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                 The Tungsten

An opportunity to supply wines to the most exclusive
            wine fraternity in Australia
An Outline of Your Opportunity

                    01   The History of The Tungsten
                    02   The Tungsten - A unique opportunity
                    03   Your Invitation
                    04   New Wine Submission Form

                   The Tungsten
The History of The Tungsten

The Tungsten was established in 2004 by a
small group of wine industry and business
people wishing to fulfill their own wine
requirements, as well as those of like-
minded friends and associates.

The Tungsten recognizes that the success
of the Australian wine industry has
increased local production to over 1400
million litres annually with more than 1800
brands now competing for the mouths of

It is now increasingly difficult for our
members to experience the best of what our
dynamic industry has to offer.

You see, to some, wine is a drink. To others,
it is an event, a surreal being - this is the
essence of The Tungsten.

And it is available to only a few, a very few.

Members of The Tungsten have a passion
for only the most unique Australian wine and
a culture for enjoying life and professional

                                           The Tungsten
The Tungsten – A Unique Opportunity

The Mantra of The Tungsten is simple.
Wine is bought to be drunk. Sure, much of
what we purchase will appreciate in value,
but that is not our philosophy.

“..Sometimes, the combination of
winemaker, site and soil can provide a wine
that can remove you from your
surroundings, your location, your problems             Wines purchased for the members of
and hypnotize you with its grace, its power            The Tungsten are chosen using the
or its subtlety. Great wine is something that          following criteria:
can truly give you something different every-
time you open the door. These are the wines            ~ Each must be technically brilliant, although
of The Tungsten.”                                      that is just a foundation of selection. The
                                                       wine must be expressive of terroir and
           The Tungsten Director and Winemaker,
                                   Craig Frawley
                                                       demonstrate imagination and a resolve for
                                                       quality throughout the winemaking process
                                                       ~ The wines will not be available through
                                                       mainstream retail liquor stores
                                                       ~ Any variety or region will be considered for
                                                       ~ All wine selected by our experienced
                                                       panel will be tasted blind. If a lesser priced
                                                       line outperforms a more expensive one, then
                                                       the lower priced option will be selected
                                                       ~ Under no circumstances will unfinished
                                                       wines or unlabelled wines be considered for
                                                       ~ Wines can be current release or limited
                                                       release back vintage lines

                                                       Every member of The Tungsten must be
                                                       proud to put each wine into their cellar or
                                                       onto their table.

                                           The Tungsten
Your InvitatIon

As a producer of premium wines of
distinction, we would like to extend this
invitation for you to submit any wine, red or
white, that you think can justifiably fulfill the
purchasing criteria of The Tungsten.                    To forward a wine for submission to our
                                                        tasting panel, please send:
The number of members of The Tungsten is                      one bottle of each wine under
strictly limited. Each member must fulfill strict                Stelvin seal and
membership criteria for admission into The                    two bottles of each wine under
Tungsten. Membership is by invitation only,                      cork
and the identity of each member is strictly
confidential.                                           in polystyrene containers to
                                                        The Tungsten
Members of The Tungsten receive at least                P.O Box 4692, Mulgrave, Vic 3170.
4 dozen bottles of premium wine each year.
Where possible, The Tungsten provides                   Please ensure that your submission is
wine matched to varietal and price                      accompanied with any relevant
parameters defined by each member upon                  identifying or marketing information as
their application for membership.                       well as a completed ‘new wine
                                                        submission form’, which can be obtained
Membership funds allow us to order the                  from the ‘Suppliers’ section of our
required stock for membership requirements              members website at
as they fall due. As well, we have the                  www.thetungsten.com.
permission from many members to purchase
very rare or very exceptional lines on their            You are invited to submit as many lines
behalf and at a moments notice at prices                as you feel would fall under our
that fall outside of normal parameters.                 purchasing guidelines. If you presently
                                                        do not have any wines that you feel
Members of The Tungsten are prohibited                  meet these criteria, we invite you to
by their membership agreement to sell any               keep this invitation until such time as
of their wines on the secondary market or               this status changes.
risk exclusion from the membership group.
                                                        For more information, please contact us
                                                        at enquiries@thetungsten.com.

                                                        We wish you the best of luck in your

                                             The Tungsten

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