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					Tucows Announces Enhancements to Its Domain Parking Programs

TORONTO, Nov. 19 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ - Tucows Inc. , a leading provider of
Internet services to web hosting companies and ISPs worldwide, today officially
launched its domain parking programs that will share over $1 million in revenues
with Tucows resellers over the next 12 months. The two programs, Parked
Pages Program and Expired Domains Program, offer additional sources of
revenue to resellers, including a slice of the growing domain name re-sale market
through a share of Tucows Premium Domains service sales revenues.

Study Looks at Mistyped Domains & Typosquatters

A new study by a major internet security company is taking aim at typosquatting,
the practice of buying a misspelled domain name in the hopes that someone will
mistype the name and land on that site.

If someone then clicks on an text ad on the site the domain owner and the
parking company will make money.

While the internet security company is trying to point out the problem of
typosquatting, a problem that I do not necessarily agree with, they seem to be
implying that the domain parking companies are part of the problem.

Lapsed domain names 'bought in seconds'

Website owners have been warned to keep their registration up to date because
lapsed domain names are being snapped up within 10 seconds of becoming

Re-registration, which has to be done every two years, can cost as little as £5 but
you can pay ten times as much to get an address back - and sometimes far
more. Names are regularly sold for more than £100,000, and some for as much
as £1m.
Domain Name System still at risk

The Domain Name System (DNS) is still growing strongly, indicating the
internet's expansion in terms of infrastructure, users, traffic and applications.

But the annual survey of domain name servers on the public internet by Infoblox
suggests that the global DNS is as vulnerable as ever.

DNS servers map domain names to their specific IP address, directing internet
inquiries to the appropriate location.

Domain name resolution conducted by these servers is required to perform any
internet-related request

Oil Prices Aren’t the Only Commodity Worth Bargaining For - Domain
Names are Too!

Whether you are rebranding, branching out with a new product, department or
service or just starting out, you might be thinking about a web address for your
company website.

For many businesses their first stop is to search for names that are available; if
you’re lucky the name you want won’t be taken by another company. Often you
might find that you have to pay a high price for catchy Internet real estate as web
domains become an increasingly valuable commodity. That’s just what Exceed,
Performance Improvement Consultants, found. However through creative
thinking their journey led them to a charity donation in return for their place on the
World Wide Web.

Over six million domain names have been registered in the UK according to
Nominet – so the competition is fierce.
Domain names can falsely lure users

The type of domain name that a website uses is not necessarily authorised
anymore, it has been claimed, and can be attained by almost anyone.

Record sales of certain domain names with popular key words highlight the
importance of the name of site, yet communications supplier Pipex Hosting has
stated that these names are often not actually what they describe.

Use Of .eu Domain Names Up 23% During Third Quarter

Sweden, Nov 19, 2007 - (Hugin via ABN Newswire) - Registrations and renewals
demonstrate strength of .eu domain Brussels, 19 November 2007 - EURid, the
European registry for .eu, is pleased to announce that registrations for the .eu
top-level Internet domain continued to grow during the third quarter of this year.

New registrations stayed strong, with an average of 2760 new .eu domain names
registered each business day during the month of September. Third-quarter
renewal rates stayed above 80 percent. Actual use of .eu domains increased by
23 percent between the second and third quarters, according to DNS queries.
The use of .eu domains for email and websites rose as well. The number of
registered domain names grew by 4.7 percent compared to the second quarter.

DNS security improves as firms tool up to tackle spam

Domain name servers on the net are still often vulnerable to attacks despite
some marked improvements, according to a new survey.

Many organisations are making efforts to install the most recent versions of BIND
and eliminate Microsoft DNS for external servers. But most still leave their
systems open to denial of service and pharming attacks by allowing recursion
and zone transfers in response to arbitrary requests from unauthenticated
parties.The third annual survey of domain name servers on the internet by
network appliance firm Infoblox also found evidence of growing attempts to tackle
spam. Infoblox's survey is based on a sample of five per cent of the IPv4 address
space of nearly 80m addresses.
Numeric names coming to Singapore

SGNIC, the registry for .SG, is introducing numbers-only domain names. A
Sunrise is already underway. A bidding period follows starting January 18. Full
launch is planned from March 27, 2008

Misspelled Children's Web Sites Lead to Porn

Children's Web sites are frequent targets of typo-squatting, a growing category of
online fraud which lures unsuspecting Web surfers to malicious sites when they
misspell the URL. Some typo-squatters lure children to pornographic Web sites."

More than 60 of the "most squatted" sites are designed to appeal to minors,
McAfee found in new research that quantifies the problem of typo-squatting.
Domain names that are commonly targeted include, and, McAfee says.,139828-c,sites/article.html

Protecting Your Brand in Cyberspace

For business, the Internet age means sales without borders and a worldwide
market of billions of customers. The same aspects of the Internet that are so
attractive to business, however, can also be a source of sleepless nights and
deep concern for legal counsel charged with corporate brand protection.

Brand protection online is now crucial for all businesses. A poorly policed cyber
reputation may cost your company dearly in lost profits, customer goodwill and
corporate image. In cyberspace, your reputation is your most valuable
commodity -- it determines your visibility and it can dramatically affect consumer
confidence in your company.
Bizarre politics of the Google-DoubleClick deal

PALO ALTO, Calif.--There is something unusual, and perhaps a little worrisome,
in the arguments a band of special-interest groups has invoked against Google's
purchase of the DoubleClick advertising firm.

