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					                         Technology of the Past, Present, and Future

                                                   David Starr
                                                   Parkside Elementary

                                                   Fall 2006

Stenographer, Miss Martha Elvert, typing, light exposure
DN-0002528A, Chicago Daily News negatives collection,
Chicago Historical Society

In this lesson students will gain an understanding of the changes in technology from the
early 19th century to today. They will predict how technology might change in the future.

    Overview/ Materials/LOC Resources/Standards/ Procedures/Evaluation/Rubric/Handouts/Extension

Overview                                                                           Back to Navigation Bar
Objectives                                     Students will:
                                                identify technology from the early 1900’s
                                                list the visual properties of the technology and
                                                   speculate on how it was used
                                                compare older technology to that of its present day
                                                predict how this technology might change based on
                                                   its trend pattern from the early 1900’s to today
Recommended time frame                         This lesson should take about a week with about 3-4
                                               trips to the computer lab.
Grade level                                    4th-5th
Curriculum fit                                 History, Social Studies
Materials                                      Students will need:
                                                computer per individual or group if doing the project
                                                   in pairs
                                                copy of the Venn Diagram sheet
                                                copy of description sheets

Illinois State Learning Standards                                                 Back to Navigation Bar
                                               Social Studies:
                                               GOAL 16: Understanding events, trends, individuals

                                                               An Adventure of the American Mind
                                                                            Illinois State University
             and movements shaping the history of Illinois, the
             United States, and other nations.
              16.C.2c. Describe significant economic events
                including industrialization, immigration, the great
                depression, the shift to a service economy, and the
                rise of technology that influences history from the
                industrial development era to the present
             GOAL 18: Understanding social systems, with an
             emphasis on the United States
              18. C.2. Describe how changes in production and
                population caused changes in social systems.

             GOAL 13: Understand the relationships among
             science, technology and society in historical and
             contemporary contexts.
              13.B.2b Describe the effects on society of scientific
                 and technological innovations (e.g., antibiotics,
                 steam engine, digital computer).

Procedures                                     Back to Navigation Bar
             Day One:
              The teacher will introduce the topic of changes in
                technology using examples from the primary source
              Students will learn how to navigate the LOC

             Day Two:
              Students will be given the description sheets and
                will fill them out based on the type of technology
                that they find.
              Students will copy and paste a picture of the type of
                technology into a MS Word page and label the
                picture with correct citation.

             Day Three:
              Students will compare the old technology with its
                present day counterpart using the Venn diagram.

             Day Four:
              Use this as a work day to finish projects or begin the
                extension activity.

                          An Adventure of the American Mind
                                       Illinois State University
             Day Five:
              Students will informally present their projects to the

Evaluation                                     Back to Navigation Bar
                Students will be evaluated using the rubric
                Students will be evaluated on their final Venn

Extension                                       Back to Navigation Bar
                Students can extend this activity by pairing up with
                 another student/group of students and learning about
                 the other groups’ technology and how it has
                The students will compose a 1-3 page paper
                 explaining how technology in general has changed.

                          An Adventure of the American Mind
                                       Illinois State University
          Primary Resources from the Library of Congress
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Primary Source      Description                      Citation                         URL

                 Columbia Batteries:    Emergence of Advertising On-         http://scriptorium.lib.d
                 The World's Standard   Line Project               
                                        Advertising & Marketing History      A00/A0015/A0015-
                                        Duke University Rare Book,           72dpi.html
                                        Manuscript, and Special
                                        Collections Library
                 Northern               Library of Congress, Prints and
                 Manufacturing          Photographs Division, Detroit        np/det.4a20832
                 Company car            Publishing Company Collection

                 Stenographer, Miss     Chicago Daily News negatives
                 Martha Elvert,         collection, DN-0003451. Courtesy     /ndlpcoop/ichicdn/n00
                 typing, light          of the Chicago Historical Society.   25/n002528a.gif

                                              An Adventure of the American Mind
                                                           Illinois State University
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              Group Planning -- Research Project: Technologies of the past, present,
                                          and future.

    CATEGORY          4                       3                    2                   1
Plan for Organizing   Students have           Students have        Students have       Students have no
Information           developed a clear       developed a clear    developed a clear   clear plan for
                      plan for organizing     plan for             plan for            organizing the
                      the information as it   organizing the       organizing the      information
                      is gathered and in      information in       information as it   AND/OR students
                      the final research      the final research   is gathered. All    in the group cannot
                      product. All            product. All         students can        explain their
                      students can            students can         independently       organizational
                      independently           independently        explain most of     plan.
                      explain the planned     explain this plan.   this plan.
                      organization of the
                      research findings.
Quality of Sources    Researchers             Researchers          Researchers, with   Researchers, with
                      independently           independently        some adult help,    extensive adult
                      locate at least 2       locate at least 2    locate at least 2   help, locate at least
                      reliable, interesting   reliable             reliable            2 reliable
                      information sources     information          information         information
                      for EACH of their       sources for          sources for         sources for EACH
                      ideas or questions.     EACH of their        EACH of their       of their ideas or
                                              ideas or             ideas or            questions.
                                              questions.           questions.
Work Habits           Student used time       Student did not      Student             Student was a
                      wisely and did not      distract others      distracted few      distraction to
                      distract the progress   and used the         other students/     others/ Needed
                      of others               majority of their    needed to be        constant reminding
                                              time wisely          reminded to stay    to stay on task
                                                                   on task more
                                                                   than 2 times
Venn Diagram          Students Venn           Students Venn        Students Venn       Students Venn
                      Diagram contains        Diagram contains     Diagram contains    Diagram contains
                      all of the required     all of the           all of the          some of the
                      parts and is written    required parts       required parts      required parts
                      in a clear manner       and is written in
                      with meaningful         a clear manner

                                                     An Adventure of the American Mind
                                                                  Illinois State University
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   Technology of                           technology
     the 1900’s

                       An Adventure of the American Mind
                                    Illinois State University
                         Description Sheet

1. What is your object?_____________________

2. What is the size of your object?_________________

3. What color is your object?_______________________

4. Are there any parts of your object that are “special” or

5. How would you use your object?

6. When was your object invented, created, or published?