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Director Of Technical Services-Juancho Orensanz
Director Of Content- Megan McCaffrey
Director Of Business Development- Brian Braker
 About Us
 Our Services
     Website Designing
     Website Re-design
     Search Engine Marketing
     Search Engine Optimizations
     Sales/ Leads Generation
       Email Campaign
       Optimized Press Releases
   Other
     Shared and Dedicated Servers
     Portfolio
     Why Us?
About Us
   MB Consulting has been in business since 1997, and has established a proven track
    record offering our clients the services essential to using the internet as a vital
    resource to grow their business.

   MB Consulting is a full service company dedicated to ensuring businesses and non-
    profit organizations succeed online

   We have experience with both expanding and improving existing marketing materials
    and with developing them from scratch. We understand the challenges that are
    involved in launching a small business, and our goal is to ensure that our clients are
    able to use the web to their advantage with ease.

   Our web development philosophy is simple. We research websites of similar
    businesses, drawing the best ideas from these, and adding fresh innovations of our
    own. We believe in using simple, straightforward code and design so that the site can
    be easily maintained, updated, and expanded.
Services: Website Design
   MB Consulting has extensive experience in the area of Web design and development

   Last year alone we helped about 1000+ clients all over the world

   We have an extensive portfolio and can provide references if required
     For more details you can check our complete portfolio at:
        www.mbconsultingnj.com

   MB Consulting is committed to providing only the highest quality services
    incorporating the best that technology has to offer.

   We believe that it is almost impossible for most companies to keep up with the world
    of rapidly changing technology, particularly in relation to the Web. We have made it
    our business to help your business keep up. Our typical clients are those who clearly
    understand that there is a difference between a basic Web site and a truly dynamic
    Web presence with integrated electronic commerce capabilities.
Services: Website Redesign
 Last year we launched a new service just targeted towards
  website redesign

 This services is only targeted towards clients with websites
  designed and developed before 2004

 Website redesign is extremely important for any business
  due to the following reasons:

      For marketing and branding
      Generate more traffic/ sales
      Beat competition
      Listing on search engines
Website Design/ Redesign
   Step 1: Requirements
       We establish a core team that works with all our clients and understands their business and
        gathers initial requirements.
   Step 2: Prototype
       Once the requirements are gathered we pass them to our technical team and work with them
        to create an initial prototype and a high-level design

   Step 3: Approval/ Iteration
       Often times prototype to implementation stage might take a couple of iterations and during
        this phase we work very closely with our clients to identify their exact needs

   Step 4: Implementation
       Once the prototype is approved we get into the implementation stage

   Step 4: Testing and Deployment
       After the implementation we test and deploy out solutions on the clients end

   Step 6: Final Delivery
Services: SEO
   What is SEO?

       To optimize a website so that its position in search engines goes up
           By code optimization
           Strategic content (Metadata, Keywords)

       To build a network of sites based on a particular topic/keyword is also SEO

       Link exchange managements

       Maintaining high page and site rankings

   Using our SEO services Improve the volume and quality of traffic to your website from
    search engines via "natural" search results

   We perform ethical SEO Ranking making your website search engine friendly

   Please note that we have extensive experience with SEO services with proven track record
    (references can be provided on request)
SEO - Process

 Step 1:
   Analysis
 Step 2:
   Detailed SEO Analysis
     Page ranking, current standing etc.
 Step 3:
   SEO Plan and timeframe
 Step 4:
   Results and delivery
Services: SEO Marketing

 What is SEM and its Importance:
   To buy keywords in search engines( by bidding) is called as

 We provide managed accounts for SEO Marketing
  services (On commission bases)

 Process and deliverables:
     Keyword analysis based on search location
     Creating and management of ad campaigns
     Creating of landing pages and lead capturing forms
     Providing weekly or by-weekly status reposts on number of
      clicks etc.
Services: Reputation
 What is Reputation Management?
   “Is a is the process of tracking an entity's actions and other
    entities' opinions about those actions; reporting on those
    actions and opinions; and reacting to that report creating a
    feedback loop” (Wikipedia)

 Importance:
   Integrity and reputation are the only real assets held by
    companies; when one is lost, everything else follows

 We provide custom packages for reputation
  management of companies online. More
  information on request.
Services: Email Campaign - Sales/
Leads Generation

 Some of the services provided here are as follows:
   Email campaigns - We specialize in running all sorts of
    email campaign for sales purposes

   Process/ Deliverable
     Newsletter creation
     Landing pages for lead capturing
     Email addresses (Based on business, state)
       E.g. US Consumers, US Small Businesses in every state (Over
         10million records)
     Detailed report on numbers of email returned, read
       deleted etc.
Services: Press Releases
   Press release optimization is becoming an increasingly popular form of marketing.
    Just as optimizing your web site is vital to boost search rankings, so too is optimizing
    your company press releases. Internet news aggregators direct visitors to news
    sources in the same way that search engines direct visitors to web sites. Therefore, it
    is more effective for a press release to be optimized. The Net Impact press release
    services make your news visible to your target audience.

   The optimization of your press release begins with keyword research and analysis.
    MB Consulting uses a proven process to analyze and research keywords appropriate
    to your press release. When researching keywords we review not only given
    keywords, but also similar keywords or variations on keywords. By extensively
    researching keywords, for your SEO press release we can suggest alternative
    keywords you may not have thought of, or may not have realized were popular in the
    given industry or target market.

   Process and Deliverables:
     Press Release Keyword Research and Analysis
     Identifying press release channels
     Content writing
Services: Hosting

 Hosting Services:
   XgenWebHosting has been providing hosting
    solutions to small and medium sized business for
    over 5 years now

 Services Provided:
   Dedicated Hosting Solutions
   Virtual Services
   Managed Hosting Servers/ Accounts
   Shared Servers

  We have many more sites to look at.
            Why Us?
We are a NJ based company who has been in the web development
Industry for over 10 years. MB Consulting has a team of 20+ professionals
working on projects from all over the world. We have a dedicated team
of web developers and designers working on PHP/MySQL, logo designing,
CSS based websites, Search engine marketing and Search Engine
optimizations. We have extensive experience in the following:

Web development (designing / web redesigning)
E-Commerce Solutions
Custom Programming
Search engine marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Lead Generation

At MB Consulting we work on more multiple projects every year maintaining
the highest level of service and our customer testimonials speak for
themselves. We offer you the perfect combination of through
collaboration, project management and technical excellence. Once your
needs are determined, we assign a core project team ensuring that
milestones are met on time and on budget.

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