows, shoulders into the Murmur on the left, then comes up to grab the Murmur on the right and SLAM him against the

tree. FLASH: Well, I guess I showed... He turns around to see TWENTY Murmurs, all different body types, all holding up knives in the same mechanical fashion. One of the recovering Murmurs ROUNDHOUSE KICKS Wally, sending him to the ground next to the crispy guard. Then Flash looks up to see something else in the distance. He begins crawling backwards. FLASH: Hey, which one of you is the original? I choo-choo-chose you! The original Murmur comes forward angrily, hoisting his knife. FLASH: You shave with that thing too? That would explain the m-m-mask. Murmur clicks on the electricity. FLASH: Sucker! At superspeed, Flash grabs the GARDEN HOSE and sprays them with it! The crowd of Murmurs are ELECTROCUTED! FLASH: Th-th-th-that's all, folks! Of course, this is just as Linda comes outside. LINDA: And I thought it was the possem... INT. LINDA'S HOUSE – NIGHT Flash sits in a chair, recovering from his battle. Linda is making a call to the police in the background. Chunks sniffs Flash. Wags his tail. Leslie approaches him. LESLIE: Um, the Flash... or is it just Flash? Your choice, of course! FLASH: Flash works fine. LESLIE: Right, I was just wondering... can I have your autograph? FLASH: Sure... you have a pen? She hands him one and a notepad. He signs it. She moves off. Flash gets up and heads for the door, wincing from his injuries. LINDA: Wait a minute, stop right there! FLASH: What? LINDA: Sit down, let me see those cuts...

FLASH: I'll be fine. LINDA: I have two years of med school. Sit. Down. Flash does. Linda examines the cut on his back. LINDA: Jesus, this is going to need stitches. She shouts, causing Wally to wince. LINDA: Leslie, get the medical kit! LESLIE: (O.S.) Where is it? LINDA: Check next to the phone book! (to Flash) Sorry. FLASH: S'okay. Leslie comes in and hands Linda the medical kit. LESLIE: Don't worry, Flash, you're in good hands. She winks at him and walks away again. LINDA: Ignore her. She was tragically born without a sense of tact. She begins stitching up the cut. LINDA: They say things about you sometimes... FLASH: What kind of things? LINDA: They say you're just... mooching off a real hero. Trying to take advantage of his history. FLASH: And what do you think? LINDA: I think... that you just saved my life. Flash smiles. FLASH: As long as you believe in me, it doesn't matter what they say. LINDA: Me? Why me? Uh-oh. FLASH: Well, not you... specifically, but people like you. The little people. Not little, I mean... Linda moves in front of Flash, dabs at the cut on his cheek with a cotton ball. LINDA: I know what you mean. Some people just don't like anything.

She puts a Band-Aid over the cut. FLASH: Yeah. Screw 'em. What do they know? Linda's finger traces along the NICK she gave him while shaving. Could it be? LINDA: You know, you seem really familiar... FLASH: Guess I have one of those... chins. So, are you seeing someone? LINDA: Why, you asking me on a date? FLASH: No, just curious. He absentmindedly rubs Chunks behind the ears. LINDA: Well, there is this one guy... I don't know, we're not really dating, but... Never mind, you're probably not interested. FLASH: No, go on. What's he like? Short, tall, what? LINDA: He's... he's just a friend of mine. I don't know. All my life, I've thought of him as kind of this lovable slacker person, but lately, it's like he's been realizing that he has all this potential and he's just started... it's like he's a different person. FLASH: A better person? LINDA: (nodding) A person I'd like to get to know better. FLASH: (in Wally's voice) Linda... Suddenly, EXPLOSIONS break the peace just as Linda looks up. Was that her imagination? FLASH: I'd better check that out. LINDA: Explosions? FLASH: No... sonic booms. LINDA: You could stay... we're having pizza. FLASH: No, I really have to... see you. He leaves. EXT. SCULPTURE PARK – NIGHT Close on two yellow-gloved fingers SNAPPING. Each time they do, the sound tests the limits of the theater's sound system. Because, you see, they're breaking the sound barrier.

Flash zooms up to see THAWNE waiting for him. The Sculpture Park is at the bottom of the skyscraper Infantino once owned. FLASH: Thawne. THAWNE: Wally. FLASH: Let's end this. CAIN: (O.S.) Not yet. Cain walks out from behind a sculpture. FLASH: You know, looking at the two of you, together, I can't help but think... They're Pinky and the Brain, yes Pinky and the Brain, one is a genius, the other's insane... CAIN: Ah, it's been years since I last had to put up with one of your incarnation's incessant bantering. I was there at the crucifixion. Your god cried like a little girl. FLASH: Well, you have an English accent, y'all must be the bad guy. Let's Flashdance. He zooms at Cain, arm cocked for a PUNCH... which Cain CATCHES. FLASH: Wha... Cain knocks him into la-la land with a single backhand. CAIN: (to Thawne) See what I just did? INT. INFANTINO'S OFFICE – NIGHT Flash is hog-tied, on his knees, a nylon cord wrapped around his neck and leading backwards. From behind him comes a voice. CAIN. We only see him from the waist down, our point of view staying on the kneeling Flash. CAIN: Are you awake? FLASH: Yes... CAIN: Good. Then we can get started. Cain walks offscreen. We hear water running. CAIN: (O.S.) Flash, allow me to expose the horror. I pity you. You're so busy thinking about who you're fighting against that you don't know what you're fighting for. All that speed and you're running in place. FLASH: You kill me, there'll be another to take my place. And another, and another. Someone, somehow, will find a way to stop you.

CAIN: (O.S.) Such vim! Such vigor! You remind me of your mentor, you really do. That's a compliment, by the way. He and I had such battles in the past. Every time I set up my elaborate schemes... and he knocked them down. It was such a disappointment when he went into hiding. He didn't want to play anymore. So I turned my inexhaustible thirst for knowledge on him. And I learned of a rather interesting ability of his. Loaning speed to an object. And that got me thinking about universal entropy. Everything degenerating into chaos. The end of the world as we know it. What a strange twist of fate. The key to realizing my destiny laid in my arch-foe. Really fit the man upstairs' sick sense of humor. FLASH: You're insane. CAIN: (O.S.) I prefer to think of myself as the last sane man in an insane world, but whatever works for you. Cain walks back on screen. Water drips off him, onto the floor. FLASH: (shaking his head) Wait a minute, hold that pose... wow, there really is an amazing resemblance... you look EXACTLY like my asshole. Cain plants a boot between Flash's shoulder blades. Presses him forward. The nylon noose STRANGLING him. Flash GAGS. CAIN: Have you ever killed someone? The first is the best. You find a rock, a hefty rock. You see the victim, so innocent... Then you walk up to him, coming in from behind. Wondering, will he turn around, will he see me? It's electric. Then you swing and there's just blood, the whole world is blood. It's purity. Cain rips Flash's cowl off. CAIN: It's been millenia since I committed my first murder... and believe me, in that time I have become quite proficient at it! He lets Wally up. Wally gasps in air, so scared he's crying. WALLY: Oh, please, Jesus, I don't wanna die, I don't... I don't... CAIN: I do. You know, I've tried every vice. None of them brings me any pleasure anymore. I mean, you can only rape small children so many times before it gets old. There really is nothing new under the sun. Everyone's always convinced that they've got it the worst of any generation, that the world is going to end in five years... I'm getting tired of dashed hopes. So I decided to throw my own Apocalypse. Don't blame me, you mortals got rid of all my favorite pastimes. Slavery. Human sacrifice. Disco. He pulls on the cord, bending Wally backwards. Leans down over him. For the first time we see Cain has glyphs and runes of all sorts tattooed on his body. CAIN: I've made deals with every eldritch horror in this world and the

next! My powers are limitless. But I need more. Tell me where I can find Barry. WALLY: No... no! THAWNE:: (O.S.) Oh my. Do we still think we can kiss babies, shake hands, and aw-shucks through "just doing mah duty, ma'am"? Guess what, hero. The new world's here and you're a crusader for irrelevance. Thawne walks onto scene, looking at Wally. Wally gets some control over himself. WALLY: Nice speech. Did you rehearse it in your bathroom mirror or the one at your boyfriend's house? (dead serious) Thawne... if it's the last thing I do, I'll send you to hell. THAWNE: Aww, how cute, hero-boy's shifting into vendetta mode. CAIN: I wonder which he resents more, the lives we've taken or the respect we haven't given him. Guess we'll never know. Put him out of my misery. Cain walks away. Thawne cups Wally's chin. THAWNE: So much for the pretender. He begins VIBRATING his hand, slowly pushing it into Wally's head. Wally SCREAMS in pain as Thawne's outstretched fingers clutch at his brain... Cain, chuckling, looks at the cowl in his hand. That's when he notes the RADIO on the inside of it. CAIN: Thawne, wait! Thawne pulls his hand out. Wally loses consciousness. CAIN: He may still be of some use to us. EXT. PARK – MORNING A commotion is attracting several people. Joggers, bicyclists, all the morning people. They crowd around the statue of the original Flash... to see the new Flash, unconscious, hanging from manacles looped around the statue's neck. Around Flash's neck is a sign reading "Here he comes to save the day" in a demented scrawl. CHYRE: (O.S.) Alright, move out, coming through! Chyre and Morillo arrive on the scene. MORILLO: Oh God, is that him? CHYRE: I think so... c'mon. Get these people out of here.

