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									                         PRODUCT ENDORSEMENT AGREEMENT

       THIS AGREEMENT is entered into as of the    day of                      ,   by   and   between
("Celebrity") and                               (the “Company”);


       A.      Celebrity is                                                                    ;

       B.      The Company is in the process of developing a
       , more particularly described on Exhibit A hereto (the “Product”)

       C.      The Company desires to retain Celebrity to assist in the design and development of
the Product, to endorse and promote the Product, and to render consulting and advisory services in
connection therewith, on the terms and conditions set forth herein;

       Now Therefore, the parties agree as follows:

        1.      Design Assistance. Celebrity shall assist the Company in the development of the
Product, shall furnish comments on designs, model and prototypes, and shall consult with the
Company from time to time on all aspects of the development, design, production and marketing of
the product.

       2.    Endorsement.

                 2.1 Celebrity hereby grants the Company the right to use his name, voice, picture,
biographical information, likeness, signature and endorsement (the “Identification”) in all media in
connection with the advertisement, promotion and sale of the Product. the Company may also place
the Identification on the Product itself and on associated packaging. Celebrity shall also advise and
consult with the Company and its representatives in the marketing of the Product to health
professionals. In addition, Celebrity shall assist in the education and training of the Company’s sales
force on the marketing and promotion of the Product, and shall attend the Company’s national and
regional sales meetings as may be requested by the Company. Celebrity shall also assist the
Company personnel in the preparation and distribution of descriptive literature, catalog entries and
advertising material concerning the Product. the Company shall submit to Celebrity examples of
proposed advertising material and packaging bearing the Identification for his review and approval,
which           approval         shall          not          be         unreasonab
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