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					        Cycling by train
A guide to using our services and facilities.

           From 18 May 2008 until further notice


First Great Western welcomes customers who cycle to our
stations and wish to travel on our services. The purpose of this
guide is to explain our policy regarding the carriage of cycles,
so that your journey can be easy, convenient and enjoyable.
                      Planning your journey                       removable valuables including
                      • Plan ahead to ensure you are able         panniers with you. We can’t be held
                        to take a cycle on your preferred         responsible for the loss of such
                        service, and reserve a place if           items (or the cycle itself), so please
                        possible (this is compulsory on           lock your bike securely and remove
                        some services). Please see the            all valuables.
                        sections on restrictions and            Note: For more details about our
                        reservations for more details.          cycle storage facilities, please go to
                      • Allow plenty of time for the purchase and
                        or collection of tickets.               look at the station information pages.

                      • Check whether there is any              • Certain stations also have cycle
                        engineering work taking place             lockers - please enquire at the
                        that may affect your journey,             ticket office. There is also cycle hire
                        as rail replacement buses                 available from some locations –
                        unfortunately     cannot    carry         please consult our website for
                        conventional cycles (although             further information.
                        folding bikes are permitted).            Please note that in the interests of
                      • Further information about our            security First Great Western reserve
                        cycle policy can be found at:            the right to search all lockers, and any
                           bags/panniers left on the bicycles.
                        cycles                                  • We undertake regular audits
                      Getting to the station                      of cycle parking at our stations in
                                                                  order to identify any cycles that may
                      • For the best cycle route to your
                                                                  have been abandoned. Typically
                        station, please contact the local
                                                                  we will tag all cycles during a 7 day
                        council or Sustrans (see back cover).
                                                                  period. This advises customers that
                        First Great Western continues to          any cycles left with a tag in place
                        work with local and other groups to       at the end date (4 weeks hence)
                        improve access to stations, including     will be considered to have
                        better signage and more cycle             been abandoned.
                        storage facilities.
                                                                All cycles abandoned at our stations
                      • All of our stations (where it is        are retained for a further 13 weeks
                        physically possible) now have           (as per UK national rail guidelines). If
                        dedicated cycle storage, while          they are unclaimed at the end of this
                        many major stations also benefit         period, they become our property,
                        from sheltered, secure, CCTV-           at which point we usually donate
                                                                them to charity.
                        monitored cycle parking. When you
                        park your cycle, please take all

• If you intend to travel with your cycle,     the correct part of the platform.         • Some Turbo/DMU trains are
   please arrive at the station in good        Whenever possible please tell               operated only by a driver; there is
   time for your train – we recommend          platform staff that you intend to           no Guard or Train Manager on
   that you are on the platform at least       board. On a HST this will be in             board. In these circumstances,
  five minutes before your train is due         Coach A.                                    please follow the guidelines for
   to depart.                                                                              storage given on pages 5 and 6.
                                             • For Turbo/DMU please place your
• Cycling is not permitted anywhere            cycle in the vestibule area, as           • We operate a number of different
  on the station, so please walk with          described on page 4.                        types of train with different
  your cycle at all times.                                                                 arrangements for the storage of
                                             Cycle storage on trains                       cycles. Most trains do contain some
• If there are ticket gates, please use
                                             • Once on the train, please secure            dedicated cycle storage spaces, so
   the wide staff-operated gate for
                                               your cycle in the appropriate               please use these wherever possible.
  your convenience.
                                               location. Note that for safety              Details are shown on pages 4 and 5.
Train formations                               reasons, cycles must not be locked
                                                                                         Short platforms
                                               onto anything on the train. If cycles
Please note that we operate a range
                                               are locked onto anything and              Please note that HSTs calling at the
of different types of trains. These are:
                                               cannot be unlocked in time, we            following stations may not always
High Speed Trains                              retain the right to continue the          have the cycle storage in Coach A at
                                               journey without removing the              the platform:
Known as HSTs, 7 or 8 carriages
long with a power car at each end,             cycle at your destination, so the         - Camborne
operating long distances across the            train is not delayed unnecessarily.       - Dawlish Warren
First Great Western area.                      However, we would recommend
                                                                                         - Evesham
                                               that you lock your wheel to your
                                                                                         - Kemble
Adelante                                       frame, which will make the bike as
                                               secure as possible. Please take all       - Maidenhead
Known as Class 180, five carriages
                                               removable valuables including             - Manorbier
                                               panniers with you, as we can’t be         - Moreton-in-Marsh
Turbos                                         held responsible for the loss of          - Reading West
Known as Class 165 or 166, 2 or 3              cycles or items taken from them.          - Saltash
carriages long, operating on the               Regular travellers may even
                                                                                         - Tenby
London – Thames Valley routes                  consider possessing insurance
                                                                                         - Tilehurst
                                               for their cycles, as we are not able
Diesel Multiple Units                          to cover your property in this way.       - Westbury
Known as DMUs, includes Class                                                            - Worcester Foregate Street
                                             • We may need to remove cycles
142/143/150/153/158 units, 1 to 3
                                               where they are causing an obstruction,    You must advise the train manager if
carriages long, operating in the
                                               particularly in the doorway areas of      you intend to alight at one of these
West of England and Cardiff –
                                               Adelante and HST services. Therefore      stations; he will then arrange for you
Portsmouth / Weymouth.
                                               please store your cycles in the correct   to move your bike from the storage
Details of cycle storage for each type         part of the train.                        area to the coach vestibule at a
of train are detailed in this leaflet.                                                    suitable station before your arrival.
                                             • Tell the Conductor or Train Manager
                                                                                         If you board the train at one of these
Boarding the train                             your destination, so he or she can
                                                                                         stations, please advise the train
                                               ensure you have access to your
• Platform staff can advise you where                                                    manager before loading your bike
                                               cycle and that you can get it off the
  to stand to get your cycle onto                                                        into the coach vestibule. You will then
                                               train as safely and quickly as
  the train. Alternatively, this guide                                                   be given the opportunity to move
                                               possible. Also, please ensure you
  contains information about our                                                         your bike into the storage area at the
                                               have taken all your belongings with
  different trains and where cycle                                                       next suitable station.
                                               you and be ready to alight when the
  storage is located.
                                               train arrives at the station.             What if the station is unmanned?
• Staff assistance is required for
  boarding all Adelante trains, with a                                                   Should you wish to board a High
  cycle, so please ensure you are on                                                     Speed Train at a station when there

