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               The Millionaire's Secret: A Handbook For Building Wealth In Tough Times

       By Ron Taylor
       Dated: Feb 03, 2010

       The Millionaire's Secret is a new book on how to create wealth, now available in both softcover and ebook

       The Millionaire's Secret: A Handbook For Building Wealth In Tough Times identifies 17 specific steps
       aspiring entrepreneurs, investors, and homemakers can take to get out of debt, create multiple sources of
       income, and create wealth.

        Author Ron Taylor based his 17 wealth building tips on his personal experience in investing and small
       business ownership, and further supports his arguments with examples from noted authors like Robert
       Kiyosaki, Robert Allen, and David Bach, among others. Ron's basic philosophy of wealth building stems
       from lessons he acquired in the "School of Hardknocks," and includes advice on learning how to spend less
       than you earn, preserving your capital base, and building a portfolio of investments that return a positive
       cash flow to the wealth builder.

        According to the author, if you are either broke, or not making as much money as you want, this book for
       you. We live in the richest nation the world has ever known. Yet, less than 5% of the retirees in this country
       are independently wealthy, and the vast majority of us depend upon Social Security and handouts just to get

        Something is wrong with that picture, and the odds suggest that you cannot achieve financial freedom.
       However, if you are willing to learn the basic principles of creating wealth, and will apply this knowledge
       in a concerted and deliberate manner, you can achieve wealth. Achieving wealth in America is not about
       how much you earn, but how wisely you use what you earn.

        The Millionaire's Secret is aimed at helping you to both increase your income, and manage your money
       properly. Among other things, you will learn that spending more than you earn in an effort to impress
       friends and neighbors with your material possessions is a recipe for financial disaster. Additionally, lacking
       the patience to invest for the long-term, develop action oriented goal statements, and failing to protect
       yourself with proper insurance and legal advice, are all indicators of poor financial management.

        The Millionaire's Secret is a concise depiction of how wealth is created, and is sutiable for both the
       beginning wealth builder and seasoned investors.


       The Millionaire's Secret: A Handbook For Building Wealth In Tough Times reveals the closely guarded
       secrets used by wealthy people to build and preserve their empires. This concise book delivers specific
       steps you can use to improve your financial intelligent quotient, create passive and portfolio income, and
       achieve financial wealth. These practical and time tested strategies show you how acquiring income
       producing assets and preserving a strong capital base can become the seeds of your financial success. The
       Millionaire's Secret is easy to read and apply, and offers a straightforward approach to accumulating wealth
       in America today. Visit to learn more about this exciting new book.

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