MORILLO: (to crowd) Alright, show's over, everybody out, nothing to see here! Chyre gets up on the statue's podium and pulls the manacles up and over the statue's head. Flash collapses to the ground. Chyre helps him lean against the base of the statue. CHYRE: You alright? FLASH: ...yeah. CHYRE: What happened? FLASH: I got my ass kicked, what does it look like? MORILLO: Everyone's gone, Chyre. CHYRE: Well, kept 'em gone! Morillo moves off. Chyre looks at Flash. CHYRE: You know, there's something I've been wondering... my old partner, Joe Jackam... you know how he died? He pulled over a guy with a busted taillight. The guy must've thought he was getting arrested or something, because he shot Joe dead. Just like that. And I keep wondering to myself, where was the Flash? Where was he? FLASH: I don't know. CHYRE: I want you gone. Finished. No more Flash, no more Rogues, nothing. FLASH: ...Fine by me. INT. LINDA'S HOUSE – MORNING Linda has a photo of her and Wally at her desk. Using a red marker, she draws over the area covered by Flash's mask. It fits perfectly. LINDA: Oh my god... INT. BARRY'S OFFICE – MORNING Barry is adjusting the radio as Wally enters. BARRY: There you are. You haven't been in radio contact. WALLY: Could have something to do with the fact that I was being tortured and humiliated. He throws the ring onto Barry's desk. Barry stands up. WALLY: I can't do this anymore. I'm not good enough.

BARRY: Then get better. WALLY: Find someone else! BARRY: You are someone else. WALLY: Screw you. BARRY: ...what was that? WALLY: I said you can go screw yourself. Do you have any idea what I've been through? BARRY: You'd be surprised. WALLY: I quit. I'm done. BARRY: After all that training? You can't give up now! WALLY: Why not? You did. BARRY: That was... this isn't about me. WALLY: It's always about you. About what you want, about what you think is best, always YOU, Barry. I'm through taking orders from you. BARRY: And are you through listening to your heart as well? WALLY: Save your pseudo-meaningful babble for Dr. Phil. Don't you get it? Linda's digging me! I don't need this anymore! BARRY: And what about Cain, huh? WALLY: You said it yourself, he can't be beaten. Why bother? Hell, I took out his creepy knife guy, that has to count for something. BARRY: It's not enough. WALLY: It'll never be enough. I could work a hundred years and I'd still measure up to this crazy nostalgia you have for your own glory days! I don't want your life, Barry! BARRY: This is bigger than you and me, Wally. WALLY: No, this is between you and Cain. I have nothing to do with it. BARRY: Wrong. You have everything to do with it. All that evil needs to triumph is for good men to do nothing. You can't just sit by and... WALLY: Watch me. Wally turns and walks for the door.

BARRY: You want to know what he did to me? You want to know what that bastard did to me!? On my wedding anniversary... he planted a bomb. He called me one minute before it exploded, to give me a “sporting chance.” The seconds ticked by like hours. I spent a lifetime in that room. But no matter how hard I searched, I couldn't find the bomb. Finally, there was only one... nanosecond! What were the odds I would find the bomb in a nanosecond? In that moment, I weighted all the lives I would save against the possibility of my dying right there. And I did the worst possible thing. I ran. I turned tail and ran out of there just before it blew. I didn't even have time to save my wife! My wife, Wally! Ever since that day... I couldn't put on the costume. You're like a son to me, Wally. Don't make the same mistake I did. WALLY: I don't intend to. You abandoned what mattered most, Barry. I won't make that mistake. EXT. LINDA'S HOUSE – MORNING Wally is standing on the porch as Leslie talks to him through the doorway. LESLIE: Sorry, Wally. You just missed her. WALLY: Alright. Tell her I came by, alright? And, uhhh... never mind, I'll tell her myself. INT. NEWS STUDIO – DAY Linda stands in front of the Producer. LINDA: Sorry, Morgan. I couldn't get the story. PRODUCER: Well, you're not the only one. Relax. Much more experienced reporters haven't even be able to get close. You did your best, that's what counts. LINDA: Yeah. Sure it does. INT. PIPER'S HOSPITAL ROOM – DAY Wally stands at the window, looking out on the city. Behind him, Piper sleeps, recuperating from his wounds. He sees his reflection in the glass. In grim counterpart to his earlier enthusiasm at becoming the Flash, he tells himself... WALLY: “It's all your fault.” “Your friend's in the hospital because of you.” “What made you think you were the hero?” PIPER: You talking to me? WALLY: Piper! You're awake! PIPER: You must be talking to me, because there's no one else here...

WALLY: How you feeling? PIPER: Like I just watched a twelve-hour Cory Feldman movie marathon. WALLY: Well, glad to see your sense of humor's intact. PIPER: That freak... Murmur... WALLY: No more Mr. Knife Guy. He's snug as a bug back at Iron Heights. PIPER: Good riddance to bad rubbish. Guess I owe the Flash my life. (Southern accent) How can I evah repay youuuu? WALLY: Don't mention that Flash thing again. PIPER: Wally, what's wrong? WALLY: Nothing's wrong. I just... had a phase I was going through. It's over now. (low) How could I ever be so childish as to think one man could make a difference... (louder) Besides, nobody even liked the guy. You heard the press. He was just a leech, trying to glorify himself at the expense of a real hero. PIPER: Don't let 'em get to you. Don't do this just because of what they say about you. Why bother? In ten years, maybe they'll say something else. And in another ten years, they probably won't say anything about you at all. But now... right now... you do the right thing. There's right and then there's wrong and most people know which is which, they just don't have the courage to do what's right. You have the courage, Wally. You can't change that. You can't deny who you are. WALLY: I'm just a guy trying to do the right thing. Isn't that enough? PIPER: Right for who? WALLY: Right for me! PIPER: Wally, right for you and the right thing are never the same. Never. But I think you just might find that the right thing is always right for you. WALLY: Where'd you get that line, a fortune cookie? PIPER: Well, yeah... but it was a very tasty one. INT. INFANTINO'S OFFICE – DAY The dark space glows with monitors. A full TRACKING STATION has been set up here. Cain lingers behind one TECHNICIAN. CAIN: Where is he?

TECHNICIAN: No radio transmissions picked up. Whoever this guy is, he's not sending. CAIN: Let's get his attention. INT. OFFICE BUILDING – DAY Endless work-spaces stretching into infinity. People working through their nine-to-fives with practiced disinterest. A steady WHOP-WHOP-WHOP interrupts the tedium. A MILITARY SURPLUS HUEY is hanging outside the window. In the back bay, Messner has taken over the mounted .50 cal machine gun. Loebs sits in the pilot's seat. INT. INFANTINO'S OFFICE – DAY Cain's lips approach a microphone. CAIN: Liquidate. EXT. OFFICE BUILDING – DAY The Gatling gun starts rotating... INT. PARK – DAY Barry is walking through the park when he hears on a passing walker's BOOMBOX... NEWSMAN: (filtered) This just in, an attack helicopter appears to be terrorizing downtown. Unconfirmed reports place the number of dead at thirty, with more certain to follow. The Air Force has been called, but the question is... will they get here in time? BARRY: Cain, what have you done? INT. INFANTINO'S OFFICE – DAY TECHNICIAN: Still no radio contact. Thawne is like an attack dog straining at his leash. THAWNE: This is intolerable! CAIN: Patience. We have all the time in the world. Cain cleans under his fingernails with the lightning dagger. CAIN: Hornet 1, see if you can find anything more... juicy. INT. HELICOPTER – DAY