                                                Six (three at each end).                   likely to become. It may be necessary
                                                                                           to refuse to accept additional cycles,
                                              • Location: Racks at both ends of
                                                                                           but existing bikes will be allowed
                                                the train next to the driver’s cab,
                                                                                           to remain.
                                                in storage areas only accessible via
                                                the platform.                              DMUs operating in the West of
                                              • Cycle storage in vestibule areas:          England and also between Cardiff
                                                None.                                      and Weymouth/Portsmouth.

                                              However, where a station has a short
                                              platform and access is only possible
                                              via the normal passenger doors,
                                              cycles may temporarily be stored in
                                              the vestibule of Coach E next to the         • Number of dedicated cycle spaces:
    are no platform staff available, please
                                              First Class carriage (Coach D). The            At least two in most individual
    bear in mind the following:
                                              cycle should be moved to the                   carriages; at least two on all trains.
• Please make your way to the guard’s         dedicated area when the train reaches        • Location: Either cycle storage areas
  van at the end of coach A and put           the next suitable station (i.e. there is a     or tip-up seating areas close to
  your bike in the dedicated space.           full-length platform).                         vestibules.
    High Speed Trains (HSTs)                  • Staff assistance required to board:        • Cycle storage in vestibule areas: Yes.
                                                Yes.                                         Please keep your cycle near the
                                                                                             doors and away from gangways
                                              Turbo trains operating in the
                                                                                             wherever possible.
                                              London and Thames Valley areas
                                                                                           • Staff assistance required to board:
These trains comprise of 7 or 8 carriages                                                    No.
with a power car at each end.
                                                                                           Note: Cycle storage in vestibule
• Number of dedicated cycle spaces:                                                        areas is at the conductor’s discretion,
  Six.                                        These trains are made up of either           based on how busy a service is likely
                                              2 or 3 carriages.                            to become. It may be necessary
• Location: Rack in Coach A (at
  the opposite end to First Class,            • Number of dedicated cycle spaces:          to refuse to accept additional cycles,
  usually at the non-London end of              Two on most 3-car trains; none on          but existing cycles will be allowed
  the train), in a storage area                 2-car trains.                              to remain.
  accessible directly from the platform
                                              • Location: (Where applicable) in the        Please note that it is the responsibility
  (not accessible from within the train).
                                                vestibules of the middle carriage,         of cyclists to ensure that their bicycle
• Staff assistance required to board:           accessed from the normal doors.            is safe and secure, and is not causing
  No.                                                                                      an obstruction. Cyclists should
                                              • Cycle storage in vestibule areas: Yes.
                                                                                           remain with or near their bikes at all
• Cycle storage in vestibule areas:             Wherever possible, please keep
                                                                                           times.      Please       ensure     that
  None.                                         your cycle near the doors and away
                                                                                           consideration is given to other
                                                from gangways. Ideally place your
    Adelante trains                             cycle on the right hand side of the        passengers such as pregnant women
                                                train (looking towards the direction       or the elderly or disabled whilst
                                                of travel), as there are generally         loading/unloading cycles.
                                                fewer platforms on this side.
                                                                                           Sleeper services
                                              • Staff assistance required to board:
                                                                                           • Number of dedicated cycle spaces:
These trains comprise of five                    No.
carriages, with a driver’s cab at each
                                              Note: Cycle storage in vestibule
end of the train.                                                                          • Location: Rack in Coach A (at the
                                              areas is at the Conductor’s discretion,
                                                                                             opposite end to the sleeper coaches),
• Number of dedicated cycle spaces:           based on how busy the service is
                                                                                             in a storage area accessible directly

