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Directions From the Train Station

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									Directions From the Train Station

Leave the railway station car park via Station Approach, keeping to the left
until the road takes you past Rockfield DIY store and the entrance to
Morrisons car park. Just before Station Approach joins the busy Commercial
Road, use the pedestrian crossing at the entrance of Station Approach and
then carry on directly along Commercial Road, keeping the walls of Morrisons
car park on your right.

Cross Commercial Road at the next pedestrian crossing, almost opposite
Stonebow Road (the main approach road to the County Hospital). You will
immediately come to a second pedestrian crossing, use this to cross
Stonebow Road, and then continue straight on along Commercial Road,
carefully crossing the main entrance to the bus station on your left. Carry on
past the cinema and nightclub, and then turn left into Union Walk passing the
travel agents.

At the top of Union Walk you will see a sign pointing to the hospital and a
pedestrian alleyway, which is a continuation of Union Walk, do not turn right
into Kyrle Street, but carry straight on past the rear entrance of the County
hospital, and into the lane. This lane passes between the hospital on your left
and the rear gardens of houses on your right.

You will leave this lane via some steps that lead onto Ledbury Road,
immediately turn right, and carry on the short distance until you cross the
entrance to Central Avenue. Cross the Ledbury Road at this point into
Portfield Street, which should lie directly in front of you. Walk down Portfield
Street, taking the first right turn past some bungalows, this leads you into
Clive Street.

At the bottom of Clive Street you will come to the junction with the busy Eign
Road, a confectionery supplies shop should be immediately to your left at this
point. Carefully cross Eign Road and then turn left, walking the short distance
until you come to a small road on your right, called Bartonsham Road.

Walk straight down Bartonsham Road, past the Chinese takeaway, and
immediately in front of you is Harold Street and the Record Office car park.

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