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					                         SKIT FOR INDEPENDENCE DAY
ROAD/ NATURE/ trees, sun, clouds, blue sky, mountains, streams, valley etc. as
Narrator: “A painter wants to find out what the most beautiful thing on earth is so that he
can paint it.”
Artist on stage as curtain opens – Narrator: “Look at this young man. He belongs to your
generation, those who grew up without having participated in the Independence

Rasa talks to the audience:
I’m a painter. I’m looking for an immortal subject to paint. I want to make at least one
painting in my life that will contribute to my country’s rich cultural treasures. I love my
country and am proud of it. Long live India, my lovely land, forever.

Carries his palette, brushes, easel and stool on his back – like Van Gogh - and starts
walking to the East.

Meets an old man.

Asks him: “Is there something around here I can paint? Something really beautiful?
Something everyone would like to see, admire and enjoy and would give them
The old man says: “Yes. There’s a hospital nearby. It gives me health and keeps so many
of us alive. I remember how before the independence we had almost no hospitals and
almost no free treatment, except for what the missionaries gave us. I wish you’d paint it.
The doctors there really sacrifice a lot for us poor people. It reminds me of the colour in
our flag –saffron. They say it stands for sacrifice.”

The young man looks quite impressed.

But he decides to go on. This time he goes North.

Meets an old woman: Repeats his questions.
“Yes,” she says, “there’s an old age home nearby. Paint it for me, please. It’s really
beautiful. Now that there’s no longer any joint families and my children have gone away,
they look after me. It reminds me of the blue in our Indian flag, the Ashoka chakra – and
the blue, for me, stands for the Buddha’s compassion.”

The young man looks even more impressed, but he leaves her and goes on.
He goes West.
He meets a beggar.
Asks his usual questions.
The beggar: “Yes, paint that mosque. Whenever I’m hungry they give me food.”
The young man is happy and impressed.
He says: “Ah, that reminds me of the green in the Indian flag. It stands for prosperity and
prosperity shared is indeed real prosperity.”
But he goes on, somehow still dissatisfied.

Finally in the South, he meets a little child.
Asks her the same questions.
She says , “My grandfather died in jail while fighting for independence. So my parents
tell me freedom is the most beautiful thing on earth. But what use is freedom if there is
no peace in our hearts, Can you paint peace for me?”
The young man is astounded.
He says: “You are wise beyond your age, daughter. Your words remind me of the white
in the Indian flag that stands for purity.”

Narrator: “He went home, extremely sad and happy at the same time.
The next day he painted his masterpiece.
It was a painting that had India in the background, our tricolour fluttering across its
bosom proudly. And in the foreground stood a smiling, happy little girl near a hospital, an
old age home and a mosque. A white dove fluttered in the blue and white sky carrying in
its beak two green olive leaves. It also contained an old woman and an old man. The
painting was definitely a masterpiece.”