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					                                        R. G. BOWERS

                        Justice of the Peace * Precinct Two * Lufkin, Texas

              YOU MUST APPEAR (CONTACT) THIS COURT, either:

   1. IN PERSON: ON OR BEFORE the date shown on your citation, OR
   2. BY MAIL: Complete the Mail Appearance Form below then return it, along with a Money Order or
      Cashier’s Check and the citation you were issued, to this court BEFORE the appearance date shown on
      your citation.
   3. JUVENILES UNDER 17 years of age MUST appear in person with a parent, guardian or proof of
      FAILURE TO APPEAR as indicated above will result in an additional charge for “Violate Promise to
      Appear”, and Warrants being issued. The acceptable fine for “Violate Promise to Appear” is $230.00.

NOTICE: Have you been charged with (2) violations? Look at your citation under “violations charged”.

                                 MAIL APPEARANCE FORM
                                (Please date, sign and return to this Court)

_________ I hereby enter a plea of NOT GUILTY and ask to be notified of the trial date.

_________I hereby enter a plea of ________NOLO CONTENDERE _________GUILTY and waive
         appearance for trial. I have enclosed a MONEY ORDER/CASHIER CHECK IN THE AMOUNT
         OF THE FINE(s).

_____________           __________________________________________________                _________________
Date                    Signature                                                         Amount Enclosed

PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY                       TICKET # ___________________________________________

Printed Name of Defendant:                 _____________________________________________________

Address:                                   _____________________________________________________

City, State, and Zip:                      _____________________________________________________

Telephone Number:                          _____________________________________________________

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