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					     CNS NEWS: Virtual Machine Hosting
                       Services at CNS
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Virtual Machine Hosting Services at CNS
The Problem
     As servers multiply, so do the costs associated with them; the cost of the computers
     themselves, the racks to mount them, the power and cooling infrastructure to operate them, and
     the space to locate and secure them.

     Budgets are shrinking, space is becoming crowded, but demand for services is increasing --
     clearly, "More Of The Same" is NOT the answer. A new approach is needed.

The Solution
     UF Computing and Networking Services is now offering virtual machine hosting services
     utilizing proven virtualization technology by VMware. This service is designed to help UF
     units conserve scarce resources by consolidating computing infrastructure into CNS's
     enterprise data center. This will allow UF colleges and departments to avoid the burden of
     purchasing and maintaining computer hardware.

     Our virtualization environment is designed with high-availability in mind, utilizing
     SAN-backed storage and failover between physical servers. A clustered design allows us to
     hot-migrate your virtual server between multiple physical hardware devices. This prevents
     downtime due to hardware failure or maintenance.

     Our standard virtual machine includes:

     •   1/2 CPU, bursting to any available CPUs

     •   2 Gigabytes of RAM

     •   80 Gigabytes of SAN-attached storage

     ... priced at $60 per month (no initial set-up charge). Additional resources are available to meet
     your servers' needs, and can be incrementally added to the base price for a nominal fee.

     If you have questions, or specialized requests please contact us at

Additional Benefits
     In addition to saving money and space, and gaining a high-availability infrastructure for your
     servers, you will realize gains in two other important areas:

     •   Improved physical security

         With your virtual machines deployed on CNS's infrastructure, your servers will be in a
         highly-secure physical environment, monitored by CNS Operations staff 24 x 365.

     •   Energy savings

         Servers rarely operate at full -- or even optimum -- efficiency, resulting in substantial
         energy-waste by the servers themselves, and of the power needed to cool them. While you
         may not directly pay an energy bill for powering and cooling your servers, the University
         does pay that bill. And money that the University saves in energy-costs can go to other
         needs. Virtualizing servers can save up to 80% in energy costs vs. physical-hardware
         servers (http://www.vmware.com/solutions/consolidation/green/).

         In addition, computing-servers distributed widely throughout campus buildings
         significantly restrict the ability of Physical Plant Division to implement
         energy-conservation measures for building environmental systems

Co-Location Services Withdrawn
     Effective immediately, in order to make the best of use of the available data center capacity,
     CNS will no longer be accepting new co-located (physical hardware) servers.

     Existing CNS co-location customers will continue to be supported only for the hardware
     already located in CNS facilities. We will work with those customers over time to migrate their
     existing servers to virtual machines. All new servers will be virtualized.

     Exceptions will be considered on an individual-server basis, when issues (such as special
     connectivity requirements) make it impossible for the server to be virtualized.

For More Information
     For additional information on any of the issues addressed in this announcement, please see
     http://docs.osg.ufl.edu/hosting; or for a consultation on your specific needs, please contact

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