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					                      Texas Recreation & Park Society - Region IV

             Criteria and Guidelines for Bidding & Hosting the Annual
                              Region IV Workshop


The goal of the TRAPS Region IV Annual Workshop is to provide an affordable and geographically
convenient professional growth and development activity for all members of the Parks and Recreation
profession. The annual workshop also serves as the primary fundraiser for TRAPS Region IV and assists
Region IV in providing the established annual $2500 commitment from our region to TRAPS, in addition
to student and professional scholarships to TRAPS events.

The annual workshop began in 1976 and has experienced a successful growth from the original fifty-three
delegates to over four hundred delegates. The annual workshop, traditionally held the first Friday in
February, has been hosted by seven different agencies/departments over the last 24 years and has
expanded in the variety of educational tracts, offering sessions in Recreation/Leisure, Administration,
Front Line, Park Maintenance, Therapeutic and Senior Services, and Aquatics/Athletics. In addition to
educational sessions, the workshop provides a mini-trade show for commercial vendors offering products,
equipment and services to parks and recreation field an opportunity to exhibit their business during
through out the day long workshop.


The Region IV Annual Workshop was developed to rotate around the Region IV area and
departments/agencies are invited to submit bids on an annual basis to serve as a host for the workshop.
Bids to host this workshop should be based upon the criteria outlined in this document and should be
submitted to the TRAPS Region IV Site Selection Committee Chair or Regional Director. It is our goal
to select workshop sites and dates two years prior to each event. The Site Selection Committee and or
Regional Director will review the submitted bids and make site visits prior to making a recommendation
at the following scheduled TRAPS Region IV meeting. Should more than one agency/department’s bid
be eligible for selection, the Site Selection Committee and or/Regional Director will prepare for a balloted
vote by TRAPS Region IV members that are in attendance at the following scheduled TRAPS Region IV


    1. Ability to provide a meeting room/gymnasium/auditorium that can accommodate a maximum of
       four hundred and fifty (450) people for two general sessions and a seated luncheon. Room should
       have a stage with public address system or the space to bring in portable stage and PA system.

    2. Ability to provide five (5) additional meeting rooms that can accommodate a minimum of
       seventy-five (75) people.

    3. Ability to provide a Commercial Vendor Exhibit Area that can accommodate a minimum of
       fifteen (15) 25’ x 15 outdoor exhibit spaces and a minimum of twenty five (25) 10’ x 8’ indoor
       exhibit areas (usually done in the same room as general session and luncheon).

    4. Ability to provide an area to be used for Delegate, Vendor and Speaker Registration and Check-
       In. It is preferred that this area be located in or near an office with telephone and fax machine.

    5. Ability to provide a minimum of nine hundred (900) chairs in inventory.

    6. Ability to provide a minimum of one hundred (100) tables in inventory.
7. Ability to provide parking for 150 – 200 vehicles.


1. Ability to provide a minimum of three (3) staff to serve on the Conference Planning Committee.
   These staff are required to attended bi-monthly and monthly (for the three months prior to the
   workshop) TRAPS Region IV planning meetings held in various Region IV cities.

2. Ability to provide two (2) maintenance technicians, on the day of the event, to manage any
   equipment malfunctions/failures; including air-conditioning, heating, plumbing, and audio

3. Ability to provide adequate personnel to accommodate set-up and take-down of the conference

4. Assisting the host agency in planning and conducting the workshop are fifteen (15) standing
   committees, comprised of Region IV members, other than the host agency. These committees
   manage the following workshop duties:
    Committee Chair and/or Co-Chairs – member of Host Agency and another Region IV
      member (for co-chair position, this person should be from an agency that has previously
      hosted a Regional workshop)
    Publications and Notifications Committee – conference program, mail out reminders
    Affiliate Agency Liasons Committee – Texas Parks & Wildlife, Texas Amateur Athletic
    Registration Committee – workshop pre-registration and on-site registration
    Ways & Means Committee – raffle, door prizes and any other workshop fundraisers
    Food & Beverage Committee – continental breakfast, buffet luncheon
    Vendor Recruitment & Management Committee – exhibitors
    Regional Awards Committee – development and promotion
    Speakers Bureau Committee – selection of keynote speaker
    Park Maintenance Tract Committee
    Recreation & Leisure Tract Committee
    Therapeutic & Senior Services Tract Committee
    Front Line Staff Committee
    Aquatics & Athletics Tract Committee
    Audio Visual Committee – obtain 5 sets of Audio Visual Equipment for each room

   Note: The above committees may be revised or expanded, based upon the workshop planning
   committee needs.


   The annual workshop serves as the primary annual fundraiser for TRAPS Region IV and the
   proceeds from the event allow Region IV to contribute an established annual commitment of
   $1750 to TRAPS, in addition to student scholarships. The workshop fee has traditionally been
   $25 and was raised to $35 in 2008. This fee includes continental breakfast, if possible, and lunch,
   buffet or sit down, budget permitting. The workshop host and workshop planning committee have
   historically absorbed many of the costs associated with promoting, staffing and facilitating the
   event (i.e. facility and facility equipment costs, maintenance costs, staff/manpower for event,
   office supplies). Budgets from the two previous workshops are included in this packet for
   reference purposes. Region IV would like strive to achieve a goal of raising $2,500 in funds each
   year from the annual workshop.
                                 TEXAS RECREATION & PARKS SOCIETY
                                                REGION IV
                        2010 - 2011 and 2012-2013 ANNUAL WORKSHOP BID FORM



Department/Agency Director:

Contact Person for Department/Agency:
(if other than Director; lead person responsible for bid and workshop communication)


City:                                                                        Zip:

Office Phone:                                             Office Fax:

E-Mail Address:

Please provide a typed document that addresses the following requirements and criteria for hosting the TRAPS
Region IV Annual Workshop. The document must be signed by your Department/Agency Director in order to be
considered as a host of the workshop.

I.         List of departmental/agency staff members that will be available to actively assist in hosting the workshop.
           (A minimum of three of these staff must be able to actively serve on the Workshop Planning Committee.)
           Please list any additional staff and/or volunteers that would be assisting the department/agency in hosting
           the workshop.

II.        Name and detailed description of the facility that would be used to host the workshop.
           (Please include complete building layout and room sizes/capacity, equipment available, parking areas and
           parking capacity.) Note any fees that would be associated with use of the facility or potential rental of
           necessary equipment for the facility.

III.       Proposed date for the workshop.
           (Workshop is traditionally held the first Friday in February, this is flexible based on agency availability.)

IV.        You may provide any other supporting documentation or information to support your department/agency’s
           bid for hosting the workshop.

V.         Please specify year your agency is interested in hosting workshop. (Please circle)

           2011              2013               Either Year

VI.        Please specify time of year your agency is interested in hosting workshop. (Please circle)

           Winter/Spring               Fall              Either

VII.       Please specify if your agency is interested in or has the space to host the Traps Region 4 Golf Tournament
           in the spring in conjunction with the Region 4 Workshop. (Please circle)

           Yes               No

                                     Please submit bid form and supporting document to:
                                          Brooks Smith, TRAPS Region IV Director
                                           7008 South Rice Bellaire, Texas 77401