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7/10/2008                                  2

               Do you know someone
                who doesn’t have
                health coverage?
               Can they afford the
                costs of the coverage
                they may have?
               What do they do when
                they get sick or hurt?

7/10/2008                                3
                  Today’s overview
            1.   Health care coverage - what is it, why get it?
            2.   Low-cost health coverage options
            3.   Employer insurance & COBRA
            4.   Individual market insurance
            5.   Other options
            6.   Shopping for health insurance
            7.   Watch out for fraud
            8.   For more information

7/10/2008                                                         4
                 Section 1:
                 What is health care

           Any kind of product or
            resource that helps to pay
            for medical services and
            other health care expenses

7/10/2008                                5
                   Health care coverage is

           Uninsured people may avoid getting
           Small medical conditions can become major
            health and financial problems
           Think about how much you are willing and
            able to risk

7/10/2008                                               6
                   Section 2:
                   Low-cost health coverage
           Generally help people who cannot
            afford individual insurance or do not
            have access to employer insurance
           Programs for people with limited
            incomes and assets
           Programs for specific groups
               Children, pregnant women, disabled,
                elderly, veterans, etc.

7/10/2008                                             7
                Medicaid (DSHS) & CHIP

           Many different programs
           Often free, some have small premiums
           No pre-existing condition wait period
           Must be in “category”
           Enrollment based on income and assets

7/10/2008                                           8
                  Basic Health Plan

           Subsidized insurance for people living in the
            state of Washington
           Must meet income guidelines and other
           Examples of income guidelines (July 2008):
               Under $1,734 per month (single person)
               Under $3,534 per month (family of 4)

7/10/2008                                                   9
                 “Safety Net” resources
                 for everyone

           Care at a community clinic
           If you get hospital care, request financial
            assistance or charity care
           Patient assistance programs for Rx

7/10/2008                                                 10
                   Section 3:
           Every plan is different
           Often the most
           Get coverage through
            your own employment
           Get coverage through
            your spouse, domestic
            partner, or parents
7/10/2008                               11

           Can’t reject you based on your health
           Usually lower cost
           Not all employers offer it
           Plans limited to what is offered

7/10/2008                                           12
                 COBRA - extending
                 employer coverage

           A way to continue employer coverage after
            you lose it
           Under federal law, “large group” employers
            (more than 20 employees) must offer it
           Extends employer health benefits to
            employees, spouse, and dependents for up
            to 36 months

7/10/2008                                                13
                   Section 4:
                   Individual Insurance
           Can buy for each family
           Variety of coverage
            options and plans
           Pre-existing condition wait
               6 month look back, 9 month
           10-day “Free Look” period
               If not satisfied for any
                reason, you can return for a
                full refund
7/10/2008                                      14
             Individual market plans

       Most applicants have to complete health
        screening questionnaire
       Plans vary from more comprehensive to
        high deductible “catastrophic” plans
       For info about plans sold in Washington,

7/10/2008                                          15
                  Health screening &
                  individual plans
           All applications include a health screening
           If you fail the questionnaire, you will
            receive an application for the Washington
            State Health Insurance Pool (WSHIP)
           For more information about the
            questionnaire, visit

7/10/2008                                                 16
                People not required to
                complete the health screen
           Exhausted COBRA coverage
           Have 24 months of continuous coverage on a
            group plan that is exempt from COBRA
           Have moved out of existing plan’s service
            area (within Washington state)
           Are staying with a primary care doctor who
            left your existing plan

7/10/2008                                                17
             Washington State Health
             Insurance Pool (WSHIP)

       Provides coverage to people who are not able
        to get coverage in individual market
       Must have completed and failed the health
        screen questionnaire
       Premiums are higher than individual plans

7/10/2008                                              18
            Section 5:
            Other options

7/10/2008                   19
                  Professional organization
                  & association plans

           Some professional organizations offer
            group health plans
           Often available to people in a specific
            industry or professional group
               Examples: chambers of commerce, religious or
                fraternal organizations, trusts and unions

7/10/2008                                                      20
                   Discount plans

       Discounts for medical care or Rx
       Not considered insurance, not regulated by
       Complaints & inquiries handled by Office of
        the Attorney General
               1-800-551-4636

7/10/2008                                             21
                   Resources for
                   certain groups
           Programs for military and veterans
               VA benefits
               Military insurance, such as Tri-Care and
            Indian Health Services or Tribal Clinics
           Programs for specific illnesses or conditions
               Tuberculosis care
               HIV/AIDS
               Etc.
7/10/2008                                                   22
               You might use more than
               one product or resource

           Sometime you must use them
           Sometimes they need to be
            pieced together
           Sometimes different family
            members will need different

7/10/2008                                 23
               Section 6:
               How to shop

    Check out the coverage:
     Benefits
     Limitations and exclusions
     Claims - how to file
     Costs
         Premiums
         Deductibles
         Co-pays or co-insurance

7/10/2008                           24
                  Check out the
                  agent/broker and
                  insurance company
           Don’t be pressured
           Customer service
           Complaint history and licensing status
               Call OIC at 1-800-562-6900
               Visit

7/10/2008                                            25
            Section 7:
            Don’t be a victim of fraud

     What is fraud?
      Intentionally twisting the truth to
       mislead someone into parting with
       something of value.
      Billing for services or prescriptions not


7/10/2008                                          26
              Report fraud

        If you suspect fraud or
         abuse related to health
          care, gather the facts
          and report it by calling
             the Insurance
               Hotline at:
7/10/2008                            27
            Section 8:
            For more information


             TDD: (360) 664-3154


7/10/2008                          28
                   SHIBA HelpLine
                   volunteer opportunities
       Do you want to help explain health care
        benefits or options to:
               Friends?
               Neighbors?
               Community?
       Help people become better informed
       Call 1-800-562-6900

7/10/2008                                         29