The helicopter sweeps low. Messner aims the Gatling at a line of bumper-to-bumper traffic. EXT. HOSPITAL – DAY Wally is exiting the hospital when it hits. A feeling of dread so powerful that sound seems to die. There's only a low rumbling. Wally reaches in and pulls out his FLASH RING. It's shaking like a beeper. WALLY: Barry? For a moment, he raises his hand as if to throw it away. But then, a sort of helplessness plays over his face. Clenching his teeth, he twists the emblem. and disappears. INT. BARRY'S OFFICE – DAY Barry is on the radio. BARRY: They're going down Main Street. If you hurry you can catch them. WALLY: (filtered) Barry, I... BARRY: Save the day now, talk later. INT. INFANTINO'S OFFICE – DAY TECHNICIAN: Contact! He's transmitting! CAIN: Trace the stationary signal. Triangulate his position! TECHNICIAN: On it. THAWNE: At last... after all these years... INT. HELICOPTER – DAY LOEBS: How about that building on the left? MESSNER: Why not? They swing in for an attack run... EXT. MAIN STREET- DAY THE FLASH stops on a dime. Looks up at the helicopter. His eyes narrow with determination. FLASH: Not on my watch. He zooms towards the building... INT. LOBBY – DAY

Through the lobby... INT. STAIRWELL – DAY And up the stairs... EXT. ROOF – DAY And to the roof in a matter of seconds. He stops on the ledge. The helicopter hovers beneath him, ready to attack the building. What can he do from here!? INT. INFANTINO'S OFFICE – DAY Cain watches the monitor with bated breath as a God's eye POV from a satellite ZOOMS IN on Keystone City, working its way towards Barry's location. EXT. ROOF – DAY With only a second's hesitation, Flash LEAPS off the roof! The helicopter rushes up to meet him. He presses his arms to his side like a skydiver, streamlining himself. The Gatling rotates... In the liquid space of FLASH-TIME, Wally contorts his body to pass between the slow-motion helicopter rotors unmolested. One shot at this... he reaches out and GRABS the nearest landing skid with his left hand. SWINGS on it, redirecting his momentum, lets go... now hurtling under the helicopter and towards the building... Messner's finger tightens 'round the trigger... With his right hand, he grabs the other landing skid and SPINS AROUND IT, coming up upside-down... his feet hit Messner right in the face, kicking him off the gun! A spectacular stunt which continues as Flash lets go of the landing skid and lands inside the helicopter. Messner regains his footing. MESSNER: The Flash!? FLASH: Thanks, you’d be surprised how often I forget my own name. Messner rushes at Flash, who zips out of the way and shoves him at super-speed, sending him flying out the helicopter and through the window of the building. He lands in a crumpled, bleeding heap. INT. INFANTINO'S OFFICE – DAY The satellite image STOPS on the isolated cabin which serves as Barry's home away from home. A THERMAL SCAN reveals him inside.

THAWNE: I have you now... Like a djinn freed from the bottle, Thawne SUPER-SPEEDS OUT. Cain ignores him. CAIN: The boy is useless to us now. Dispose of him. Immediately. The Technician nods and activates his headset. TECHNICIAN: Hornet 2, you are go. INT. HELICOPTER – DAY Flash is suddenly behind Loebs, grabbing him in a chokehold. LOEBS: Wait, don't! Society gave me the short end of the stick! My parents abused me! I was beat up in school! It's not my fault! FLASH: Please. I'm a Republican. LOEBS: Shit. But looming in front of them is a GUNSHIP. No pussy demilitarized version this one, it's dripping with every armament under the son. FLASH: Friend of yours? INT. GUNSHIP – DAY The PILOT smiles grimly as he locks onto the other helicopter. EXT. GUNSHIP – DAY A MISSILE leaps from the Gunship like fire from a dragon, its exhaust trail rapidly building a bridge between the Gunship and the Huey. INT. HELICOPTER – DAY Working at super-speed, Flash GRABS Loebs, unbuckles him from the safety harness, swings him over his shoulder in a fireman's hold, and builds up a short running start of about six feet before LEAPING out the bay door! EXT. HELICOPTER – DAY Flash soars through the sky. Behind him, the missile hits the helicopter. It EXPLODES into a garguantuan fireball, the flaming skeleton of a wreckage falling away. Shrapnel lacerates Flash's back as he rapidly approaches touchdown with the same window he threw Messner through! But in the space is standing the revived Messner, smiling sinisterly! Flash lands... right into a kick to the midsection from Messner which sends him stumbling backwards! Loebs flies from his hands, over Messner, to crash onto the floor. Flash falls out of the window, but manages to grab onto the edge by his fingertips.

Messner leers over him like a boy with a magnifying glass over an ant. Raises his foot... INT. BARRY'S OFFICE – Day THAWNE kicks down the door, blowing in like a hurricane and RIPPING OFF HIS MASK! Barry turns to see... his own face, forty years younger, the face that belonged to the Barry who piloted that experimental airplane. THAWNE: Father... the prodigial son returns. EXT. BUILDING – DAY Messner and Loebs stand over Flash, each GRINDING ONE OF FLASH'S HANDS beneath the heels of their shoes. Flash is staring at his own reflection in the window he's hanging in front of as he struggles to endure the blistering pain. MESSNER: You one bad superhero man! LOEBS: Can't even fly! You're no big deal? Flash sees something else reflected in the glass... FLASH: You know what else I'm not? Behind him, THE GUNSHIP rotates its two wing-mounted VULCAN CANNONS. FLASH: Bulletproof. And with that, he LETS GO... just as the Gunship opens fire! Messner and Loebs, reaping what they've sown, are SHREDDED. FLASH: But I guess that makes three of us. He turns to see the ground ready to embrace him. He curls up... then SPRINGS OUT at super-speed, his legs kicking against the window... propelling him across the street to the neighboring building like a pinball! He CRASHES through a window like a bat out of hell, landing on the desk of an accountant. EVERYONE in the room looks at him. FLASH: Pardon me folks. On the street below, a CABLE CAR is coming down the street when the WRECKAGE OF THE HELICOPTER lands in front of it! The driver JUMPS CLEAR as the cable car hits the wreckage, DERAILING itself and FLIPPING OVER, trapping the passengers inside! From the window, Flash looks down at it. FLASH: Oh no... INT. BARRY'S OFFICE – DAY

Barry and Thawne... father and son... circle each other, the air charged with hatred. BARRY: Don't you understand!? Cain will destroy everything! He'll wipe it all out! Why? Why follow him!? THAWNE: Kill one and you're a murderer. Kill a thousand and you're a conquerer. But kill 'em all... and you're God. Once Cain has slipped into the nether, I'll be all that's left. I'll remake the world in my own image. BARRY: You're insane. THAWNE: And you're my father! You were supposed to look out for me! Love me unconditionally! Take care of me! BARRY: I would have! I would've laid down my life for you! But you were too selfish and arrogant to admit you were wrong, to even ask for my help! THAWNE: I'm your son! How could you judge me!? He rushes Barry, slamming him against the wall and pressing his forearm against his throat. THAWNE: How can you beat me, old man? You taught me everything you know! Barry HEADBUTTS him, breaking the attack. BARRY: Not everything. EXT. STREET – DAY The toppled cable car SKIDS downhill as Flash jumps down, bouncing off a FLAGPOLE and landing on top of a HOT DOG CART. At the bottom of the hill, a GASOLINE TRUCK has gotten into a fender bender. The drivers are out of their cars arguing. Upon seeing the cable car, they run for it. Collision course! FLASH: Oh, you gotta be kidding me! He runs in front of the cable car, presses his shoulder against it, and RUNS at super-speed. Not good enough, he can't get any leverage! A PASSENGER looks at him through a window. PASSENGER: Hey, you're not Spider-Man, ya know! FLASH: Thanks. That really helps. Above, the Gunship hovers like a malignant wasp.

INT. GUNSHIP – DAY The Pilot scans Flash with a laser, "painting" him. EXT. STREET – DAY The cable car is about halfway downhill and Flash is out of ideas. His back is against the cable car and he's bracing himself against the ground, but he isn't slowing it down an iota! FLASH: Goddamn shoes... get rid of all the friction... You can practically see the lightbulb going off over his head. In the blink of an eye he's on the side of the road, pulling his boots off. The cable car is two thirds of the way down the hill. And now he's in front of the gasoline truck, running in a circle as fast as he can. Building speed, the friction growing and growing. The cable car is practically on top of him. Flash continues until the last possible second... then he jumps out of the way! It appears he's failed, as the cable car is still coming full tilt at the gasoline truck... when it suddenly becomes bogged down in the MELTED ASPHALT where Flash was running. A makeshift tarpit! Flash is pulling his boots back on, smiling at his own genius. FLASH: Damn I'm good. INT. GUNSHIP – DAY The HUD flashes, "Target Acquired." The Pilot squeezes the trigger. EXT. STREET – DAY Flash is signing autographs. FEMALE FAN: Were you scared? FLASH: (cocky) I'm only scared when I'm in trouble. The SEEKER MISSILE is fired directly at Flash! He runs out of the way... and it curves to follow him! FLASH: Alright, now I'm scared.

