SuSE Linux for Developers by mcu14908


									                                                                                                                                                     Course Length

                                                          SuSE Linux for Developers                                                                        5 Days

    Course Description: This is the first course in a series of courses Linux principles, a detailed view ofThis file system, the
                                                                        in the SuSE Linux Curriculum.             course places
                        emphasis on Linux developers. Topics include:                                        the
   vi editor, fundamental Linux commands including awk, sed, and grep, a detailed view of the bash shell including its function as
   a programming language, other programming languages such as C, and Perl, software tools such as make and rcs, and
   related system administration topics. The course is supplemented with many hands-on exercises that reinforce the

    Who Should Attend: This course is intended for current Unix and Linux developers and those who wish to gain similar

    Prerequisites:                  Students are required to have some development experience.

    Benefits of Attendance: Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:
   • Log in and out of the system.                                               • Use the rich set of software tools provided by Linux.
   • Navigate through file system.                                               • Write non-trivial Perl scripts.
   • Manipulate files using the rich set of Linux utilities.                     • Use the Linux command set to solve standard problems.
   • Create and modify files using the 'vi' editor.                              • Write non-trivial shell scripts.
   • Use the Linux shell for a wide variety of functions.                        • Understand simple C programs.
   • Launch and control jobs.                                                    • Understand the role of the system administrator.
    Course Outline:
   An Introduction                          cat                                    The test Command                         Altering Loop Control Flow – redo
   Brief UNIX History                       ls                                     Altering Loop Control                    Array Principles
   Linux + GNU                              cp                                                                              Array Functions
   Commercialization of Linux               mv                                     Networking Applications                  Arrays and STDIN
   UNIX/Linux Timeline                      ln                                     TCP/IP                                   Associative Arrays
   GNU, FSF, and the GPL                    rm                                     Client/Server Model                      The Special Built In Variable $_
   Linux Advantages                         wc                                     Ports                                    Regular Expressions
                                            find                                   DNS                                      Writing Your Own Functions
   Getting Started                          The cmp command                        NFS
   Logging in to Linux                      Exit Values                            ping
   Working in Linux                         The vi Editor                          ftp
   The KDE Display                          vi Commands                            telnet
   Terminal Windows                                                                ssh
   Konqueror                                Linux Filters
   KDE Applications                         Perspective                            Software Tools
   Terminal Window Interface                grep                                   C Language and SuSE
   Shell Command Lines                      sort                                   Simple C Programs
   The man Command                          head and tail                          Making Libraries
   Linux Architecture                       tr                                     Shared Libraries
                                            cut                                    Compression Utilities
   Directories                              od                                     The file Command
   Filesystems                              paste                                  make
   Top Level Directories                    split                                  Revision Control
   Home Directories                         uniq                                   CVS
   Directory Commands                       xargs                                  Other Languages
   The /etc/passwd File                     sed
   The /etc/group File                                                             System Administration
   The newgrp command                                                              Duties of the System Administrator
                                            more and less
   The su Command                                                                  Bringing Up the System
   File and Directory Permissions                                                  Shutting Down the System
   chmod                                                                           Adding Users
   umask                                    Processes                              The /dev Directory
                                            What is a Process?                     The find Command
   Shell Fundamentals                       Properties of a Process                Backing Up Files
   Shell Functionality                      Process Creation                       cpio
   Shell Variables                          ps                                     tar
   The PATH Variable                        Job Control                            Filesystem Commands - mount
   The Command Line                         Signals                                Filesystem Commands – df
   Command History                          kill                                   Filesystem Commands – du
   Command Substitution                     nohup                                  at and crontab
   Filename Expansion Characters                                                   Managing Software
   The Standard Output                      Shell Programming
   The Standard Error                       Introduction                           A Tutorial Introduction to Perl
   The Standard Input                       Shell as a Programming Language        What is Perl?
   Pipes                                    An Example Shell Script                The First Perl Program
   Aliases                                  Passing Arguments to Shell Scripts     Perl Variables
   Functions                                Relational Operators                   IO in Perl
   Quoting                                  Making Decisions                       Control Flow Constructs
   Control Sequences                        Logical Operators                      Control Flow Constructs - if
   Other Shell Features                     File Operators                         Control Flow Constructs - loops
                                            Looping Constructs                     Statement Modifiers
   File Manipulation Commands               Arithmetic Calculations                Altering Loop Control Flow - last                                                                                          Phone: 410-290-8383 / Fax: 410-290-9427

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