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Enhancing the Patient Experience in                                        Principles of Patient and Family Centred Care
the Calgary Health Region                                                  The three principles of respectful relationships, communication and
                                                                           collaboration shape how patient and family centred care is applied both
Enhancing the patient experience is about                                  at an individual and system-wide level at the Calgary Health Region.
focusing on health care through the eyes of
patients and their families. It is one of the Calgary
Health Region’s priorities to advance the philosophy                       Principles of Patient and Family Centred Care in the Calgary Health Region
and practice of patient and family centred care.
                                                                                                        RESPECTFUL                COLLABORATION
                                                                          COMMUNICATION                RELATIONSHIPS

                                                                          • Listening to patients    • Based on                  Staff, patients and
                                                                            and families               compassion, dignity       families form an
   What is patient and family centred care?                               • Sharing useful             and trust                 alliance to negotiate
                                                                            information              • Honouring patient
   Patient and family centred care is an approach to the                  • Meaningful dialogue        and family                • In their own or their
   planning, delivery, and evaluation of health care that is                between patient,           perspectives and            family member’s care
                                                                            families and health-       choices                   • In health services
   grounded in mutually beneficial partnerships among
                                                                            care providers                                         planning evaluation
   health care patients, families, and providers. Patient                                                                          and delivery
   and family centred care applies to patients of all ages,
   and it may be practiced in any health care setting.
   (Institute for Family-Centered Care)

                                                                          What is a Patient Experience Advisor?
                                                                          A Patient Experience Advisor is a person who has experience using
The Region believes the key dimensions of patient and                     Calgary Health Region services as a patient, client or a family member
family centred care are:                                                  and is a member of a Calgary Health Region committee or team.
• Care and ser vices centred on the strengths,                            Patient Experience Advisors are vitally important members of regional
  needs, priorities and values of patients and families;                  committees and teams, as they bring the perspective and voice of
• Patients and families are invited to be active                          patients and families to the group’s work. They work in partnership
  participants in their care, and to work collaboratively                 with health-care planners and providers to help make Calgary
  with health-care providers;                                             Health Region services more responsive to the needs of patients and
                                                                          their families.
• Honest and timely communication between
  patients/families and health-care providers, and
  among health-care providers;
• Humanizing the health-care experience for patients
  and their families (through the demonstration of
  compassion, dignity, and respect);
• Partnering with patients and families at all levels of care
  and planning.
                                         Patient/Family Safety Council

   Involving Patient Experience Advisors on Region Committees and Teams
Bringing the patient and family voice into health care                                      What are the benefits?
It is important for patients and their families to have the opportunity                     Individuals who have already chosen to become involved as Patient
to share their experiences with us. Together we can plan and develop                        Experience Advisors describe a number of benefits for themselves
truly responsive services.                                                                  and for the health organizations that they work with. Benefits include:

There are many examples within the Region of health-care consumers                          • Health-care providers and planners better understand what it is
successfully participating with health-care providers and planners on                         like to be a recipient of care and can integrate this into service
committees, teams or focus groups, where the planning and delivery of                         improvement and facility design.
health care has been considerably improved as a result.
                                                                                            • Satisfaction in being able to make a meaningful contribution to the
This information is intended to assist you in considering whether to                          health-care system.
become a Patient Experience Advisor in the Calgary Health Region.
                                                                                            • Satisfaction in working together with health professionals to create
                                                                                              health services and programs to better meet the needs of patients
What kind of experience do I need to become a                                                 and their families.
Patient Experience Advisor?                                                                 • Having the opportunity to get to know other Patient Experience
All that is required is experience as a user of health-care services, as                      Advisors and health professionals.
a patient or client, or on behalf of a loved one who is or has been a
patient or client of the health system.                                                     • Expanding their own knowledge base and skills and broadening
                                                                                              their understanding of the health-care system and how it works.
                                                   The specific kind of health-
                                                   care experience required                 • Become a better advocate for health services for themselves or
                                                   of you as a Patient                        family/friends.
                                                   Experience Advisor will
                                                   var y, depending on the                  • Become more knowledgeable and better able to navigate the
                                                   aims of a par ticular                      health system.
                                                   committee or team.

                                        For example, an Intensive                           Is it a good match for my interests and skills?
                                        Care Unit (ICU) quality                             It is important to determine whether being a Patient Experience
                                        improvement team would                              Advisor would be a good match for you. There are many ways that
                                        want a Patient Experience                           you can give something back to the health-care system, and/or work
Advisor who had experience with the ICU, as a patient or as                                 with organizations to improve the quality of health service delivery.
a family member of a patient that had spent some time in the
ICU. Patient Experience Advisors sitting on a Pediatric Oncology                            Some of the things you might consider:
Advisory Committee could include family members of children
who had received cancer treatment, or perhaps older children who                            • Be clear about your own reasons for getting involved.
had been patients.
                                                                                            • Identify the strengths, skills and experience that you can bring to
                                                                                              the role.
Why should I consider becoming a                                                            • Get information about the aims of the committee or team that is
Patient Experience Advisor?                                                                   seeking Patient Experience Advisor member(s).
As someone who has experience using health-care services, you have
                                                                                            • Determine the role of the Patient Experience Advisor(s) on this
a valuable perspective to bring to people working in the health-care
                                                                                              particular committee or team, and how this relates to the roles of
system who plan and deliver health-care services.You can offer unique
                                                                                              the other committee members.
insights about what works and what does not work well for you and
your family and what it feels like to be a patient or family member. You
are an expert on the experience of being a patient, and the health-
care system needs your expertise. Your involvement can help design
services that are truly responsive to patients and their families.

   How can I learn more and get involved?
   If you wish to let the Region know that you are interested in becoming a Patient
   Experience Advisor, please call (403) 943-1125 for further information and discussion.

   Involving Patient Experience Advisors on Regional Committees and Teams