He runs for it, the Seeker Missile pursuing at top speed. INT. BARRY'S OFFICE – DAY A hard punch sends Barry flying across the room. THAWNE: You couldn't say, JUST ONCE, "Thawne, my son, you're the best student a man could ask for! You've learned everything I have to teach you like a prodigy." But NO! You called me a murderer! ME! BARRY: My son died the day you swore allegiance to the man who killed your mother! I have no son! THAWNE: That's right! Your son is dead! I am Thawne! And I found a far greater teacher than you could ever be! He attacks again, fists and legs blurring. Barry meets them with his own, a blazing-fast fistfight between Flashes. BARRY: All he's taught you is evil! A punch catches Barry in the face, throws him off-balance. Thawne follows through with a spinning elbow, knocking Barry against a TROPHY CASE, shattering it. THAWNE: You were good in your day, old man, but it's my time now. EXT. SLIPSTREAM – DAY Flash keeps pouring on the speed, trying to keep ahead of the irresistable Seeker Missile, but he's tiring. In his eyes, we see he's going to peter out any moment. Any idea strikes him. He puts his all into gaining a lead, putting distance between himself and the Seeker Missile. It falls behind... but not for long. EXT. BASKETBALL COURT – DAY Flash stops. FLASH: Everybody, run! Now! They don't question it. Everyone in the area takes off. Flash turns to face the missile. Breathes in and out deeply, like a baseball player waiting for the pitch. FLASH: C'mon... C'mon! And above, the Gunship records it all for posterity... INT. LIMO – DAY Cain sits in the backseat of a limo, watching on a TV screen showing a live feed from the Gunship.

CAIN: What's he doing? EXT. BASKETBALL COURT – DAY We can see the Seeker Missile on the horizon, coming on like a bullet through the heat blur. Flash closes his eyes, lets loose a long exhale. At peace. He opens his eyes. The missile is almost upon him. He tenses... and the Seeker hits him, blowing him into a thousand pieces! Pieces of his costume rain down like confetti. INT. GUNSHIP – DAY PILOT: I got him! INT. LIMO – DAY Cain watches in disbelief. CAIN: It can't be that easy... He rewinds, then frame-by-frames the footage. Just before the Seeker hits, Flash transforms into the costume floating in the wind. CAIN: No! INT. TAILOR SHOP – DAY Wally speeds in, holding a hand over his genitals. WALLY: Don't suppose you have a spare suit? GAMBI: Sure thing, Flasher... I mean... EXT. LIMO – DAY Cain gets out of the car, on his cell-phone. CAIN: Go to the bridge. Hit it until he shows up. Then finish the job. He hangs up and walks towards BARRY'S OFFICE. INT. BARRY'S OFFICE – DAY Barry lays on the ground, breathing shallowly, blood oozing from a cut on his forehead. Thawne stands over him. THAWNE: Time to die. He raises his foot... brings it down at superspeed... but Barry is suddenly NOT THERE! He's beside Thawne, fist cocked. BARRY: You've still got a lot to learn.

He knocks Thawne for a loop with the biggest goddamn uppercut you ever saw. CAIN: (O.S.) My, my, my... you haven't lost a step in your old age, have you? Barry turns around. Sees the face of the man he hates most in all the world. BARRY: (an obscenity) Cain. CAIN: Barry. Here we are, after all these years... BARRY: You killed my wife. I'll see you suffer for that. CAIN: I did? Huh. Can't seem to recall. BARRY: You can't even remember!? CAIN: I'm sorry. For you, the day of your wife's death was a defining moment in your existence. But for me... it was Thursday. Thawne? Thawne blindsides Barry, beating him savagely. CAIN: Never could quite get the hang of those... He pulls out the lightning dagger. CAIN: You know, I took this from the first Flash I killed... Thawne pulls the defeated Barry up, holding him in place. Cain slashes him shallowly across the chest. CAIN: Flash fact. He crouches down at eye level with Barry. CAIN: Now then... mind if I pick your brain? EXT. VAN BUREN BRIDGE – DAY The massive suspension bridge that connects Central and Keystone City. A MISSILE hits the side of it, EXPLODES, taking out three of the upsweep suspension cables. They hang there, snapping like wild snakes. A whole section of the concrete span collapses into the water. EXT. KEYSTONE CITY - DAY As Flash crests a hill and sees the damage, his eyes widen in horror. FLASH: My God... EXT. VAN BUREN BRIDGE – DAY

A VAN slides to the edge of the gap and stops. The SOCCER MOM inside sighs in relief... which quickly turns to terror as her van is REARENDED, sending it tumbling forward! Flash runs to the edge just as it slips over. Too late. WALLY: (V.O.) I'm the Flash. You know what that means? And, with absolutely no hesitation this time, Flash JUMPS AFTER IT! WALLY: (V.O.) Nobody dies. Close-ups of other drivers, even the Pilot, in stunned disbelief at the suicidal action. Flash skydives after the van, never more aware of his own mortality than now. FLASH: I really should've thought this through more. He reaches the van, pulls himself down its length by the bicycle rack on top. Finally, reaches the driver's side door. He pulls it open. The water waits to meet them, the impact assuredly fatal. FLASH: Give me your hand! WOMAN: Tell my family I love them! Flash GRABS her, pulls her out. The water looms up... FLASH: Tell 'em yourself. He KICKS off the van... Soars through the air, legs pumping, eyes closed in a silent prayer. The world seems to hold its breath... He hits the water... Close-up on his foot touching down. And STEPPING OFF, leaving a FOOTPRINT in the water! Flash is running across the water at superspeed! He lets loose a loud WHOOP of glee. FLASH: Don't worry, miss, I've got you! WOMAN: You've got me!? Who's got... FLASH: (all smiles) Oh, shut up. He reaches the shore, sets the Woman down. WALLY: (V.O.) Nobody dies. It's a rule. He turns to look at the Gunship. FLASH: Payback time.

In the space of several seconds, he runs back onto the bridge, grabs a hanging bridge cable, runs back in a massive wind-up, all the way up the opposite bridge cable... then hangs onto the cable as it SWINGS HIM towards the Gunship! INT. GUNSHIP – DAY The Pilot panics, pulls the trigger compulsively. EXT. GUNSHIP – DAY The Vulcan Cannons fire, streams of bullets flying to either side of the Flash. Our hero ignores them, deadset on justice. He lets go of the bridge cable at the apex of the swing, launching himself right at the Gunship! INT. GUNSHIP – DAY The Pilot only has time for a fearful squeak before Flash BULLDOZES through the windshield, landing right next to the villain. He PUNCHES the Pilot, once, twice, three time. Finally RIPS his helmet off and stares him in the eye. FLASH: Hey asshole, you're in a no-fly zone. INT. BARRY'S OFFICE – DAY Barry has been tortured, a glazed look in his eyes. He resides on his knees, barely held up by Thawne, more dead than alive. Cain places the dagger under his chin and rises his face. CAIN: Don't you understand? I've killed you a dozen times. Your life is not a blink of my eye, not a single breath. And now that I have what I want, I'm gonna make it thirteen. BARRY: Unlucky... for you... ya son of a bitch. Cain smiles. CAIN: Let him say one last goodbye. We're not animals, after all. Thawne shoves Barry towards the radio. INT. GUNSHIP – DAY Flash is forcing the Pilot to fly them towards the jail. FLASH: Time to drop your ass off at the county lock-up, Chopper Dave. His radio buzzes. BARRY: (filtered) Wally...

FLASH: Hey man. Don't worry, everything's under control. INT. BARRY'S OFFICE – DAY Barry seems to be willing himself to stay alive. BARRY: Wally... I've never been disappointed in you... not ever. CAIN: That's enough. Thawne drags Barry off the radio. INT. GUNSHIP – DAY FLASH: Barry? BARRY! (to Pilot) Turn this chopper around, NOW! INT. BARRY'S OFFICE – DAY Thawne is spreading gasoline on the walls of the office. CAIN: Two birds with one stone. He'll come here, like a lamb to the slaughter, trying to rescue you. Because that's what you people do. At this, Barry's eyes seem to brighten an infinitesimal amount. BARRY: Yeah... that's what we do... INT. GUNSHIP – DAY The Gunship has reached the office. PILOT: You're going to let me go now, right? Flash chops through the joystick at super-speed, leaving the Pilot clutching an amputated part. FLASH: There. You're free. INT. BARRY'S OFFICE – DAY Thawne splashes Barry with gasoline. Cain holds up a lighter. Flicks it on. Barry closes his eyes, serene, accepting. When a gust of wind BLOWS IT OUT. THE FLASH stands in their midst. FLASH: Get away from him, you slime. Cain turns, pleased. CAIN: Hell, hell, the gang's all here. FLASH: You're finished, Cain.

