October 15, 2009

TO: Directors of Athletics and Head Women’s Volleyball Coaches of NCAA
      Institutions and Commissioners of Conferences that Sponsor Division III
      Women’s Volleyball.

FROM: Jan R. Gentry
      Assistant Director of Championships.

SUBJECT: Bid Information for the 2009 NCAA Division III Women’s
         Volleyball Regional Rounds.

The Division III Women’s Volleyball Committee is now accepting bids to host
regional round competition of the 2009 NCAA Division III Women’s Volleyball
Championship. Proposed budgets and all other supporting documentation must
be received in the national office by 5 p.m. Eastern time Friday, October 23.
Institutions selected to host will be notified Wednesday, November 4.

The dates of competition for the 2009 regional tournaments are Thursday-
Saturday, November 12-14. The 2009 championship field will include 62 teams.
The format will consist of either 1) seven sites hosting eight teams and one site
hosting six teams; OR 2) six sites hosting eight teams and two sites hosting seven
teams. The number of teams assigned to each regional site will be based on the
geographic proximity of the selected teams to the sites.

If your institution is interested in hosting a regional, bid information is available
on the NCAA Web site at Click on "Sports" and "Women’s
Volleyball" to access the NCAA volleyball home page, and then under
“Championship Information,” click on “Division III” to access the "2009
Regional Round Prospective Host Memorandum." The requirements for hosting
are included in the online memorandum.

A complete bid package includes: 1) a proposed budget/financial report form; 2) a
facility evaluation form; 3) a key contact form; 4) a certificate of insurance; 5) a
facility diagram; 6) hotel contract(s); 7) a list of line judges and scorekeepers; and
8) the critical incident response team contact information form.                   The
budget/financial report form, facility evaluation form and key contact form are
available online on the volleyball home page, and these forms must be completed
and submitted online. Written instructions to assist in completing the automated
October 15, 2009
Page No. 2

forms are posted with the forms. The certificate of insurance, facility diagram, hotel contract(s),
list of line judges and scorekeepers, and the contact information form must be sent to my
attention at the national office via mail, e-mail or fax and received by 5 p.m. Eastern time
October 23. Bid packages MUST include all eight pieces (three online and five by mail/e-
mail/fax) in order for the site to be considered for selection. Please note that the online forms are
password protected. You should have the necessary membership database username and
password on file. If you have any questions regarding the bid process or need username and
password information, please contact Nancy O’Hara at or 317/917-6162.

Good luck the remainder of your season.


Cc: NCAA Division III Women’s Volleyball Committee