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					Leadership Book Club

January 2006 Book Club Selection

The Leadership Book Club Selection for January 2006 is Monday Morning Leadership: 8 Mentoring
Sessions You Can't Afford to Miss, by David Cottrell.

Here are some questions to consider as you read this month’s selection:

      Mentoring: What does it mean to be a mentor? Who have been your mentors and what did
       you learn? Are you a mentor for anyone? What was Tony's approach with Jeff?
      Drivers and Passengers: How much of your time are you in each of those roles at work? Do
       you take responsibility rather than finding blame? How can you be a better driver?
      The Main Thing: What is the main thing for your job? What is the main thing for your
       manager? If you are a manager, are you managing your best people right? How do you
       manage your boss?
      Do the Right Thing: How do you make this happen? How can you make it easier to do the
       right thing in the future?
      Hire Tough: Are performance standards clear and measurable in your department?
      Do Less or Work Faster: How do you find out what's most important to your manager? What
       small things can you do better to improve your time usage?
      Buckets and Dippers: How do you fill other people's buckets? When are you a dipper? How
       full is your bucket? Who's dipping into it and how? What can you do to keep your bucket full?
      Enter the Learning Zone: Are you living Groundhog Day? What are you doing to get out of
       your comfort zone and enter the learning zone? What will you do this year? How can you
       teach others what you are learning?

Consider completing these action items before our discussion meeting:

      MOST IMPORTANT: Set specific and measurable leadership goals for 2006. Write them
       down and share them on our monthly call.
      Analyze your team: Who are the superstars, middle stars, and falling stars? Do PDRs reflect
       these ratings? Complete the exercise on page 40.
      Analyze your time using the chart on page 64. Determine your highest payoff activities.
       Analyze the interruptions you have and the times you interrupt others. Identify what you can
       do to gain more time.
      Begin to keep a notebook to track your goals, learning, and action items for 2006.

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