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					West London Working

Personal Advisors: The emerging role in
employment and skills

23 June 2009

Graeme Caul

• Who and what is West London Working?

• Summary of WLW work programme

• How West London Working is supporting
  Personal Advisers to make appropriate referrals
  and improve their understanding of support
Who is West London Working?

• Partners responsible for employment & skills
  in West London

  •   West London Alliance Local Authorities
  •   Jobcentre Plus
  •   Learning and Skills Council
  •   London Development Agency
  •   Employer led Board incl. BAA, Compass,
      Arora Hotels

To transform the coherence and
effectiveness of the existing structure of skills
and employment services in West London to
deliver a sustainable increase in the number of
residents in employment and a reduction in
child poverty.
What is West London Working Doing?
A flavour of our work so far:

• West London Directory - & investigating/piloting
• Investment and Target Group - commissioning
• Performance Rating
• Personal Advice & Outreach
• Building Employability Pathways
• Work Focused English as a Second Language
What is West London Working Doing?

And further work to come:

• Business Partner programme
• Further work to develop and publicise a
  coherent employer offer
• Further work on commissioning
Supporting Personal Advice

  How is West London Working supporting
   Personal Advisers to make appropriate
referrals and improve their understanding of
             support available?
Supporting Personal Advice
Developing a performance rating that will:

•    Benchmark providers and help them identify areas for

•    Give a transparent rating of Provider’s track record

•    Assess customer satisfaction
    – Client Satisfaction Questionnaire to be used by suppliers
       of services that help people into work
    – Employer Satisfaction Questionnaire

•    Will help personal advisors advise residents by giving a
     transparent service rating, and helps identify which
     providers to refer to
Supporting Personal Advice

The West London Directory of Employment Services:

• Available at

• Designed to make sense of the 200+ different organisations
  in West London delivering multiple contracts of provision that
  target different geographies and different client groups

• Help personal advisors access the right support to help
  people into work

• Help service delivers understand who they can link with to
  customise their services to residents
Supporting Personal Advice
Developing a Confederation of Providers that will:

•    Open new channels of communications channels across
     West London between delivery organisations and strategy

•    Allow policy makers to learn what’s happening from the
     ground up – what works when tackling worklessness?

•    Develop trust between providers to develop partnerships
     and open up referral channels

•    Promote capacity building support
    – Your unique offer
    – Delivering for a prime contractor
Supporting Personal Advice

• To pilot innovative methods of personal
  support to increase the number of people
  that successfully achieve their goal through
  accessing skills and employment services.

• To create an innovative approach to
  outreach that links frontline staff delivering
  other public and third sector services with
  employment and skills provision.
Supporting Personal Advice
What are we testing?
• What is the most effective way to reach individuals to help them
  access skills and employment support? e.g. through other NDC
  services, through Adult Education, through RSLs?

• How do we create a personalised journey for individuals, that
  makes best use of ‘skills and employment’ and ‘non skills’

• Does referring an individual between a number of services
  work? What are the challenges?

• What is the best method of providing personal support? e.g.
  What is ideal case load number, when does a personal advisor
  need to intervene, what frequency, what interventions work?

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