CAIN: Is that the same rodent I heard WHIMPERING for his life like a little child just last night? FLASH: You're mixing metaphors. That's a no-no. CAIN: You bore me. Thawne? Thawne rushes Flash... who just as We register a look of disbelief on cartwheeling backwards with a left wiping at his bloody lip. He steps quickly turns and BLOCKS his attack. Thawne's face before Flash sends him hook. Thawne gets to his feet, forward... Cain waves him off.

CAIN: I'll deal with this one personally. Flash is taking no chances. He adopts a loose fighting stance. Cain approaches him. Attacks with a high sidekick. Flash dodges it, scooting to the left. And PUNCHES Cain. Cain jerks back, insulted. CAIN: You dare!? FLASH: Ummm... yeah? Barry tries painfully to stand. BARRY: Wally, run! FLASH: I can take these losers. Flash and Cain clash again. Flash puts up a valiant fight, but is clearly outmatched. Even more so when Thawne joins in. Flash puts on a ferocious battle, trying to hold off the two villains, but it's hopeless... Flash is knocked on his back. Thawne stands over him, a foot pressing down on his chest. He strikes a match on his chin and sets the office on fire, flames licking up and down the walls. THAWNE: How's it feel to be the last of your kind? FLASH: I'd ask you to tell me... but the world hasn't run out of dickheads yet. THAWNE: I'll inscribe that on your tombstone. Suddenly, something SLAMS INTO Thawne like a Frisbee from hell, knocking him off Wally. THE METAL HELMET returns to Barry's hand. Barry STANDS, straighter then he's stood since his wife's death... and four decades melt away like that as his eyes blaze with glory. And GODDAMN IF HE ISN'T WEARING HIS OLD COSTUME! As a finishing touch, he sets the helmet down on his head, tilting it at a rakish angle. BARRY: Cain... I didn't hear no bell.

FLASH: Barry, come with me! BARRY: No, Wally. For once, the Flash isn't running. FLASH: Barry! Flash! BARRY: That's your name now. Godspeed, kid. He winks. And Flash RUNS. CAIN: After him, you fool! Thawne pursues the hero... leaving Cain and Barry alone in the burning office. CAIN: Just like old times, eh? BARRY: One way or the other, it ends tonight. They fight! Around them, flaming debris falls from the rafters, creating an added hazard. Barry is fast, but Cain is super-strong... as well as nigh-invulnerable. It's like a fly trying to take out a rhinosaurus. And Cain is wearing the old man down, each hit taking its toll. EXT. STREET – DAY Flash is running for it, Thawne chasing him. Up ahead, bumper to bumper traffic. Flash jumps up, runs across the car tops. Thawne follows effortlessly. Up ahead, a DRAWBRIDGE. It starts to rise... Flash accelerates, Thawne right on his tail. The rising drawbridge is a stiff climb. Flash runs up it, LEAPS for the other side... Thawne catches up to him in mid-air, grabbing him, raining punches down on his kidneys. They hit the opposite section of the drawbridge hard, breaking the hold, slip-sliding down the slanted bridge. Flash recovers, keeps going. Along the sidewalk, grabbing whatever he can find and throwing it backwards, trying to deter Thawne. Hats, suitcases, pets, everything. Thawne bats them aside with ease. INT. TUNNEL – DAY Thawne is side by side with Flash, exchanging blows. Suddenly ahead of them, a solid LINE of cars. No way to avoid it. Flash elbows Thawne in the face and curls himself all the way up the oval pipe until he is completely upside down. But Thawne has a few tricks up his sleeve. He leaps up, over the line

of cars, grabs Flash by the earpieces and PULLS HIM DOWN. The two land, cars braking to avoid hitting them. A ferocious fight ensues! INT. BARRY'S OFFICE – DAY Barry slammed backwards into the brick fireplace, the only wall not on fire. He looks at a framed picture of IRIS on the mantelplace. Turns to Cain. BARRY: Tell me the truth, Cain. Where was the bomb? I just gotta know. CAIN: Bomb? What bomb? I used a rocket to blow up wifey-poo. And it all comes rushing in on Barry. Disbelief, incredulousness, anger... most of all, anger... He EXPLODES into a tackle which plows Cain right through the flaming wall! EXT. BARRY'S OFFICE – DAY Barry continues his charge! Cain is rammed into a BOULDER so hard it cracks! He spits up blood as Barry comes up fighting, sledgehammering Cain with a blinding series of right hooks, holding him in place with his left hand full of Cain's shirt. Finally, Barry HEADBUTTS HIM with the helmet, breaking his nose! Surrenpidiously, Cain has been palming his dagger... and we know this is the end as he brings it towards Barry with aching finality. And, impossibly, Barry CATCHES IT! Cain's eyes widen. CAIN: No! Barry redirects it into Cain's heart! Presses it in up to the hilt, coming nose to nose with Cain. BARRY: For Iris... He TWISTS IT! Blood spurts out like a fire hydrant! And for the first time in his eternal life, Cain SCREAMS IN PAIN! INT. TUNNEL – DAY Thawne BODYSLAMS Flash onto a car hood. THAWNE: It should've been me! It always should've been me! Flash doesn't have the energy to make a retort. Just KICKS Thawne in the face, sending him toppling over another parked car. Both men get up, face each other. Then we hear a CAR HORN in the distance. INT. CAR – DAY

The DRIVER frantically honks the horn while waving people away. DRIVER: No brakes! No brakes! INT. TUNNEL – DAY FLASH: You gotta be... Both he and Thawne are HIT! They plow through the windshield, still fighting, as the Driver struggles to maintain control. INT./EXT. CAR – DAY Thawne and Flash roll along the hood of the car, wrestling for supremacy. FLASH: (to Driver) Can you give me a tire iron? Road flare? ANYTHING!? The Driver shakes his head. FLASH: Terrific... Thawne wraps his hands around Flash's throat. THAWNE: I'll choke the life out of you! FLASH: You wanna choke something? Flash grabs a WINDSHIELD WIPER, breaks it off and slashes it across Thawne's face. FLASH: Choke on that! He headbutts Thawne, knocking him backwards, follows through with a hard right elbow. Thawne slides down the hood towards the wheels. Flash KICKS at him, driving him further down. Then he sees something. Quickly, he vaults into the passenger seat and BUCKLES HIS SEATBELT as Thawne regains his footing. THAWNE: Fool! When you have the chance to kill someone, never... Noticing that Flash is bracing himself, he turns around to see they're speeding right at a CHURCH. THAWNE: (odd little voice) Buckle up for safety... The car hits the CAST-IRON FENCE around the church. Thawne is launched through the air, a short but spectacular trip that ends with him taking a face-plant through a STAINED GLASS WINDOW. Flash checks the Driver's pulse. He's unconscious, but alive. The tired Wally kicks the door open, stumbles out of the car. The wreck has scattered many of the RODS that make up the fence along the ground. Then Flash sees the bruised, bloodied, but VERY MUCH ALIVE Thawne

walking out of the church, pissed as all hell. FLASH: This is not funny... monkeys smoking cigarettes, that's funny... He turns to run, SLIPS on some of the rods. He falls down... sees that they have SHARP POINTS on the end, like spears. Getting an idea, he grabs one and zooms off. Thawne follows, as constant as the North Star. EXT. VAN BUREN BRIDGE – DAY Flash and Thawne dart into oncoming traffic, zig-zagging between the cars. Flash shields the pilfered rod from Thawne's sight with his body. Up ahead, a HARLEY-DAVIDSON "HOG" speeding down the lane. Flash runs up the forks of the motorcycle, using them as a ramp to launch himself onto the top of an EIGHTEEN-WHEELER TRUCK. Cain follows suit... and we do into slow-motion as Flash skids to a stop, turns around, and bares the rod like a spear. Cain can't avoid it, trapped in his airborne collision course. He IMPALES HIMSELF on the spear. FLASH: Get the point? EXT. VAN BUREN BRIDGE – DAY The truck drives down the bridge as Thawne falls to his knees, the rod sticking out of either end of his gut. THAWNE: You... are EVERYTHING I can never be! But it makes no difference. Your world will end! FLASH: Not in your lifetime. He PUNTS Thawne off the truck, off the bridge it's driving on... and into the water far below. FLASH: Hope you're caught up on your swimming lessons, dumbass! EXT. BARRY'S OFFICE – DAY Cain has healed fully. He and Barry continues to exchange blows. Both are ravaged by the fight. That's when THAWNE appears, dripping wet, still bleeding from the abdomen. THAWNE: Cain... he got away! CAIN: I can see that! Leave us! Thawne fades into the background as Cain and Barry gear up for one final charge.

