Why Everyday Diaper Bags Are For Everyone

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                                          Why Everyday Diaper Bags Are For Everyone
                                                              By David Cummings

    Everyday diaper bags are a great thing for moms and dads of babies and small children. They carry
not only diapers, but many items children of young ages need throughout a day. So whether you are
shopping or at the park or while visiting grandma for the day, your diaper bag should be able to handle
it all.

 Everyday diaper bags are just that, diaper bags that are not made by designers or have special
meaning to you. They are just your average everyday diaper bag. Coming in a variety of colors, some
of them even match your stroller or your child’s outfits. They are made of sturdy materials such as
washable vinyl or washable cotton. All are similar to miniature suitcases and can carry many diapers;
several bottles for formula or milk, sippy cups of juice, toys, a changing pad which is usually built-in in
some way , and a change of clothing. Some of the everyday diaper bags have an attached plastic bag
for soiled clothing.

 There are quilted everyday diaper bags so that you can stuff them into the bottom of a stroller while
shopping at the mall. There are denim everyday diaper bags that go with any outfit mom or dad is
wearing. Fabric choices run the gamut from baby lambs and angels to the latest cartoon characters
and super heroes. Besides the fabric choices there are style choices as well. You can choose over the
shoulder bags or ones that are smaller that hold only a few things for a quick trip to the store for those
just-in-case moments.

 Other styles of everyday diaper bags include the backpacks and large ‘purse’ styles which hold more
than your traditional, square everyday diaper bag. Everyday diaper bags in the shape of a backpack
can hold more diapers, clothing, toys and other children or baby necessities. Large ‘sling’ style purses
can hold a lot more than the square diaper bag. Some sling and backpack style diaper bags have less
pockets for organizing items and you may have to search for your smaller items such powders,
creams, toys or bottles.

 When searching for an everyday diaper bag, look for one that has a built-in changing pad so you are
able to to change the baby on a clean surface no matter where you are. The changing pad protects
your car seat, counter top or wherever you are changing the child from getting wet or soiled as well as
keeping germs from baby. Some of these changing pads pull out of a pocket on the side of the diaper
bag, while some unfold from the side with Velcro fasteners.

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                                            Presented by Daniel Toriola

 Everyday diaper bags with lots of pockets help to keep your items organized and within reach. You
want to be able to find the diaper cream or powder quickly if you have a wiggly baby on your hands.
With a pocket for everything, there is no need to worry about reaching into a large bag trying to find just
what you need while holding onto a little one. Some everyday diaper bags even come with a key chain
that snaps on for your house/car keys so you don’t have to look around for them at the end of a long

 Everyday diaper bags are a must for parents on the go. Your baby and your older children will be glad
you are able to carry everything they need and so will you.

Learn more about everyday diaper bags and find the best choice for both Mom and Dad at: David Cummings is General
Manager of Bustling Baby, a business devoted to providing baby mobility, comfort, and convenience to
active families.

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                             Designer Diaper Bags – Function and Style in One Package
                                                     By David Cummings

Designer diaper bags are made and manufactured by big name companies and usually carry the
designers name somewhere on the bag, sometimes all over the bag, depending on the designer. A
designer is the one who comes up with the ideas for the diaper bags and then gives the design to the
factory to make them.

 Designer diaper bags are usually more expensive because you are paying for a name brand
recognition, however, sometimes the quality is much better than the no name brand diaper bags.
Designer diaper bags can be made from rich, luxurious fabrics and leathers and have more or less
pockets then the no-named brand of diaper bags. It’s all about the style and design when it comes to
designer diaper bags. It’s like the ‘red carpet’ of diaper bags – you just want to be seen with one, never
mind if they are practical or functional. Many of which, are not.

 The styles of designer diaper bags are also very different, much like women’s handbags are all
different. There are many styles to discover. Some have two tiers, some have interesting patterns for
the fabric, and there are even some styles which resemble evening bags or purses. Some women
prefer the designer styles to the everyday styles with cartoon characters or other cutesy items because
they enjoy being trendsetters. Everyday diaper bags tend to emphasize the ‘mom’ instead of ‘woman.’
Many women who enjoy designer diaper bags are career or fashion-oriented and have a more limited
use for the diaper bag. Sometimes they need the diaper bag to look like a handbag because of career
commitments. And some women are fortunate enough to have a home caregiver for their children and
that person uses the traditional everyday diaper bag and mother uses the designer style for her trips
out and about with baby.

 Some of the styles of designer diaper bags are fashioned in the same styles as the trendiest women’s
handbags, and some are designed after the more common styles of women’s purses. There are hobo
bags, backpack diaper bags, duffle style diaper bags, messenger bags, tote bags, and even gear
designed with father in mind. Even Dads can use designer diaper bags! Anything that is out of the
ordinary or even downright unusual, such as the Jeep® designer diaper bags or the large polka-doted
purses are considered designer by the industry. Pick up any Hollywood magazine and you will see
Hollywood moms with their little ones and designer diaper bags walking along the park or out of a posh
store. And everyone wants to look good, right down to their diaper bags.

 Designer diaper bags are usually found in the high-end stores such as Macy’s, not in traditional
discount warehouse type stores such as Wal*Mart or Target. You pay more for a designer bag
because you pay for fashion, style, and name brand recognition. Sometimes bag size is not optimal
and features are not all present in the designer diaper bags, but ultimately the choice is up to you.

 These are all designer diaper bags because they are stylish and hip and upbeat, not your ordinary,
everyday diaper bags.

Learn more about the style and benefits of designer diaper bags: Cummings is General
Manager of Bustling Baby, a business devoted to providing baby mobility, comfort, and convenience to
active families.

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