World Heritage Sites Assignment

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					World Heritage Sites Assignment

Save a copy of this assignment on your desktop and use
your copy to fill in the answers.

Go to

What does UNESCO stand for?

Select “About World Heritage”

State briefly their goal (3rd paragraph).

UNESCO's World Heritage mission is to: (fill in the blanks)

      encourage countries to sign ___________________________________________ and
       to ensure the protection of their natural and cultural heritage;
      encourage _______________________ to the Convention to nominate sites within their
       national territory for inclusion on the ________________________________________;
      encourage States Parties to establish ____________________________ and set up
       reporting systems on the state of ____________________________ of their World
       Heritage sites;
      help States Parties safeguard World Heritage properties by providing
      provide _________________________________ for World Heritage sites in immediate
      support States Parties' _________________________________________________ for
       World Heritage conservation;
      encourage participation of the ________________________________ in the
       preservation of their cultural and natural heritage;
      encourage ______________________________________ in the conservation of our
       world's cultural and natural heritage.

Select “the Convention” (left side) and scroll down to “Brief History/Preserving Culture”

Briefly finish outlining, in point form, the event that lead to the creation of WH
    Proposal to build Aswan High Dam in Eqypt.

       Name the Convention.

       What date was the Convention adopted?

Select “The State Parties”

Who are State Parties and what do they agree to do?
When did Canada become a State Party?

Select “The List,” (top) and “Criteria” on the left under “Global Strategies”

What is it that constitutes the 'outstanding universal value' of a cultural or natural
treasure? (Only include main ideas. Separate the criteria appropriately into the main
categories below)

            Cultural Monument                                    Natural Property
      Masterpiece of human creative genius

Select “Interactive Map” (left) You can interact with the map by grabbing it and pulling it to turn.

Which area of the world has the most WH Sites? Why do you think?

Select “World Heritage List” (main heading)

Choose one (1) World Heritage Site in Canada and fill in the chart below.

Canadian World Heritage Site
Site name

Date Inscribed

Brief facts

Link and description of link

Using the advanced search option at the top of the list, choose a region of the world you would
like to visit in the future. Then, pick a country from the list and fill in the chart below about a
World Heritage Site there.

Site name


Date Inscribed

In your own words explain
its significance.
Select “World Heritage in Danger”

List the major problems to World Heritage Sites.

Briefly explain why Bamiyan Valley in Afghanistan is in danger.

Select “The List in Danger”

How many sites are in danger?

Select “Activities” (top) and scroll down to “Sustainable Tourism Programme”

Considering the 3 Fundamental Requirements of Sustainable Tourism, explain how their
program is “sustainable.”