  from the platform (not accessible              reservation whilst travelling.           will accept cycles subject to normal
  from within the train).                                                                 capacity constraints.
                                            Travelling without a reservation
• Cycle storage in vestibule areas:                                                     Monday to Friday evening peak:
  None.                                     • Any non-reserved cycle spaces will
                                                                                        • Reservations compulsory for all
                                              be allocated on a first come, first
• Staff assistance required to board:                                                     services departing from London
                                              served basis. This also applies on
  No.                                                                                     Paddington between 1500 and
                                              services where reservations are not
                                                                                          1900 inclusive. All other services
Reservations                                                                              will accept cycles subject to normal
                                            • In the event of cancellations or severe     constraints.
Cycle reservations can be made on
                                              delays, you will be entitled to travel
available services for no charge.                                                       Other peak HST restrictions:
                                              on a service other than the one you
Please refer to the contact details            were booked on. This will be subject     • There are certain other busy HST
given for more information as to how           to there being space available. Please     services in the West of England
                                                                                          where reservations are compulsory.
to reserve your bike space.                    retain all documentation as proof
                                                                                          Please check our timetable
                                              of reservation.
Even if reservations are not compulsory                                                   booklets for details.
on your train, we recommend that you        • Our staff have the right to refuse
reserve to be sure of getting a space         a cycle if there isn’t enough             Thames Valley HST services
on your chosen service.                       space (in accordance with National        During peak times, cycles cannot be
                                              Conditions of Carriage, section           carried on journeys to / from any
When to make a reservation                    2.47 a, b & c).
                                                                                        station between Oxford and London
• It is best to reserve as early as                                                     Paddington, and between Bedwyn
                                            Peak restrictions
   possible to ensure you get a space,                                                  and London Paddington.
   but you should reserve at least 24       Due to the high level of demand on
                                            many of our services, especially at         Peak times apply Mondays to
   hours in advance.
                                            peak times, it’s necessary to place         Fridays and are defined as follows:
How to make a reservation                   some restrictions on cycles, though         • Morning peak – any service arriving
                                            we seek to minimise restrictions as           at London Paddington between
• Cycle reservations can be made at
                                            much as possible. This is to ensure           0745 and 0945 inclusive.
  any railway station with a staffed
                                            that all customers who wish to
  ticket office. We suggest that you                                                     • Evening peak – any service
                                            travel are able to board in comfort
  reserve your cycle space when you                                                       departing London Paddington
                                            and safety. The restrictions are
  buy your travel ticket.                                                                 between 1630 and 1900 inclusive.
                                            summarised below.
• Alternatively, call 08457 000 125
                                            Long Distance HST services and              However, cycles may be carried
  any day between 0700 and 2200
                                            all Adelante services                       during peak times only for journeys
  to reserve (calls may be monitored).
                                                                                        between the following stations:
                                            This applies to all trains originating
   - If you purchase a rail ticket at the
                                            from or terminating at:                     Boarding
     same time, then you may
                                                                                        • Oxford • Didcot Parkway
     arrange for your travel ticket and     Weston-super-Mare
                                                                                        • Newbury • Reading • Paddington
     cycle reservation to be posted         Bristol
     to you first-class. Alternatively,                                                  Alighting
                                            Cheltenham                                  • Newbury • Didcot Parkway
     you may collect your tickets at
     one of our stations.                   Any station in South Wales                  • Oxford • Reading • Paddington
                                            Any station west of Taunton                 Please note that reservations are
   - If you only wish to make a cycle
     reservation, you will be given a                                                   compulsory for journeys on these
                                            Monday to Friday morning peak:
     reference number. This can be                                                      peak time services.
                                            • Reservations compulsory for all
     used to obtain your reservation
                                              services arriving into London
     ticket at a staffed ticket office. If
                                              Paddington between 0700 and
     your station is unstaffed, please
                                              1000 inclusive. All other services
