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									             Scott J. Menaul Commissioned for Signature Place

(Summary Paragraph – maximum 250 words including spaces) Scott J. Menaul
( has been commissioned to create his captivating abstract artwork
for St. Petersburg’s most fascinating architectural addition, Signature Place. Both
unparalleled examples of Innovative artistry.

Clearwater, FL – Scott J. Menaul ( has been commissioned to
create his unique and captivating abstract artwork to hang in the new landmark
condo/mixed-use complex, Signature Place, downtown St. Petersburg, FL. Signature
Place (features an innovative slim glass design that resembles a gossamer sail,
transforming St. Petersburg’s waterfront skyline in a most fitting way. Menaul’s
arresting artwork is an appropriate choice for the architectural artistry of Signature Place
as both seem to elicit similar responses from those who see them, helping to maintain
design continuity from the outside in.

Words like “intriguing”,”inspiring”, “awestruck”, and “touched me in a personal way”
have all been used to describe both Menaul’s artwork and the architecture of Signature
Place (
“We were looking for a Florida artist whose artwork would elicit an emotional response
on a par with the impressive design of Signature Place,” said Michele Jennings-Wiebe,
founder, and Principal Designer of Studio M, the interior designer for Signature Place.
“We were introduced to Scott J Menaul’s abstract artwork by Peter Lowes of Vista
Galleries. Menaul’s artwork is like air and crystal and light with a wonderful infusion of
colors that forwards the Signature Place design. I have always been intrigued with how
light, color, textures, and sound can influence a space and we strive to produce interiors
that enliven the senses. Menaul is a master in his use of light and color on giclée canvases
that pick up the surrounding elements, tying the décor together bringing life to the space.”
continued Michelle.

“I knew of Menaul’s artwork and it seemed a perfect fit for Signature Place,” said Peter
Lowes, co-founder of Vista Galleries, brought on board the Signature Place project by
Studio M. “Menaul offers a new approach to art and his work is technically advanced.
They were looking for artists whose use of color would create an equal impact on the
interior as the architecture did for the design of the building. They also needed someone
who could create intriguing original custom artwork to match their colors for a large
number of places. I knew Menaul could meet the challenge and never had a moment’s
worry working with him.” explains Lowes.
With 25 years as a commercial photographer and graphic designer, and 12 years working
with his medium, Scott J. Menaul has an individual style not seen elsewhere. His art
seems to uniquely utilize light to reflect through the pieces in a very captivating way. “I
love color, patterns and forms, that when combined together, take on a life of their own.
The artwork communicates to others and appears to touch them in a deep, personal and
spiritual way. It’s an honor to create the canvases for Signature Place,” says Scott J.

Signature Place Tower, Lofts, Plaza, is a 36 story complex of luxury residential
condominiums that additionally offers office and retail space at 175 First Street South in
posh downtown St. Petersburg, Florida. In contrast to traditional rectangular or square
designs, the building allows every resident a clear view of the water. The innovative
design was the brainchild of Ralph Johnson, chief designer for Perkins + Will in Chicago,
brought on board by renowned developer Joel Cantor. For more information about
Signature Place visit
Studio M Interior Design, founded in 1991, is a premier, full service design firm creating
innovative residential and commercial solutions that are alive with possibility. Whether
transforming a house into a home or a work place into a functional space, they begin with
their passion and the “clients” wildest expectations to achieve a design that reflects the
“clients” lifestyle. For more information visit

Vista Galleries founded 20 years ago by Peter Lowes and Bonnie Fahoome, quickly
established a reputation as one of the foremost businesses in the Tampa Bay area for
masterful framing and selections of art works, serving individuals, interior designers and
commercial clients alike. For more information visit

Menaul Fine Art ( features the freshest and newest artwork
today by abstract artist Scott J. Menaul. It is a modern, contemporary abstract art
collection for residential, yacht or corporate interiors. They offer original, limited edition
canvases and open edition paper giclées that also work well in the hospitality and
healthcare settings. Through his use of light, lines and colors, Menaul’s artwork has the
exceptional ability to transition to traditional designs bringing life and inspiration to the
setting. They easily accommodate custom sizes and colors to match décor. The artwork
can be viewed at select retail outlets, with the largest collection at Menaul Fine Art
located at 1750 N. Hercules Ave, Clearwater, FL 33765, or visit their online gallery at


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