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Tui Ridge Recount


A Recout about what i did at tui ridge farm camp.

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									                    The day everything changed

 “Haaaaaa its morning” I say I am ready to concur my fears. It’s not
usual for me to want to concur my fears. I am nervous on the inside
but happy on the outside and ready to change my life. I am happy, I
am ready, to concur everything. I get ready to climb, I start climbing
“don’t look down don’t look down” I say. I get ready to walk, I start
 walking I take a breath and “Mera” I hear “time to wake up”. I say
to myself “no no no no” I had just started I was about to concur my
 fears. “Leave me alone” I said, I wake up and say “dam it I was half
                way their it must have been a dream”

  I get up the slippery wooden pole taking a deep breath. I yawn Im
 tired I say in my head. This is the day to start a new life. Im getting
ready to concur my fears, im shaking wondering if im going to make
it, my hands begin to feel numb. I take a step, start shaking and off I
  go. Im walking, I take a look down, every ones staring at me I take
 another deep breath and carry on im still walking and suddenly im
  at the end “yah hue” I made it I have started my list of concurring
       my fears I jump of getting ready to start the next activity.

   I am at the bottom of the rock climbing wall I look up and stare
wondering if im going to do it. I look at the people already on it and
say “you can do this” the man call’s my name out, I’ve got to do this.
  I put my harness on I look up once more time and start. 1 step, 2
 step 3, step I count all the way up I am nervous but not as nervous
   as I was on the high ropes I look down im very high I take a step
    across reaching up to the next handle, pull myself up, and yes I
 make it, “well done” I say to my self now I am really concurring my
Now I am at the top of the abseiling rock getting ready to go down.
This looks easy I am ready to do this. I put my feet on the rock and
 wobble I take a step and take off I am going down very slowly, I
start to get the hang of it and start speeding up I go fast and then a
little slower to catch up with my feet. Finally “yes” I have made it I
              have fished I have concurred another fear.

   I have done it yes I have concurred my fears at last my life has
 changed yes, I am so happy, I want to do it again, I finish safe, that
wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. See having that dream made
 me want to concur my fears now I can go home a finish my wonder
dream that made my life change and now im not scared of anything.
     Well not yet but to tell you the truth I will do pretty much
everything and anything. When it comes to things I have never done
      before I will get it done from the start and go to the end.

                            From Tamera

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