The arguments can be found in a series of three letters (PDF) sent to the Federal
Trade Commission starting in April. The letters ask, in part, that the FTC "use its
authority to review mergers to halt Google's proposed acquisition of

It's true, of course, that the FTC shares responsibility for reviewing mergers with
the Department of Justice. What's odd is the letters say that this particular
merger should be nixed not because of specific antitrust or competitiveness
concerns--but because of privacy worries. (Neither the word "competitiveness"
nor "antitrust" appears in the letter that kicked off the process in April.)

Google Adwords: WordScam?

Dallas, TX: Marc McKinney and his sunglass company bought into Google's
adwords when it was fairly new, back in July of 2005. "We only had a small
budget—we stuck our big toe in," says McKinney. "We had success for about
three weeks, then something unusual happened..."

McKinney's company got involved in Google adwords on the advice of their
webmaster. "Our budget was only $10 per day but we were doing well," says
McKinney. "However, after the initial 3 weeks, we got click-throughs to the site
but no sales and our $10 a day was burnt up in the first half of the month. That
may sound strange but our webmaster explained that one of our competitors
could be burning up our budget in the first two weeks of every month.
Warning: Number one malicous threat for 2008, Web threats

AVG’s global security strategist sounded his horn during his visit to Sydney this
week warning Australians about the growth of web-based threats - the
cybercriminal activity of embedding invisible executable malware on popular

Larry Bridwell, global security strategist for AVG said when he first came into this
industry in the mid 90s everybody knew that if they went to a site which
downloaded cracked software there was a possibility of getting something bad.,warning-number-one-malicous-

comScore Releases October U.S. Search Engine Rankings

RESTON, Va., Nov. 21 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- comScore, Inc. , a leader in
measuring the digital world, today released its monthly comScore qSearch
analysis of the search marketplace. Among core search engines in October
2007, Google Sites remained the top search property with more than 6.1 billion
core searches conducted, representing a 58.5 percent share of the search
market. October was a strong month for overall search activity, as each of the
five core search engines achieved at least 5 percent growth in the number of
searches conducted.

123-Reg takes weekend off

Pipex's hosting service 123-Reg suffered a weekend of downtime thanks to
broken hardware.The Reg received emails from many of those hit. One said:
"Nameservers have been down for 48+ hours this weekend, loosing [sic] me
around £3k across my four more popular domain names.

"No explanation on there [sic] website as to what caused the problems. Bloody

One poster on a hosting bulletin board complained: "The most upsetting thing is
that there is NO way to get hold of them... they make you wait an hour and dont
answer the phone... they dont answer tickets." Bowls Over the Competition to Reach Top Spot on the
Weekly Domain Sales Chart

A huge wave of completed sales from last month's Moniker/T.R.A.F.F.I.C. East
auction were reported this week, prompting us to expand our Top 20 chart to 50
positions. fought its way through the crowded pack to reach
the top spot at $450,000. That was one of 29 domains from the live/silent auction
event that landed on the elite list.

A pair of domains (Great Britain's ccTLD) more than held their own against
the auction onslaught. In fact #2, sold for £150,000 ($309,901) to
venture capital company ASAP Ventures, is the highest sale ever
reported. #4 gave the British extension another blockbuster sale,
going for £120,000 ($247,921) at

It's official: wonder years of growth in online advertising are over

OFFICIAL figures indicating a slowdown in the growth of online advertising
appear to have finally silenced the more bullish voices in the market. For now.

Advertisers spent a record $347 million in the third quarter of the year, a rise of
32 per cent on the same period last year, the latest figures from
PricewaterhouseCoopers show.

The industry's peak body, the Internet Advertising Bureau, predicts the market to
land at $1.4 billion for the full year, a rise of 39 per cent, some way short of
previous years' heights.

Canadian online ad spending to pass CAD 3 bln by 2011- study

Internet advertising and marketing accounted for little more than 5 percent of
total advertising spending in Canada in 2006, according to a report from
eMarketer. In 2006, spending on internet advertising in Canada rose by 80
percent and passed the CAD 1 billion mark for the first time. The country has one
of the best broadband infrastructures in the world and higher household internet
penetration than the United States, yet Canadian companies have generally
been slow to advertise online. Three in five online homes used a broadband
connection, at a time when internet users spent more than 13 hours online each
week. EMarketer predicts that online advertising spending will pass CAD 3 billion
by 2011, roughly tripling its value in 2006, due to quick change in the internet
marketing in the coming years.

AT&T Buys Pay-Per-Call Advertising Firm

AT&T plans to buy online advertising company Ingenio for an undisclosed sum,
in a move that puts the telephone company in competition with Google and other
online advertisement leaders.

Ingenio's technology measures the effectiveness of advertisements by tracking
phone calls made to businesses based on phone numbers used in ads. The ads
can be displayed online, on mobile phone Web sites and in print. The technology
provisions the phone numbers and tracks the calls. Advertisers pay based on the
volume of phone calls generated by the ads.

Online advertising tops magazines and radio

A surge in spending on online advertising in the September 2007 quarter in
Australia will see it leap ahead of radio and magazines to become the third
biggest advertising platform, a new PricewaterhouseCoopers report shows.

Online advertising spending in the three months to September increased 6.8% to
$347.8 million. That result should push the total online advertising spend for 2007
to $1.4 billion, a 40% increase on last year.
Typo-squatters make money from our mistakes

SYDNEY - A slip of the fingers on the keyboard is helping a band of online
entrepreneurs make money from our mistakes.

A new report from security software company McAfee reveals the practice of
"typo-squatting" - using common misspellings of popular brands, products and
people in order to redirect consumers to alternative websites.

The alternative website may consist of a page of click-thru ads designed to
generate revenue for the typo-squatting owner, or could be designed to look like
the original in an attempt to gather login and password information from a user.

SYDNEY - A slip of the fingers on the keyboard is helping a band of online
entrepreneurs make money from our mistakes.

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