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					ME/NRE Freshman Information
•   Midterm Information
•   General Registration Information
•   Academic Help
•   Info about Majors, Minors, Certificates
•   Regent’s Exam
•   General Advisement Information
•   Questions
            Midterm Information
• Progress Reports (Midterm Grades)
  – Progress report grades are given in all 1000 and 2000
    level classes.
  – Progress report grades are issued to give a student
    warning that you may need to improve your study skills
    or obtain academic help in the class.
  – Progress reports grades are ‘S’ (satisfactory – A, B or
    C) or ‘U’ (unsatisfactory – D or F).
  – Progress report grades are not included in your GPA.
  – Progress report grades do not show up on your
  – Progress report grades cannot be changed.
                 Midterm Information
• Viewing Your Progress Reports
   – All progress report grades can be viewed in OSCAR.
      •   Log onto OSCAR,
      •   Select ‘ Secured Access Login ‘.
      •   Select ‘ Student Services & Financial Aid ‘.
      •   Select ‘ Student Records '.
      •   Select ‘ View Progress Reports '.
• If you get a ‘U’, you need to do the following:
   – Understand why you have the ‘U’
   – Decide if you can pull your grade up enough to pass the class
   – Develop a plan for recovery (including more study time, different
     study places, tutoring, better study habits, etc.)
   – Follow through with your plan!
              Midterm Information
• Midterm Advisement
  – Norma and Kristi will be available for midterm advisement after
    progess reports are issued
  – All new freshman with 2 or more U’s will be required to do 2
     • Come in for academic advisement with Norma or Kristi
     • Attend a study session.
  – An e-mail will be sent to all students required to come in for
    midterm advisement including the details about the process.
• Midterm Holds
  – Students who are required to come in for midterm advisement
    (you will be clearly notified by e-mail) and do not show up will have
    a hold placed on their registration.
  – A hold will only be removed by coming in to see an advisor.
              Midterm Information
• Drop Day
  – Drop day is the last day that a student can drop an individual class
    a receive a ‘W’ on their transcript.
  – Drop day for Fall 2005 is October 14, 2005.
  – The decision to withdrawal from a class should be taken very
    seriously. It is a bad idea to continually drop classes.
  – Students cannot withdrawal from ME lab classes (ex. ME 1770,
    2110) except for documented medical reasons.
• Withdrawal from School
  – A student can withdrawal complete from school after Drop Day.
    All grades for the semester will be ‘W’s.
  – The last day to withdrawal from school and receive all ‘W’s is
    October 30, 2005.
  – All students who utilize this option must petition the faculty to be
    readmitted for the next term.
   General Registration Information
• Holds
   – Campus departments can place registration and/or transcript holds on
   – A registration hold will prevent a student from dropping courses,
     withdrawing from school and registering for classes.
   – A transcript hold will prevent:
      • Students cannot register.
      • The release of the student's academic records (transcripts, degree
        verifications, and certifications of enrollment.) A transcript hold is usually
        placed when a student has a financial obligation to the Institute.
   – The department that places the hold must also remove the hold.
• How to View Holds
   – All holds can be viewed in OSCAR
      •   Log on to OSCAR,
      •   Select "Secured Access Login"View Screenshot
      •   Select "Student Services & Financial Aid"
      •   Select "Registration"
      •   Select "Check Your Registration Status "
      •   Select Term
      •   Select "View Holds" from the bottom of the screen
  General Registration Information
• Time Tickets
  – Time tickets are the earliest time that you are allowed to register.
    These times are generally prioritized based on the number of
    hours that you have. (Ex. Seniors register before Freshman)
• How to View a Time Ticket
  – Log on to OSCAR,
  – Select ‘Secured Access Login’
  – Select ‘Student Services & Financial Aid’
  – Select ‘Registration’
  – Select ‘Registration status’
  – Time Tickets for PHASE I registration are usually assigned the
    Friday before academic advisement for the next term.
  – Time Tickets for PHASE II registration are usually assigned the
    Friday following grade processing for the previous term.
  General Registration Information
• Advisement for Registration
  – Advisement before registration is not required.
  – If a student seeks advisement for registration, students must come
    in with a tentative plan. This plan will be reviewed by the advisor.
  – A Registration Information Session will be held by the ME
    department before registration begins to review more registration
• Dates
  – All registration dates can be viewed on the Registrar’s Calendar.
  – Phase 1 registration is the 1st phase of registration (the semester
     • Fall registration has 2 phase 1 sessions, one during Spring semester
       and second one during summer semester.
  – Phase 2 registration is the last phase of registration which begins
    about a week before classes begin.
