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                                             Wholesale Children’s and Baby Clothing
                                                         By Mitch Gleason

   There are more than one hundred brands of children’s name brand clothing and they are sold
wholesale. Some names that may be familiar are: Bon Bebe, Cutie Pie, His Gem, Monday’s Child, Top
Notch Kids, and Wave Gear. Sometimes these clothes are sold below wholesale. At times a
wholesaler has a sale going. For instance, a pre-pack with three sets of a three-piece outfit for an
infant girl might originally cost at wholesale about $25.00 and with a sale cost around $20.00. An infant
boy’s demin outfit with two pieces and in a package of three outfits could cost $23.00 wholesale and on
sale be only $20.00.

 For those that want to sell formal wear and communion dresses wholesalers online carry these items.
A brand called Sweet kids has special outfits for the first Holy Communion for girls and boys. A Chani
gown for christening comes 4 per package and cost around $80.00. A christening dress wholesale will
have a matching hat. Charlie Boy makes outfits for christening that cost about $45.00 for 3 outfits per
package. The package normally has four sets for $80.00. Boy’s tuxedos by Van Gogh, Whispers, and
Sweet Kids look sharp and can be sold for a nice sum over wholesale.

 A boy’s tuxedo for infants with five pieces to the tux for $27.00 will probably have one tux per pack for
sizes 4-7. A Van Gogh suit with five pieces normally comes with three suits to a package for about
$45.00. Formal dresses for little girls are made by name brands like Sweet Kids, Dorissa, and Fouger.
A girl’s formal dress for sizes 4-6x may cost $35.00 and have three dresses per pack.

 These dressy outfits for children are just right for holidays like Christmas and Easter. Stocking up
before the holidays is a great preparation for the sales that abound as parents get their children ready
to dress up for special occasions. Prices vary some from wholesaler to wholesaler, but the good deals
for the retailer’s are out there.

 These wholesalers can be located online, in directories, and business-to-business sources. Searching
distributors and manufacturers will get good results. At many sites the ratings for the merchants are
available to help the buyer find the best wholesaler and deal.

 Of course, these children’s formal outfits aren’t complete until the shoes are added to the look. There
are many wholesalers of children’s shoes to pick from and closeouts, truckload sales, and pallet sales
are available. Many brand names are sold like this and there may be a minimum of 500. To find the

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                                             Presented by Daniel Toriola

selection of children’s wholesale dress shoes that are wanted looking under these designations will
help: products, manufacturers, company, and suppliers prefaced with children’s dress shoes.

 Children’s dress wear is a good niche of wholesaling or retailing to get into. There are numerous
brands and suppliers to choose from and do business with, while building your business. People will
always have children and will want to dress them up for special occasions.

Mitch Gleason has been a business writer for the past 15 years contributing to many business
periodicals. Read some of his articles about wholesale products at
http://www.supply-wholesale.com/wholesale-clothing-articles.html, and here

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                                                  Can You Buy Wholesale Clothing?
                                                              By Kathleen Justing

 Wholesale clothing appeals to most everyone. The idea of purchasing clothing at the lowest possible
wholesale prices means that we can buy twice as much. Well it really doesn’t work that way. Buying
clothing wholesale is reserved for merchants with vendor’s licenses. Now you may think that you are
buying womens clothing wholesale or childrens clothing wholesale because of the advertising put
before you, but it is really not.

Factory outlet malls give you the impression that you are purchasing products directly from the factory
at wholesale prices. Wholesale clothing manufactures do indeed have factory outlet stores, but they
are not selling merchandise at wholesale prices. After all they are renting premium store space and
paying a sales staff to sell the products. This cost is added to the wholesale cost. You may be able to
buy merchandise cheaper at a factory outlet mall, but you are not buying it wholesale.

Another myth is the wholesale clubs. You may think that these clubs sell wholesale groceries or
wholesale club clothing, but that is not so. Here again, they have the same expenses as a retail store.
There are advertising expenses, sales staff, building, insurance, and utility expenses that all have to be
added to the prices. Granted that because you are buying in bulk, you can save lots of money, but you
are not buying wholesale.

To purchase wholesale mens clothing, wholesale girls clothing, or wholesale dog clothing, you have to
buy in quantity and you need a vendors license. Merchants that sell at flea markets sell their products
at low prices because they have a license, buy in large quantities, and have little overhead expenses.
Entrepreneurs who sell on Ebay or other such online auction sites have acquired their products the
same way.

Wholesale clothing is purchased directly from the factory or a jobber in large quantities so that the
purchaser, or what we call the retailer, can sell it in smaller quantities, at higher prices, thus reaping a
profit. That’s what makes the world go around.

So the next time you see a sign saying wholesale designer clothing, or wholesale fashion clothing, in a
retail establishment, don’t let them fool you. They are making a profit on these clothes that they bought
at wholesale prices.

Try http://www.womenclothingspot.com Women's Clothing Spot.

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