; Job Description - Head of Design
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Job Description - Head of Design

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A Job Description for the Head of Design at a company, useful for advertising to and selecting from potential job candidates in the field of design

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									Job Description: Head of Design
Reports to: Production Director

Head of Design will have overall responsibility for all production work completed by the Design
team and for providing the strategic direction for the department in advancing the organization
to its potential.

This responsibilities include:

      Inspiring creativity throughout all design work.

      Ensuring that all Design work is completed to the highest standard.

      Working with the Production Director to produce Key Performance indicators that
       provide a holistic & balanced view of the team

      Overseeing the personal Design of all team members including performance appraisals
       (including code reviews), and monitoring succession planning.

      Ensuring that working processes (planning, testing, & documentation etc) are efficient &
       adhered to by the Design team.

      Making recommendations for process improvements demonstrating regular audits and
       necessary amendments.

      Ensuring that the Design Department is aware of trends & improvements in both
       techniques & technology that are relevant to the business & assessing which will
       contribute to the business & its clients

      Line management of the Design team.

      Quality control and improvement of departmental output.

      Maintain communication and relationships between Design and other departments within
       The Company.

      Responsible for maintaining and monitoring the Design department as a cost centre.

      Developing expertise in specific areas related.

      Developing the structure of the design department to encompass smaller areas that will
       maximise the potential and expertise within the department.
    Project level

   Individual procedures and process including adherence to The Company’s ISO

   Quality of work produced to meet project requirements.

   Being the point of contact for clients in situations where a high level perspective is
    required on the strategic direction for a client or in situations of issues being escalated
    by team members.

   Awareness of the impact that your work may have on your own and other ongoing
    projects for a particular client. This includes awareness of others and their involvement
    in the project

   Conformity to any digital brand or strategy defined by the client or The Company.
   Ensuring suitable communication/updates are being provided by the Design team to
    internal and external clients on project status.
   Identification of opportunities to improve end product if applicable.
   Monitoring the financial success of all projects within The Company.

Client level

The Head of Design will work with other Senior Managers to recommend strategies for
clients and will ensure consistency of solution and promote a high level of output both
functionally and creatively for these customers’ work within production.
In addition you will:

   Be the point of escalation on any issues considered a threat to the customer

   Assist and communicate with the Account team to support client requirements.

   Oversee the Design team’s output to ensure that client requirements are met and that
    appropriate documentation and feedback to Clients on project progress is completed.
The Head of Design will ensure that each Design team member is suitably trained and
developed to undertake their duties. This will include:

      Training, coaching or mentoring as appropriate.

      Ensure the Design team members are appraised (including design reviews), focused on
       personal growth and mentored.

      Ensuring staff adherence to The Company’s processes and procedures.

      Taking part in recruitment of suitable staff to the department.

      Escalation of any issues to the Production Director where necessary.

      To oversee the structure of the department ensuring that it enables maximum
       effectiveness and working with the Production Director and HR Manager to make any
       recommendations for improvement.


The Head of Design has the responsibility of ensuring that The Company delivers exemplary
work whilst meeting both the client and audience objectives. This candidate will ensure that they
and the Design team:

      Are able to make use of the latest technologies.

      Contribute to driving the company forward through contribution across areas such as
       new products, technologies and/or processes.

      Demonstrate a very high standard of web solution design and creativity within their work.

      Work to develop expertise within the department in key areas such as creativity,
       flash/activescript/ content.

      Be highly proficient in industry standard software.

      Actively seek to further departmental knowledge and personal development through
       training and experience.

      Have a working knowledge of practices and opportunities across the digital spectrum
       and applicable to a Client’s requirements.

      Have the capability to identify and solve technical problems.
   Have a thorough knowledge of Design Production processes and procedures.

   Promote and champion new technologies and their use within The Company.


   Ensure an up-to-date industry knowledge through reading publications/journals and
    undertake appropriate training and Design.

   Demonstrate some knowledge of the processes and procedures used within Client
    Services, Finance and IT.

   Communicate proactively and professionally with clients and your colleagues.

