MCSE ( Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer ) on Microsoft by skw15361


									         Richland                                          MCSE ( Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer ) on Microsoft Windows Server 2003
MCSE                         Course Title
          Course                                                                      Certification Requirements
Exam#       Core Exams: Client Operating System                   (1 Exam Required)                      Courses                          Notes

                          Supporting Microsoft        Exam 70–270: Installing, Configuring, and Course 2272: Implementing and
        ITMC 1458 or
          ITMT 1400
                         Windows Client Network         Administering Microsoft Windows XP      Supporting Microsoft Windows
                           Operating Systems                        Professional                       XP Professional

Exam#        Core Exams: Networking System                      (4 Exams Required)                       Courses                          Notes

                       Supporting and Maintaining a                                          Course 2274: Managing a
        ITMC 2401 or
                         Microsoft® Windows NT                                            Microsoft Windows Server 2003           Course used at DCCCD is
          ITMT 1440
                                  Server            Exam 70–290: Managing and Maintaining           Environment                    a combined MS course
  2                                                      a Microsoft Windows Server 2003                                         2273B. Students only need
                                                                   Environment                                                   to buy one book for the two
                       Installing and Administering                                              Course 2275: Maintaining a               courses
         ITMC 1419      Microsoft Windows Server                                               Microsoft Windows Server 2003
                            Operating Systems                                                            Environment
                                                                                               Course 2277: Implementing,
                        Implementing a Microsoft      Exam 70–291: Implementing, Managing,     Managing, and Maintaining a
        ITMC 1442 or                                                                                                          Richland uses MOC 2276
          ITMT 1450
                           Windows Network             and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows    Microsoft Windows Server 2003         for this course
                             Infrastructure             Server 2003 Network Infrastructure    Network Infrastructure: Network
                                                                                                Course 2278: Planning and
                         Designing a Microsoft        Exam 70-293: Planning and Maintaining a
        ITMC 2432 or                                                                          Maintaining a Microsoft Windows
         ITNW 2456
                         Windows Networking           Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Network
                         Services Infrastructure
                                                                                                   Server 2003 Network
                                                       Exam 70-294: Planning, Implementing,       Course 2279: Planning,
                           Implementing and
        ITMC 1443 or                                    and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows   Implementing, and Maintaining a
  5                      Administering Microsoft
          ITMT 2400                                         Server 2003 Active Directory      Microsoft Windows Server 2003
                           Directory Services
                                                                   Infrastructure              Active Directory Infrastructure
Exam#                  Core Exams: Design           (1 Exam Required)                                  Courses                            Notes
                                                  Exam 70-2982, 3: Designing Security for
        ITMC 2433 or Designing a Secure Microsoft                                           Course 2830: Designing Security
          ITMT 2440
                                                     a Microsoft Windows Server 2003
                          Windows Network                                                       for Microsoft Networks
Exam#                   Elective Exams            (1 Exam Required)                                  MS Courses                           Notes
                                                  Exam 70-227: Installing, Configuring, and   Course 2159: Deploying and
                       Deploying and Managing
                                                  Administering Microsoft Internet Security   Managing Microsoft Internet
 7 or    ITMC 2455    Microsoft Internet Security
                       and Acceleration Server
                                                    and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2000,     Security and Acceleration Server
                                                             Enterprise Edition                          2000
                                                  Exam 70-228: Installing, Configuring, and Course 2072: Administering a
                      Administering a Microsoft
 7 or    ITMC 2403                                 Administering Microsoft SQL Server™        Microsoft SQL Server 2000
                        SQL Server Database
                                                          2000 Enterprise Edition                      Database

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