CAIN: You can't win. Barry throws his arms wide for the fatal blow. BARRY: I already have. Cain extracts the dagger from his own heart and SLITS BARRY'S THROAT. CAIN: You've been a worthy opponent. Cain walks away. Thawne approaches the dying Barry. THAWNE: You wanted a son like Wally... but you deserved a son like me. Die slow, old man. And then Barry does a funny thing. He smiles. BARRY: You're kidding, right? He takes off! EXT. KEYSTONE CITY – DAY Barry reaches the city limits. Keep running, ever faster. EXT. CITY LIMITS – DAY By the "Home of the Flash" billboard, FLASH sees Barry running towards the horizon. FLASH: Barry? EXT. DESERT – DAY Barry is going so fast the desert sand is GLAZING INTO GLASS behind him. St. Elmo's Fire ripples between his pumping arms and legs, like his original transformation kicked into overdrive. His skin transmutes into lightning. His clothes burn away, leaving an electric elemental behind. We can still make out his facial features, etched in plasma, as he races towards lightspeed... and smiles. BARRY: Iris... With a quadruple SONIC BOOM, he breaks the lightspeed barrier... INT. SPEED FORCE – TIMELESS Barry runs through the Speed Force, a fantastic dimension of energy and motion. Around him, his life swirls. His wedding, his son's birth, everything. BARRY: Can't bear to look! So many memories! So terribly vivid! I wish... I wish that I could do it all over again! I wish that my life was just beginning!

Up ahead, we see CLOUDS parting... and far below, an airplane. BARRY: I should've known... electricity always travels in a circuit. He moves through the portal, fully transforming into a LIGHTNING BOLT! EXT. DESERT – DAY Wisps of curling smoke mark Barry's final resting place. Flash stops nearby. Sees Barry's helmet, coming to a rest. FLASH: Oh no... He falls to his knees, pulls his cowl back. WALLY: Oh no, no no no no... EXT. MOUNTAIN RANGE – EVENING Wally, his cowl off, his suit caked with dirt, places a stone on a large pile of other stones. Pull back to reveal that he is placing the final few rocks on Barry's cairn. He stands, tries to think of a prayer. WALLY: ...Our Father, Who art in Heaven, uhmm... hallowed be Thy name. Uhh, kingdom come, daily break, I don't know. I don't even know if you're religious. You probably are. But you're just... dead. He crouches down heavily. WALLY: It's... it's not fun anymore, Barry. And I'm scared and I don't know what to do. Please. Just... tell me what to do. Tell me what the right thing is. Because I'm fresh out of answers and I need a little help. He hears a THUNDER CRACK in the distance. Turns to see that DARK STORM CLOUDS are gathering over the Twin Cities. He automatically gets set to run, his training coming back to him. Then pauses. Smiling, realizes he has his answer. He looks up. WALLY: Thanks. And to a blare of the FLASH THEME, he pulls on his cowl. The Fastest Man Alive. INT. INFANTINO'S OFFICE – EVENING Thawne helps Cain slip into a dark, priestly robe covered with occult symbols.

CAIN: Thank you, Thawne. May the next world be yours... as this one was mine. INT. PIPER'S HOSPITAL ROOM – EVENING Piper looks out the window at the GATHERING STORM which turns day to night... PIPER: Storm's coming... EXT. ROOFTOP – EVENING The roof has been TRANSFORMED. Heavy masonry giving it a castle-like appearance. Cain stands in the middle of a PENTAGRAM. Candles burn, flickering in the howling wind. Cain raises an urn of chemicals, anoints himself with it. CAIN: Amoc-un-tura! Amoc-un-tura! Dagon Ro-Ta Derp... Suss-Ruv Nayala... Kandar... estrata... montos... eygrets... Trigon! LIGHTNING strikes him. And KEEPS striking him, the power coursing through his body. A GOTHIC CHOIR on the soundtrack gives the ritual a suitably ominous feel. His eyes roll to white, his body absorbing the tremendous power. EXT. KEYSTONE CITY – EVENING And disaster comes, each one striking a different portion of the city... First comes the TORRENTIAL RAIN, so heavy it makes you want to build an ark. EXT. A PART OF TOWN – EVENING Then HAILSTONES the size of your fist, smashing everything in their path. People take cover, pinned down as if by enemy fire. EXT. ANOTHER PART OF TOWN – EVENING A TORNADO forms in the middle of a road. People abandon their cars as the vortex picks the vehicles up and throws them around like children's playthings. EXT. YET ANOTHER PART OF TOWN – EVENING LIGHTNING strikes down like the finger of a wrathful god, incinerating whatever it hits. And into the midst of this chaos walks Linda, oddly serene, speaking quietly to thin air as people run, panicking, all around her. LINDA: Do you want to know my secret identity, Wally West? I'm the woman who'll always be in your corner, forever and ever. I'm the woman

who's waiting for you to be the hero I know you can be, because I know I love that man. Please. Come back to me. I'm your greatest adventure. You just don't know it yet. Save the day, Wally. INT. INFANTINO'S OFFICE – EVENING Thawne looks out the window at the city in peril, practically gloating. Then he sees a massive DUST TRAIL being kicked up in the desert A dust trail leading right towards the city. His eyes send this information to his brain. His brain replies with two word. THAWNE: Oh shit! EXT. YET ANOTHER PART OF TOWN – EVENING Linda hears a SONIC BOOM. A knowing smile crawls across her face. LINDA: Oh yeah! INT. DORM ROOM – EVENING Trent, up off the couch, looks out the window to see Armageddon. TRENT: Oh boy. He lies back down on the couch. EXT. DESERT – EVENING THAWNE zooms out of the city, roaring with rage, feet kicking up his own dust trail to match Wally's. He and Flash both speed towards each other, two trains on the same track. Flash reaches a speed even he didn't know he had, energy cackling in his aftertrail. Flash and Thawne are about to collide when... At the last possible split-second... Flash COILS HIS LEGS and JUMPS over Thawne! As he passes over him, a leg pistons backward to kick Thawne in the back of the head. Thawne slowly pitches forward like an impossibly huge domino toppling. THAWNE: Nooooooo! The Flash lands in a perfect half-kneeling pose. FLASH: So much for the pretender. There's a shockwave of kicked up dust. Thawne skids hard, cutting a deep scar in the earth. Finally, he comes to a stop, his body broken, each limb twisted at an awkward angle. Flash stands over him like a conquering hero. THAWNE: Finish it... kill me!

FLASH: I told you I'd send you to hell. Welcome. He takes off. THAWNE: I guess I'll just wait here then... EXT. KEYSTONE CITY – EVENING THE FLASH, revitalized, reborn, zooms past an American flag hanging limply in the windless sky. His wake causes the flag to BILLOW OUT to full glory. An OLD COOT walks down the sidewalk, ambling on a cane to safety. Flash passes. His hat blows off. The Coot's hand shoots out and catches it. For a moment he's confused, then he remembers and grows a big grin... COOT: GO GET 'EM, FLASH! EXT. A PART OF TOWN – EVENING Moving through the hailstones like they were nothing more than rose petals, Flash picks up the cowering masses and carries them to safety. EXT. ANOTHER PART OF TOWN – EVENING Flash runs into the tornado, running AGAINST the wind, dodging the debris caught up in the cyclone. Creating his own countervortex, cancelling out the tornado. EXT. YET ANOTHER PART OF TOWN – EVENING And now Flash appears in the lightning area, holding a heap of RODS from the church. He THROWS THEM upwards, spearing them into the buildings. They act as MAKESHIFT LIGHTNING RODS, drawing the storm's fury... except for one last stab from the sky, headed right for... Linda! Flash sees it. There is no discernable distance between thought and act. One moment he is someplace else, the next he is TACKLING Linda out of the way of the lightning strikes. They go into FLASH-TIME, silently pirouetting throught the air in a gentle embrace as, behind them, the lightning slugs towards its completed course. Flash pulls down his mask. Linda's eyes register a slight "I knew it." WALLY: Linda, I love you. I've always loved you. I realize this is a lot to spring on you while the world's ending, but I really had to get it off my chest. And after this is all over, I'd really like to go out and get some coffee or... ah, to hell with it. He kisses her. The world snaps back into real-time, the lightning striking and kicking up a billowing shower of sparks behind them as they land. LINDA: My hero.

