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 Films for each year include those that won the Academy Award for Best Picture, Best Actor,
              Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, or Best Supporting Actress.

2004   Million Dollar Baby                                    1996    The English Patient
       Ray                                                            Shine
       The Aviator                                                    Fargo
                                                                      Jerry McGuire
2003   The Lord of the Rings:
        The Return of the King                                1995    Braveheart
       Mystic River                                                   Leaving Las Vegas
       Monster                                                        Dead Man Walking
       Cold Mountain                                                  The Usual Suspects
                                                                      Mighty Aphrodite
2002   Chicago
       The Pianist                                            1994    Forrest Gump
       Adaptation                                                     Blue Sky
       The Hours                                                      Ed Wood
                                                                      Bullets Over Broadway
2001   A Beautiful Mind
       Training Day                                           1993    Schindler’s List
       Monster’s Ball                                                 Philadelphia
       Iris                                                           Piano
2000   Gladiator
                                                              1992    Unforgiven
       Erin Brockovich
                                                                      Scent of a Woman
                                                                      Howard’s End
                                                                      My Cousin Vinny
1999   American Beauty                                        1991    Silence of the Lambs
       Boys Don’t Cry                                                 City Slickers
       Cider House Rules                                              The Fisher King
       Girl Interrupted
                                                              1990    Dances with Wolves
1998   Shakespeare in Love                                            Reversal of Fortune
       Life is Beautiful                                              Misery
       Affliction                                                     GoodFellas
1997   Titanic
       As Good as It Gets                                     1989    Driving Miss Daisy
       Good Will Hunting                                              My Left Foot
       LA Confidential                                                Glory
1988    Rain Man                                                                     1979         Kramer vs Kramer
        The Accused                                                                               Norma Rae
        A Fish Called Wanda                                                                       Being There
        The Accidental Tourist
                                                                                     1978         The Deer Hunter
1987    The Last Emperor                                                                          Coming Home
        Wall Street                                                                               California Suite
        The Untouchables                                                             1977         Annie Hall
                                                                                                  The Goodbye Girl
1986    Platoon                                                                                   Julia
        The Color of Money
        Children of a Lesser God                                                     1976         Rocky
        Hannah and Her Sisters                                                                    Network
                                                                                                  All the President’s Men
1985    Out of Africa
        Kiss of the Spider Woman                                                     1975         One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
        The Trip to Bountiful                                                                     The Sunshine Boys
        Cocoon                                                                                    Shampoo
        Prizzi’s Honor
                                                                                     1974         The Godfather, Part 2
1984    Amadeus
                                                                                                  Harry and Tonto
        Places in the Heart
                                                                                                  Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore
        The Killing Fields
                                                                                                  Murder on the Orient Express
        A Passage to India

1983    Terms of Endearment                                                          1973         The Sting
        Tender Mercies                                                                            Save the Tiger
        The Year of Living Dangerously                                                            A Touch of Class
                                                                                                  The Paper Chase
1982    Gandhi                                                                                    Paper Moon
        Sophie’s Choice
        An Officer and a Gentleman                                                   1972         The Godfather
        Tootsie                                                                                   Cabaret
                                                                                                  Butterflies are Free
1981    Chariots of Fire
        On Golden Pond                                                               1971         The French Connection
        Arthur                                                                                    Klute
        Reds                                                                                      The Last Picture Show

1980    Ordinary People                                                              1970         Patton
        Raging Bull                                                                               Women in Love
        Coal Miner’s Daughter                                                                     Ryan’s Daughter
        Melvin and Howard                                                                         Airport

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