     retain this number as proof of
                                              These restrictions apply between            these cycles may be stored in the
                                              0730 and 0930 inclusive, and                usual luggage areas.
                                              between 1630 and 1830 inclusive.
                                                                                        • Tandems can be carried on High
                                            Please note that this restriction does        Speed services. When being
                                            not include folding cycles.                   loaded onto an Adelante, please
                                                                                          note that the front wheel must be
                                            At other times there are no blanket
                                                                                          removed, and the tandem hung by
                                            restrictions, although on busy
                                                                                          its rear wheel. This removal must
                                            services the Conductor may limit the
                                                                                          be done before the train arrives at
                                            number of cycles to allow all
                                                                                          the platform.
                                            customers to join the train safely. If
                                            you are not able to board one of            • With the limited space we have
                                            these services as instructed by the           available, we are unable to carry the
Turbo train services                        Conductor, you will need to wait for          following on any of our services:
    Due to high levels of demand in         the next service on which there is            - non-folding tricycles
    London and the Thames Valley, there     space for a cycle to be carried safely.       - ‘Rann’ type trailers
    are also peak service restrictions on   Additionally there are some services          - other three-wheeled vehicles
    our Turbo trains as follows:            at busy times and on busy                     - motorcycles
                                            routes for which reservations                 - mopeds
    Monday to Friday morning peak:
                                            are compulsory, particularly on the           - motorised cycles
• Cycles are not permitted on any           Cardiff – Portsmouth route.                   - scooters
  service    arriving    into   London
  Paddington between 0745 and 0945          Weekends and public holidays                Cycle Hire
  inclusive. This restriction applies
                                            Cycles are accepted on all train            We are working with a number
  between Reading and London
                                            services at weekends and on public          of organisations to provide cycle hire
  Paddington only. West of Reading
                                            holidays, subject to normal capacity        facilities at some of our stations.
  (as far as Tilehurst or Reading West
                                            restrictions. Reservations are not          Please see our website for details
  but not to Reading itself), there are
                                            compulsory on these days.                   of      locations  and     operators–
  no additional peak restrictions.
                                                                                        w w /
                                            Engineering work
    Monday to Friday evening peak:                                                      cycles
• No cycles permitted on any service        When lines are closed due to
  departing from London Paddington          engineering work, many services are
  between 1630 and 1900 inclusive.          replaced by buses.
  This restriction applies between          Unfortunately, we are not able to
  London Paddington and Reading             carry cycles on these bus services.
  only. West of Reading (from               Folding cycles, however, can be
  Tilehurst or Reading West but not         accommodated.
  from Reading itself), there are no
                                            Please check
  additional peak restrictions.
    Diesel Multiple services                call 08457 48 49 50 before travelling,
                                            to see if your journey is affected.
    Monday to Friday peak times:
• A maximum of two conventional             Different types of cycles
  cycles are permitted on any service       • Customers with folding bicycles
  travelling in the area bounded by           and folding tricycles are welcome
  Worle, Bristol Parkway and Bath             on all of our services, for any portion
  Spa – please see map for details.           of the journey. Once folded down,



                                   Filton Abbey Wood
        Severn Beach
                                 Montpelier                Stapleton Road

St Andrews Road                   Redland                  Lawrence Hill

                                                                                 Bath Spa

                  Se on
                  ha h

                                                                rk eld




             Sh mo

                                                              Pa ldfi




                             Temple Meads


                                           Parson Street

                                   Nailsea & Backwell                      KEY

                                                  Yatton                         Boundary of peak
                                                                                 time restrictions

We hope that you have found this guide useful. Please contact our Customer Services Team
(details on back cover) if you have any feedback about any of our products or services.
Alternatively, if you have comments about cycling-related matters at specific stations, you can
send an e-mail to one of the following addresses:

For more information
First Great Western
For tickets, information, real-time updates and offers
Contact us on 08457 000 125
For tickets, comments and general enquiries
We are open 0700 - 2200 daily

National Rail Enquiries
08457 48 49 50
For train times and fares
Daily, 24 hours, calls may be recorded

Cycling groups
The national body for all cyclists
0870 873 0060
The sustainable charity working to promote walking,
cycling and public transport use
0845 113 0065
Cycling England
The body responsible for progressing cycling nationally


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