WALLY: Can't talk now, gotta save the world. Tell you all about it later. He zooms off. Linda stands slowly, still a bit dazed, as a DOOMSDAY PROPHECT with a sign passes. DOOMSDAY PROPHECT: REPENT! The end is near! LINDA: Not if he has anything to say about it. EXT. ROOFTOP – EVENING Cain is hovering in the air, buffeted up by continuous lightning strikes. His eyes focus, showing irises that have become glowing circles of lightning as he claims the Speed Force. CAIN: Entropy... His hand reaches out, upwards... towards the sun. Lending the speed he's getting out as fast as he's receiving it. EXT. OUTER SPACE – TIMELESS The sun, that dependable old G2 star, is CHANGING. Expanding as the hydrogen fuel in the core is consumed. Start to fuse helium, the core temperature rising to 3×108 Kelvin Changing into a RED DWARF. EXT. WORLD – TIMELESS Around the world, in every country, in every language, every person realizes that, for the first time in history... The Earth is being bathed in RED SUNLIGHT. EXT. SCULPTURE PARK – EVENING In the one area of the city not affected by the super-storm, Infantino's his private army sets up a defense. Sandbags, M2 Brownings, even a Howitzer. Flash STOPS in front of them, leaning against a wall sideways, arms crossed, the trademark Flash pose. FLASH: 'Sup? His WAKE travels past him, hits the army. Blows them away like a hurricane. Flash is back in motion, now RUNNING UP THE SIDE OF THE BUILDING! EXT. ROOFTOP – EVENING Cain screams in triumph as all the lightning strikes him in unison, his body switching back and forth between flesh and pure energy.

CAIN: I AM THE FASTEST MAN ALIVE! THE FLASH comes out of nowhere with a jumpkick that takes Cain by complete surprise. Cain corkscrews through the air, landing in an undignified heap. FLASH: I don't think so. Cain rises as if pulled by invisible wires. His vision is blurry (just as Wally's was), so it's no surprise that he mistakes Wally for... CAIN: BARRY!? You're dead! I killed you! FLASH: Can't keep a good Flash down. His eyes clear. CAIN: Wait... you're not Allen. You're that punk kid! FLASH: Guilty as charged. CAIN: Excellent. Now I get to kill you again. In disdainful parody of Barry's sacrifice, he spreads his arms wide. CAIN: Take your shot. Flash does. Raining down blows on him, twenty punches a second right to the midsection. Cain laughs it off. CAIN: That tickles. Flash runs around him in a tight circle, attacking him from every angle. Cain is unmoved. His hand shoots out and grabs Flash by the throat. CAIN: Allow me. He throws Flash against one of the building's mighty TURRETS, cracking it. Flash lands amidst a hail of stone blocks, knocking over a tall CANDELABRA. He SPEED-KICKS one block into Cain, where it breaks into a fine powder. Cain brushes it off his chest disdainfully. He SUPERSPEEDS forwards, KNEELING onto Flash's chest. So fast it takes Flash by complete surprise. Flash PUNCHES him as hard as he can. Cain is actually driven back. Flash jumps to his feet. What happens next is the most blindingly fast fight ever captured on film. Punching, blocking, and countering at superspeed. So fast it's a blur of jumbled fists and arms. Both men connect at the same time. Are driven backwards. Cain rips a CHAIN loose, swings it around over him like a lasso, goes on the offensive. Striking out with it like a whip. Flash is driven

back, takes a GASH on the shoulder. Cain laughs sinisterly. Attacks again. Flash moves backwards again, trips over a stone block. CAIN: What's the matter? You came to fight a man and instead found a god? Flash SPEED-KICKS the block towards Cain, who JUMPS over it. But Flash has used the time that took to pick up the staff-like candelabra and slam it into the hanging-in-mid-air Cain like Babe Ruth, BREAKING his jaw with an explosion of gore. FLASH: I didn't know God had a broken jaw. This one Cain feels. He lands, face contorted in rage. His face has become a gruesome parody of a human being's from the damage inflicted on it. CAIN: That hurt, you pitiful insect! He swings the chain again. Flash holds the candelabra up to catch the attack. The chain wraps around the candelabra, which Wally JERKS BACK, pulling the chain away from Cain. Not to mention pulling Cain offbalance. Flash DOUBLES HIM OVER with a blow to the stomach with the chain-wrapped candelabra, then at super-speed SLAPS HIM ACROSS THE FACE with it. Cain is spun around like a top. Wally CHOPS OFF the end of the candelabra and slams it home into Cain's heart, IMPALING him. Roaring a primal warcry, Flash HOISTS Cain into the air at the end of the candelabra. Cain just smiles and PULLS HIMSELF down the length of the candelabra towards Flash. CAIN: Foolish child. I've mastered this pathetic Speed Force of yours. It is now but one of my many weapons. FLASH: This isn't your weapon, it's my job and I'm taking it back. He DIVES off the building, carrying Cain with him! EXT. INFANTINO'S SKYSCRAPER – EVENING They fall down, a long drop, punching and kicking each other as they fall. Finally, Cain KICKS Flash away, draws the spear out of him. CAIN: Absolute power... With a gesture, he SLOWS DOWN TIME to land gently. An application of the Speed Force no one has been powerful enough to attempt... until now. EXT. SCULPTURE PARK – EVENING Flash grabs onto a POWER LINE, which breaks off in his hands. He swings on it like Tarzan, towards a GAS STATION. He bounces off a gas pump and

falls to the ground, the line sparking like a hissing cobra as it swings back. Cain walks towards him, supremely arrogant. Flash pulls himself up on the gas pump, inconspicuosly pulling the hose out and pumping gas out onto the ground (sheltered from rain by a small "roof"). CAIN: You really think you can beat me? Someone's having delusions of adequacy. Because to me, you're still nothing but a wretched, scared, little CHILD! Flash dashes out of the way as the returning power line meets the gas fumes. There's a massive EXPLOSION which completely obliterates the gas station and Cain. Flash stands up, rain pouring down his face, staring at the inferno. FLASH: I was never little. Cain walks out of the inferno, a human torch, the rain gradually putting him out. Suddenly, he finds BULLETS biting into his skin! He turns to see Flash, holding one of the soldiers' dropped rifles. He's not a very good shot, but several bullets hit home. Cain looks down as the bulletholes in his flesh shrink away to infinity. CAIN: Bullets? It's been tried. It's ALL been tried! He points past Flash, at a huge STATUE. As his power reaches it, it DECAYS and CRUMPLES, falling towards Flash! Flash just manages to hurl himself out of the way! CAIN: Look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair! The fight wages on, across, through, and on top of the many sculptures. Finally, Flash is pounded into a statue so hard it breaks off behind him. CAIN: Don't you get it? I'm a GOD. I am Shiva, come to lay waste to the cosmos. I am Loki, come to bring about Ragnarok. Dance, dance for the world's ending! FLASH: If you're a God... let's see you walk on water. He RUNS. EXT. GARDNER RIVER – EVENING Flash RUNS across the choppy storm waters. Cain FOLLOWS, running across water with just as much ease. CAIN: Two can play at this game. Flash sees a BUOY up ahead. He swings around it, reversing course with a hairpin turn. He SLAMS into Cain, their collision causing a huge WATER SPRAY, like a mine went off.

Flash surfaces, sputtering. Looks around. Cain is nowhere to be seen. FLASH: Game over. Cain suddenly SURFACES behind him, grabbing him by the earpieces and SHOVING him under the surface. EXT. UNDERWATER – EVENING Flash's eyes bulge. Oxygen bubbles stream from his mouth. EXT. GARDNER RIVER – EVENING Cain LAUGHS insanely, lightning BOOMING in the sky. CAIN: I am He That Was And He Who Will Always Be, West! Suddenly he stops laughing. Holds up the cowl, empty. EXT. SHORE – EVENING Wally pulls himself ashore, exhausted, coughing up water. CAIN is instantly upon him. CAIN: Let's go for a ride. He grabs Wally by the throat and RUNS, dragging Wally along. EXT. A PART OF TOWN – EVENING Cain barrels through the hailstones, holding Wally up in front of him. The frozen-in-time hailstones SHATTER against Wally's chest, causing him immense pain! EXT. FLASH MUSEUM – EVENING Cain zooms up the staircases, letting go of Wally at the top. Wally continues on, his momentum carrying him through the half moon window over the doors. INT. FLASH MUSEUM – EVENING Wally lands hard in the restaurant area, scattering all the carefullystacked tables and chairs. Cain walks through the doors grandly, wrapping Flash's cowl around his right fist. CAIN: Well, well, well. Look where we've ended up. A monument to yet another obsolete hero. How human. Wally stands painfully. Cain greets him with a hard right. Wally flies backwards, through the GIFT SHOP WINDOW. He pulls himself up, holding his ribs. CAIN: Alright, West. Take your best show. Show me what you've got.