   Prioritise daily workload - organise, monitor and control resources to meet plan.

   Identify and react appropriately to events threatening the plan.

   Continually work to improve client satisfaction.

   Identify where you add value to the business and its products.

   Understand your role, obligations and responsibilities.

   Talk to your line managers about any issues to prevent problems escalating.

   Use your working time both efficiently and effectively to the benefit of the company.

   Keep your workspace and environment clean and tidy.

   Limit the impact of The Company on the environment by understanding and supporting
    the policies, programmes and procedures described in our ISO14001 Environmental
    Management System.

   Understand and comply with The Company’s HR and Company policies as defined on
    the intranet.

   Ensure an understanding of the The Company Quality policy and adhere to the relevant
    sections of our ISO9001: 2000 procedures.

   Protect information and confidentiality of The Company and its clients by adhering to and
    understanding the relevant sections of our Information Security Management System,

   Undertake other reasonable duties as defined by the Production Director.
Qualifications and Training                                    Essential   Desirable
Educated to degree/HND level or have relevant                                  X
experience in an appropriate discipline.
Demonstrate a high level portfolio of work and design                          X
Relevant management skills qualification/training              X

Experience                                              Essential          Desirable
Have proven experience of successfully managing and                            X
developing a team of Designers
Demonstrate experience of providing strategic direction X
for a team.
Proven extensive relevant experience as a Web                                  X
Designer as well as a proven track record.
Experience of working in a Digital Agency environment                          X
Experience of liaising with high level Clients and key                         X
Experience of developing design processes and X
inspiring innovative approaches.
Experience in providing accurate timings for projects                          X

Skills and Knowledge                                  Essential            Desirable
Ability to develop design processes and procedures to                         X
meet the needs of the business for now and future.
Experienced in Flash Design                           X

Evidence of successfully implementing business                                X
requirements with high quality creative design elements
Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the designer                              X
specific production processes and procedures.
Demonstrate proficiency in the implementation of valid                        X
Demonstrate a high level standard of design and                               X
creativity within their work.
Have an awareness of web standards and accessibility.                         X
Demonstrate proficiency in industry standard software.                        X
Have an in depth understanding of usability principles                        X
Have an in depth understanding of practises and                               X
opportunities across the digital spectrum and be able to
apply to a client’s requirements.
A thorough understanding of brand and marketing                               X
Ability to present effective high level solutions to clients                  X
and colleagues.
Excellent verbal, written and presentational skills. Ability         X
to communicate effectively in written and email
Ability to create and deliver effective presentations to             X
Clients and colleagues to convey design ideas.
Able to interpret written or verbal briefs for colleagues.           X
High level verbal communications with the ability to                 X
explain complex information simply.
Ability to develop strong internal/external client                   X
Be proficient in time management and have the ability                X
to plan and organize individual duties and
Excellent organizational skills including time                       X
management, planning, hitting deadlines, objective
High level of ICT skills.                                            X
Ability to co-ordinate the resources to meet the plan.               X
Be capable of explaining technical solutions at a level              X
sufficient for other clients and colleagues.

Disposition and Motivation                             Essential   Desirable
Ability to handle interruptions and unreasonable                     X
Promote a vibrant and positive working environment.                  X
Be well presented.                                                   X
Ability to motivate and inspire team members and other               X
Capacity to work individually without supervision                    X
Capacity to work effectively within a team. Be able to               X
maximize a team/cohesive approach by working closely
with all colleagues.
Demonstrate the ability to be assertive.                             X
Demonstrate a professional and courteous attitude to                 X
clients and colleagues.
Willingness to undertake training and Design to                      X
enhance ability within the role, developing eg concept
work, information architecture, accessibility and
Flexible, creative, innovative                                       X
Committed to equal opportunities                                     X
Job Circumstances                                            Essential   Desirable
Willing to undertake a security check appropriate to the                   X
Willing and available to work outside of normal working                    X
hours as required to fulfil the duties of the post.
Willingness to undertake travel as required to fulfill the                 X
duties of the post.

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