                    Academic Help
• Tutoring (Free tutoring on campus)
  – Residential-Freshman –
     • From 8 to midnight in 9 residence halls
     • Offers CHEM, PHYS, MATH and CS
  – Georgia Tech’s Cable TV Channel 20, Tutor Vision
     • Students can call GT cable network from 9 to 11 pm, Sunday thru
     • CHEM, PHYS and MATH
  – School based tutoring (CHEM, PHYS, Math, ECE, CS)
     • MATH – Math lab located in Skiles 257, Monday thru Thursday, 11 – 5
     • PHYS – Monday thru Thursday, 1 – 4 in PHYS N209
  – OMED – Available to everyone
     • Study sessions are Sunday thru Thursday 5:30 – 7:30 in 208 Chapin
     • Offers support for MATH, PHYS, CHEM, CS, ME, ENGL, etc.
  – Success Programs (one-on-one tutoring)
     • Available for most 1000 and 2000 level classes
                     Academic Help
• Academic Workshops
  – Counseling Center (need to register on-line, in advance)
     • Studying for Success
         – Thursday, September 15, 6 - 7
         – Thursday, September 22, 6 - 7
     • Communicating for Success (Assertive Communication)
         – Thursday, September 8, 6 – 7
  – Success Programs
     • On-line help for Time Management, Note Taking, Test Taking, Study
       Skills, Stress Management and Reading Text
• Time Management
  – One of the major keys to being successful at Georgia Tech
  – Very important to keep up with your work at Georgia Tech
  – Work then play!
     Majors, Minors & Certificates
• Changing Majors
  – Major fair will be held in September. All majors on
    campus will be available. More info to follow.
  – Students have one ‘free’ major change before 60 credit
  – After 60 credit hours or the ‘free’ major change,
    schools can impose GPA restrictions
  – To change your major, you need to do the following:
     •   Obtain a change of major form (from registrar or ME dept)
     •   Fill out change of major form
     •   Have your current academic advisor sign form (current major)
     •   Have new academic advisor sign form (new major)
     •   Turn into Registrar (Tech Tower)
        Majors, Minors & Certificates
• Minors
   –   Minimum of 18 credit hours outside of your major
   –   Minor will appear on your transcript after your degree is awarded
   –   Must speak to the school offering the minor for questions
   –   A list of minors can be found at:
• Certificates
   –   Minimum of 12 credit hours outside of your major
   –   Minor will NOT appear on your transcript
   –   Must speak to the school offering the minor for questions
   –   A list of certificates can be found at:
• Second Undergraduate Degree
   – A student who wants to obtain a second undergraduate degree must meet
     all requirements for both degrees, plus 36 additional hours
   – Students must fill out a change of major form to declare the 2nd major
                Regent’s Test
• What is the Regent’s Test?
  – A test of reading and writing. This is required
    by the state of Georgia. All students must pass
    both sections before a degree will be awarded.
• When do I take the Regent’s Test?
  – You will receive an e-mail to take it after you
    complete 10 credit hours, including AP and
    transfer credit hours
                        Regent’s Test
• Do I have to take the Regent’s Test?
   – All students must pass the Regent’s Test in order to graduate.
   – The READING portion of the test can be satisfied with:
      • SAT Verbal score of 510 or higher
      • ACT Reading score of 23 or higher
   – The ESSAY portion of the test can be satisfied with:
      •   SAT-I Verbal score of at least 530 and a grade of "A" in English 1101
      •   SAT-I Verbal score of at least 590 and a grade of "B" in English 1101
      •   SAT II English Writing score of 650 or higher
      •   ACT English score of at least 23 and a grade of "A" in English 1101
      •   ACT English score of at least 26 and a grade of "B" in English 1101
      •   AP English score of 3 or higher
      •   International Baccalaureate higher-level English score of 4 or higher
                        Regent’s Test
• What if I do not pass the test or miss the test?
   – Students have until the completion of 45 credit hours before they
     need to pass the test. After 45 credit hours students will
     automatically be placed in ENGL 0011 (2 hrs) and/or ENGL 0012 (2
     hrs) until successful completion of the Regent’s Test. These
     classes cannot be removed from your schedule.
• When and how will I know if I passed?
   – Results are usually posted during the last week of the term. You
     will be able to view your results on the OSCAR.
      •   Go to
      •   Select "Secured Access Login"
      •   Select "Student Services and Financial Aid"
      •   Select "Student Records"
      •   Select "View GT and Regents' Data"
General Advisement Information
• Advisement is not required for students,
  but encouraged.
• The Academic Advisors at Georgia Tech
  are here to help you.
• Your Academic Advisors are available by
  appointment or by e-mail.
• Please ask us questions before it is too