Wally RUNS towards him at full speed. Cain holds up his hand, SLOWING TIME DOWN. CAIN: Hahaha... ehh? That was in response to Wally starting to move FASTER. Breaking out of the slow-motion rut. Cain cocks his head. CAIN: Impossi... Wally suddenly BREAKS THROUGH, passing by Cain and punching him SO HARD his neck breaks. EXT. DARKNESS – TIMELESS Wally lands, pushes himself up on his hands and knees. WALLY: Well, I guess I showed... He looks up to see a POST-APOCALYPTIC NIGHTMARE. A hellish wasteland with red skies, rivers of blood, and scorched, arthritic trees reaching up to a sun like a bloodshot eye. A line of CHAINED-TOGETHER slaves are on a FORCED MARCH. In the distance, a HUNDRED-FOOT-TALL DEVIL roams the land, FOUR BLAZING EYES under a set of antler-like horns. WALLY: Oh boy... A dark female voice fills Wally's head... WOMAN: (V.O.) Begone. This is still within your power to prevent. INT. FLASH MUSEUM – EVENING Wally REAPPEARS, shell-shocked. WALLY: Well, that was frea... Cain, head lolling to the side, spins him around... And stabs him in the chest. They fall against each other, almost embracing. CAIN: Two Flashes... with the same knife. Delicious. Wally sputters, blood dripping out his mouth. WALLY: Cain... how 'bout a hug? He grabs Cain's back and PULLS HIMSELF through Cain! Cain turns around, already beginning to disintegrate. Flash is lying on the floor. The expression on Cain's face seems to have changed to one almost of respect. He smiles graciously and drops the cowl like a handkerchef.

CAIN: Nice try. He EXPLODES. His shoes are all that's left, wisps of smoke rising from them. Then he starts reforming, literally being rebuilt from the ground up. Wally crawls away from him, blood leaving a slick trail on the floor. A SKELETON stands behind him. Then, horribly, tendons, muscles, and organs begin to take shape, growing, sheathing the bones. Veins are spreading and A HEART THUMPS STEADILY IN THE CHEST CAVITY. Wally is still crawling... towards the Rogue's Gallery display. Cain's face lines itself with skin. His eyes SNAP OPEN... the first and last thing he sees is Wally aiming the guns of HEATWAVE AND CAPTAIN COLD at him, one clutched in each hand. WALLY: I get the feeling I should be saying something cool here, but I'm fresh out of one-liners. He fires. The dual streams of heat radiation and absolute zero HIT Cain, affecting him faster than his immortal body can take them. He SCREAMS as he falls to his knees, iced skin SPLITTING OPEN to reveal his crispy innards. Caught between fire and ice, he's FROZEN SOLID. Poised, cooling, in a position of agony. Like Michaelangelo's dying slave. Wally lowers the guns, lets them slip out of his hands. Torturously, he pulls himself up, blood pouring down his chest in torrents, wiping over the Flash emblem. EXT. FLASH MUSEUM – EVENING Flash walks out of the museum. The first few shafts of GOLDEN SUNLIGHT break through the dissipating clouds. Flash walks through the shafts of light... stops. Sits down at the top of the staircase. The battle weighting on him heavily. He lifts his face towards the rising sun, letting its warmth wash over his upturned face. Then feels the wound over his heart. Blood covering his hand. His eyes slowly close. WALLY: Just like going to sleep... Everything goes dark. INT. FLASH MUSEUM – MORNING Light returns to the world. MAN: (O.S.) You had us going there for a minute... Wally opens his eyes. The JUSTICE LEAGUE stands around him.

WALLY: Wha... what are you doing here? What am I doing here? The man, GREEN LANTERN, points next to Wally. Wally turns to see an EMERALD IV stand pumping construct-green blood into his body. GREEN LANTERN: Should keep you going until your system is up to snuff. WALLY: I feel all Spocky. And the sun? I saw him... GREEN LANTERN: It reversed itself after Cain's death. WALLY: Of course. He only loaned the Speed Force. He had to take it back to fight me. Wally gets out of bed. WONDER WOMAN: Easy there. You're not fully recuperated yet. WALLY: Advanced metabolism. Does a body good. GREEN LANTERN: We're handling the relief effort. Take a breather, Flash. You've earned it. Wally starts walking away. WALLY: Yeah? Where were you when I needed you? What with the lightning and the tornadoes and the hailstones the size of your head and the evil mastermind with God-like superpowers... He stops. NIGHTWING is in front of him, holding his mask. A long beat. Nightwing holds out Wally's mask. NIGHTWING: You dropped this. Wally pulls it on. FLASH: Thanks. NIGHTWING: Anytime. Where are you going? FLASH: Well, I saved the world, beat the bad guy... if I'm remembering correctly, it's about time for me to get the girl. NIGHTWING: Good luck with that. They part company. NIGHTWING: Dork. FLASH: Goth. EXT. FLASH MUSEUM – MORNING

As soon as he's out the doors, a microphone is shoved in his face. REPORTER: Flash, how did you handle this new supervillain? REPORTER 2: Flash, are you joining the Justice League? REPORTER 3: Flash, is there any truth to the paternity suit being filed... FLASH: I'm sorry, but... you've got the wrong guy. The right guy... he was... selfless. The one time... the one time he thought of himself, it haunted him for the rest of his life. I'm not that guy. But I'm trying. He walks away. Suddenly finds a GUN in his face. CHYRE: Flash, you are under arrest! Put up your hands and surrender! FLASH: You cannot be serious... CHYRE: I AM SICK AND TIRED OF YOU MAKING ME LOOK STUPID! FLASH: I don't make you look stupid, Chyre. You make you look stupid. He ZOOMS OFF. After a moment, Chyre's pants fall down. EXT. SLIPSTREAM – MORNING Flash holds Chyre's belt. FLASH: I just help out a little. INT. LINDA'S HOUSE – MORNING Linda opens the door. Wally is standing there, cleaned up, wearing new clothes. Linda hugs him. LINDA: It's over, isn't it? WALLY: For now. But for me... I feel like it's finally beginning. They kiss. LINDA: So, are you the Fastest Man Alive in... everything you do? WALLY: Actually, with my enhanced metabolism I could probably recover within, oh, I don't know... seconds. LINDA: Seconds? WALLY: Don't mind if I do. He kisses her again. LINDA: You wanna go out for dinner sometime?

WALLY: Is now okay? LINDA: Now's great. WALLY: I know this great place in Fiji... LINDA: Fiji, eh? WALLY: Yeah. I'll drive. He picks her up. WALLY: Wait a minute... I've been told you don't make a habit of running off with strange men in spandex. LINDA: What idiot told you that? WALLY: I don't know... but she had the cutest face... They takes off. Wally running perfectly. In the zone. As fast as a man can run... and faster. He accelerates into a BLUR, which we zoom in on until we're in a tight profile shot... and WALLY WINKS AT US. WALLY: (V.O.) My name is Wally West. I'm the Flash... He ZOOMS OFF! WHIP-PAN to the right to watch him go, zooming into the distance, kicking up a dust trail miles long. WALLY: (V.O.) The Fastest Man Alive. PAN DOWN to reveal the cairn Wally made for Barry. It's been left untouched, although barriers have been erected around it. In front of it is a small memorial plate. "Barry Allen. No Greater Hero. No Finer Man." THE END ROLL CREDITS as Cake's "The Distance" plays. AFTER THE CREDITS INT. FLASH MUSEUM – DAY Piper is walking through, on crutches. The place has been rebuilt. PIPER: Wow. This place looks nice. He passes a new Rogue's Gallery exhibit... CAIN. On the podium is a life-sized statue made out of wax, showing Cain in his last moments. Piper looks at it oddly. Could it be...? PIPER: Nah!

He ambles on... as the statue's encased eyes follow him...

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